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BAX'S TNA IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 6/30: Ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of Impact with 'Limited Commercial Interruption'

Jun 30, 2011 - 10:30:37 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling TV Report
June 30, 2011
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Report by Matt Baxendell, PWTorch specialist

Where we've been: Last week's episode featured a continuation of the Bound For Glory Series. The highlight of the show (and the highest rated segment) was a tag match between Beer Money and Crimson & Matt Morgan, where Morgan earned the victory to take sole possession of first place in the series.

Other notable events included a confirmation that Jeff Jarrett is off to Mexico, another strong X Division Match and the continuation of Sting's Joker character going out of control. Will Mr. Anderson take Immortal's bait this week and join them in the fight against Sting?


-The show began with a long montage of Joker Sting painting Hulk Hogan's face two weeks ago and brutalizing Eric Bischoff and Abyss last week, culminating in beating Abyss with the barbed wire glove to end the show.

-Starting off, Scott Steiner was with Hogan and Steiner said he was ready to kick some ass tonight. He has apparently joined Immortal. Steiner walked off and Hogan heard Sting's voice.

Hulk walked over to a big TV screen which had Sting with his head turned away from Hogan. He called him Terry and asked him if he was nervous. Sting turned around and his Joker face paint looked downright creepy as he laughed uncontrollably.

Hulk's music hit and out came the Hulkster to the Impact Wrestling Zone as the announcers put over Sting's newfound craziness. Hogan climbed in the ring and grabbed the mic.

Hogan asked how someone who used to be so great could turn into such a coward. He told Sting that he was going to take care of him in his own time, but there was someone else who had two weeks until his time came. Hogan told Mr. Anderson that if he didn't come out to the ring, Hulk would come get him.

Anderson didn't wait long before he made his way down to the ring with the title belt as Tenay reminded viewers of Immortal's repeated attempts to recruit him.

Hogan told Anderson that he would keep it short: He needs Hogan as bad as Hogan needs Anderson. Hulk told him that in a few weeks when he fights Sting, he could have the Immortal Army behind him. Or he could go out and face a certified lunatic by himself. Hogan said that if he chose door number two, not only would he lose to Sting but Immortal would humble him.

Anderson told Hogan to try to slap the cockiness out of him. Ken said that he didn't need Immortal to be successful as he patted the World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. Anderson asked what would be different in two weeks?

Hogan reminded him that Bischoff came out to ringside at Slammiversary and helped Anderson win the title. Hulk said that Anderson should be in business with them and he owes them for it.

Anderson didn't like that. He said that an asshole takes a victory any way he can get it and he'll take it in two weeks......

But then they were interrupted by video footage on the Big Screen. Sting was beating the hell out of Immortal with his baseball bat. Abyss and Bully Ray were down. Sting said that the only thing for sure about Sting was, ah never mind.

With that, the lights went down in the Impact Zone and Sting's music played. When they came back up, Sting was behind Hogan with the bat and hit Hulk in the knee and leveled him. Anderson left the ring quickly.

Sting mocked him before telling him that their Impact meeting on July 14 was going to be the Mid-Summer Nightmare before taking Hogan down with the bat again. Sting told Hogan that he was once a Hogan 'mark.' Sting told Hogan that he wanted the real Hulk Hogan to stand up again.

Sting told Hulk that he was clearly still training with his 21 inch pythons. He then grabbed a big bottle of pills as he sat down in the corner with Hogan and started stuffing them into Hulk's mouth and poured a bottle of water on his head. Hogan was complaining that Sting had broken his ribs.

Sting then dragged Hogan out of the corner and put him in the Scorpion Death Lock but didn't sit down on him. Sting told Hogan that all he needed to do now was sit down but then Hulk would never be able to stand up again.

[Q2] At that, Immortal's music hit and down came the guys who Sting beat up backstage. Bully Ray told him to get off of Hogan and told Sting he was a wannabe who he was sick and tired of seeing mock Hogan. Ray said that if there was one thing that he didn't like was a bully like Sting. Hilarious. Ray said that their paths had never crossed and that was going to change tonight.

Bully Ray said that tonight it would be Sting against.....Scott Steiner. Hilarious again with the switcheroo that surprised Steiner. Hogan then told Sting that he would never embarrass him like that again and he would wipe the smile off of his face by the end of the night.

