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RADICAN'S SHIMMER 71 IPPV REPORT 3/28: One-night-only ChickFight Tournament at WWNLive Weekend, plus SHIMMER Title match

Mar 28, 2015 - 4:58:30 PM


MARCH 28, 2015

The show began with Heather Lynn running down the tournament format.

(1) Portia Perez vs. Evie - ChickFight Tournament First Round match. Dave Prazak and Veda Scott are in on commentary. They said SHIMMER was bringing the ChickFight Tournament back to determine a new #1 Contender to the SHIMMER Championship. There are six first round matches, three second round matches, and a three-way final. Evie caught Perez in several pinning combinations early and had the upper hand, but Perez fired back and worked her over on the outside. Perez continued to work over Evie inside the ring. Evie went for her big running kick in the corner a second time after mounting a comeback, but missed it once again as she did earlier in the match.

Perez continued to work over Evie and the fans tried to rally behind her. Evie went for another big running kick and connected this time and both women were down. The fans applauded with both women struggling to get to their feet. Evie got the upper hand and nailed Perez with a big running kick. Nicole Matthews ran down to the ring and Prazak was outraged! Perez accidentally hit Matthews when she was going for Evie. Evie lifted Perez up and hit her version of the GTS for the win.


Star rating: (**1/2) – This was a solid opening match. Perez and Matthew’s plan to work together in the tournament was quickly foiled in the first round.

(2) Nicole Savoy vs. Candice LeRae - ChickFight Tournament First Round match. LeRae caught Savoy with a rolling kick to the head during the early going for a two count. Savoy quickly fired back with a power slam and put the boots to LeRae in the corner. LeRae fired back and nailed Savoy with a running dropkick that sent her into the corner. The fans fired up, but Savoy took LeRae down with a knee to the stomach. The winner of this match will take on Evie in the next round.

LeRae sent Savoy to the floor and nailed her with a diving tornado DDT through the ropes and the fans went nuts. LeRae tied up Savoy in an octopus submission before switching to a crossface. Savoy lifted LeRae up and hit a TKO for a two count and the fans applauded. LeRae walked the ropes and hit a swinging DDT for a two count. LeRae went for a sunset bomb up top, but Savoy held onto the ropes. LeRae kicked her legs out from under her and hit a lung blower, but only got a two count. LeRae hit a crotch-plex on Savoy and then nailed her with several forearms. She went for a springboard, but Savoy caught her and hit a German. Savoy then hit a tiger suplex on LeRae to get the win.

The announcers painted this as an upset. LeRae was bleeding from the nose after the match.

WINNER: Nicole Savoy

Star rating: (**3/4) – This was a good match with LeRae dazzling with some high-flying moves. They seemed to be off on a couple of moves down the stretch, but overall this was solid.

Nikki Storm came out and got on the mic. She said she had been having a fantastic time in the USA. She spoke in the third person and said she had become the sexiest woman in Cleveland amongst other achievements. She said she’s Scotland’s official national treasure. Her speech got a mixed reaction.

(3) Nikki Storm vs. Cherry Bomb - ChickFight Tournament First Round match. They did some comedy early with both women going for the same moves. They both ended up stepping on each other’s feet at one point. Cherry got the upper hand and put the boots to Storm in the corner. The fans tried to rally behind Storm with Cherry in control. The announcers got a kick out of Storm getting cheered with Cherry in control. Cherry hit some big chops to Storm’s chest. Storm fired back and hit a cross-body. She got a rollup a short time later for a two count. Storm countered Cherry and hit a fisherman’s neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Nikki Storm

Star rating: (**) – They did some good comedy here and Cherry dominated the bulk off the match before Storm mounted a comeback and won. It was funny that Cherry was so obnoxious here with her screaming and yelling that she turned Storm into the face.

(4) Kimber Lee vs. Kay Lee Ray - ChickFight Tournament First Round match. Lee kept slamming Ray to the mat by the hair while working over her arm. The fans tried to rally behind Lee and she managed to send her to the floor. Ray set up for a dive, but Lee got out of the way. Lee followed her to the outside and surprised her with a dropkick. Lee caught Ray going for a springboard and hit a backbreaker. Lee hit a long standing vertical suplex on Ray and the fans applauded, but she only got a two count. Ray fired back and hit a big running forearm in the corner. She went for a float over in the corner, but Lee tripped her to the mat.

