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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 1/17: Complete coverage of the "Why TNA May Want To Reconsider Being Live" episode

Jan 18, 2013 - 12:00:33 AM


1/17 Impact Box Score

- Title Implications: Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim to retain her #1 contender status to the Knockouts Title. ... Final hype for Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels for the TNA World Title on next week's Impact.

- Show Results: (1) TNA World Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy & James Storm beat Daniels & Kazarian. ... (2) Kenny King beat Christian York. ... (3) Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim to remain #1 contender to the Knockouts Title.


TNA Impact Results
January 17, 2013
Live in Orlando, Fla.
Episode #3 of 2013
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's live episode opened with a video recap of recent events, including Sting returning on 1.3.13 to "seek revenge" on Aces & Eights, as described by Taz. The video also documented Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan's plans to wed. How about the PPV on Sunday? Nah. On to Impact...

Impact Zone: Todd Keneley introduced the show and noted the various wedding-related items in the building.

Earlier Today: Bully Ray was shown nervously pacing around his locker room before surveying his tuxedo. Ray tried to calm himself down, then Spike Dudley and Tommy Dreamer walked in. Spike, looking like Eric Bischoff with short, gray hair, congratulated Bully on his wedding tonight.

Dressing Room: Brooke Hogan was shown preparing for the wedding tonight. She thanked her bridesmaids for supporting her on the big day.

Impact Zone: Jeff Hardy's music played and the still-TNA World Hvt. champion Hardy limped out to the ring, passing by the various wedding tables and decorations. Hardy took a victory lap as Taz noted Hardy overcame the odds and retained the TNA Title over Bobby Roode and Austin Aries at Genesis. Taz said Hardy wrestled from behind the whole time, but came out victorious.

In the ring, Hardy took the mic and saluted the crowd. "By the way, how's my tux look, huh-huh?!" Taz asked his co-horts before Hardy spoke. HArdy thanked the crowd for a "You Still Got It!" chant, referring to his TNA Title. Hardy said Roode and Aries are two of the best, but he is still World champion. Hardy, who had three fans on the front row trying to start chants with various degree of success, said he's going to keep it going in 2013.

Suddenly, Daniels's music interrupted. Daniels and Kazarian strutted out on-stage, and Kaz noted that Daniels is going to bring the fight to Hardy in one short week when he takes the TNA World Title from Hardy. Once in the ring, Daniels told "Jefferson" that he can brag about beating Aries and Roode, but he is the Thursday night delight, the man who sent A.J. Styles home, and the man who beat James Storm at Genesis to get the title shot next week. Daniels said Hardy's so-called creatures are losers just like A.J., Storm, and yes, you, Jeff Hardy. "You're out of your mind," Hardy said under his breath. Daniels told everyone not to worry because they can worship him after next week.

Hardy was ready to do it tonight, then a fight broke out until James Storm stormed the ring to make the save. Storm cleared Bad Influence from the ring, then Storm took the mic and said there's a fight brewing tonight. Storm suggested they run a tag match right now. Daniels and Kaz waved them off, but Storm said he's not asking them. "Get ready to have your butts whipped," Storm declared. The faces took the fight to ringside, then a ref suddenly appeared and the bell sounded.


The action quickly returned to the floor, where Hardy dropkicked B.I. across the ring. Hardy then stood tall in the ring as Impact cut to its first break 1:30 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Back from break, Storm and Hardy were in control as Keneley plugged the debut of Bellator MMA tonight after Impact. Taz played nice on commentary, describing Jeff Hardy as a legit star and fighting champion. The heels then flipped the match on James Storm as Taz described his role as best-man for Bully Ray tonight. "It's going to be awesome," he said. Plus, Taz has Gut Check judging. Meanwhile, a woman on the front row facing the hard camera looked like she was sipping on something from a brown paper bag, which is never a good idea in the Impact Zone.

