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RADICAN'S WSU REVIEW SERIES: "The 2013 Queen & King of the Ring Tournament" 5/11 - Havoc-Callihan, Rise of Athena, more

Aug 9, 2013 - 2:02:00 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


MAY 11, 2013

The entire field for the Queen and King Tournament came down to the ring and posed with Queen and King Trophy. This is a mixed tag team tournament featuring wrestlers from CZW and WSU. The crowd looks to be 100-150.

(1) Neveah & Jake Crist vs. Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks in a Quarterfinal Queen & King of the Ring Tournament match. Cherry tagged in parks, so Neveah tagged in Crist. Cherry came into the ring and punched Crist’s foot while he was in a test of strength with Parks. The ref got distracted and Crist got the advantage again, so Cherry came into the ring and punched his foot again to give Parks the upper hand. Cherry tried to do the same thing again, but Neveah crawled under Crist’s legs and scared Cherry, who ended up hitting the back of her head on Parks’s groin. Crist got the upper hand, but both men ended up tagging out. Neveah and Cherry went at it. Neveah got the upper hand and worked over Cherry’s arm. Parks tried to sneak in behind Neveah. Neveah nailed him with a forearm, so Parks obliterated her with a forearm in return. Cherry covered Neveah, but only got a two count. Parks tagged in and hit some light kicks to Neveah’s head. The crowd tried to rally behind Neveah, but Parks shoved her into the corner.

Cherry spit at Crist and went back to work on Neveah. Cherry locked in a mounted top wrist lock before slamming Neveah’s head down to the mat. Neveah surprised Cherry with a rollup for a two count, but Cherry went right back on the attack. Parks and Cherry continued to use short cuts. Neveah finally fired back and hit a diving clothesline on Cherry and both women were down on the mat. Both women tagged out and Crist ran wild on Parks. Crist hit a big cross-body off the top, but only got a 2 count. Crist and Neveah hit a tandem hurricanrana. Neveah went for a rollup on Parks, but only got a 2 count. Parks tagged in Cherry, but she walked right into a slam from Neveah. Neveah went for the cover, but Parks broke up the pin. The action broke down and Parks hit a neck breaker off the second rope on Crist. Neveah then caught Parks with a neck breaker. Cherry caught Crist with a superkick. She went to kick Neveah, but Neveah caught her leg and hit a backpack chin breaker for the pin.

Winners: Jake Crist & Neveah

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was an enjoyable opening match. The crowd didn’t make a lot of noise, but they were into the action at times. Cherry and Parks would good in their heel roles here, as they cheated throughout the match, but ultimately the faces won.

(2) Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee vs. Mickie Knuckles & Devon Moore in a Quarterfinal Queen & King of the Ring Tournament match. The announcers noted that Devon Moore is a former king in WSU. Knuckles caught Gulak with a headbutt from the apron and Moore decked him with a punch. Knuckles and Moore began working over Gulak. Gulak fired back on Moore and tagged in Lee. Lee took down Moore with a head scissors and then a frankensteiner, but Moore poked her in the eyes a short time later to regain the upper hand. The announcers referred to Knuckles as “The Moose.” She tagged in and nailed Lee with a big chop. Lee bailed to the outside and Knuckles chased her. Gulak nailed Knuckles with a kick to the head from the apron, but Knuckles continued to work over Lee on the outside.

Lee hit a jawbreaker and tagged in Gulak. He went for a diving shoulder tackle off the top, but Knuckles got out of the way. Moore tagged in and hit a perfect-plex on Gulak for a 2 count. Moore went for a charge into the corner, but Gulak got his foot up and Moore ran right into it for a 2 count. Lee made a blind tag, but Moore nailed her on the apron with a punch to the face. Knuckles hit a pump-handle driver on Gulak. Moore went up top, but Lee tripped him. Gulak held Knuckles and Lee went up top for a missile dropkick, but Knuckles got out of the way and he nailed Lee. Lee and Knuckles went back and forth, but Lee ended up connecting with a German with a bridge for the win.

Winners: Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee

Star rating: (**1/4) – This was a solid match that the crowd was into a little more than the opener. There were some good exchanges during the match. Gulak is becoming a really good worker and his heel act from CZW was fun to watch in this environment. The match seemed a little disjointed at times, but it was still enjoyable while it lasted.

