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RADICAN'S CHIKARA REVIEW SERIES: "A New Start" 1/25 - Season 15 premiere w/Colony vs. BDK & Soldier Ant, what's going on with Hallowicked & Frightmare, Icarus vs. Taylor

Mar 15, 2015 - 1:40:30 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist


JAN. 25, 2015

The show began with a nice video package hyping the entire lineup on the show.

Mike Quackenbush introduced the show with Bryce Remsburg and Leonard F. Chikarason. Gavin Loudspeaker then came out and hyped up a packed crowd at the 2300 Arena for CHIKARA's season premier.

(1) The Wrecking Crew (Flex Rumblecrunch & Blaster McMassive & Max Smashmaster & Jaka & Oleg The Usurper w/Sidney Bakabella) vs. The Throwbacks (Mr. Touchdown & Dasher Hatfield & Princess Kimberlee & Shynron & Jervis Cottonbelly) in a Ten Person Tag match. The ref checked Touchdown's football and discovered it wasn't properly inflated before the match. Hatfield then inflated the ball and the ref said it was properly inflated. The fans loved this segment before the match. Jaka and Oleg fought over the ball, but Bakabella took it away from them. Quackenbush announced their next show would be NPWD. Hatfield and Touchdown Oleg got a big pop for shaking hands with Cottonbelly, but then he booted him right down to the mat. Cottonbelly fired back and Bakabella got into the ring and yelled at Oleg and told him Todd out of the ring. He ended up putting him in timeout in the floor. The action broke down and Shynron knocked down several members of the Wrecking Crew with a twisting dive to the floor. Touchdown eventually got cut off and McMassive began working him over. Kimberlee ended up in the ring and got a sleeper in McMassive but Rumblecrunch broke it up and hit a belly to back suplex on her. Cottonbelly came to Kimberlee’s aid and took out Rumblecrunch. He then fought her to the apron, so he could legally enter the match.

Shynron ended up getting isolated and the Wrecking Crew tagged in and out to work him over. Shynron mounted a comeback, despite favoring his injured mid-section. He eventually hit a double handspring ace crusher on Jaka and Oleg. Hatfield got the hot tag and managed to fend off three members of the Wrecking Crew. He ended up slamming McMassive and Rumblecrunch into a pile of men in the corner. He then nailed all of them with a sliding dropkick. Touchdown, Cottonbelly, Kimberlee, and Shynron then hit big moves in the corner. All the members of the Throwbacks covered all the members of the Wrecking Crew for a five way near fall, which was awesome. The action continued at a furious pace as the fans fired up. Kimberlee clotheslined McMassive to the floor. The fans went nuts and she went after Smashmaster, but he punched her down to the mat. She eventually fired back with several strikes hit a big DDT on Smashmaster and went up top, but McMassive cut her off and hit a belly to belly superplex from the win.

The cameras followed The Wrecking Crew backstage and Bakabella cut a promo saying they were going to make more money in 2015. That was a cool feature.

Winners: Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch & Max Smashmaster & Oleg The Usurper & Jaka.

Star rating: (***1/2) - This was a fantastic opener. The camerawork and editing was a bit awkward at times, but the fans really got into the non-stop back and forth action down the stretch. Kimberlee looked good showing a lot of heart, despite having a massive size disadvantage down the stretch against Smashmaster and then Rumblecrunch.

A video package aired with Ophidian in front of several candles cutting a promo in a dark room. He prayed to various gods for the power to defeat Nokken. He said it was hard to believe the gods were listening, but he asked them for the opportunity to battle for the gold that he had come to CHIKARA to obtain. He said failure would confirm his suspicions that he wasn’t being heard at all. He asked to be guided down the path of victory and he would believe again. This was a very cool promo.