Storm finally broke free and tagged in Hardy at 10:05, leading to massive high-flying from Hardy. Hardy delivered consecutive offense to Kaz, but Kaz escaped a pin attempt. Hardy then hit Whisper in the Wind on Kaz, but Daniels broke up the pin. Actually, Hardy remained on-top of Kaz for a three count since Kaz never lifted his shoulders and Daniels did not provide enough force to break up the pin. In any event, the match continued with bodies flying everywhere. Storm then clutched his left knee on the outside. Back in the ring, Hardy nailed Twist of Fate and it was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match, Daniels jumped Hardy from behind as Hardy was celebrating with his title belts. Daniels then dropped Hardy with Angel's Wings onto Hardy's personalized title belt. Daniels then pulled an Eve Torres by posing over Hardy and rubbing the TNA Title belt.

WINNERS: Hardy & Storm at 11:58. Fine tag match before Daniels got his time to shine ahead of the title match next week.

Gut Check Last Week: Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Taz discussed Brian Cage and Jay Bradley's auditions last week. Snow and Prichard defended Brian's in-ring action and moves, but Taz noted the winner was...Bradley. "Who won the match?" he quieted them. Prichard said he's made up his mind and Snow said he needs more time.

Backstage: Cage and Bradley were shown on a split-screen ahead of the Gut Check voting.

[Commercial Break]

[Q3] Bully's Locker Room: Bully Ray tried to get Spike Dudley organized for the wedding tonight. Joseph Park then walked in and thanked Ray for defending him to Hulk Hogan so that he could be part of the Impact roster. Park offered Ray a wedding gift of shady cigars, then asked if he needs a pre-nup. Ray blew him off.

Impact Zone: Jeremy Borash was in the ring with the Gut Check judges Taz, Prichard, and Al Snow, who seemed to be overly-enjoying his monthly spotlight after mysteriously disappearing last month. JB then welcomed out Brian Cage and Jay Bradley to learn their fates tonight.

Prichard spoke first. After talking up both men a bit, Prichard waited out applause for Cage, who used his eyes to play sympathetic face. Prichard then cut Cage, saying his effort was not enough. JB thanked Cage, then the judges evaluated Bradley.

Taz was first to speak. He said the decision by the judges wasn't unanimous, so his answer is no. Bradley pointed toward Taz and said he's wrong. Bradley was given the mic to speak, and the crowd booed him. "No!" the crowd shouted. Bradley talked about "humping the highways" to get experience, noting he's been to Japan, Puerto Rico, and back. Bradley then got real serious and told them to let him in the door since he's about to knock it down.

So, Al Snow's decision. Bradley had a very confident look of it doesn't matter what Snow has to say because he's confident in himself, then Snow said the answer is yes, which Bradley threw in the crowd's face. Bradley told Prichard to sign him up as the crowd booed. Prichard said at least the crowd cares, so his answer is...milk his TV time for all it's worth...yes. Bradley pumped his fists before emphatically shaking JB's hands. Very good presence from Bradley, who acted like he belonged and did not care what the judges had to say.

Still to come: Brooke and Bully's "wedding."

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Generic 1990s rock/pop music played to bring out Christian York for X Division action in the next match. Tenay noted that York believes Kenny King cost him his X Division Title match on Sunday. King was then introduced for a re-match against York, who wanted a piece of King after King's post-match attack before York faced RVD for the title.


York attacked King on the outside, and the ref decided to call for the bell before they actually entered the ring. York walked King around the ring, assaulting Kenny. But, King took control when they re-entered the ring. York quickly shook off King and delivered consecutive offense to King, who tried to run away from York.

King and York then kind of stumbled around the ring trying to set up a counter sequence. Not good. King then rolled up York with a handful of tights for the pin and the win. Taz chuckled to himself, saying King didn't do it clean, but he got the win. And, the spineless face announcers said nothing in response, so the heel can't get heat since no one is bothered by his actions.

