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RADICAN'S AIW REVIEW SERIES: "Double Dare" 11/1 - Double Dare Tag Tournament, Gargano-Gresham, Elgin-Alexander III

Nov 17, 2013 - 11:21:23 AM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


NOVEMBER 1, 2013

This show features an eight team “Double Dare” tag tournament to crown a new #1 contender to the AIW Tag Team Titles currently held by The Batiri.

(1) The Jollyville F--- Its (Nasty Russ & T-Money) beat Team UK (Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne) in a Double Dare Quarterfinal Round match. Team UK worked over Russ’s arm during the early stages of the match. Russ & Money then worked over Andrews, but he mounted a comeback and nailed Myers with a huge flip dive to the outside that fired up the crowd. Andrews took a combination of moves from Russ & Money, but Dunne broke up the pin. Dunne went at it alone against Russ and Money as the action continued at a rapid pace. Myers took a springboard dropkick into a German from Team UK, but Money broke up the pin. Myers caught Andrews going for a springboard and turned it into a huge spinebuster. He then stacked up Team UK and Russ came off the top with a cannonball splash for the double pin. This was sort, but very good. (***)

(2) Youthanasia (Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition) beat the Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) in a Double Dare Quarterfinal Round match. Prohibition and Cross tagged in and out and worked over Gelistico for a long period of time until Abernathy tripped Cross from the outside. Cross tried to fire back, but ended up taking a running kick from Gelistico. Cross managed to evade Gelistico and he tagged in Prohibition much to the delight of the fans. Prohibition wiped out Gelistico, but Abernathy tossed him to the floor. Cross it some athletic offense on the Submission Squad, but they wiped him out with a combination of moves. They made the cover on Cross, but Prohibition dove into the ring to break up the pin. Youthanasia dumped Abernathy to the floor and they hit a double stomp/DVD combination on Gelistico for the win. The announcers sold shock at the outcome, but looking at the two teams on paper I would have picked Cross & Prohibition to win prior to the match. (**1/4)

Gregory Iron and Veda Scott came out to Cult of Personality playing off Punk putting over Iron in 2011. Iron appeared to have a bucket of green slime. Iron & Scott are former AIW Tag Team Champions.

(3) The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) beat Hope and Change (Gregory Iron & Veda Scott) in a Double Dare Quarterfinal Round match. UltraMantis black joined the commentary booth. The Hooligans worked over Scott during the early stages of the match. They hit an assisted moonsault on Scott for a 2 count. Scott fired back and hit a bulldog on Mason, but he immediately cut her off and tagged in Devin. Scott took a combination of moves in the corner, but Iron dragged her to the outside. Scott went up top, but Devin caught her. Scott ended up countering him into a swinging DDT for a 2 count. Iron ran into the ring, but ate a boot form Mason. The Hooligans then hit a tandem double stomp off the top on Scott. They followed up with a tandem DDT on Scott for the win. This was basically a squash with The Hooligans absolutely dominating Scott with Iron nowhere to be found at the end of the match. (n/a)

After the match, Iron looked upset. Iron asked Scott if she was happy with herself for costing them the match. Iron said Scott thought she could do this without him. Iron called Scott pathetic. He called Scott the biggest loser he’s ever seen. Scott waved him off and left the ring. Iron told Scott he wasn’t going to slime her. Iron told Scott to remember who carries their team. The fans chanted for Scott as she went to the back. Iron jawed with some fans while he was leaving the ring. He told the fan he was going to jump the rail and beat him up. Scott snuck up from behind Iron and dumped the bucket of slime on him. The fans chanted “You got slimed” at Iron. Iron screamed and fell to the floor. Iron tried to climb the ramp, but he slipped on the slime.

The Duke interrupted the ring announcer and told him he should clean up the slime at ringside.