(2) Nokken vs. Ophidian (w/Amasis). Both men currently have two points towards title contention and the winner of the match will have the three points necessary for title contention and the loser gets nothing. Nokken shoved Ophidian down before the opening bell. Ophidian tried to fire back with a spin kick, but Nokken laughed at him after shrugging it off. Ophidian walked up to Nokken and slapped him across the face, but Nokken fired right back and worked him over with punches in the corner. Ophidian got the Ophidian death grip, but he couldn’t get his legs around Nokken. Ophidian finally sent Nokken to the floor with a satellite head scissors. He went for a dive and connected with Nokken, but he didn’t go down. Ophidian hit another dive, but Nokken was still on his feet. Ophidian went for a third dive through the ropes, but Nokken caught him and hit a backbreaker on the floor. Nokken worked over Ophidian for a long period of time back inside the ring. Nokken hit a big straight right at one point for a two count. The fans tried to rally behind Ophidian, but he was unable to get on track. He went for a sunset flip to surprise Nokken, but he ended up taking a choke slam for a 2 count. Ophidian slid behind Nokken and went for the Ophidian death clutch, but Nokken shook him off. Ophidian ducked a charge into the corner and Nokken flew into the turnbuckles.

Ophidian went on the attack, but Nokken wouldn’t go down. He finally went down after Ophidian hit a big spin kick to the head. Ophidian hit several knee strikes out of the headstand position in the corner. Ophidian then hit a double knee strike off the top, but Nokken kicked out at 2. Ophidian got the Ophidian death clutch on the mat. Nokken tried to get to his feet and eventually lifted Ophidian into the Nokken driver for the win.

The fans booed as Nokken posed on the outside after the match. Amasis checked on Ophidian inside the ring. The fans applauded as Amasis helped him out of the ring.

Winner: Nokken (earns his third point towards a title shot)

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a good big vs. small style match. Nokken dominated the bulk of the match. Ophidian then made a comeback down the stretch, but Nokken was too much for him and ended up getting the win in the end.

Jakob Hammermeier cut a promo backstage with Nokken. He said the monster had earned his third point and he would bring the gold home for the BDK. Nokken talked about the opponents he had defeated and said he would grab Icarus’s wings and turn them to dust. Both men that laughed.

Race Jackson and Hype Rockwell cut a promo backstage. Jackson said they had come all the way from South Carolina. He said they were in the zone tonight and would run wild. Hype said he felt like he was in the twilight zone and yawned.

(3) Colony XTreme Force (Missile Assault Ant & Artic Rescue Ant) vs. N_R_G (Race Jackson & Hype Rockwell). Rockwell hip tossed Rockwell over the top to wipe out Colony XTreme Force. Jackson fired up and hit a dropkick to send Assault Ant off the apron to the floor. N_R_G isolated Rescue Ant and nailed him with a double flapjack. Jackson appeared to be much more hyper than Rockwell. The announcers said Rockwell was tired driving to the show. Jackson nailed Rescue Ant with a superkick and Rockwell finished him off with a spinning back breaker for the win.

After the match, Assault Ant wouldn’t help Rescue Ant to his feet. He ended up walking out on him. The fans booed. Rescue Ant sold dismay and pain inside the ring. The fans chanted “That’s not teamwork” as Rescue Ant limped to the back.

Winners: Race Jackson & Hype Rockwell – A surprising result here with Colony XTreme Force getting overwhelmed by N_R_G.

UltraMantis Black cut a promo backstage. He said he had put an end to Delirious and vanquished him for all eternity. He said when he first acquired the Eye of Tyr, but since it had been destroyed and reassembled it had been altered. He said he didn’t know what it had done to Hallowicked and Frightmare. He said he hadn’t give up on them, but now he is but a solitary lord in this universe and fights alone. He told Juan Francisco De Coronado not to underestimate him. He said tonight it begins anew again.

Derek Sabato came to ref the upcoming match to a chorus of boos.

The fans yelled at Coronado to hurry up as he made his ring entrance, which was pretty funny. Coronado wanted the mic and the fans yelled at the ring announcer not to give it to him, but Coronado grabbed it away from him. They actually had subtitles in English and Spanish for his promo. I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I laughed really hard. Coronado cut a promo and the fans tried to drown him out with boos. He said tonight would be a new start for the United Nations. He said the fans would have a real leader to stand after. Coronado said he would be their leader. UltraMantis Black was out next to a good ovation from the crowd.