WINNER: King at 2:53.

[Q4] [Commercial Break]

Backstage: Bully Ray walked up to Sting, saying Sting is the only person in this company who trusts him. Ray said he wants Brooke Hogan to be happy, and that means Hulk Hogan has to walk Brooke down the aisle. Ray asked Sting to convince Hulk to walk Brooke down the aisle. Sting paused and said he will do his best because of what Ray means to him.

Announcers: The trio was shown on commentary, with Tenay wondering if Hulk will show up tonight on her daughter's wedding day. Taz said he hopes so. He then said he can't sit out here and carry them all night, so he has to go help out the groom and make sure everything is good for Ray. Keneley needled Taz about being the "human best-man machine," which Taz nearly punched him for before laughing nervously.

Locker Room: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode asked each other where their TNA Title belt is, then Aries said he's going to wear black to the wedding since this is like a funeral. Roode and Aries compared notes on attire, then Aries cockily strutted off.

Parking Garage: The roving cameraman spotted Hulk Hogan arriving at the building. Hulk ignored questions on whether he's here for the wedding. Hulk, unsuccessfully trying to play TMZ ambushee, told the cameraman to get that camera out of his face and go find something else to do.

Sometimes Impact is amusing because it's like watching a comedy where the actors don't know they're the butt of the jokes.

[Commercial Break]

Locker Room: Taz walked into the locker room, where Bully Ray needled Taz about needing his own ring entrance upon entering the room. They wondered if "Paul" will be here, then joked about Paul calling them back in five minutes. Dreamer tried to get serious, saying Ray has to "squash the heat" with Hogan. Ray said bottom line is he has his three brothers and Brooke in the wedding tonight.

[Q5 -- second hour] Video Package: The second hour started with a recap of the Bully/Brooke-Hulk storyline building to the wedding angle tonight.

Impact Zone: More of the wedding expose, this time involving Sting, who was introduced to the ring. Sting took a victory lap as Tenay recapped Sting's involvement in the Bully-Hulk issue, with no mention of Sting picking up a supposedly important victory over Aces & Eights in the semi-main event of Genesis on Sunday. Nevermind the wrestling, time for more wedding business. Sting, playing Jim Carrey in "The Mask," said "L-llllllove is in the air tonight." Sting then said it's time to talk to Hulkamania.

Hulk took his time strutting out on-stage before slowly making his way to the ring as TNA showed the various wedding items ringside. Once in the ring, Hulk told Sting to cut the crap before posing. Huh? Hulk said it's time to cut to the chase. He said they have been doing this for a long, long time. Hulk said they have both have had people look them in the eye, tell them they love them, and walk away. Same with best friends. Hulk's Therapy playing out on national TV. Hulk told Sting to lay it out to him.

Sting said Ray has come to their aid and Brooke's aid time and time again. So, what's it going to take? Hulk then moved on to social media. He said everyone is telling him not to trust Bully. Hulk said there's just something that is not right. He said he will not accept Bully's vibe or energy. "As far as I'm concerned, I will never trust Bully Ray," he said. Sting ignored the speech, then said Hulk needs to do this for himself and, most importantly, Brooke. "Do it!" the crowd chanted. Crazy Sting waved his hands around the ring, then Hulk said his answer is: "I always do the right thing, brother." Hulk slammed down the mic as his music played. Hulk then left the ring, leaving Sting to figure out what he has to do to get through to Hogan.

Locker Room: Gail Kim walked up to KO referee Taryn Terrell, then dressed her down for her poor referee skills. Gail said it's a good thing that Brooke granted her another KO #1 contender match tonight, then warned Taryn that she better call things down the middle tonight.

[Commercial Break]

Video Package: Highlights of Bully Ray's bachelor party were shown coming back from break.