BAX REAX: It was a strange start to the show. TNA is really trying to get over crazy Joker Sting as not only a threat to retake the World Championship but injure everyone in Immortal. I guess it was allowed to run so long since there are very few commercials tonight, but this was too long put towards Hogan-Sting down the line, especially when it seemed to relegate the Championship Match in two weeks to the backburner.

-Taz and Tenay pumped up the 'Limited Commercial Interruption' before updating the Bound For Glory series. Last Thursday, James Storm and Crimson both earned seven points. On Friday, Crimson earned a submission victory while Gunner beat Devon via pinfall. Saturday saw James Storm with a pinfall win, as well as A.J. Styles defeating Gunner.

This was very nicely done as each show's location was listed and each wrestler had a quick few words to say following their matches. The Bound For Glory Series makes attending House Shows actually mean something beyond just getting to see your favorite wrestlers in action.

The standings were shown and Crimson was alone in first place with 17 points. Gunner, Matt Morgan, A.J. Styles and James Storm were all tied for second with 14 points.

Afterwards, two BFG Series matches were announced for tonight: Styles-Gunner and Samoa Joe-Devon.

Up next is the first Bound For Glory Series match between Devon and Samoa Joe. Devon was out first as the announcers put over the importance of matches in the Series that will eventually lead to a final four at No Surrender. [c]

-Back from break, out came Samoa Joe. Two weeks ago, the Samoa Joe-RVD match kicked off the BFG Series and highlights were shown of them in action.

1- SAMOA JOE vs. DEVON - Bound For Glory Series Match

The crowd started cheering for Devon at the bell, but Joe quickly put him into a rear naked choke. Devon squirmed his way to the rope to break the hold as the announcers put over Joe's submission skills.

Joe drove Devon into the corner and hit a big kick on him to fell him. Joe dragged him to the middle and slapped his back before nailing a big knee to Devon's kidneys. This led to Devon crawling into the other corner and Joe gave him a three facewashes with his boot.

But as Joe went for the running boot, Devon exploded out of the corner for a spear to change momentum. Devon then hit a running elbow and a standing headbutt that led to a clothesline and a two count at the 3:00 mark.

Joe climbed to his feet in the corner and got a boot up on a charging Devon. Samoa Joe then climbed to the second rope and hit a huge leg Lariat. He went for a two count but then switched to a lower body submission that Devon squirmed out of.

Joe quickly turned around and hit an atomic drop and put Devon into a Keylock submission. Devon continued to squirm out and got a rope break.

Samoa Joe continued to dominate and hit a snap slam. This led to a cross arm breaker submission that Devon escaped from at the 5:00 mark. Joe then drove Devon into the corner and went for the Muscle Buster, but he was pushed off.

[Q3] Devon went for a big elbow off of the top rope but Joe hit him in the face with a big kick. Joe then went for the rear naked choke again but Devon continued to show his ability to escape and fought out with a shoulder toss.

This led to Devon hitting what looked like a running choke slam on Joe for a three count that saw Joe kick out almost immediately after the ref's hand hit the mat.

WINNER: DEVON in 6:00 to win 7 Bound For Glory Series Points

After the match, the announcers discussed how Joe had to have been feeling the pressure with zero points in the standings, hence his submission attempts. Joe sold frustration at ringside afterwards.

-Backstage, Pope was shown celebrating with Devon's kids about their dad's win in the match. They were going to go celebrate with Devon.

-The Immortal locker room was shown next, where Steiner was angry at Bully Ray for throwing him into a match. Steiner talked about their history but Ray told him that it shouldn't be a concern for a guy like him. Ray then gave Steiner his chain before he stalked off.

-Samoa Joe was shown coming down the backstage area as Kazarian told him that he was a lot better than doing the losing that he had been doing. Kaz said that if Joe wasn't so busy beating up on people, maybe he would win some matches.

The security guards held them apart as they talked trash at each other. Joe told Kaz that they should do it in the street tonight.

BAX REAX: The story told by Samoa Joe's repeated submission attempts was a very good one and the immediate segue into a fight with Kaz (who Joe sneak attacked last week) is intriguing. While giving Devon the victory instead of someone like Storm or Roode seems strange, it also was followed up quickly by the reminder of his ongoing issues with The Pope. Overall, this was nicely told and the match was a good TV showing.

-Back to the Impact Zone, where Taz & Tenay recapped the successful return of Austin Aries two weeks ago and the victory by Zima Ion last week. Both men are entered into the match at Destination X that will award a TNA contract to the winner. The announcers then talked up tonight's X Division series match, which will feature....