(4) Bobby Beverly & Ricky Shane Page (w/#Nixon) beat The Sex Bob-Ombs (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) in a Double Dare Quarterfinal Round match. Page and Beverly jumped their opponents right at the bell. Fitchett and Vega fired back and isolated Page. Vega nailed Page with a tornado DDT through the ropes. Fitchett then hit an insane dive to the outside to wipe out Page and Beverly. Vega ended up getting cut off. Page and Beverly then hit a series of double tam moves on him for a 2 count. Vega made a comeback and hit a missile dropkick on Page for a 2 count. Fitchett ran wild until Beverly nailed him with a shot from the apron and Page hit a German for a 2 count. Page and Shane tagged in and out to work over Fitchett. Fitchett managed to escape Page and he made the tag to Vega, who ran wild. The action picked up and Page and Fitchett hit a suplex/superkick combination, but the ref was distracted. Fitchett went after The Duke, but turned right around into a roaring elbow from Page. Page then held up Fitchett in the DVD position and tossed him into a superkick from Beverly for the win. This was short, but good while it lasted. It sets up Nixon as a threat in the tournament given their ability to use the numbers game on the outside to cheat. (**1/2)

(5) AIW Absolute Women’s Champion Allysin Kay beat MsChif. Kay was originally supposed to face Saraya Knight, but she pulled out of the match. Kay tried to jump MsChif as she made her entrance, but MsChif nailed her with a kick. MsChif dominated the action early, but Kay fired back and tied her up in the mat and put a piece of her wrist tape over her mouth so MsChif couldn’t scream. Kay dominated the action for a long period of time before hitting a big clothesline for a 2 count. Kay dominated the action and used fish hooks in MsChif’s mouth while applying a camel clutch. The crowd tried to rally behind MsChif, but Kay cut her off with an eye rake and kicked away at her legs. MsChif hit a belly to back suplex out of nowhere for a 2 count, but Kay got up and nailed her with a kick right away to maintain control. Kay began jawing with the fans. MsChif tried to jump her from behind, but ate a big slap and a series of forearms. Kay botched a rollup attempt, but eventually covered MsChif for a 2 count. MsChif fired back and drove Kay head-first into the middle turnbuckle. Kay tried to lift MsChif up, but MsChif countered it into a sunset bomb for a 2 count. Kay got right up and wiped out MsChif with a clothesline before covering her for a 2 count. Kay hit a cutthroat belly to back suplex with a bridge for a nearfall and the fans fired up. Kay took up some brass knuckles. MsChif ducked a punch and kicked the knuckles into Kay’s face, but she got her foot on the ropes. Kay fired back and hit a running Samoan drop. It looked like MsChif kicked out, but the ref said her cover was good for the three count. This was solid at times, but there was some sloppy action. Kay didn’t sell hardly at all for MsChif and the finish appeared to be botched. (*3/4)

Kay choked MsChif after the match before lifting her onto her shoulders and tossing her down to the mat. MsChif got an ovation from the crowd once she recovered in the ring.

(6) The Jolly F--- Its (Nasty Russ & T-Money) beat Youthanasia (Josh Prohibition & Matt Cross) in a Double Dare Semi-Final Round match. Chikarason joined the commentary booth. The match started off hot and heavy. Cross and Russ went after it and then hit dives on opposite sides of the ring. Both men went for another dive, but this time Russ connected, but Money caught Cross and dumped him into the guardrail. Russ and Money began working over Prohibition. Prohibition mounted a comeback and tagged in Cross, who ran wild and hit a huge springboard moonsault on Money for a 2 count. Cross and Prohibition tagged in and out to work over Money. Cross went up top for a split-legged moonsault, but Money got his knees up. Russ got the hot tag and ran wild on Prohibition. Prohibition took a boot in the corner, but fired right back with a big boot of his own in the corner on Russ. Prohibition dropped Money with a neck breaker over his knee. Cross then went up top, but missed a SSP. Russ went up top, but missed a cannonball on Cross. Prohibition set up Russ for the drunken driver, but he countered into rollup for the win. This was short, but very good from bell-to-bell, especially the finishing sequence. (***)

