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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 7/12: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Impact - Aries's first show as champ, BFG Series matches

Jul 12, 2012 - 9:00:13 PM

TNA Impact Results
July 12, 2012
Orlando, Fla.
Week 7 of Summer Bash series
Aired live on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The seventh live Impact of TNA's summer series opened with still shots and Mike Tenay's voice narrating footage of Austin Aries capturing the TNA World Title from Bobby Roode at the Destination X PPV on Sunday night.

Video package: TNA transitioned to a standard intro video updating viewers on the Bound for Glory Series and the Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park feud.

Impact Zone: Live in the arena, Christy Hemme introduced Bully Ray to start the show. Tenay said they will hear from Aries later tonight, but they start with Ray vs. Park in an Anything Goes match. Ray came out first holding a legal document, indicating Abyss is barred from the match. Joseph Park, in his track suit, made his way to ringside and stumbled into the ring. Cue the bell for a fast start to the show.

1 -- JOSEPH PARK vs. BULLY RAY -- Anything Goes match

Ray taunted Park, who put up his dukes to square off against Ray. Park then stumbled across the ring, missing Ray, who slapped him across the back of the head to toy with Park. Four minutes into the show, Tenay referred to DirecTV customers unable to view Impact tonight. Tenay then told viewers to bring a friend over to watch Impact. Meanwhile, Ray continued to toy with Park before pulling out his phone to send out a tweet. Ray had enough of tweeting and went under the ring to retrieve a bunch of weapons to toss into the ring.

Ray went for a chair shot, but Park tackled him and landed sloppy rights and lefts. Park then picked up a chair and stalked Ray, who begged off as Park played to the crowd. The self-distraction allowed Ray to tackle Park and regain control of the action. Tenay then plugged the "first public appearance" by Aries tonight on Impact. So, he hasn't left his house since Sunday? In the ring, Bully set up Park for a big splash on a trashcan lid, but Park moved. Park then fired up with rights and lefts followed by an accidental shoulder tackle. And, Bully cut off Park once more.

Ray went under the ring again and retrieved a black bag, presumably of thumbtacks. Bully proceeded to dump the tacks in the ring, which Tenay noted is a trademark of Park's brother, Abyss. Ray then grabbed a mic and taunted Park before noting he's going to do to him what he should have done to his brother a long time ago. Suddenly, Park drove a cheese grater to Ray's crotchal region before delivering a kendo stick shot. Park made a cover, but Ray kicked out in time. Once again, Park's advantage was short-lived, as Ray regained control with a clothesline. Ray tried to finish off Park with a slam into the tacks, but Park executed a desperation slam into the tacks. It was only good for a two count, though. And, once again, Park's advantage was short-lived, as Ray came right back with a chain shot to the face for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Taz noted the match wasn't as easy for Bully Ray as he thought it would be. Park then stood up and had blood trickling down from his forehead. Ray taunted Park, who suddenly freaked out and hulked up at the sight of his blood. Park suddenly charged at Ray and delivered a Black Hole Slam center-ring. Park went back to being calm as Taz noted he just shocked himself with his actions. Tenay said that blood brought out the monster in Park.

WINNER: Ray at 8:08. The slow-build to Joseph Park realizing he's Abyss continues.

Backstage: Sting was shown walking down the hallway, returning to TV after a month off TV selling the attack from the mysterious group post-Slammiversary. Sting held a deck of cards and mocked the group's attempted mind games.

[Commercial Break...] [...Q2]

Moments Ago: Joseph Park saw his own blood and "snapped" with a Black Hole Slam on Bully Ray. ... Backstage: The roving cameraman caught up with Bully Ray, who was pulling tacks out of his boots. The cameraman asked Ray for his reaction to what happened. Ray, selling concern, asked aloud, "Who was that?" Ray said he beat Joseph Park, but he doesn't know who the guy was after the match.