Low Ki (who wrestled in the first ever X Division Match), Matt Bentley (who won the first Ultimate X Match), and Jimmy "The King" Yang. Low Ki said that he returned because wrestling still matters here. Highlights were shown of Low Ki wrestling throughout.

Bentley was out first to the ring before Yang came out to the old school Flying Elvis music and ring gear. Highlights of Yang in TNA's first ever match were shown. Low Ki was out last and highlights were shown of him defeating A.J. Styles for his first X Division Championship.

2 - LOW KI vs. MATT BENTLEY vs. JIMMY "The King" YANG - X Division Contract Series

A very fast paced start where Low Ki hit an incredible high kick off of the top rope into Yang, which drew a big "Low-Ki" chant from the crowd. Low Kit then hit a handspring cross body splash onto Bentley that knocked Bentley out of the ring.

But Wang came right in and kicked Low Ki hard. He threw him into the corner and hit a really innovative high kick where he twisted over the top rope while making contact with Low Ki's chin. This led directly to Wang hitting a cross body splash off of the top rope for a two count.

Bentley came back into the ring at this point and threw Wang over the top rope. Wang tried to skin the cat but Bentley whipped Low Ki into him as Wang was halfway back up, creating an upside down spear effect that had the crowd oohing and aahing.

Bentley went with a bunch of submissions on Low Ki, who eventually fought out of a chinlock but was subsequently clotheslined out of the ring. Bentley followed Low Ki out but was hit with a really stiff kick.

But then out of nowhere, Wang hit a huge flying splash onto Low Ki at ringside at 2:45. Just enormous elevation by Wang. He threw Low Ki back into the ring and they went back and forth before Low Ki started hitting some vicious stiff kicks on Yang before hitting a double foot stomp on Yang.

Low Ki then hit another big springboard move on Bentley, this time a flying kick. But this was only good for a two count and Yang manged to hit some kicks to break Low Ki's momentum.

Bentley then came out of the corner and got the better of Wang and lined up for a DDT on Wang. Low Ki charged him but Bentley grabbed him and hit a simultaneous cutter and DDT to fell both men. Bentley then hit a superkick on Low Ki for a near fall.

Bentley then went high risk on Wang but got caught with a knee to the gut. Wang dragged him over to the corner and went for a corkscrew moonsault and missed.

[Q4]This opened up the opportunity for Low Ki, who climbed up onto the far turnbuckle and hit a double foot stomp --- The Warrior's Way --- on Yang. Low Ki covered him and Bentley couldn't make it back in time to break up the pin.

WINNER: LOW KI in 6:45 to earn a spot at Destination X

Now there are Austin Aries, Zima Ion, and Low Ki in the four-way match at Destination X.

BAX REAX: Low Ki and Wang were both excellent in this match, which ran at about a hundred miles per hour the entire length. Another great feature for the X Division and the fact that Low Ki is more hard-hitting than high flying should help the perception that the X Division is only about high-risk moves.

-A long montage was shown putting over the all X-Division PPV where Alex Shelley, Kurt Angle, A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe and Mike Tenay talked up the difficulty of Ultimate X and the high risk style that will dominate the show.

Tenay said that Ultimate X was the most dangerous match in all of pro wrestling. The montage ended with Tenay saying that the X Division was what really put TNA on the map.

-The announcers ran down matches still to come. Sting-Steiner and a Six Knockouts Tag Match. No mention of A.J. Styles and Gunner in the BFG Series Match.

-Back in the Knockout Locker Room, Madison threw a fit about missing lip gloss before Winter and Angelina Love came in and Madison stormed off. Winter then announced that she would take Mickie James' Knockouts title at Hardcore Justice and Angelina would be at her side.

Apparently, the Zombie Lesbian angle is over as Love said their relationship wasn't synthetic --- Winter appreciates her and that's all she wants. [c]

-Back from break, another "Fan Cell Phone" video from the bar where Joe beat up Crimson were shown. Joe smashed Kaz in the head with a beer bottle before beating him badly.

-Hogan was stalking around backstage, taping up his first. Hulk said Sting has embarrassed him for the last time and he was going to show Sting what it is like to get hurt badly in his world and it would be no laughing matter.

-In the Impact Zone, the Knockouts are up. Out first were Winter and Angelina, who were quickly joined by Madison, who is still doing the Queen Bee routine.