(7) Bobby Beverly & Ricky Shane Page (w/#Nixon) beat The Hooligans (Mason & Devin Cutter) in a Double Dare Semi-Final Round match. Chikarason was joined by B.J. Whitmer on commentary. Page and Beverly jumped their opponents during the introductions. Mason mounted a comeback and hit a standing hurricanrana on Beverly. The Hooligans then wiped out Beverly with a series of moves in the corner. Page tried to run in, but took an absolutely insane series of tandem double team splashes from the Hooligans. Devin and Mason tagged in and out to work over Beverly once the action settled down. Mason nailed Beverly with a lionsault and Devin followed up with a twisting splash, but The Duke got up on the apron to distract the ref. Beverly raked Devin’s eyes and tagged in Page, but Devin ran wild on him with clotheslines. Devin dropped Beverly with a bubba bomb and Mason followed up with a missile dropkick all the way across the ring and the fans went crazy. Page tried to grab Mason’s leg from the outside, but Mason kicked him away and hit an asai moonsault to the outside. They went for the Hooligan driver on Beverly, but Page grabbed Mason’s leg and Beverly hit a low blow on Mason. Nixon then hit the DVD/superkick combo on Mason for the win. This was really good while it lasted, but it should have been given more time to develop as it was turning into an awesome match when it ended out of nowhere with Nixon using cheap tactics to set up their finish on Mason. (***)

The finals of the Double Dare tournament will see The Jollyville F--- Its take on Nixon.

Johnny Gargano made his entrance for his match against Johnathan Gresham wearing a Double Dare t shirt! Gresham got a small pop for his introduction. Gargano got a good reaction from the fans when he was introduced.

(8) Johnny Gargano beat Johnathan Gresham. Ethan Page joined the commentary booth after the match began. Gargano and Gresham had a nice fast-paced exchange before coming to a stalemate. The announcers asked him why he wasn’t on the card. They had a great exchange on the mat with Gresham trying to escape a headlock, but Gargano kept spinning over him to maintain the hold. Gresham eventually escaped and they came to an impasse once again. Gresham managed to hold Gargano in a head scissors on the mat and each time Gargano got away, he grabbed the hold again. Gargano finally got the ropes to break the hold. After watching Gresham and Gargano go to another exchange, Page said he was glad this wasn’t a #1 Contender match. They went back and forth near the apron and Gargano caught Gresham with a spear through the ropes for a 2 count. They went to an awesome exchange with both men countering the other. They finally began exchanging pinning counters and then did a series of rolling pins around the ring. Gresham finally ended the exchange with a huge clothesline on Gargano and the fans went nuts. Page left the broadcast booth and said he had an idea. They went to another great exchange of counters and Gargano hit a lawn dart for a 2 count. Gresham got a rollup after escaping the Gargano escape, but Gargano rolled through and applied the Gargano escape for the win. This was really good while it lasted, but once again I felt like they could have given it more time. (***1/2)

Both men shook hands after the match and posed for the crowd.

(9) The Jollyville F--- Its (Nasty Russ & T-Money) beat Bobby Beverly & Ricky Shane Page (w/#Nixon) to win the Double Dare Tournament. Nixon tried to jump Russ and Money while they were being introduced, but they were ready for it. Both teams brawled to the outside and went back and forth. Page got wiped out with a double team suplex on the floor, but he fired right back on Russ back inside the ring with a backdrop into a kick to the head. Russ tried to mount a comeback, but ate a roaring elbow from Page. Russ blocked a super powerbomb from Page and hit a diving neck breaker off the top. Russ struggled to make the hot tag, but ended up tagging in Money, who ran wild on Beverly by driving him into the corner and then holding on to him for a spinebuster. Page tried to hit Money with a senton, but he got out of the way and he connected with Beverly. Money cleared the ring and went after Beverly. The Duke ended up nailing Money with a punch. Page set up for a dive while Beverly was holding Money, but Money got out of the way and he wiped out The Duke, Beverly, and Page. Russ then wiped out all of Nixon except for Ryan with a moonsault to the floor. Page fired back and took out money. He then cut off Russ up top and hit a super powerbomb. The fans went nuts for that spot. Money nailed Page with a spear when he went to cover Russ, but Beverly hit an arm drag into the turnbuckles on him right after he hit the spear. Beverly got a ladder and tossed it into the ring. They set the ladder up in the corner and Page set up Russ for a move off the top of the ladder. Money got back into the ring and wiped out Beverly and Page. Russ then climbed the ladder and hit the cannon ball splash on Page. The fans went nuts as Money and Russ covered Page for the win. That was awesome. (***3/4)

Money & Russ are now the #1 Contenders for the AIW Tag Team Titles. The fans got on their feet and applauded after the match was over. The announcers said Russ & Money would face the Batiri for the tag titles at the end of November at “Hell on Earth.” They did a closing ceremony for the Double Dare Tournament, but Ethan Page interrupted it. Page said he had one of the greatest tournament wins of all time when he won JLIT 2013. He told Russ and Money to leave the ring.