(4) UltraMantis Black vs. Juan Francisco De Coronado. Black ran into the ring and Coronado immediately put the boots to him. Black fired back with a leaping elbow off the ropes. Black nailed Coronado with some beads and hid them from the ref. Black went for the ocean cyclone suplex early and hit it for a 2 count. Black dropped Coronado right on his backside on the apron and followed up with an atomic drop on the floor. Coronado fired back and slammed Black’s arm over the ring steps. They brawled up the aisle and Coronado slammed Black’s arm over the barricade. Coronado tossed black back into the ring and covered him for a 2 count. The tried to fire up behind Black as he continued to take a beating from Coronado. Coronado continued to target Black’s arm as he worked him over. Coronado grabbed an arm submission, but Black managed to get to the ropes. Coronado went up top, but Black popped up and tossed him to the mat. The fans fired up as Black favored his arm. Black fired back and hit a sit out piledriver for a near fall. Coronado fired back and hit a modified divorce court on Black. Coronado rolled through on Mantis and hit a German for a 2 count and the fans applauded the kick out.

Mantis favored his shoulder after kicking out. Mantis hit a chin breaker and set up for the praying mantis bomb, but Coronado blocked it. Coronado got a victory roll right in the ropes. The ref noticed and stopped the count. Mantis then hit the praying mantis bomb for the win.

Black sold his arm as he went to the back.

Winner: UltraMantis Black

Star rating: (**1/2) – The work was solid, but the pace never picked up. Coronado did a lot of work on Black’s arm and the match seemed to be building up when Black got the pin after hitting the praying mantis bomb.

Jakob Hammermeier cut a promo with the BDK. He said he has dastardly allies. He referred to Pinkie Sanchez and Nokken. He said he had a new friend that wanted to destroy The Colony more than he does. He called Solider Ant into the picture and said the enemy of his enemy is his friend.

The Colony got one of the biggest pops of the night so far coming out for their match against Hammermeier, Soldier Ant, and Pinkie Sanchez. Soldier Ant wanted to go after The Colony, but was held back.

(5) The Colony (Fire Ant & Silver Ant & Worker Ant) vs. Jakob Hammermeier & Soldier Ant & Pinkie Sanchez. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant ended up in the ring alone after the rest of the participants brawled to the floor. Fire Ant got a rollup for a near fall. Soldier Ant hit a straight right and Worker Ant tagged in and hit a double axe handle off the top. Sanchez ended up getting the upper hand on Worker Ant and he began putting a beating on him in the ring. Sanchez went up top, but got caught with a Manhattan drop. Silver Ant tagged in and hit a slam and a leg drop on Sanchez for a 2 count. Sanchez took a combination of moves from Silver Ant and Fire Ant and the fans applauded. The announcers hinted that Solider Ant might not be on the same page as the BDK, as they noted he gave Hammermeier a shove on the apron. Fire Ant got cut off and Sanchez and Hammermeier took turns working him over. Soldier Ant tagged himself in and tossed Sanchez out of the ring. He put the boots to Fire Ant in the corner and continued to show an aggressive side. The fans tried to get behind Fire Ant, who began to show some signs of life, but Hammermeier slammed him down to the mat with a choke. Fire Ant finally fired back and hit a DVD on Hammermeier that sent him crashing on top of Sanchez. Worker Ant got the hot tag and ran wild hitting slams on all of his opponents.