[Q5]Their opponents were Miss Tessmacher, Tara and Mickie James.

3 - WINTER & ANGELINA LOVE & MADISON RAYNE vs. Knockouts champion MICKIE JAMES & TARA & MISS TESSMACHER--- Elimination Match

Mickie James and Winter started things off and Mickie took control early with a Thesz press and mount. Micke pulled Winter's belt off and tried to hit her with it but the ref took it away.

But this gave Angelina the chance to run in and hit a jawbreaker on Mickie and toss her out of the ring. Tessmacher charged in and then Tenay casually mentioned that this was going to be an elimination match. That would have been nice to know before the match, wouldn't it.

Anyways, back in the ring, Tessmacher was giving Winter the Stink Face. Much nicer than when Rikishi did it back in the day. Not very effective as Winter quickly hit a Northern Lights Suplex and pinned Tessmacher.


Tara ran into the ring but was quickly knocked out by Madison Rayne. Winter then put Tara on her shoulders before Angelina hit the Botox Injection and Winter went for the pin. However, Madison stole the pin by throwing Winter out of the ring.


This obviously wasn't popular with Winter and Angelina, who angrily stared Madison down. Madison turned around and took a Superkick from Mickie James and Winter told Mickie to cover her. Mickie didn't take her eyes off of Winter & Love as she eliminated Rayne.


Mickie then speared Winter but the numbers advantage quickly took over. With Mickie down and beaten, Winter put her on her shoulders and Angelina went for another Botox Injection. But Mickie squirmed out right into a pin and it was a near two count that Angelina broke up.

Angelina then hit a backstabber on Mickie and James was down. As Angelina wanted the pin, Winter told her no because it was her turn. They debated it for too long, as Mickie made a comeback and hit a hurrancanranna on Winter before hitting a cutter on Angelina for the three count.


Winter then tried to attack Mickie but James turned the tables and hit the Tornado DDT for the pinfall on Winter.


BAX REAX: I had no idea what rules this match took place under. We didn't know it was an elimination match until after the match started, the referee never tried to prevent multiple Knockouts from being in the ring and it didn't seem to matter who the legal woman was in making pinfalls. While there was some decent action, this didn't click for me.

-Backstage to Gunner, who said that he defeated A.J. Styles in Buffalo, N..Y two weeks ago. But then A.J. turned the tables on him in Troy, Ohio this past weekend. Gunner said that tonight he was going to prove that he was the better man because he was ready to prove he could be a World Champion and a Main Eventer. Gunner said that he was a man who wanted it all. [c]

-Abyss and his attempts to destroy the X Division were shown in a montage before Jeremy Borash was shown in the ring, which was covered with red felt. Borash said that the Main Event would be between two of the greatest X Division stars.

Three-time X Division Champion Daniels was out first for the contract signing. Taz said that he didn't like Daniels going after his best friend while Tenay said that the X Division was all about proving who was the best.

Six-time X Division Champion A.J. Styles was out next as Tenay put over this match as the definition of the X Division's spirit of competition.

Daniels grabbed a microphone as J.B. informed viewers that both wrestlers had seen the terms of the deal and it was time to sign. A.J. grabbed a pen to sign before taking the mic and asking Daniels if he was absolutely sure.

Daniels's response was to go sign the contract. He said he's never been more sure about anything in his life. Daniels said that it isn't personal and A.J. knows it. Styles said that worried him but Daniels said it was about the X Division, which they had built up over the last nine years.

[Q6] The Fallen Angel said that there was no better way to headline the X Division showcase then Daniels-Styles. He said that after the match, the first thing he would do is shake the hand of his best friend. Styles then signed and they hugged.

Suddenly, Jerry Lynn came down the ramp and made his way into the ring. Lynn said that he had something to get off of his chest because he's sick of hearing about who built the X Division. Lynn said it was a group effort and that the X Division was about giving the fans something special. It was about the wrestling.

At that, Rob Van Dam's music hit and out came RVD. He was wiping crocodile tears from his eyes on the way to the ring. Van Dam said that they looked like they were out there trying to sell Destination X by claiming credit for this style of wrestling, but he was the only guy who had enough clout to change a style.

Van Dam said that he was X Division before there was an X Division and this all seemed like one big effort to try to be like RVD. Jerry Lynn took umbrage with it, saying he stood toe to toe with Van Dam the entire time.