(3) A.R. Fox & Athena vs. Ezavel Suena & Latin Dragon in a Quarterfinal Queen & King of the Ring Tournament match. Fox got a good reaction coming out for the match with Athena. Dragon & Suena were booed when they were introduced. Suena took down Athena and posed for the crowd Athena tried to fire back, but Suena took her down again. The pace picked up and Athena ended a big exchange with a running dropkick. That was a really nicely executed sequence. Fox and Dragon tagged into the match. Fox and Dragon went at it at a rapid pace. Fox took Dragon down and nailed him with a kick to the head. Dragon used his feet to launch Fox over the top and his head hit the apron. Dragon followed up with a nice corkscrew springboard to the outside. They went at it inside the ring and Suena pulled the ropes on Fox. Suena then pulled Athena’s hair after she ran into the ring. Suena tossed Athena to the outside. She then wiped out Fox and Athena with a dive through the ropes. She tossed Fox back inside the ring and Dragon covered him, but Fox got the ropes to break up the pin.

Fox duked a clothesline and tagged in Athena, who hit a hurricanrana on Dragon for a nearfall. Dragon wiped out Athena with a big kick to the head a short time later and tagged in Suena. Athena fired back and came off Dragon into a DDT on Suena. Fox then wiped out Dragon with a missile dropkick. Suena and Dragon bailed to the floor. The fans fired up and Athena went for a dive, but Dragon and Suena nailed her with a punch as she came through the ropes. Fox nailed them with a dropkick through the ropes. He went for a kick flip off the ringpost to the floor, but they got out of the way and nailed Fox with a double superkick. Athena came out of nowhere and nailed Suena and Dragon with a dive that the cameraman didn’t catch very well. Fox tossed Suena and Dragon into the guardrail. He then nailed them with a turnaround flip dive.

Fox tossed Suena into the ring and the fans fired up. He went for a 450, but Suena got out of the way. Suena went up top and nailed Fox with a moonsault for a nearfall. Dragon tagged in and began working over Fox. They ended up going back and forth and Dragon nailed Fox with a superkick. He then hit a slam for a 2 count. Fox fired back and hit a twisting brainbuster for a 2 count. Fox tagged in Athena, who nailed Dragon with a front flip forearm in the corner. Dragon fired back and hit a dragon suplex, but she kicked out at the last second. Suena tagged in and put Athena on the top turnbuckle. Athena countered a super hurricanrana and connected with the double knees off the top for the win.

Marti Belle came out and taunted Suena after the match on the outside. She told her Suena would get nowhere close to the WSU Spirit title. Several officials came out and separated them.

Winners: A.R. Fox & Athena

Star rating: (***1/4) – The action was good throughout and all four participants looked good here. The crowd came to life during Fox’s spirited comeback midway through the match. Athena looked good as well.

(4) Addy Starr & Matt Tremont vs. Christina Von Eerie & Masada in a Quarterfinal Queen & King of the Ring Tournament match.. Von Eerie wanted Tremont. She shoved Starr into the corner. He tagged in. They began trading forearms. Von Eerie nailed him with an enzuguri and tagged in Masada. Masada hit a sunset flip off the top for a 2 count. The announcers mentioned Masada had not been defeated in CZW for 14 months. Tremont fired back and caught Masada with a clothesline out of the corner a short time later. The crowd fired up with Tremont gaining the upper hand. Starr tagged in and hit a splash off the top. Masada picked her up and drover her into the corner before tagging in Von Eerie. The fans tried to rally behind Starr, but Von Eerie nailed her with a suplex for a 2 count. Masada tagged in and began working over Starr. He taunted Tremont as he worked her over. Starr tripped while being whipped into the ropes, so Von Eerie put the boots to her. Starr fired back and took out Von Eerie. She followed up with an acid drop on Masada for a 2 count and they were both down on the mat.

Tremont got the hot tag and ran wild on Masada. Tremont went up top for a frog splash, but Masada got out of the way. The fans fired up with both men down. Tremont tagged in Starr and after another sloppy exchange, Masada slammed her to the mat. Von Eerie slammed her face-first into the mat with a bulldog driver for a 2 count. Starr fired back and tied up Von Eerie over the second turnbuckle. She then came off the top with a double knee drop to the gut for a 2 count. Von Eerie fired back and nailed Starr with a running boot to the head. The action broke down and Masada and Tremont brawled to the outside. Von Eerie and Starr also ended up on the outside. Von Eerie tried to nail Starr with a chair, but she got out of the way. Starr then rolled back into the ring to beat the ref’s count and they were awarded the win.