The action spilled to the floor in the ring and Lee tossed Ray back into the ring. They went to a fast exchange and Ray caught Lee with a springboard kick off the ropes, but Lee fired right back with a running kick to the face a short time later for a two count. They went back and forth and Ray caught Lee with a Gory special for a nearfall. Ray went up top as the fans applauded. They ended up going at it up top. Lee hit a superplex for a two count. Lee went up top and hit a swanton, but Ray turned it into a crucifix pin for the win.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray

Star rating; (**3/4) – They didn’t get a lot of time, but this was really good while it lasted. They had some good fast-paced exchanges and the counter sequences were good as well.

(5) Athena vs. Mia Yim - ChickFight Tournament First Round match. The fans chanted "You’re both awesome" before the match began. Prazak mentioned that both women have had previous matches for the Shimmer Championship. Athena rolled up Yim for a two count during the early going. The action was hot and heavy during the early going. Yim hung herself in the ropes, but Athena drop kicked her to the floor and nailed her with a dive through the ropes. Athena hit another dive through the ropes and the fans fired up. Athena finished the Lethal special with a third dive through the ropes to wipe out Yim again. Yim fired back and nailed Athena with a huge running kick from the apron to the floor. Yim nailed Athena with three big kicks to the chest for a two count.

Athena fired back and both women exchanged slaps. Yim hit a huge backfist, but Athena kicked out at the last second. Athena got up and hit a sick head scissors takedown from her back. She hit a fisherman suplex a short time later for a two count. Athena locked in a nasty looking trailer hitch/face lock combination. The fans fired up as Yim tried to fight out of it. Athena nailed Yim with a big kick to the side of the head. Both men began trading big forearms. The pace of the exchanged increased and the fans really fired up with both men exchanging big forearms. Yim hit a headbutt and both women went down as the fans applauded. Both women exchanged headbutts. They then exchanged big kicks to the head. Athena hit a leg capture suplex on Yi and covered her for a two count. Athena went for a senton off the second turnbuckle, but Yim got out of the way. Yim went for a dead-lift German. Athena blocked it, but Yim held on and hit a German for a two count.

Yim went up top, but Athena tossed her down to the mat. Athena then climbed up top and hit the o face off the top, but Yim got her foot on the bottom rope at the last second and the fans applauded. Athena dragged Yim to the middle and covered her again for a two count. The announcers said Athena would have to hit the o face off the top. Athena climbed up the ropes, but Yim nailed her with a pair of kicks to the head. Yim tried to lift her out of the corner, but dropped her. She then nailed Athena with a package piledriver. Yim went up top and hit a 450 for the win. Holy crap!

WINNER: Mia Yim.

Star rating: (***3/4) – This was an excellent match. Both women had some incredible exchanges with big moves and striking dominated the match. The fans were way into this match and they built to a really good finish.

(6) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jessicka Havoc - ChickFight Tournament First Round match. This is a first-time-ever match. Both women shook hands and went face-to-face before going at it. Melissa hit a neck breaker during the early going. Havoc fired back and hit a suplex for a two count. Melissa rolled to the floor to catch her breath. Melissa fired back and nailed Havoc with several axe kicks to the back. Melissa began working over Havoc’s knee. She then targeted Havoc’s back with another axe kick. Melissa then followed up with a curb stomp for a two count. Melissa hit two more curb stomps on Havoc. Havoc finally fired back and hit a running forearm for a two count. They went back and forth and Melissa eventually hit a missile dropkick. Havoc got right up and charged at Melissa, but she tripped her and got a rollup with her feet on the ropes for the win.

Prazak was outraged with how Melissa won the match and said she should prove she’s the ace of ChickFight. Havoc screamed and said she would get Melissa in two weeks at SHIMMER.

WINNER: Cheerleader Melissa

Star rating: (**) – The beginnings of a good match were here, but it looks like they’re building towards something in the future between Havoc and Melissa.

(7) Nicole Savoy vs. Evie - ChickFight Tournament Second Round match. Savoy nailed Evie when she went for a leap frog and grabbed an ankle lock, but she got the ropes. Evie fired back and tripped Savoy into the turnbuckles. Perez came into the commentary booth and wouldn’t divulge whether or not she was going to let Matthews beat her with a finger poke if she had won the tournament. The fans fired up with Savoy back in control. Savoy hit some big kicks in the corner and bowed to the crowd before choking Evie with her boot in the corner. Savory caught Evie with an arm bar and turned it into a crossface. Evie rolled out and nailed Savoy with a big kick to the chest. Savoy caught a running kick from Evie and applied an anklelock.