Daniels said that they might not have invented the X Division but they damn sure perfected it. Daniels said that if Lynn-RVD was a second headliner match then it might be the best PPV of all time. Daniels said that with all of the talent in the ring, it was a shame that all four of them didn't get together for a match.

Daniels then said why not give the fans a four corners match next week between Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, A.J. Styles, and Rob Van Dam. Styles polled the audience and they cheered loudly, so the match was set for next week.

Van Dam shook hand with all three men and pulled Lynn close to look eye to eye with him. After handshakes all around, Taz and Tenay started making their picks in the four way mach next week. Taz picked Rob Van Dam while Tenay picked A.J.

As Styles was leaving ringside, Gunner attacked him by throwing him into the ring barrier. Gunner then rolled A.J. into the ring before A.J. threw him out to ringside. Styles got Earl Hebner to ring the bell and it looks like they're going to wrestle with the red felt down.

4 - A.J. STYLES vs. GUNNER --- Bound For Glory Series Match

Styles went after Gunner at ringside, who climbed back into the ring to meet a vicious kick from Styles. The red mat is like watching a Boise State college football game --- the surface just doesn't look right.

Styles was in big control early, hitting a big flying fist in the corner and hitting numerous stiff kicks. Styles followed that up with a backdrop suplex on the significantly bigger Gunner.

But, Gunner fought back with a high running knee and took control. Gunner went for a powerbomb but A.J. fought out and hit the Pele Kick. Gunner tried to climb to his feet on the ring apron but Styles hit him with a drop kick to knock him to the ground.

Styles followed that up with a spectacular flip dive over the top rope at the 3:00 mark. But when Styles pushed him back into the ring, Gunner countered and went for the F5 finisher. Styles turned it into a big kick and then hit a powerslam.

Styles climbed outside to go for a springboard move, but Gunner pulled referee Earl Hebner into the way, which was enough to allow him to kick the middle rope and crotch Styles. This led to a F5 and Hebner counted the three count very slowly. A.J. didn't kick out.

WINNER: GUNNER in 4:50 to win 7 Bound For Glory Series Points

Gunner now leads the BFG Series with 21 points.

BAX REAX A.J. carried this match before Gunner's cheating ways earned him the victory. They're really pushing Gunner but I'm not convinced based upon the in-ring work that we've seen from him thus far. Either way, Gunner continues to prove that he's a man to be reckoned with.


-After a cool montage showing the high-flying moves of the X Division, Sting was shown backstage. He said it was wrong place, wrong time for Scott Steiner. [c]

-The Velvet-ODB feud was recapped before Velvet was shown backstage. She said that she's always been the runt of the liter and has always been bullied. But she's not weak anymore and now that everyone knows her story, next week's match means even more to her. Velvet is going to have a handicap match next week and if she wins, neither ODB or Jackie are allowed back in TNA.

-Next week, Velvet vs. ODB & Jackie are one of three matches on tap. Crimson will also wrestle Robert Roode in a BFG Series Match and there will also be the RVD-Styles-Daniels-Lynn Four Corners Match.

-In the Impact Zone, Mexican America made their way out to the ring and Hernandez said he was the President of Mexican America. He wanted some questions answered and Anarqia took the mic and said that they were mad that people made them out to be liars and cheaters.

He said that they were being held down since they weren't in the BFG Series, especially when Beer Money was in the BFG Series. Anarqia said they're the best tag team in TNA and they were going to wreak havoc because nothing was impossible for them.

At that, the British Invasion's music hit and out came Douglass Williams and Magnus, dressed quite nicely. Magnus said that they were foreigners too, but the difference is that they were proud of who they are and where they are from. He said that they're proud to be working in the USA but they don't like people who come to another country and ask for everything to be handed to them without earning it.

Magnus said that they haven't earned a Tag Title shot. He said they claimed to have beaten every team in Impact Wrestling, but they haven't beat the British Invasion. He said that the difference between them is that they conduct their business face to face like real men.

Magnus then challenged Mexican America to a match and then they could see who was the real #1 contender. He just had one request: To leave the birds at home. Magnus then called Rosita and Sarita prostitutes and a brawl broke out.

Mexican America had the advantage and Hernandez was lining up for the Border Toss when Rob Terry's music hit. Out came the Freak to make the save as Mexican America hightailed it out of the ring.