Ethan held up the AIW Championship and said the champ is here. Page said he was upset that there was no mention of him on this card. Page took credit for taking AIW to the next level. Page was then interrupted by UltraMantis Black. The fans popped big for Black’s entrance. Page told Black CHIKARA had died. He said Black was spoiling his moment to send the fans home happy. He gave Black the mic. Black said he didn’t come to Cleveland to just sit in on commentary. He said he came here looking for a fight. Black challenged Page to a match for his title. Page said no and went to leave the ring, but Matt Wadsworth came out and said he had a ref with him. He told Page he was going to defend his title right now.

(10) UltraMantis Black beat AIW Absolute Champion Ethan Page to become the new AIW Absolute Champion. Page jumped Black from behind to kick things off. Mantis mounted a comeback and got a 2 count with a DDT. They brawled on the outside and Black ended up whipping Page into the guardrail. They battled on the apron and Page ended up countering the praying mantis bomb into a neck breaker over his knee on the floor. He rolled Black back into the ring, but only got a 2 count. Page dominated the action for a long period of time. Page hit a really nice maneuver where he lifted up Black into the suplex position, but about halfway through he turned him around and dumped him to the mat for a 2 count. The fans tried to rally behind Black. Mantis ducked a clothesline and hit a full nelson slam that left both men down on the mat. Mantis looked a step slow, but he managed to hit a big cutthroat suplex on Page, who grabbed the bottom rope to break the ref’s count. Page fired back and brought Mantis over the ropes and into a back breaker. Page hit a Bubba bomb and then rolled Black into a pinning combination for a 2 count. The fans fired up with both men slow to get up. Page charged the corner, but Black got out of the way and he went shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Mantis followed up with a rolling senton off the apron to the floor. Page fired back inside the ring a short time later and hit a superplex. He followed up with the slingshot ace crusher, but Black kicked out at the last second. The fans fired up after Black kicked out. Black countered the suplex and hit cosmic doom for a nearfall. Page countered the praying mantis bomb and accidentally swung Black into the ref. Black covered Page, but there was no ref to count the pin. Page got the title and nailed Black with it. Another ref came down and counted, but Black kicked out. The fans chanted for Black and then another group of fans chanted for Page. They went back and forth and Black hit the praying mantis bomb for the win. Black looked a step slow at times, but this was a solid main event. (***1/4)

The fans applauded as Black celebrated with the title. Bauer was very upset with Page’s loss on commentary saying Page didn’t know he was going to wrestle tonight. Bauer blamed Chikarason for Page losing the title. Chikarason yelled at Bauer as they continued to bicker.

The bonus main event of Josh Alexander vs. Michael Elgin is up next. This did not air on the live iPPV version of this show. The ring announcer said tonight’s rematch between Elgin and Alexander would have no time limit.

(11) Josh Alexander vs. Michael Elgin went to a draw. Elgin nailed Alexander with a running boot as soon as the bell rang. Alexander fired right back and they began trading forearms. The action spilled outside eventually with Elgin in control. Elgin ended up seated on the apron and Alexander threw himself into Elgin and both men crashed to the floor. Alexander whipped Elgin into the guardrails several times before tossing him back into the ring. Alexander lifted Elgin for a long delayed vertical suplex and the fans began counting. Alexander dropped him before the crowd could count to 20. He made the cover, but Elgin kicked out at 1. Elgin set up for a vertical suplex, but Alexander rolled him up for a 2 count. Alexander charged Elgin in the corner, but he got his boot up and then hit a German into the corner. Both men were down, but Elgin recovered first and went to work on Alexander. Elgin began working over Alexander’s arm on the outside. He eventually slammed it over the guardrail. Elgin locked in a modified version of the cross-face on Alexander from his back inside the ring. He continued to target Alexander’s arm. The crowd tried to rally behind Alexander, who tried to kick Elgin away from him, but Elgin continued to work over his arm. Alexander caught Elgin with a rollup, but he kicked out and continued to work over his arm with a submission on the mat. Alexander managed to snap Elgin’s neck over the top rope from the apron. The crowd fired up with both men slow to get to their feet.

