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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS 6/7: Ongoing "virtual-time" coverage of live Impact - six-man tag, final Slammiversary hype

Jun 7, 2012 - 9:00:23 PM

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
June 7, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Week 2 of Summer Bash series
Aired live on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The second live Impact episode of TNA's summer series opened with a video package recapping the A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter photo scandal storyline that concluded last week's show. They showed Dixie Carter cutting off the end of Impact last week and screaming at people to get out of her face.

Impact Zone: Mike Tenay introduced the show and said Dixie will kick off Impact addressing the Styles rumors. On-camera, Tenay and Taz talked about the storyline before rolling footage of what happened after Impact last week when Dixie threw a fit backstage. They showed her entering the production truck shouting for David. Dixie cussed out David Sahadi, who apologized for rolling Daniels's footage. Dixie told him that this is his job before cussing that everyone could be fired from this.

Back live, Dixie was standing in the ring. Dixie acted shaken up and said she finds this whole thing unimaginable. She said she feels sorry for Daniels and Kazarian - two men who are so filled with hate, ego, and insecurity that they would hurt innocent lives. Dixie said the ripple effect of throwing a big rock in a serene pond will be felt because she will come clean about what's going on tonight.

Suddenly, Daniels's music interrupted to bring out Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels said he's out here to help Dixie tell the truth because she got found out. He said Dixie should just tell the people that she's a woman and she wants what she wants. After all, she found a suitable replacement for her husband in the form of A.J. Styles. Dixie sold inner turmoil before slapping around Daniels. Daniels and Kaz then cornered Dixie before Styles stormed the ring to make the save. Styles called out to Daniels and Kaz to get back in the ring before Dixie's husband entered the ring. He awkwardly reared back and tried to punch Styles, who flopped to the mat before standing up and staring down Serge, who left the ring. Dixie sold inner turmoil as this all unfolded. Styles whispered something in Dixie's ear before they left the ring to silence as the crowd tried to figure out what's going on. Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Mike Tenay reset the show as the camera showed various people milling about on the Impact Zone floor. They replayed footage from the opening segment when confusion led to chaos. Taz sold that he's speechless, and Tenay relayed that Dixie and Styles have left the building. He added that Styles is scheduled for the main event tonight, so he can't go too far. Hey, how about some wrestling?

[Q2] Impact Zone: Crimson was introduced for a match. After Crimson made his way to the ring, they cut backstage to show Samoa Joe and Austin Aries having a conversation. Aries said they've known each other a long time, so he's not about hidden messages, but he has a match right now. Aries then came out to face Crimson in an attempt to give Crimson his first singles loss.

1 -- CRIMSON vs. X Division AUSTIN ARIES -- non-title match

Tenay announced the four-way Knockouts #1 contender match will feature Tara, Mickie James, Velvet Sky, and Miss Tessmacher. Aries and Crimson went back and forth during the first two minutes before Aries snapped off a standing head scissors into a corner dropkick. Aries wanted a brainbuster, but Crimson tossed Aries to the outside. Aries then turned the tables with a suicide dive, prompting Tenay to claim Crimson's streak is in jeopardy. Suddenly, Samoa Joe came down to ringside as the referee occupied himself with a fly in the ring. Joe blasted Aries, then rolled him into the ring, where Crimson took advantage scoring a pinfall for the win.

Post-match: Crimson acted so proud of himself for the victory. He then claimed to have single-handedly beaten Austin Aries and said no one here in TNA can beat him. Crimson said he's been undefeated a lot longer than that "Goldberg guy." His music finally stopped and Crimson vowed to prove himself again at Slammiversary by issuing an open challenge. Tenay wondered aloud who will step up and challenge him.

WINNER: Crimson at 3:27.

Backstage: Suddenly, Hulk Hogan was shown talking to himself while walking down the hallway. They showed that Hogan was indeed not talking to an inanimate object, as they cut to another shot of Hogan talking to another camera. Hogan's theme for his speech was for people - A.J., Dixie, and daughter Brooke - to be careful what they wish for.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Brooke Hogan was shown entering the Knockouts locker room to formally introduce herself to the group. She thanked them for allowing her to work with them, then said she's booking a four-way #1 contender match, which has already been announced. Brooke said she'll see them out in the ring. She then talked about new media opportunities - starting with Velvet Sky being in Montgomery Gentry's new music video. Some of the Knockouts sold jealousy over this news.