BAX REAX: Looks like Rob Terry is still in TNA. Back as the muscle for the British Invasion is the role he is best cast in since his in-ring work is lacking, to be kind. Magnus and Williams would be great candidates to be the next Tag Team Champions if Beer Money have to concentrate on the BFG Series. Magnus continues to show star power on the microphone.


-Jeff Jarrett's video message from Mexico was shown next. Jarrett was shown with Karen in Mexico City and they talked about how excited they were to have been on vacation south of the border. Karen has apparently also bought a gift for everyone in Immortal and Jeff has a present to bring with him as well.

-Backstage, Bully Ray was shown giving Gunner credit beating Styles and told Gunner to take the rest of the night off. Ray told Abyss to come with him out to the ring but Abyss couldn't find his mask.

-In the Impact Zone, it was Main Event time. Steiner came out to the ring first before Joker Sting followed him out. Jeremy Borash made the introduction but was barely into introducing Steiner when Big Poppa Pump attacked Sting from behind. Borash bailed as the bell rang.


Steiner was in early control, beating Sting into a corner and hitting a side suplex on the Stinger. After a Steinerliner, the trademark elbow drop and pushups from Steiner ensued. Good commentary from Taz and Tenay here breaking down Steiner's offense as they said his plan appeared to be to prevent Sting from hitting the Stinger Splash.

Two minutes into the match, Sting finally got some offense in with a boot to Steiner's face. The two men traded blows in the middle of the ring before Sting dropped him with a couple of clotheslines and a bulldog for a two count.

Sting went for the Stinger Splash but Steiner caught him and hit him with a DDT. Steiner went for the Steiner Recliner but Sting countered into the Scorpion Death Lock. Steiner managed to get to the ropes and gouged Sting's eyes when he got up.

This led to a T-Bone Suplex from Steiner and both men were down in the ring. After both men got to their feet, Steiner tried to whip Sting into the corner but Sting moved out of the way and caught Steiner with the Scorpion Death Drop for the pinfall victory.


After the match, Sting acted like he was going to paint Steiner. This caused Bully Ray to run out to the ring but Sting leveled him in the corner. Sting looked like he was going to paint Ray but then Mr. Anderson charged the ring and hit Sting with a low blow and a Mic Check.

Anderson walked away with the title belt and Steiner and Ray beat the daylights out of Sting. Ray eventually called for Hulk to come out and take care of Sting. Hogan made his way out slowly and Ray and Steiner held Sting up for Hulk to punch.

Hulk punched Sting twice in the face and then grabbed Sting's bat to punish him further. However, Kurt Angle's music hit and out came Angle to suplex Steiner and level Bully Ray en route to a save for Sting.

The show ended with Hogan staring down Angle from ringside.

BAX SHOW REAX: There were a lot of really good moments on this show. I loved Low Ki's victory in the X Division Series Match and the Aries-Ion-Low Ki match looks like it is going to be a real winner. Is that supposed to be the Ultimate X Match? Because we haven't heard anything about the wrestlers involved in that one.

The segment with Daniels-Styles and RVD-Lynn was also really good and across the show there was a really good sales job on Destination X. I also liked that a number of matches were teased for next week's show.

We were also treated to 29 total minutes of wrestling tonight and four of the matches were pretty enjoyable. The fact that interference didn't factor into the ending of any match was also a plus. TNA did a great job continuing the focus on in-ring action at every event with the footage from the House Shows this past weekend.

But the overarching story involving Sting and Hulk Hogan continues to get too much airplay. When this was first teased at Lockdown, I was really worried that this story would take up too much TV time and that happened tonight. Is it interesting? Sure. But the most interesting part is whether Anderson is going to join Immortal and that is overshadowing the World Heavyweight Championship, which is the prize that the whole Bound For Glory Series is chasing after in the first place.

TNA needs to decrease the focus on Sting trying to 'save' Hogan until there is actually a match in the near future. In the meanwhile, shouldn't Sting be spending more time trying to regain the belt that he was screwed out of?

But in the grand scheme of things, this was another enjoyable show from TNA (three straight weeks!) that did a good job building up the next Impact and the next Pay-Per-View while presenting plenty of good wrestling. I'm looking forward to next week's show.


Matt Baxendell is PWTorch's specialist covering Impact Wrestling. He's an on-air personality for 790 The Zone Sports Radio in Atlanta and a football columnist for and You can follow Bax on Twitter @MattBaxendell

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