Tremont backed Von Eerie off after she went after Starr after the match. Masada favored his leg going to the back. The fans chanted for Starr after the match.

Winners: Addy Starr & Matt Tremont via count out.

Star rating: (**3/4) – There was some good action here. It appeared Starr had trouble running the ropes at times, but overall the action was solid here. The finish fell a little flat, as it seemed the match was just headed to the next level when it ended.

(5) WSU Tag Team Champions Sassy Stephanie & Allysin Kay vs. Marti Belle & Lexxus in a Non-title match. Lexxus got the better of Kay during the early going before tagging in Belle. Kay fired back and slapped Belle in the face. Belle fired back and landed some punches from the mount. Belle went for a cannonball in the corner, but Kay got out of the way. Kay went to work on Belle and nailed her with a big kick to the face. Kay hit another big kick on Belle before tagging in Stephanie. Marti ducked a charge from Stephanie and tagged in Lexxus. Belle and Lexxus hit a series of moves on Stephanie in the corner, but Kay ran in and wiped out Lexxus. Lexxus quickly fired back on Stephanie and hit a diving clothesline for a 2 count. She followed up with a running senton, but only got a 2 count. Kay made a blind tag and wiped out Lexxus with a big clothesline for a 2 count. Kay argued with the ref and Lexxus rolled her up for a nearfall. Kay got right up and wiped out Lexxus with a running knee strike to the head.

The fans tried to rally behind Lexxus. Stephanie got the last chancery on Lexxus, but she escaped. Stephanie continued to work over Lexxus. Lexxus blocked a charge in the corner and connected with an enzuguri and both women were down. The fans fired up for the hot tag from Lexxus. Lexxus finally made the hot tag and Belle ran wild on Stephanie. Kay tried to enter the ring, but Belle kicked the middle rope into her crotch. The action broke down with all four women in the ring. Kay kicked Lexxus to the floor. Kay and Stephanie hit a tandem lung blower. Kay then slammed Belle face-first into the match and Stephanie covered her for the win.

After the match, Suena came down to the ring and mocked Belle, but she couldn’t be seen on camera.

Belle yelled at Lexxus after the match and asked her where she was. Belle then left the ring without Lexxus.

Winners: Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephanie

Star rating: (**3/4) – The action was solid, but the match didn’t seem to have much of a flow until the long heat segment on Lexxus. There wasn’t much of a comeback for Lexxus & Belle before Stephanie & Kay put them away. Another five minutes or so of action would have definitely made this match stand out, as the crowd was into it at times.

Denver Colorado came into the booth for the second half of the show. This will be a major upgrade.

(6) Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee vs. Neveah & Jake Crist in a Semi-Final Queen & King of the Ring Tournament match. Gulak and Neveah kicked things off with some chain wrestling. Neveah got the upper hand and tagged in Crist. Lee nailed Crist with a kick from the apron. Crist went after her, which allowed Gulak to nail him with a dropkick. Lee tagged in and continued to work over Crist. Gulak held Crist on the mat and Lee came off the top with a flipping senton for a 2 count. Lee applied a chin lock and Crist stood up and fell down driving Lee into the mat with him. Lee tagged in Gulak, who cut off Crist from tagging out. Gulak began working over Crist’s arm. The fans tried to rally behind Crist. Crist finally countered Gulak and hit a flying knee. Neveah slipped coming off the top and appeared to headbutt Gulak right in the groin after getting the hot tag. Neveah no-sold a German from Lee. Lee celebrated, so Neveah nailed her with a huge release German and everyone was down.

The men and women met face-to-face in the middle of the ring and began trading bombs. The crowd was into the big exchange in the middle of the ring between the men and the women. Crist finally wiped out Gulak with superkick. They went to a big exchange that ended with Crist nailing Gulak with a butterfly suplex. Neveah caught Lee with a backpack stunner. Gulak nailed Neveah with a huge suplex for a nearfall. Neveah ducked a charge from Gulak and Crist caught him and slammed him into the corner. Lee wiped out Crist with a cannonball off the apron to the floor. Neveah and Gulak went at it alone in the ring. Gulak slipped out of a backpack chin breaker attempt and locked in a sick body scissors dragon sleeper for the tap out from Neveah.