Impact Zone: Samoa Joe came out first for a Bound for Glory Series match-up. The announcers noted Joe is the new points-leader after getting a submission victory over Kurt Angle at the PPV on Sunday. Rob Van Dam, who sits 30 points behind Joe on the Leaderboard, came out next to face Joe.

2 -- SAMOA JOE vs. ROB VAN DAM -- BFG Series match

RVD went for an early surfboard submission, selling desperation for points, but Joe easily reached the bottom rope for a break. After a mid-ring struggle that looked like a Sumo Wrestling match, RVD landed a spin kick, which angered Joe, who fired back with a running clothesline. RVD then bailed to the floor for a breather. Back in the ring, Joe slapped on a legbar submission, but RVD reached the ropes for a break. Joe followed with a snap powerslam into a cross arm-breaker submission, but RVD again hit the ropes.

The crowd tried to rally behind RVD, who stopped Joe's momentum with a series of kicks into Rolling Thunder across Joe's back. RVD made a pin for a close two count. In the corner, RVD wanted a monkey flip, but Joe blocked with a running chinbreaker into a figure-four leglock. RVD reached out for the ropes, but Joe pulled him back to center-ring, only to have RVD counter with an inside cradle for a quick pin and the win.

WINNER: RVD at 4:53 to earn 7 BFGS points. Interesting match that wasn't smooth at times, but had a good story of Joe getting greedy aiming for 10 points and RVD using that against him to get points.

Earlier Today: Cop-out Claire is back. The roving cameraman caught up to Claire at the Impact Zone parking lot, but she had enough of the cameraman's line of questions about Daniels and Kazarian's accusations and told him to buzz off. Claire said she has things to say, but not tonight, then drove off. Her license plate number was blurred out, but she had Florida plates.

[Commercial Break]

[Q3] Backstage: Hulk Hogan was shown talking to no one in particular. He said he's here, Sting's here, and he can't wait to meet the Aces & Eights to see what they have to see.

Impact Zone: TNA tag champs Daniels & Kazarian started walking to the ring as Tenay fed to a video package from Destination X when Styles beat Daniels in a Last Man Standing match. They included post-match comments from Styles noting he did what he said he would do: be the last man standing. In the ring, Kazarian said he would like to start by congratulating Styles on a hard-fought victory on Sunday. Daniels, sporting a bandage on his forehead, was not pleased.

Kazarian continued that Styles thinks he put an end to this whole thing, but they've only delivered one verse and this is just the beginning. Light boos. Daniels said he hears the audience booing Styles and, yes, his actions were reprehensible at Destination X. Daniels then called out Claire to come answer some questions. She emerged on-stage, unhappy with being disturbed not wanting to talk tonight. Kaz then helped Claire into the ring as the crowd sat quietly. Daniels said he's not a monster and he only sympathizes with her situation. It just happened that the hand she grabbed to help her was A.J. Styles's. Daniels said in that situation, accidents can happen.

Suddenly, A.J. Styles's music played to bring out Styles. Kaz stepped behind Daniels, who gave Styles the floor. Styles mocked Daniels for being able to stand and also being able to talk after he put Daniels through a table with the Styles Clash on Sunday. He continued that this story was over weeks ago. Daniels said that's not true because there's a part Styles doesn't know about. Daniels told Claire to come clean about what they talked about weeks ago. Styles yelled at Daniels, asking what he's trying to prove, and said this has nothing to do with Claire. They argued before Claire said Daniels is right. Claire pushed Styles and said he's the father of her baby. Styles, stunned, said that's not possible. Claire tried to explain that it really happened. "No," Styles said as Impact faded to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Claire claimed Styles is the father of her baby. ... Backstage: Styles walked past Kurt Angle, who shot him a look, before the cameraman tried to get an answer on the "bombshell" from Claire. Styles turned around and screamed, "I don't know! I don't know." He then walked off.

Video package: Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle BFG Series match hype. ... Video package: Zema Ion captured the X Division Title at Destination X, plus continued his feud with a returning Jesse Sorensen.