Evie managed to punch her way out of the hold and the fans applauded. Evie fired back and caught Savoy with a missile dropkick and both women were down on the mat. Evie caught Savoy with a back breaker as she came off the ropes for a two count a short time later. Evie went for a running boot in the corner and connected. She went for a second running boot in the corner, but Savoy caught her leg and hit a cradle suplex for a two count and the fans applauded. Savoy hit a huge German with a bridge for a near fall. Savoy yelled at the ref. The fans tried to rally behind Evie. Savoy put Evie on the top rope. Both women went at it up top. Savoy ended up hung upside down in the corner and Evie nailed her with a double stomp. She then made the cover for the win. Wow!


Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a really good match and Savoy showed she is someone worth keeping an eye on her. Her striking and submission offense is fantastic. Evie had to fight from behind the whole match and ended up winning in spectacular fashion with a top-rope double stomp.

Nikki Storm came out and put down Ray saying she is from a horrible part of Glasgow, but she is from the palaces. She continued to put down Ray. She then said she’s the sexy monkey of wrestling and will be the next Shimmer Champion, which got a mixed reaction.

(8) Nikki Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray - ChickFight Tournament Second Round match. Both women went for the finish quickly, but neither was successful. The pace picked up and Storm got a nearfall with a roll-up. Storm yelled at Ray. Ray sent Storm to the outside and set up for a dive, but Storm ran back into the ring and wiped her out with a clothesline. Ray got a quick inside cradle for two count, but Storm went right back on the attack. Ray fired back and locked in a stretch on Storm from her back with her legs tied up as well. Storm escaped, but Ray continued to dominate the action. Ray went up top and the fans fired up, but Storm popped up and crotched her on the ropes. Ray spilled to the floor. Storm tossed Ray back into the ring and made the cover, but only got a one count.

Storm showed some frustration and tried to calm herself down. Ray fired back and hit a springboard kick to the face and both women were down. Ray fired up and hit a series of moves on Storm capped by a pop-up ace crusher for a two count. The fans fired up and Storm managed to hit a nec breaker for a two count. Ray went for the Gory bomb once again and connected. Ray went up top and hit a swanton bomb for the win.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray.

Star rating: (***) – This was a very entertaining match with Storm’s antics. The fans were into the match, which was pretty much even going back and forth. Ray ended up getting the win with her finishing combination.

(9) Mia Yim vs. Cheerleader Melissa - ChickFight Tournament Second Round match. Both women shook hands before the match began. Melissa got the upper hand and stretched Yim on the mat. Yim fired back and caught Melissa with a pair of dropkicks. Yim hit a head scissors that sent Melissa to the floor and went for a dive, but Melissa cut her off as she came through the ropes. Melissa went to work on Yim’s leg inside the ring. Melissa continued to target Yim’s leg and then worked her over with another stretch. Yim tried to get up, but Melissa dragged her down to the mat by the hair. Melissa then choked Yim in the corner. Yim avoided a charge in the corner and locked in the tarantula, but had to break it due to the ref’s count. Yim fired up and hit a flurry of offense on Melissa. Melissa dragged the ref in the way when Yim was charging into the corner and Yim wiped him out. Havoc ran down to the ring and went after Melissa. The ref then called for the bell.

Yim held the Havoc back and Melissa rolled to the outside. Yim told Havoc she had cost her a chance at the finals. Havoc told Yim she just wanted her hands on Melissa and wanted no hard feelings.

WINNER: Cheerleader Melissa. This was a way to establish Melissa’s easy path to the finals.

The finals will be Evie vs. Kay Lee Ray vs. Cheerleader Melissa.

(10) SHIMMER champion Nicole Matthews vs. Tomoka Nakagawa. Prazak mentioned Nakagawa is on her retirement tour and only had two more weeks left in her SHIMMER career. Scott was back in on commentary. Nakagawa got a ton of streamers during the formal introductions. Matthews stalled and bailed to the floor, but eventually managed to get back into the ring. Nakagawa tied her up after a counter and locked her in an arm cross submission, but Matthews got her foot on the ropes and went to the floor once again. Matthews took a big dropkick from Nakagawa. They went to the floor a short time later with Matthews in control. Matthews tossed Nakagawa hard into the guardrail. Matthews tossed Nakagawa into another section of the guardrail before driving her into the apron. Matthews tossed Nakagawa back into the ring and continued to work her over. Matthews continued to work a chin lock in the ring. Nakagawa tried to fire back, but Matthews dragged her down by her hair. Matthews told the ref she didn’t care if he DQ’d her.