Winners: Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak

Star rating; (***1/4) - After the heat segment on Crist, there were some really good exchanges between all four competitors in this match. Everyone worked hard in this match to get the crowd into it and they built up to some nice sequences. The crowd continued to not provide much of an atmosphere for this show, but they did rally behind Neveah and Crist throughout this match. Gulak’s submission on Neveah looked sick.

Starr came to the ring for her semi-final match selling her ribs.

(7) A.R. Fox & Athena vs. Matt Tremont & Addy Starr in a Semi-Final Queen & King of the Ring Tournament match. Tremont climbed the turnbuckles right after the introductions and wiped out Fox and Athena on the outside. Starr jumped out to the floor and went at it with Athena. The action settled down with Tremont and Fox going at it inside the ring. Tremont nailed Fox with a spinning powerbomb for a nearfall. Fox fired back with a chin breaker on Tremont. Athena and Fox worked together and nailed Tremont with a series of moves in the corner. Athena nailed Tremont with a big forearm, but he no-sold it. Athena eventually hit a nice springboard DDT on Tremont, who tagged in Starr. Athena and Starr exchanged blows in the middle of the ring until Starr hit an exploder. Starr hung up Athena in the ropes and went for a double knee strike off the top, but Athena got out of the way and rolled her up for a 2 count. Starr ducked a charge in the corner from Athena. Fox tried to hit a springboard, but got caught with an atomic drop from Starr.

Athena shoved Starr away and she accidentally hit the ref. The ref got in the way as Tremont went for a charge into the corner and he hit the ref instead of Fox. Dickinson ran down and went after Starr. Tremont went after Dickinson on the outside. Athena and Starr then went at it on the outside. Fox then wiped out everyone with lo mein rain. Fox tossed Tremont into the ring and connected with a 450 for the win.

Dickinson got into the ring after the match and went after Fox. He sent Fox out of the ring. Dickinson then tied up Athena and slammed her down to the mat. Dickinson then dragged Fox into the ring, but Tremont made the save. The fans chanted for Tremont. Starr checked on Athena once she recovered. The announcers said Athena was hurt. Tremont and Fox shook hands after the match and everyone posed for the crowd.

Winners: A.R. Fox & Athena

Star rating: (**1/2) – This was short, but good. I didn’t mind all of the shenanigans with the ref bump and Dickinson interfering because it added some excitement to the match leading into the finish. The post-match attack on Athena should set up a good story going into the main event with Athena suffering from Dickinson’s attack.

Havoc came out for her match against Callihan and said he was dead tonight. The announcers said a lot was on the line tonight in this man vs. woman match. Callihan came out to a good pop as the announcers put over the importance of the match. They also talked about how Havoc had picked Callihan as her opponent after LuFisto suffered an injury and had to bow out of their scheduled match.

(8) WSU Champion Jessicka Havoc vs. Sami Callihan in a Non-Title match. Callihan backed Havoc into the corner. The ref backed Callihan off and Havoc spit at him. Callihan went for a charge into the corner, but missed and ate a kick from Havoc. Callihan taunted Havoc, so she slapped him in the face. Callihan fired back with a bicycle kick that sent Havoc flying into the corner. Callihan then out the boots to her in the corner. The ref backed him off and Havoc popped up and nailed him with a big clothesline. Havoc then mounted Callihan and hit several punches. They went at it on the apron and Callihan nailed her with a springboard clothesline. He followed up with a huge dive through the ropes that sent Havoc flying into the guardrail. The fans fired up as Callihan set up Havoc for a running chop on the outside. Callihan hit one and the crowd wanted another. Callihan tossed Havoc into the guardrail and it collapsed. Colorado said the match would have to be stopped. Callihan set up Havoc against the ringpost and blew her a kiss. He went for a chop, but Havoc got out of the way and sent Callihan flying with a running kick.