[Q4] Backstage: Dakota Darsow was randomly shown backstage. Darsow cut a promo on Ion, claiming Sorensen is one of his best friends. Darsow said Ion pissed him off when he won the X Title and "thanked" Sorensen for being his inspiration. Darsow turned and stomped off to the entrance ramp. Apparently he's facing Zema Ion next.

[Commercial Break]

3 -- X Division champion ZEMA ION vs. DAKOTA DARSOW -- non-title match

After Ion's cocky heel ring entrance, Darsow decked him with a right hand "fighting for Jesse Sorensen," as described by Tenay. Darsow continued the attack before clotheslining Ion to the outside. As the fight moved to the floor, Tenay offered another DirecTV note, which has nothing to do with the audience able to watch the show. Back in the ring, Darsow continued the assault before Ion came out of nowhere with a neck-snap finisher for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Ion continued the attack, applying an innovative shoulder submission trying to cause injury. Ion eventually dropped the hold as the audience sat quietly. Ion then grabbed the mic and said if Sorensen doesn't want to see any more of his friends get hurt, then Sorensen better realize he's "pretty f'n dangerous."

WINNER: Ion at 2:25. The tourist-based crowd remained very quiet tonight. Poor folks have no idea what's going on.

Up Next: Austin Aries's first speech after the TNA World Title victory at the PPV.

[Commercial Break]

Video package: Aries's title victory at Destination X on Sunday.

Impact Zone: One minute before the top of the hour, Austin Aries's mid-card-level music played to bring out the new TNA World Hvt. champion. Aries made his way out to the ring proudly holding the TNA Title belt for the audience to get a look at.

[Q5 -- second hour] Aries thanked the crowd for the ovation before noting he's had a pretty okay week. "Nah, I had a great week!" he said. Aries spoke over random crowd noise in the background that it's a great day to be great. He said it's a great achievement for himself, proving everyone wrong and proving that nothing is impossible. But, it was also a great moment for pro wrestling. More loud noises in the background, which became uniform with an "Austin Aries" chant. Aries told the crowd to shush down, then continued that wrestling is cyclical. He claimed there's been a buzz the past eight months around Impact. He said they're heading toward another boom period and his title win is bigger than Impact Wrestling. Reminder #219: If you have to talk about a boom period, there isn't a boom period. Aries noted he got congratulations from Hollywood, sports, and even champions from other promotions. Aries then claimed to be the greatest wrestler today and Impact is the greatest promotion going today. Reminder #220: If you have to claim to be the greatest promotion today, then you aren't.

Suddenly, Bobby Roode's music played to bring out the former Hvt. champion. Roode looked very naked without his title belt. Aries cut off Roode's music as Taz noted as much that Roode looks naked without the belt. Roode continued to sell feeling naked without the belt as he slowly approached the ring steps almost hunched over at the waist. Roode slowly entered the ring, almost out of breath seeing the title in the possession of another man. Roode then grabbed the mic and frothed at the mouth, unable to speak. Aries told him to spit it out. Roode breathed heavily and slurred that all of "this..." - he couldn't find the words. Aries asked Roode what about
"this." Roode got red in the face, unable to come to grips with his title loss. After removing his jacket, Roode tried to approach the subject again. "Aaaaahhhh!" he shouted. "No, no, no!" Aries retorted, "Yes," and held up the title belt in Roode's face.

Rooode finally found the words that all of this can be summed up in one word. But, he couldn't find the word. Aries told him to spit out because he doesn't have time to wait for this. Roode tried again. "F-lu-ke," he said in Aries's face. Roode called Aries a fluke and said all of this is a fluke. Roode stormed out of the ring before Aries called him back. Aries said he has three words: "New...World...Champ." Roode was on the verge of exploding doing circles ringside as Aries's music played to wrap up the segment.