Alexander went to lift Elgin to his feet, but Elgin surprised him with the crossface. Alexander quickly got his foot on the ropes. Elgin hit several knees to Alexander’s head. Alexander fired his head gear at Elgin and nailed him with punches and chops. They continued to exchange blows until Elgin hit an enzuguri that left both men down and the fans applauded. Alexander went after Elgin with his right hand, which wasn’t injured. Alexander eventually hit a German, but couldn’t hold the bridge and Elgin kicked out at 2. Alexander hit an inverted piledriver and got a nearfall. They went to another exchange. Elgin countered the tombstone and eventually caught Alexander in the crossface, but Alexander got the ropes. Elgin fired up on Alexander back inside the ring and hit a pump kick to his face and a German with a bridge for a nearfall and the crowd applauded. Elgin went up top, but Alexander popped up and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Both men were slow to get up after the nearfall and the fans applauded. They battled up top, but Elgin tossed Alexander into the guardrail. He then dropped down to the mat and both men were down once again. Alexander came up bleeding. Elgin tossed him back into the ring and hit an air raid crash for a 2 count. Elgin hit a couple of kicks to Alexander’s head and then worked over his head with punches. Elgin set up for a big clothesline, but Alexander countered it. Alexander ducked another clothesline, but Elgin caught him with a huge clothesline. Alexander kicked out at 1, so Elgin nailed him with another huge clothesline for a nearfall.

The fans chanted for Alexander after the good nearfall. Both men eventually went back at it and Elgin hit a buckle bomb, but Alexander rolled through the spinning powerbomb and got a rollup for a 2 count. They went to a big exchange of counters and Alexander nailed Elgin with a roaring elbow for a nearfall and the fans exploded. Elgin rolled to the outside and Alexander was down on the mat inside the ring. Alexander followed Elgin to the outside and tried to lift him to his feet. Elgin hit a huge backfist and went for a powerbomb on the outside, but Alexander escaped and hit a tombstone on the floor that didn’t come off smoothly. Alexander rolled into the ring as the ref counted. Elgin beat the ref’s count and most of the fans in the building were standing. Alexander locked in the crossface on Elgin. Elgin teased tapping, but ended up getting the ropes with his foot. Alexander grabbed a modified single leg crab. He began stomping on Elgin’s head, but Elgin rolled over and began kicking him in the head. Alexander rolled Elgin over and kicked him in the head, but Elgin finally managed to kick him away. The fans applauded with both men down on the mat. The fans applauded as both men went face to face from their knees. Both men laughed. They then began exchanged slaps and punches from their knees. Elgin got the better of the exchange and hit a spinning elbow to the back of Alexander’s head. Elgin then hit a spinning backfist. They exchanged counters. Elgin went for a tombstone, but Alexander reversed it and hit a tombstone. Elgin kicked out at the last second and the fans went applauded. Both men were slow to get to their feet again.

Alexander lifted Elgin to his feet and hit a roaring elbow to the back of his head. The ref checked on Elgin and the fans applauded. Elgin struggled to get to his feet. He eventually began pulling himself up by using the ropes. Elgin flipped off Alexander. Alexander hit a spinning backfist. Elgin drove Alexander into the corner twice. Alexander went for a rollup, but Elgin hit a dead-lift powerbomb, a bucklebomb, and the Elgin bomb, but Alexander kicked out! The fans began chanting someone’s going to die. Elgin tried to drag Alexander to the corner, but he collapsed. He put Alexander up on the top rope. He set up Alexander for a super Razor’s edge. Alexander fought out of it and began nailing Elgin with elbows, but Elgin surprised him with a super sit out powerbomb for a nearfall. Elgin then applied the crossface. Alexander tried to get the ropes, but he couldn’t. The fans chanted please don’t tap. Alexander rolled up Elgin and the ref counted the pin for the win.