[Q6] Impact Zone: TNA continued the pattern of placing the Knockouts after an in-ring Hogan Family talking segment, starting with Gail Kim coming to the ring. After Gail argued with ref Taryn, Velvet Sky came out to defend her #1 contender status against Gail.

3 -- GAIL KIM vs. VELVET SKY -- #1 contender match to Knockouts Title -- Taryn Terrell referee

As expected, Gail dominated the match early on, and exchanged angry looks with Taryn, telling her she better call the match correctly. Taryn then stopped a three count when Sky's foot was under the rope. Gail flipped out, then Sky made her comeback. It was too much to overcome for Gail, who took Sky's finisher for the win.

WINNER: Sky at 6:05 to retain #1 contender status. It's Tara vs. Sky for the KO Title next week on Impact.

Backstage: TNA president Dixie Carter choked back tears as she talked to Brooke Hogan, who said Ray makes her feel temporary feelings of enjoyment. Dixie and Brooke hugged, then Brooke told her to get out to the ring because she needs her.

[Commercial Break]

Earlier Tonight: Jeff Hardy pinned Kaz to win a tag match, then Daniels attacked Hardy from behind ahead of their title bout next week.

Next Week: Hardy vs. Daniels for the TNA Title.

[Q7] Impact Zone: Before the wedding could proceed, Bobby Roode's music played to bring out Roode and Austin Aries. They compared notes on the gaudiness of the wedding, then Aries checked one of the presents for its potential value. Keneley noted both men have egos so big that they don't like to share the spotlight with anyone.

In the ring, Roode took the mic and asked for help understanding what's happening here. Roode said everyone here and watching at home is about to witness a wedding behind Bully and Brooke. "Real nice," Aries chimed in. Roode said the only real celebration should be them! See, if not for them, there wouldn't even be a show. Roode said he is the longest reigning, most dominant champ in the history of TNA. Aries said he beat the longest reigning, most dominant champ. They jockeyed for position trying to get in the ringside camera's shot, and Aries said every great moment of 2012 was due to them. Did they get any thanks or appreciation? "No!" they shouted in unison. Aries said the lack of respect from TNA has spawned a mutual respect between them. Aries then ran down RVD as X Champ, Devon as TV champ, Chavo & Hernandez as Tag Champs, and the "golden child" Jeff Hardy as World champ. Aries said they are the two men who make this company worth anything, and it makes them sick. Roode echoed Aries, then Roode said they object to this wedding. "Objection!" Aries shouted.

Suddenly, techno music played to bring out Chavo and Hernandez dressed in suits. Chavo said they also object. Aries sarcastically thanked them for their objection as Chavo hit the ring. Chavo said they object, but not the wedding. They actually like the wedding. No, their objection is to these two clowns. Chavo noted there is a reason why they are no longer champs in this country - oops - this country, this company, or this world. Aries said he didn't know the caterers were allowed at the wedding. Roode demanded a quesadilla, and quick. Chavo mock-laughed, then a fight broke out. Hernandez wanted the Border Toss on Aries, but Roode yanked Double A out of the ring. A new Tag Title feud has begun.

Up Next: It's the Wedding. Keneley said Brooke and Bully are up next.

[Commercial Break]

Earlier Tonight: Sting tried to convince Hulk Hogan to walk Brooke down the aisle tonight. Hulk said he always does the right thing.

Hogan's Office: Hulk and Sting were shown sitting down at Hulk's desk. Hulk said he has tried to protect Brooke from all the bad stuff in the wrestling business for her entire life. He said it's not about Ray, but everyone in this business. Why does Hulk make his living in "this business" if it's filled with the scum of the earth? Sting said he knows this business has jaded both of them, but perhaps Hulk has done such a good job of raising Brooke that maybe - just maybe - she can see something in Bully that Hulk can't because this business has blinded Hulk. "You're wrong," Sting told Hulk, pounding the table with each beat. Hulk said it's been a long day, and he will do the right thing for this business and his family.