They battled on the apron and exchanged some big chops. Callihan nailed Havoc with a headbutt, but she fired back with one of her own. Havoc and Callihan eventually hit running kicks on the apron at the same time and they both spilled to the floor. The fans fired up with Callihan and Havoc down on the outside. They both managed to get back into the ring to beat the count of the ref. Callihan kicked his feet like a bull and went for a charge into the corner, but ran right into a kick from Havoc. He went for another charge and ate another kick. Callihan countered an elbow and hit a clothesline from behind to ground Havoc. The crowd fired up with Callihan in control, but the reaction was mixed. Callihan taunted Havoc and told her to get up. He continued to taunt Havoc, who nailed Callihan with a kick to the head. Callihan countered Havoc and went up top, but she shoved him to the floor. Callihan was slow to get up as Havoc yelled at him to get back into the ring. Callihan beat the 10 count and Havoc put the boots to him. Havoc began nailing Callihan with some big kicks and he told her to bring it. Callihan told Havoc that she hits like a girl. Callihan caught another kick attempt and they ended up hitting kicks at the same time and they were both down on the mat.

Havoc and Callihan got to their feet and went face-to-face. Callihan yelled at Havoc. They spit at each other and began exchanging big forearms. Callihan sent Havoc down with a big kick. Callihan told Havoc to quit. She yelled that she wouldn’t quit. Callihan nailed her with some big slaps. Callihan taunted Havoc, who hit him with a headbutt and he collapsed to the mat. Havoc then covered her for a nearfall. Havoc mocked Callihan’s pose before nailing him with a running kick in the corner. Havoc hit another big running kick. She went for a third running kick, but Callihan popped up and nailed her with a clothesline for a nearfall and the fans fired up. Havoc ended up slumped in the corner and Callihan nailed her with a huge running kick. He set up for the stretch muffler, but Havoc shoved him into the ref. Callihan and Havoc went back and forth and Callihan hit a dead-lift Saito suplex, but the ref was still down. The fans chanted for a ref to get into the ring. Callihan went up top, but ended up missing a splash. Havoc then hit an air raid crash. The ref made a slow count and Callihan kicked out at the last second. Havoc lifted Callihan for a second air raid crash, but he kicked out. Havoc sold frustration after Callihan kicked out. Callihan flipped off Havoc. She nailed him with several slaps. Callihan slipped behind her and went for another Saito suplex, but Havoc shoved the ref and hit a low blow on Callihan. She flicked off Callihan and hit a third air raid crash for the win.

Havoc held the title high as the announcers said whoever faced her from the WSU roster would have their hands full.

Winner: Jessicka Havoc

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was a hard-hitting war that should give Havoc a lot of credibility going forward as WSU champion. She went toe-to-toe with Callihan and didn’t back down. She had to cheat in the end to beat him because she couldn’t put him away with her finish. They really should have flipped the semi-final matches so that there wouldn’t be a ref bump two matches in a row. The crowd was really into the match at times, but a more vocal audience would have brought this match up, as the action was good throughout.

The announcers talked about Athena walking into the main event with a head and neck injury thanks to Dickinson putting a beating on her earlier in the show.

(9) A.R Fox & Athena vs. Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee in the Queen and King of the Ring Tournament Finals match. Lee and Fox kicked things off. Lee nailed Fox with a slap, but Fox fired right back with a dropkick that sent her into the corner. Athena tagged in, but got cut off a short time later. Gulak and Lee began tagging in and out to work over Athena while targeting her injured head. Athena eventually managed to tag in Fox, who ran wild on Gulak. Fox hit a brainbuster on Gulak, but he kicked out at. Fox ended up missing a running charge into the corner and Gulak and Lee began taking turns working him over. Fox finally mounted a comeback and sent Gulak and Lee to the outside. He nailed Gulak and then Lee with a dive through the ropes. Fox then hit a huge flip dive to the floor on Gulak and the fans fired up. Athena lit up Lee with a series of kicks inside the ring, but the ref wouldn’t count because she wasn’t legal. She got a rollup on Gulak a short time later, but once again the ref wouldn’t count because she wasn’t legal. Gulak set up Fox up top a short time later and hit a superplex for a 2 count. Gulak argued with the ref. Fox ended up tagging in Athena.