The Colony cleared the ring and hit the antapult to the floor to take on Sanchez and Hammermeier and the fans fired up and chanted for Fire Ant. Hammermeier ended up hitting a chop block on Worker Ant, who had Sanchez on his shoulders. Soldier Ant got the tag and tossed Sanchez to the floor again. He then put the boots to Worker Ant. Hammermeier pushed Soldier Ant to the outside and choked Worker Ant with his boot in the corner. The fans tried to rally behind Worker Ant. Solider Ant tagged in and once again tossed Sanchez to the floor. Worker Ant finally mounted a comeback a short time later and hit a series of headbutts to Hammermeier’s chest. He finally made the tag to Silver Ant, who hit a big missile dropkick on Hammermeier. He wiped out Sanchez and then hit a combination of kicks on Soldier Ant, who didn’t go down. Silver Ant finally hit a big double jump DDT on Solider Ant for a 2 count. The announcers speculated as to what had gotten into Soldier Ant and why he was so hard to take down. The Colony hit a triple dropkick on Hammermeier in the corner. The Colony lifted Sanchez and tossed him to the floor to wipe out Hammermeier and Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant and Silver Ant ended up alone in the ring. They exchanged blows with intensity. They began exchanging headbutts. Silver Ant hit a blue thunder powerbomb, but Sanchez broke it up with a big dropkick. Sanchez hit a big cradle body lock DDT and applied a dragon sleeper, but Fire Ant broke it up. The fans fired up with both men down on the mat. Silver Ant and Sanchez began exchanging blows in the middle of the ring. Both men wobbled, but continued to go back and forth. Both men exchanged headbutts. Silver Ant finally hit a big belly-to-back suplex, but Hammermeier broke up the pin and hit a rude awakening for a 2 count. Soldier Ant ended up tossing Sanchez to the floor again. He hit a big powerslam for a near fall. Solider Ant hit several big punches on Worker Ant and applied a unique leg submission. The crowd chanted for him not to tap as Silver Ant and Fire Ant struggled to make the save. Silver Ant finally broke free and broke up the submission. Silver Ant went for the CHIKARA special on Solider Ant, but Hammermeier broke it up with a big knockout punch.

Fire Ant hit a brainbuster on Hammermeier and avoided a double stomp off the top from Hammermeier. Fire Ant then dumped Sanchez right on his head with an inverted piledriver. Soldier Ant nailed Fire Ant with a huge inside out clothesline. He signaled for the finish and grabbed Fire Ant by the throat. Fire Ant saluted Soldier ant and he let go of the hold. Hammermeier shoved Fire Ant into Soldier Ant. Worker Ant and Hammermeier ended up going at it. He locked in a modified cloverleaf on Worker Ant. Worker Ant struggled, but was forced to tap.

The fans booed after the match ended. Solider Ant stared at Fire Ant on the floor and looked unsure of himself.

Winners: Soldier Ant & Jakob Hammermeier & Pinkie Sanchez

Star rating: (***1/4) – This match had some really good action. The rapid-fire sequences were fantastic down the stretch. The key happening during the match was the ongoing mystery as to what had happened to Soldier Ant while he was gone from CHIKARA to explain his new aggression and ability to shake off punishment. Soldier Ant didn’t seem to care much about his partners during the match and seemed to only want to get a piece of Fire Ant, which continued the storyline from the season finale in 2014. Fire Ant seemed to break through to Soldier Ant by saluting him late in the match, but Hammermeier ended up attacking Fire Ant from behind before shoving him into Soldier Ant. The match seemed to lose the crowd a bit down the stretch by going too long, but overall this was effective for what it was trying to do.

Eddie Kingston addressed Kevin Condron as his little snowflake. He said Condron wanted to take his moment away from him. He said Condron had hit him with a wrench from behind and taken his chance to win the Grand Championship. He said he wasn’t sorry for killing Condron’s friends off. He said Condron could go to war with him if he wanted to. The Lithuanian Snow Troll was with Condron carrying a wrench. Condron told the ring announcer to say something. The announcer said despite growing up 8 miles from the building, he now hails from Los Angeles. The fans booed. Eddie Kingston then came out to a decent reaction.

Kevin Condron came out for his match against Eddie Kingston and the fans booed.