Hogan's Office: Sting was shown pacing around trying to figure out the Aces & Eights bit. Sting said he thinks they need to go "old-school" with this, which did not carry an explanation of what "old-school" entails. Suddenly, TV champ Devon walked in, followed by Garett Bischoff standing behind him. Devon said everyone saw what happened to Sting last month, and he and Garett have their backs no matter what. Hogan said he knows what they're about, but they have this one taken care of. Devon thought it over, then told Sting & Hogan that they can count of them. "Old-school," Sting told Hogan, who said it's different this time because they're in deep.

[Commercial Break]

Video package: Kurt Angle talked about facing Mr. Anderson tonight in a BFG Series match. Back live, Tenay said the match is still to come in the main event.

[Q6] Last Week: Madison Rayne kissed Earl Hebner to reveal her "secret crush." On commentary, Taz acted like Hebner has leprosy. ... Backstage: Madison said Earl is an "icon," which makes him a powerful man. She said it makes him very attractive. Madison said they share so many common interests: love wrestling and keep their bodies in peak, physical condition. She said she doesn't have to defend herself. Back live, Taz said he thinks Madison has been hit in the head too many times.

Impact Zone: Christy Hemme introduced Brooke Hogan to join commentary for the Knockouts Title match. Brooke was dressed in red, as was Gail Kim for her title challenge against Miss Tessmacher.

4 -- KO champion MISS TESSMACHER vs. GAIL KIM -- Knockouts Title match

Gail, angered like Bobby Roode seeing the title on someone else, was the aggressor early on. On commentary, Brooke said she's getting her sea legs under her after trying to settle into a Knockouts supervisory role. Brooke offered an announcement that Tessmacher is going to be on Spike TV's Comic Con All-Access Live show tomorrow night. Brooke added that she learned from her father, Hulk, that being humble gets you far.

Back in the ring, Tessmacher made a comeback with a faceplant. Brooke remained silent during Tessmacher's comeback before chiming in as Tessmacher came off the top rope with a flying elbow for the pin and the win. "I'm so proud of her," Brooke whispered on commentary. After a replay of the finish, Tenay thanked Brooke for joining them on commentary for this "important Knockouts Title match."

WINNER: Tessmacher at 5:24 to retain the KO Title. Brooke is under a microscope, so she seemed reluctant to dominate the conversation and let the announcers do their thing. The match was fine, but there was no sense of the title being in jeopardy.

Backstage: Kurt Angle was shown walking down the hallway. He faces Anderson next.

[Commercial Break]

[Q7] Earlier Tonight: Claire accused Styles of fathering her baby. ... Backstage: The cameraman caught up with Claire, who acted upset again that they're following him around. Claire claimed she has proof of Styles being the father. She said she'll reveal it soon enough, then looked into the camera. "A.J., what the heck? I thought you would do the right thing," she said. Claire said she hopes he still will.

Next Week: Open Fight Night returns for the Bound for Glory Series.

Pre-taped promo: Magnus said he utilized OFN last month when he capitalized on a weakness to score 7 points. Speaking of weaknesses, there's James Storm. Magnus noted they have a match in Memphis on Saturday and Storm is insecure after losing his #1 spot to Samoa Joe. Magnus said he will prove to be the superior strategist and will go on to win the Series. ... Tenay and Taz recapped the BFG Series Standings, updated with RVD up to 14 points in the middle of the pack.

Impact Zone: Mr. Anderson came out on-stage for his standard mic drop ring introduction. Anderson made his way to the ring before Kurt Angle's music played for his standard ring intro. Anderson, determined, came to the ring looking to avenge his BFG Series loss to Joe at the PPV on Sunday.

5 -- KURT ANGLE vs. MR. ANDERSON -- BFG Series match

Anderson used Angle's over-aggressiveness against him early on, trying to slow things down with a mat-based armbar. Angle fired back with punches and stomps in the corner, driving Anderson to the mat before placing a boot on his face. Anderson came back with a dropkick, though, before walking right into a belly-to-belly suplex from Angle. Angle landed a boot to the face before Tenay sent the show to break with a quiet crowd in the background.