Impact Zone: Hulk Hogan's music played to bring out Hogan posing on the stage. Hogan slowly made his way down the entrance ramp to the ring as TNA filled time shooting the crowd in the Impact Zone. Once in the ring, Hogan tried to warm up the crowd some more.

[Q3] After things settled down, Hogan said this is a party and this is the ten-year anniversary for TNA. Hogan talked about the "Impact stars in the back" getting the party started tonight, going to Slammiversary, and continuing to Impact next week. As a special surprise, Hogan said next week's Impact will feature a TNA World Title defense. So, why order the PPV? Suddenly, Bobby Roode's music interrupted to bring out the World champion. Roode entered the ring and said he has a great idea. "Why don't you shut your mouth and show me, the World Hvt. champion, the proper respect I deserve," Roode said. He said he's tired of Hogan's disrespect. Hogan kept trying to interrupt, but Roode kept going with a laundry list of Hogan's offenses. "I said I'm not done yet!" was Roode's big line. Roode noted Hogan is jealous of him because he's a better man, wrestler, and better World champ than Hogan ever was. He told Hogan that if he wants to be the GM of TNA, he better get back to the office and "get the hell out of my ring."

Suddenly, Sting's music interrupted to bring out the #1 contender. Roode sold concern as Sting marched to the ring in his over-sized t-shirt. Roode quickly put the boots to Sting before finding himself trapped in-between Hogan and Sting. Sting no-sold a right hand, then delivered repeated offense to Roode. Sting eventually cleared Roode to the floor, then Sting's music played as he chased Roode up the ramp.

Backstage: The Knockouts were shown "warming up" for their #1 contender match up next.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Joseph Park was talking to someone off-camera. Park, selling himself as a fan who got involved in wrestling, said he never thought he would be here talking to the person behind the camera or to the people through the camera. Park said he's about truth and justice, which he plans to obtain at Slammiversary.

2 -- VELVET SKY vs. MISS TESSMACHER vs. TARA vs. MICKIE JAMES -- #1 contender match to Knockouts Title

Of note is Brooke Tessmacher is officially back to Miss Tessmacher, due to Brooke Hogan joining the promotion. A few moments into the match, they cut to a shot of Gail Kim walking out on-stage for a closer look. As the action continued, TNA cut to break.

[Q4] [Commercial Break]

Back from break four minutes later, Gail was on commentary and the action was still ongoing in the ring. The action eventually came down to Velvet and Mickie James to sell a brewing rivalry over who will get attention in the Knockouts division. Tessmacher then snuck in a quick roll-up to score the win. On-stage, Gail stood up and applauded Tessmacher getting the win.

WINNER: Tessmacher at 10:30 to become #1 contender to the Knockouts Title.

Backstage: Bully Ray was shown holding some documents rolled up in his hand. He said people will not want to miss what he has to say to Joseph Park during their contract signing.

[Commercial Break]

[Q5 -- second hour] Back live, Mike Tenay introduced a video package recapping events during the first hour of Impact, starting with the Dixie/A.J.-Daniels/Kaz/Serge storyline. Taz described Serge as "one of the most non-confrontational dudes you'll ever meet."

Backstage: Hulk Hogan was shown on the phone. He revealed he was talking to A.J. Styles, and told him he better back to the arena as quickly as possible because he's booked for the main event. "Sonofabitch," Hogan said unbleeped after hanging up.

Impact Zone: Jeremy Borash was in the ring to oversee a contract signing for Bully Ray and Joseph Park. JB first introduced Ray with a dejected tone in his voice. Ray made his way out and bullied JB away from the podium before asking for his music to be turned off. Ray took the mic and asked the crowd if they know who he is before getting in JB's face to ask if he knows he is. Ray slapped the mic back over to JB, who introduced Joseph Park. Mr. Park made his way out sans music and waved to the crowd before collecting himself and awkwardly entering the ring.