(6) Kevin Condron (w/The Lithuanian Snow Troll) vs. Eddie Kingston. Both men brought weapons into the ring during the early going. Kingston ended up dropping his chair when Condron told him to hit him with it. He then dropped Condron with a straight right that decked him. They ended up going at it on the outside. Kingston tried to break the count, but Condron dragged him back to the floor. Kingston decked Condron and broke up the count. They ended up going at it on the apron. The announcers mentioned that Condron makes the Troll call him mother. The fans chanted for both men as Condron told Kingston to bring it back inside the ring. Kingston nailed Condron with a running kick in the corner. He then followed up with another running kick that decked Condron. Kingston nailed Condron with machinegun chops in the corner. Condron raked Kingston’s eye, but Kingston fired back and dumped him right on his head. The announcers noted that Kingston hadn’t gone for a pin yet. The Troll grabbed Kingston from the outside and Kingston dragged him into the ring and dumped him down to the mat. Condron hit a spinebuster, but Kingston kicked out at one. Kingston shoved Condron and he ran right into the ref. Condron tried to fake a low blow and the ref called for the bell after he recovered. The fans booed as Condron walked to the back with the Troll.

Condron told Kingston he was smarter than hi from the outside as he walked arrogantly to the back. The ref ran out of the ring as Kingston shook his head in the ring while holding a chair. The announcers said Kevin Condron now has one point towards title contention and Kingston is back to zero. The fans booed, but some fans taunted Kingston by chanting Zero. Kingston went after the ring announcer and tossed over a table.

The camera backstage caught up with Kingston, but he shoved it out of the way.

Winner: Kevin Condron via DQ – This was more of an angle than a full-fledged match. Kingston is out for revenge on Condron and he put a beating on him here, but Condron managed to outsmart him in the end, as the ref took the bait and DQ’d Kingston after Condron pretended that Kingston had kicked him low. It will be interesting to follow this feud as it progresses during 2015.

Hallowicked & Frightmare came out to face The Batiri wearing new black and red gear. Frightmare carried a red flag with strange lettering on it with him to the ring. The announcers noted the last time we saw Hallowicked and Frightmare, it was not a good day for UltraMantis Black. Black was in on commentary and he asked what this was all about. He said he doesn’t even recognize them right now. The Batiri came out next to a decent reaction. Hallowicked and Frightmare watched them get into the ring while kneeling next to their flag.

(7) The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare. Black said he brought the Eye of Tyr into CHIKARA, but it had changed and he didn’t know what it had done to Hallowicked and Frightmare. Hallowicked and Frightmare went right after the Batiri and sent them out of the ring during the early going. Kodama fired back on Frightmare and nailed him with a dropkick off the ropes and the fans applauded. Obariyon tagged in and they continued to work over Frightmare. Frightmare rolled out of the ring and Hallowicked legally entered. Obariyon took Hallowicked down with a hurricanrana. Hallowicked and Frightmare ended up on the outside and Kodama wiped them out with a big drive through the ropes. Obariyon set up for a dive, but they tossed Kodama into Obariyon as he came through the ropes. Hallowicked then began working over Obariyon in the ring. Obariyon took a sustained beating from Hallowicked and Frightmare, as they tagged in and out to work him over. Chikarason mentioned on commentary that he couldn’t find Frightmare and Hallowicked all day when he looked for them. The fans tried to rally behind Obariyon, who continued to take a beating. Obariyon made a tag, but Frightmare distracted the ref and he made Kodama get out of the ring. Obariyon finally caught Hallowicked with a big powerslam after sending Hallowicked to the outside. The fans fired up with both men down on the mat.

Kodama finally got the hot tag and ran wild on Hallowicked and Frightmare. He nailed Frightmare with a nice neck breaker. Hallowicked went after him and the fans chanted one in and one out, which was pretty funny. Kodama caught Hallowicked with a springboard ace crusher. The Batiri nailed Hallowicked with a combination of moves in the corner and Kodama made the cover for a 2 count. Hallowicked fired back and sent Kodama into Obariyon in the corner. The action broke down and the Batiri eventually hit a blockbuster/lung blower combination on Frightmare, but Hallowicked broke it up. The fans chanted one in and one out again. Hallowicked hit go to sleepy hallow on Kodama and hit a big sit out powerbomb on Obariyon for a near fall. The action continued at a rapid pace with both teams going back and forth. Hallowicked ended up kicking Obariyon right into a crucifix pin from Frightmare for the win.