The fans booed as Matthews worked another chin lock. Matthews jawed with the fans before going back after Nakagawa. Nakagawa tried to mount a comeback, but Matthews nailed her with a big forearm. Nakagawa caught Matthews with a kick as she came off the ropes. Both women were down, but Nakagawa went on the attack and sent Matthews to the floor with a cartwheel into a kick from the face. Matthews dragged Nakagawa to the floor and trapped her in the ring apron before nailing her with a big kick. She then covered Nakagawa with the apron and nailed her with several forearms. Perez said Nakagawa had trapped herself on her own. They went at it on the apron and Nakagawa hit a suplex on the apron.

Matthews fired back a short time later and hit a knee strike in the corner, but Nakagawa avoided a kick to the head and hit an enzuguri and the fans applauded. Matthews fired up and hit a German and both women were down. Both women got up and traded blows in the middle of the ring. Nakagawa hit a fisherman suplex with a bridge for a two count. The fans chanted for Nakagawa, but Matthews ducked an enzuguri and hit a neck breaker. She then hit a brainbuster for a two count. Perez came down to the ring with a chair and the ref tried to hold her off. Nakagawa ducked a belt shot and had a visual pin, but the ref didn’t get there in time. Nakagawa hit a step-up enzuguri and got another visual pin, but the ref was distracted. Matthews nailed Nakagawa with a chair shot to the back and hit the Vancouver maneuver for the win.

Winner: Nicole Matthews to retain the SHIMMER Championship

Star rating: (***1/4) – Once again there were shenanigans from Matthews and Perez that paid off. Nakagawa had the crowd behind her in this one and the match was solid with Matthews doing a good job in her heel role. Nakagawa got several visual pins before Matthews got the win.

Lenny Leonard announced that WWNLive would be right across the street from WWE Axxess next year during WrestleMania Weekend in Dallas, Texas. He said he hoped to see everyone in Dallas next year.

(11) Kay Lee Ray vs. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Evie - Three-Way Elimination ChickFight Tournament Finals. Ray and Evie tried to work together against Melissa, but she nailed them with a double suplex. Havoc’s music kept playing. Havoc ended up coming out and Evie attacked her from behind and nailed her with a big running kick in the corner. Ray then nailed her with a swanton. Both women covered her for the first elimination.

It’s down to Evie vs. Ray. Both women went at it on the outside and Ray hit a springboard elbow off the barricade. Evie fired back with a kick to the face on the outside and tossed Ray back into the ring. Ray got right up and hit a dive through the ropes to wipe out Evie. The fans chanted for Ray. Ray eventually tossed Evie into the ring and covered her for a two count. The fans fired up with Ray in control. Both women went back and forth and hit kicks to the head at the same time. The fans fired up with both women down on the mat. Evie went for a big running kick in the corner, but Ray got out of the way. Evie hit a dropkick and then connected with a running boot in the corner for a two count.

Ray fired back and hit the Gory bomb, but Evie kicked out at two. Ray went up top, but Evie cut her off. Evie elevated Ray off the top and hit TTYL, but Ray rolled under the ropes and prevented Evie from dragging her back into the ring. Ray fired back and hit a springboard missile dropkick. She went up top and connected with the swanton for the win.

WINNER: Kay Lee Ray to win the 2015 ChickFight Tournament and a future shot at the SHIMMER Championship

Ray sold emotion in the ring after Evie left. She then celebrated near the entrance way and signaled that she wanted the SHIMMER Title.

Star rating: (***1/4) – This was a good final to the tournament. Melissa and Havoc are clearly being set up for a big feud and Ray and Evie worked to eliminate her during the early going. I was impressed by Ray and Evie during this match. They had some good back and forth action before Ray ended up getting the win with a swanton. I really enjoyed watching both women during the tournament.

Quick overall thoughts: (7.0) – This was an enjoyable tournament. There were a number of screwy finishes throughout the show to the point that it became a bit much towards the end of the show, but overall there were a number of good matches on this show and the crowd was really good supporting the action.

The first round matches were quick, but solid for the most part. Yim vs. Athena stole the show with a fantastic first round match that got more time and tore the house down. They had some great exchanges and set the crowd on fire down the stretch before Yim won with a 450.

The show did a good job of building towards the next set of SHIMMER events in April. Havoc vs. Melissa is set up to be a hot feud. Nakagawa had a good showing against Matthews with the SHIMMER Championship on the line and the fans were behind her all the way before she eventually lost due to Perez’s outside interference.

The last hook for the upcoming SHIMMER tapings looks to be Ray vs. Matthews if she defends the belt successfully against Lovelace at the tapings. I was impressed with Ray in this tournament and she looks like she will be a fresh babyface to match up against the heel Matthews for the SHIMMER Championship if that’s the way things shake out.

If you like watching tournaments, this show is definitely worth checking out. There were a number of good matches and the fans kept things rocking throughout the show.


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