Athena nailed Lee with a running forearm and locked her in a submission, but Gulak broke it up. Fox tossed Gulak to the outside and nailed him with a running kick that sent him over the guardrail. Inside the ring, Lee hit a roundhouse kick to Athena’s head for a 2 count. This segment could have really used a picture-in-picture shot, as the announcers were talking about the action on the outside, but the cameras were focused on Athena and Lee. Fox took Gulak around ringside and held him for several fans to chop him. A little girl finished off the sequence with a big back chop on Gulak. The action broke down and they went to a big sequence with Fox hitting a double knee strike off the top on Gulak and then Athena hit a running knee strike, but he kicked out at the last second.

Athena tagged in Fox. Fox got cut off a short time later and ate a big combination of moves from Lee and Gulak capped by a tombstone from Lee, but Athena broke up the pin. Gulak went for a whip into the corner on Athena, but she ended up tripping over Lee and went flying into the turnbuckles. Gulak went for a dragon sleeper on Athena, but she got the ropes. Athena then fired up and took Gulak down with a big forearm. She then hit a twisting stunner off the top for the win.

After the match, Athena got on the mic, but Havoc came out and interrupted her. The announcers mentioned Athena would get a shot at the WSU Championship as a result of winning the tournament with Fox. Havoc sarcastically congratulated Athena. She then asked Athena if she remembered what she did to her last time they wrestled. Athena got on the mic and told Havoc she should have defended her title against a worthy opponent. She said she was better than Callihan. Havoc said Athena would get a shot at the title, but it would be in a 2/3 Falls match. She said that would guarantee that Athena couldn’t beat her. She then called Athena a b---- and left the ring.

Winners: A.R. Fox & Athena to become the 2013 Queen and King of the Ring

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a very good match and it gives Athena a lot of credibility going into her title shot against Havoc. The match built nicely from start to finish and although the crowd wasn’t super-hot, they were into the action.

Overall thoughts: (6.5) – WSU continues to take small steps in the right direction since Drew Cordeiro took over the company a year ago. The production for the show looked really good overall with slick graphics and good picture and sound. I reviewed the blu ray version of this event and it looked really good in HD. The downside was that the crowd of 100-150 fans didn’t generate a lot of heat throughout the show. They were into some of the action, but because of the size of the venue, they didn’t generate a lot of noise even during the high points of the show.

The undercard didn’t have any bad matches, but the bulk of the undercard didn’t jump out at me. The matches were all fine, but a combination of most of the matches not going very long and the crowd not providing much of an atmosphere hampered things. The Highlight of the undercard was Fox & Athena vs. Suena & Dragon. They had an action packed match and everyone looked good. The crowd came to life during Fox’s spirited comeback and provided a good atmosphere leading into Fox & Athena advancing to the second round of the tournament.

The second half of the show picked up starting with Gulak & Lee vs. Neveah & Crist in a semi-final round match. This was a good match and after a long heat segment on Crist, there were some good exchanges between all four competitors.

Athena’s injury was set up during the Athena & Fox vs. Starr & Tremont semi-final round match. Dickinson ended up interfering and after the match he went after Athena and injured her after Fox pinned Tremont with a 450.

One of the things that hampered the card was that there was a ref bump in the Athena & Fox vs. Tremont & Starr match and right after that there was a ref bump that played into the finish of the Havoc-Callihan match. The semi-finals should have been at least flip flopped so there wouldn’t be two matches in a row where the ref was bumped.

Aside from the ref bump, the Havoc-Callihan match was fantastic and established Havoc as a legit tough girl in the ring. She went toe-to-toe with Callihan throughout the match and they had some fantastic hard-hitting exchanges. This didn’t quite reach 4 stars, but under different circumstances, it could have and that should go a long way in showing the WSU audience how good Havoc is right now, especially having a match like this against a top guy like Callihan. Although she had to cheat to get the win, Havoc looked really good coming out of this match.

The finals of the Queen and King of the Ring Tournament were very good as well, which is no surprise since Fox, Athena, Gulak, and Lee are all very good wrestlers. This match went a long way towards establishing Athena as being just as tough as Havoc in the ring. She had a gutsy performance and ended up pulling out the match for him team, despite Dickinson’s attack in the semi-finals.

I suggest watching this show before watching “Uncensored Rumble” on Aug. 10, which will featured Havoc defending the title against Athena in a 2/3 Falls match on iPPV. If you’re interested in the match, the second half of this show is definitely worth a look. Overall, it seems like WSU is taking the right steps to grow as a company. If they can continue to grow their audience while partnering with CZW to run shows in New Jersey, the company is going to continue to get better.

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