Winners: Hallowicked & Frightmare

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a nice dose of fast-paced tag team action. Obariyon took a beating for most of the first half of the match and then things really picked up down the stretch after Kodama got the hot tag. The storyline development with Hallowicked & Frightmare showing a new side after being under the spell of the reassembled Eye of Tyr is going to be another big storyline to follow in 2015. They definitely did a good job of establishing their new identities in this match.

Chuck Taylor cut a promo backstage ahead of his shot at Grand Championship against Icarus. He said he started in 2006 in CHIKARA and had done everything. He noted he won King of Trios with Icarus. He said he knows something that he thinks Icarus knows as well. He said he had tapped out Bryan Danielson at King of Trios. He said he would show people what he knows. Taylor said he’s going to show that he’s going to show that he’s better than Icarus.

(8) CHIKARA Grand Champion Icarus vs. Chuck Taylor. Taylor put the boots to Icarus right away. The announcers mentioned that both men had been in F.I.S.T. for seven years together. Quackenbush mentioned that both men had been successful as heels. Icarus fired back and went to work on Taylor. Icarus eventually backdropped Taylor to the floor. Icarus set up for a springboard, but Taylor pulled him down and he went right into the apron. Taylor got the upper hand on the floor and tossed Icarus into the guardrail. He walked him up the entrance way and tossed Icarus into the barricade again. Taylor got several chairs and stacked them up on the floor. Both men went back and forth near the chairs until Icarus managed to suplex Taylor onto the chairs. Icarus hit a second suplex on the chairs. Taylor stumbled back into the ring. They ended up back on the floor and Taylor dropped Icarus face first over the apron before tossing him back into the ring. Taylor told a little boy to shut, which fired up the crowd and got a huge Chucky T chant. Taylor hit a double underhook suplex for a 2 count. He yelled at Icarus that he’s better than him before nailing him with a huge chop against the ropes. Taylor continued to talk trash and Icarus fired up and hit several chops before Taylor raked his eyes. Icarus sent Taylor to the floor and nailed him with a huge dive through the ropes and the fans fired up. Icarus yelled at Taylor and nailed him with a big chop on the floor. Icarus continued to work over Taylor inside the ring and put together several moves before hitting a German with a bridge for a 2 count. Taylor ended up catching Icarus with a belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbuckles and he got a 2 count.

Taylor went up top for a moonsault, but Icarus got out of the way. Taylor eventually nailed the ref with a running boot when Icarus got out of the way. Taylor seemed happy with the outcome and Icarus immediately nailed him with sliced bread for a visual pin. Taylor went into his ring jacket and got powder. Icarus tried to revive the ref, but turned around into a face full of powder from Taylor. Taylor went into boot and tossed powder into Taylor’s eyes. Icarus hit a big knee to Taylor’s head and covered him for a near fall. The fans fired up after Taylor kicked out. Taylor blocked another sliced bread attempt and hit an awful waffle on Icarus and he kicked out at the last second. The fans gasped at the near fall and Taylor sold shock. Taylor grabbed the CHIKARA Grand Championship, but the ref took it away from him. Icarus set up for a pedigree, but Taylor hit a low blow for another near fall. Taylor applied a single leg crab that submitted Bryan in this very building several years back. Icarus struggled, but ended up getting to the ropes. Taylor and the ref shoved each other. Icarus hit Taylor with the belt with the ref distracted and hit a pedrigree, but Taylor kicked out. Icarus applied the CHIKARA special and the fans booed as Taylor tapped out.

The fans booed Icarus after the match was over. The announcers mentioned that Icarus only played dirty because it was in response to Taylor. Icarus went to the floor and celebrated with several young children to end the show.