Impact Zone: The ropes were down and the wedding was set up center-ring.

Bully Ray then strutted out on-stage in a tuxedo. Ray acted nervous and tried to look for-real happy. Ray forced a smile, approached the ring, and said, "Here we go." Tenay said it's not often they see this smile and reaction from Ray. Next was Tommy Dreamer along with Miss Tessmacher playing groomsman and bridesmaid. Spike Dudley and Mickie James were out next. Meanwhile, Ray continued to shine as an actor here.

[Q8] Taz and Christy Hemme were out last. Ray smiled and laughed it up with Taz, who hugged Ray before shaking hands with Spike and Dreamer. Keneley said they will be back with the bride and potentially Hulk.

[Commercial Break]

Back on Impact ten minutes before the top of the hour, Here Comes The Bride played, which drew nervous breaths from Ray. Brooke Hogan then came out on-stage and looked behind her. The Hogan Family Play continued with Hulk emerging off-stage dressed in a black tuxedo and black bandana to walk Brooke down the aisle. "Aaah," the crowd said in unison, playing their role in the Family Play. Hulk and Brooke slowly made their way down the aisle as Keneley provided the unintentional comedy calling their ring entrance.

Once everyone was assembled in the ring, the minister waited out a "Shake His Hand" chant from the crowd. The minister asked for silence, then began his message on uniting Brooke and Ray in holy matrimony as Hulk tried to collect himself. Hulk then presented Brooke to Bully. No Linda Hogan mention. The minister addressed Brooke and "Mark," noting they have learned to live together in harmony. As the duo locked eyes and sold this as real, the minister noted the importance of marriage and finding a deep commitment to each other. The minister gave them the floor to express their vows.

Bully wanted to hear Brooke speak first. Brooke told "Mark" that she can't believe they are exchanging vows in the middle of a wrestling ring. She said she can finally feel like she can trust Bully...and he makes her laugh. Brooke said she can't imagine her life without him. "I love you," she said.

Next was Ray, who said he tried to write something down earlier today, but he wanted to speak from the heart. Ray said he is a different person when he is around her. And, he wants to provide temporarily good feelings to Brooke. "I freakin' love you," he said. The minister then asked if there is anyone who would like to object to this. No one stepped forward. The minister then asked for the rings. Taz handed a ring to Bully, then Brooke received a ring.

The minister read the "I Do" questions, which Brooke agreed to. Bully nodded along and said, "I Do," too. With rings on fingers, the minister prepared to pronounce them husband and wife, but Taz yanked the mic away. Taz angrily said he has questions and can't see Bully do this. He demanded to know if Ray really wants to do this. Taz then said it's freakin' hot in here before he pulled off his tux jacket. Taz turned around to reveal an Aces & Eights vest. Suddenly, A&E members hit the ring and attacked Bully and Hulk. As chaos broke out in the ring, Knox and D.O.C. restrained Brooke and over-acted as they taunted Brooke that she should look at her husband and daddy getting a beating. That dress isn't going to make it.

In the ring, Devon dropped Bully with a hammer shot as D.O.C. continued to taunt Brooke ringside. Did The Shield grab Dreamer during this? The camera then showed Hulk selling the beat down on the mat before Brooke ran up to Hulk and tried to console him. Brooke leaned against Hulk's head to try to fix herself, then she ran over to check on "Mark" as Impact went off the air.

It's a good thing the next several episodes are taped and can be edited in post-production because there were numerous live errors tonight. And, where were Dixie Carter and Joseph Park during this?

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Not as thrilled about Taz's heel turn as before I saw the episode. If this were mid-1990s Taz, who could be a legit threat and give A&E some credibility, it would be a great move, but Taz has lost some of that intimidating presence that was his signature 15 years ago. If Taz can find a fire in his belly to deliver some great, money-drawing heel promos as a key spokesman for A&E, then perhaps this has a shot, but I'm not sold yet.


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