Park and Ray approached the table before Park asked for a mic. Before anything could happen, Ray tore up the contract for their match and threw the papers in the air. He said that was a contract for a standard wrestling match, but they're not having a standard wrestling match. Ray pulled out a new contract that relieves him of all liability and includes a Hold Harmless that no matter what he does to Park at Slammiversary, there will be no repercussions. Ray signed his new contract for the match before demanding Park sign it.

Park thumbed through the document before looking around the arena. He said he's not crazy or insane enough to sign this contract, noting he's just an attorney. "I am not signing that," he said with his bottom lip turned upward. Ray then asked for a handshake to tease making it a gentlemen's agreement. Instead, he spit at Park. "Sign the contract you friggen coward," Ray shouted. After wiping himself down and watching Ray flip out, Park said for the last ten years of his life, his brother Abyss gave his life to this company. He said Abyss spilled his blood for TNA and the fans, and Ray is on for an All-Out Fight at Slammiversary. Park said he's doing it for his brother. Suddenly, Abyss appeared on the video screen. He screamed at Park that he's gotten himself into a situation he shouldn't be in, and now he's going to be burned. In the ring, Park screamed that he was just trying to help. Abyss said he never wanted his help. Abyss turned his attention to Ray and said they will both find out just how alive he is. Ray sold concern in the ring as Park called out for his brother. Suddenly, Ray smashed Park from behind with a cheap shot to send a message before their PPV match.

Still to come: Devon's weekly TV Title defense is against Robbie E. yet again. They cut backstage to show Garett Bischoff offer to be in Devon's corner tonight. Devon laughed and said he really likes Garett and said he would be more than happy to have him in his corner. He told Garett not to cut any corners out there tonight.

[Commercial Break...] [...Q6]

Back from break, TNA aired a video package on the TNA Hall of Fame and plugged the first inductee to be announced at Slammiversary.

Announcers: Tenay and Taz discussed the Gut Check segment last week. Taz said he hasn't changed his mind on Joey Ryan and said he may have acted unprofessional, but he felt ticked off about Ryan. He said he likes his "character," but didn't like his "promo." Taz said Joey isn't going to get better by hanging out on Twitter and YouTube. Tenay then rolled footage of TNA cameras catching up with Joey Ryan last week. They cut to a video on Ryan backstage after the Gut Check segment. Joey was shown cutting a promo on Taz before Al Snow confronted him about disrespecting them. Joey said he and the show are pathetic, then Snow escorted him away.

Impact Zone: Robbie E. and Rob Terry made their way to the ring for this week's TV Title match. Devon, along with Garett Bischoff, was out next. The opening bell sounded during a video replay of events from two weeks ago.

3 -- TV champion DEVON (w/Garett Bischoff) vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) -- TNA TV Title match

A few moments in, Madison Rayne walked out on-stage and made herself look nice while watching the match. The announcers acted like Rayne was interested in Robbie to provide a misdirection to the audience. Meanwhile, Robbie dominated the proceedings as the crowd tried to rally behind Devon. Devon made his comeback with standard offense before Terry tripped him from outside the ring.

After Terry's interference, Garett and Terry got into it ringside before Devon and Robbie played a game of whether they could hold a small package for a world record. Eventually, Garett reversed the momentum for Devon behind the ref's back in a comedy spot to help Devon score the pin on Robbie. After the match, the heels tried to get at Devon and Garett, but they cleared the heels from the ring before standing tall.

WINNER: Devon at 2:50 to retain the TV Title. Quite possibly the most blatant "expose the business" moment of the year with that small package spot. They even replayed it as the Direct Impact of the Night.

Still to come: six-man tag main event.

[Commercial Break]

[Q7] Earlier Tonight: Bobby Roode disrespected Hulk Hogan, then Sting cleared Roode from the ring.