The announcers said Alexander tapped as Elgin continued to hold the submission. A ref came down and told the announcer that Alexander had tapped. The ref’s argued over who had won the match. The announcer said that the tap and 3 count happened at the same time and the match was declared a draw. This was another fantastic match between these two. It was different from the first match, but it was still really good. The match was slow in a couple of spot and the crowd didn’t bring the heat like they did for their earlier match at “Absolution VIII,” but this is well worth going out of your way to see. (****1/4)

The fans booed. Elgin got on the mic and berated a fan. Elgin said his win at JLIT didn’t count. Elgin said they went 30 minutes at Absolution and 40 minutes tonight. Elgin said he didn’t want to be in the ring any longer tonight. Elgin said there has to be a conclusion. He said in December, he would be back in December. Elgin challenged Alexander to a 2/3 Falls match in December. The fans applauded. Elgin put over Alexander and said they would settle the score. He told Wadsworth to make it official. Wadsworth got on the mic and said sometimes they wait to make announcements, but he was going to make it official. He asked Alexander if he wanted the match and he said yes. Wadsworth made the match official for December. The fans applauded and chanted “Thank you both.” Alexander got on the mic and said 40 minutes in the ring doesn’t feel good. Alexander said in December they would settle the score. Alexander said he needs to see if Elgin is actually unbreakable. Elgin said the talking is done and they will see who is better in December. Both men shook hands and raised each other’s hands. The fans chanted thank you both. Elgin then started an AIW chant. The announcer said the match would take place on Dec. 27.

Overall thoughts: (8.0) – I really liked this show. The main focus of the show was a one night “Double Dare” tag tournament to crown a new #1 contender to the AIW Tag Team Titles. I felt some of the matches in the tournament could have been given more time, but on the flip side this was a long show and it would have been overkill to go any longer than they did. The matches that stood out were the Elgin-Alexander rematch from “Absolution VIII,” the “Double Dare” Tag Team Tournament finals, and Gargano-Gresham. This show didn’t have a red hot crowd like “Absolution VIII,” but the quality of wrestling and AIW’s build to their last two shows of the year were well done.

I’ve really liked The Hooligans each time I’ve seen them wrestle. They are two big guys that can brawl, but their high-flying is what makes their matches so much fun. In an age where most people have seen everything on the independent scene, it’s hard for me to recall a team like the Hooligans. They didn’t win the tournament, but they made an impression.

The Jollyville F--- Its is another team that is a lot of fun to watch. Seeing them advance through the tournament and pull the upset in a very good tournament final match against Nixon was a lot of fun. The tag tournament didn’t future any blow away matches, but the finale came close.

Kay vs. MsChif wasn’t a very good match with Kay defending the AIW Women’s Championship. I was looking forward to seeing what these two could do in the ring, but Kay dominated the action and it wasn’t a very exciting match to watch. On the other hand, Gargano-Gresham was a blast to watch with both men going hold for hold and counter for counter. They got the crowd into the action and delivered a really good match.

UltraMantis Black making his AIW and beating Ethan Page was a surprise. Mantis looked a little rusty returning to in-ring action, as I haven’t seen him wrestle anywhere since CHIKARA shut down in June, but Black-Page was a good match. It will be interesting to see how Black does in a prominent role in AIW as their champion.

The Elgin-Alexander match wasn’t as good as their first encounter, but it was still an excellent match that is well-worth going out of your way to see. I was surprised more people didn’t turn out to see Elgin-Alexander given how good their match was at “Absolution VIII,” but they managed to get the crowd on their feet midway through the match. Alexander showed a ton of guts after taking a beating from Elgin. He took everything Elgin could dish out. The finish took things down a notch with a simultaneous tap out/pinfall. The cameras didn’t get a great angle of the finish and it would have come off better if it had been clear that Alexander tapped and Elgin’s shoulders were down for three count at the same time. I’m really looking forward to seeing the blow off to the Elgin-Alexander feud in December in a 2 out of 3 Falls match.

If you’re looking for a good show to watch, “Double Dare” is well worth checking out. There are a number of good matches and the Elgin-Alexander main event is excellent. AIW should look into cutting down the length of their shows, as this show seemed to have too many matches and a lot of the matches that were just getting good were cut short. Thumbs up.

You can purchase AIW’s “Double Dare” on VOD by clicking HERE or by visiting SMVOD.Com. “Double Dare” should be available in the near future on DVD and MP4 on

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