[Commercial Break. They returned to the Impact Zone mid-commercial for a 10-second live update on Angle still in control of the match.]

Back live post-commercial teaser, Angle was still in control. Anderson then landed a back suplex to get a breather. As the ref applied a ten count, Tenay went back to the DirecTV info, which is being relayed to people who don't have DirecTV. After the third reference, it comes across like Impact is trying to promote the DirecTV service to non-satellite customers.

[Q8] Angle and Anderson exchanged close pin attempts before Tenay plugged Hogan & Sting "wanting to go old-school" tonight. Angle applied an anklelock at 10:15, and Anderson fought the hold for 30 seconds before Angle yanked Anderson back to center-ring. Anderson managed to break free, then hit the Mic Check on Angle for a super-close nearfall when Angle nearly did not roll the shoulder in-time. After both men sold on the mat, Angle beat Anderson to the punch with the Angle Slam for a decisive pin and the win.

Post-match: Angle came up bleeding heavily from the mouth. Meanwhile, Anderson rolled out of the ring as Angle celebrated in the ring. They cut to a shot of Anderson selling the ankle on the floor before cutting back to Angle, who was selling an injury to his shoulder or chest muscle as he slowly left the ring. Angle continued to bleed from the mouth, then shook off the pain and raised his arms in the air for the crowd.

WINNER: Angle at 11:42 to earn 7 BFGS points. Okay match. They didn't seem to get things started until late, then the finish seemingly came out of nowhere.

Hogan's Office: Hogan and Sting were talking strategy and baseball bats when Bobby Roode interrupted. Roode walked up to Hogan and said they need to talk.

[Commercial Break]

Hogan's Office: Hogan told Sting he'll see him out there in five minutes. Hogan then addressed Roode being upset. Hogan told him he'll get the re-match at Hardcore Justice, but Roode wants the re-match sooner. He said he'll prove that Aries's win was a fluke. Hogan told Roode to call out Austin Aries at Open Fight Night next week. Even better, if Roode beats Aries at OFN, he'll demoralize Aries before the re-match at Hardcore Justice. Roode vowed to prove it. Hogan said it looks like he has his main event for next week.

Impact Zone: Sting walked to the ring and said it feels good to be back in the Impact Zone. He said he also came to the same place at the same time to meet Aces & Eights. Sting said he didn't come alone, then called out Hogan to join him in the ring. Hogan's music played, but no sign of Hogan. TNA continued to focus on Hogan's entrance theme, then cut to a shot of Sting selling concern. Hogan's music eventually stopped, so Sting called out Hogan to come on out. And, they started up Hogan's music again. But, still no sign of Hogan. After more wide shots of the Impact Zone, Taz and Tenay wondered aloud where Hogan is. Sting, alone in the ring, listened to "We Want Hogan" chants before TNA cut to the entrance ramp again. Still no sign of Hogan. They played Hogan's theme for the third time before cutting it off.

Suddenly, TNA then cut backstage to Hogan's office, where Hogan was on the floor after being attacked by three masked "thugs." Brooke Hogan then ran into Hogan's office and told them to scram. One dude accidentally showed the top of his head, which resembled Ed Leslie's. Brooke freaked out as Hogan, bleeding, told her that his leg is hurt. TNA cut back to the Impact Zone, where Sting was trying to leave to make the save, but several more masked "thugs" jumped Sting, knocked him down, and landed first-day-of-wrestling-school-quality punches and kicks. Sting tried covering up as the show ended with Sting taking a beating on the entrance ramp.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Eh show; probably the weakest of the summer series with TNA seemingly phoning things in tonight, perhaps distracted by the DirecTV issues. The quiet, tourist-heavy crowd didn't help matters, as there was a noticeable lack of energy coming through the TV screen tonight. Individually, Bobby Roode shined the most with a new twist on his heel character owning his promo exchange with Aries at the top of the second hour.


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