Impact Zone: And, Hogan is back in the ring. Tenay said Hogan is going to finish his announcement about next week's Impact. Hogan stood in the ring with hand on hip for a while before recapping the earlier segment. Before he could make a "big announcement," Mr. Anderson's music interrupted. On-stage, Anderson announced himself on the house mic before marching down to the ring with an object in his mouth. Hogan sold annoyance as Anderson waved another object as he entered the ring.

Once in the ring, Anderson waited out a light a-hole chant before asking if they're calling him an a-hole. "Thank you," he said. Anderson then put words in Hogan's mouth that he's getting a title shot next week. Hogan told him to cool his jets, which Anderson didn't want to do. Hogan then "got his permission" to finish his announcement before bringing out Rob Van Dam. They cut to a shot of Anderson selling annoyance before RVD entered the ring and waited to hear what Hogan has to say. Hogan wasn't done, as he introduced Jeff Hardy next. Anderson continued to sell annoyance as Hardy walked out not dressed to wrestle.

Anderson had enough of this and asked Hogan if he's going to give one of these clowns a title match. Hogan told them they have been playing the game trying to get a title shot for two months, so no matter who the TNA Champ is after Slammiversary, the champ will face the winner of RVD vs. Hardy vs. Anderson in a #1 contender match from Slammiversary on next week's Impact. Hogan, struggling to talk with a sore throat, said he's done and slammed down the mic. Hogan bailed, leaving the three wrestlers to contemplate their #1 contender match at the PPV.

Up Next: Six-man tag main event.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, Mike Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera to promote the Slammiversary PPV line-up this Sunday. They focused on the Big Four matches of the World Title match, #1 contender match, Tag Title match, and Abyss vs. Park.

[Q8] Impact Zone: Tag champs Daniels & Kazarian came out first for the main event six-man tag match. Bobby Roode was out next and took his sweet time making sure everyone got a good look at the champ. Roode walked past his tag partners and posed in the corner before Kurt Angle's music played to bring out the first member of the face team. A.J. Styles's music played next, but there was no sign of Styles. Angle sold concern in the ring as Daniels and Kaz gloated. Sting's music then played to bring out the #1 contender to join Angle for a handicap match to start the main event. The heels jumped Angle and Sting before the bell, so, this being TNA, the ref called for the bell.

4 -- TNA World Hvt. champion BOBBY ROODE & TNA tag champions DANIELS & KAZARIAN vs. STING & A.J. STYLES & KURT ANGLE -- six-man tag match

Sting and Angle quickly turned the tables and applied their submission finishers on Kaz and Daniels. This put a fright in Roode, who bailed from the ring. Kaz and Daniels escaped to the floor, then Roode tried to act like a leader organizing the heels and calling for a time-out.

[Commercial Break]

Back live, the heels were working over Sting as the announcers discussed Styles not showing up for the match tonight following the opening segment. Taz recapped the opening segment and said perhaps it's something that should not be on TV, suggesting the laundry is too dirty as opposed to it being a terrible segment. Tenay and Taz then debated whether A.J. is the pro they thought he is. In the ring, Sting tried to make a comeback with a desperation Stinger Splash, but Roode moved and Sting ate the buckle. Chaos prevented a tag situation, then all of the heels hit the ring to gang up on Sting. The ref lost control of the action, but allowed all three heels to remain in the ring.

Suddenly, A.J. Styles hopped the guardrail and hit the ring to go after the heels. Angle then entered the ring without a legal tag and cleaned house as the ref let it all go. Angle suplexed Kaz over the top rope to the floor, then exited the ring. Back in the ring, Styles dropped Daniels with a Pele Kick. Styles and Sting were left in the ring, then Styles flip-dive splashed the heels on the floor. Back in the ring, Sting dropped Roode on the mat and slapped on the Scorpion Deathlock. Roode held on for a few moments before tapping out. The announcers suggested this could be the scene at Slammiversary, which would lead to a new World champ.

Post-match: After a replay of the finish, Sting grabbed the TNA Title belt and held it up in the air as Roode flipped out. Tenay gave the final hard sell for Slammiversary, promising an answer to whether there will be a new Hvt. champion Sunday night.

WINNERS: Team Sting via submission at 10:13.


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