Winner: Icarus to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship

Star rating: (***3/4) – There were a lot of shenanigans in this match with both men taking shortcuts to get the upper hand. The fans were really into Taylor during the match and they turned up the intensity down the stretch going back and forth with dirty tactics. I liked the story this match told because it played into the history between both men being heels in the same unit, although the announcers did cover for Icarus using cheap tactics by saying he was doing it in response to Taylor.

Overall thoughts: (7.0) – This was a fun show overall, as several storylines picked up right where they left off at the season finale last year. CHIKARA has taken their production in house and the camera work took a bit of getting used to, but it appears that once the new crew get their feet under them things should be fine in that regard. There were a number of good matches on the show, but the main event between former F.I.S.T members Icarus and Taylor for the CHIKARA Grand Championship stood out from the other matches on the show.

The undercard started with a hot 10 Men Tag between The Wrecking Crew and The Throwbacks. They put together a fun match that set the Philadelphia crowd on fire at times, although they were not pleased with the outcome with the heels getting the victory. One of the things I really like about CHIKARA is how the fans go all out for most of the show supporting the faces and booing the heels, which makes for a good atmosphere for nearly all of the matches.

The bulk of the show was focused on storyline development for nearly all of the characters featured on the show. I really liked the video packages that aired throughout the show. Another nice addition was the opening video package running down the entire card with slick graphics. It was also a nice touch that at times throughout the show, a camera would catch the wrestlers coming backstage after their matches.

The BDK & Soldier Ant vs. The Colony Trios match was a solid entry in the middle of the card that was focused on Soldier Ant’s new demeanor since returning to the company late last year. Soldier Ant seemed to want nothing to do with his partners, as he shoved Hammermeier at times during the match and he also tossed Sanchez out of the ring to the floor several times after making a tag. The focus of Soldier Ant seems to be mostly on Fire Ant, as he aggressively went after him throughout the match while showing an ability to recover quickly from any damage he sustained. The finish of the match was interesting, as Fire Ant saluted Soldier Ant when he was about to finish him off. This seemed to get through to Soldier Ant, as he released his grip on Fire Ant’s neck, but Hammermeier ended up shoving him into Fire Ant before finishing him off for the win.

The two matches prior to the main event also moved a couple of interesting storylines forward. The Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Condron feud is interesting and it appears Condron is going to be a thorn in Kingston’s side in 2015. Condron outsmarted Kingston in their match by faking a low blow, which got Kingston DQ’d and cost him a future shot at the CHIKARA Grand Championship. This feud looks like it is going to build up to a big grudge match at some point in the near future.

Another interesting development that was focused on throughout the show was what had happened to Hallowicked and Frightmare since the season finale last year after Delirious used the reassembled the Eye of Tyr on them to take control over their minds. It was touched on during UltraMantis Black’s match early in the show and the announcers really got into discussing it during Hallowicked and Frightmare’s match against The Batiri later in the show. I really enjoyed their new look and the match did a good job of establishing their new characters, especially with Black on commentary during the match saying he doesn’t know who they are anymore, but he still holds out hope for them to be saved in the future.

The main event was a lot of fun between Icarus and Taylor for the CHIKARA Grand Championship. Taylor cut a good promo prior to the match to set the stage for both men pulling out all stops to get the win in the match. I liked how both men ended up resorted to cheap tactics given their history together in F.I.S.T. as heels. The action was really good down the stretch and Icarus managed to have one more trick up his sleeve than Taylor and managed to get the win.

Overall, this was a good show from CHIKARA with a lot of interesting storyline developments. I always enjoy watching CHIKARA because following the storylines and all of the intricate details almost always pays off if you make the investment in watching each release that seems to provide a piece of an ongoing storyline in a brick by brick manner. Thumbs up.

You can purchase CHIKARA’s “A New Start” on VOD/MP4 for one price by clicking HERE or by visiting The show is also available on DVD/Blu-ray at For more information on CHIKARA, visit


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Also, new exclusive top-shelf content every day including a new VIP-exclusive weekly 16 page digital magazine-style (PC and iPad compatible) PDF newsletter packed with exclusive articles and news.

The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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