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TNA IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 6/24: Jeff Jarrett makes surprise return with Karen and is added to Slammiversary, plus Matt Morgan, Vader & Hernandez return, final hype for PPV & next week's TNA Title main event

Jun 24, 2015 - 11:09:20 PM


TNA Impact TV Results
June 24, 2014
Same-Day Tape in Orlando, Fla.
Aired on Destination America
Report by Mike McMahon, PWTorch contributor

Backstage: ECIII and Tyrus are shown walking into an interview with Jeremy Borash. ECIII talked about beating Bobby Lashley last week. He said the power is back in his hands this week, as he chooses the opponent for Kurt Angle. He said the opponent he’ll choose for Angle this week has a legacy in pro wrestling, and is an “institution.”

TNA cut to a generic hype video for tonight’s show, including The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels in a Full Metal Mayhem match, which will be the fourth in the best-of-5 series for the TNA Tag Team Titles.

Back live, Josh Mathews and The Pope are the commentators tonight. They’re talking up Kurt Angle vs. ECIII next week on Impact as Angle makes his way to the ring.

In-ring: Angle said that next week, he’ll be able to “shut ECIII up once and for all.” He said he would prove that bell-to-bell, no one is better than Kurt Angle. He challenged ECIII to bring out his mystery opponent for tonight.

ECIII enters the stage with Tyrus. He pumps up next week’s title match with Angle as Angle continued to demand to know who his opponent this week was. Angle said next week, ECIII would tap out, and tonight, his opponent would tap out as well.

ECIII said Angle knows he would never tap out. ECIII said he has something Angle doesn’t have, his unbeaten streak. ECIII goes on to say he has beaten everyone in front of him, including Sting, Lashley, Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray. He said he has beaten everybody. He said he’s just getting started. No one is in the locker room can defeat him. He said to raise their heroes from the ashes and he would sacrifice them “at my altar of perfection.”

Angle said ECIII isn’t obsessed with the title, he’s obsessed with himself. Angle said a good ego is healthy, but ECIII has gone way too far. Angle said Dixie Carter can’t help ECIII anymore, Tyrus can’t help him anymore, and his ego can’t help him anymore. Angle vowed to end ECIII’s unbeaten streak next week, and said he would make ECIII tap out.

ECIII took off his jacket and began to approach the ring screaming that he’ll never tap as he unbuttoned his shirt, but he stopped once he got to ringside and said he’d find that out next week.

ECIII then introduced Matt Hardy, who will be angle’s opponent tonight, picked by ECIII. Mathews said Angle and Hardy have never gone one-on-one.

[Reax: Generic, but good hype for the title match next week, which it feels like they’re finally getting to. They’re really playing up not just whether or not Angle can beat ECIII, but whether or not Angle can make ECIII tap. It’s definitely surprising to see Hardy as Angle’s mystery opponent, considering his wife just gave birth to their first child yesterday.]

They cut to Mathews and Pope, who are live at the ringside desk, breaking down what we’ll see tonight. They promoted The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels, Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love, and up next, Low Ki vs. Grado vs. Tigre Uno for the X Division Title.

Back to the overhead camera, Low Ki is making his entrance for the X Division Title match.

[Commercial Break at 9:11]

[Q2] In the arena: Tigre Uno is making his entrance while Low Ki is already in the ring. Grado is out next.

1 -- LOW KI vs. TIGRE UNO vs. GRADO -- elimination match for the vacant X Division Title

Low Ki starts the match with a huge slap to Grado’s face. The announcers hinted that Low Ki didn’t believe Grado belonged in this match. Uno and Grado are going one-on-one after Low Ki gets tossed from the ring. The announcers said Grado has a cult following all over the world, and Pope laughed at how long it was taking Grado to make it to the top rope. Low Ki cut off Grado going to the top, and Low Ki then hit Warrior’s Way to eliminate Grado with a pinfall.

*** Grado eliminated ***

It's down to Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno for the X Division Title.

Uno has the early control but Low Ki cuts Uno off going for a huracanrana and starts to control the pace. Low Ki heads to the top rope but Uno cuts him off. The announcers keep pushing how elusive Uno is, and how effective he is using the top rope, and just then Uno hit a corkscrew moonsault to score the pin on Low Ki.

WINNER: Tigre Uno at 5:05 to become the new X Division champion. Decent match with some good high-flying action from Uno, who got more offense in during this match than he probably has in the last six months on television.

After the match, Christy Hemme conducted a post-match interview, but Uno didn’t speak English. Mathews said this was the greatest night of Uno’s life.

[ Reax: Solid match, given what it was. They still could have gone with a better trio, though. Grado is a comedy act and Uno, until tonight, had been treated as a glorified jobber on television. He looked good here though, showcasing his high-flying style. ]

Backstage: Jeremy Borash is promoting The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels later tonight but he’s interrupted by Bram, who said he’ll challenge another former star. He said he battered Joseph Park and Crimson, adding that he hates everyone. He said he’s waiting, and wants anyone.

Bram then walked off and a huge hand in a black glove grabbed Borash from behind, off camera. Borash’s eyes bugged out of his head, and he just said, “It’s time.”

[Commercial Break at 9:24]

[Q3] Backstage: Taryn Terrell is backstage with the Dollhouse on their creepy set. She said she’s not happy with any of them, because they couldn’t do one little job. She asked what Jade and Marti have to say for themselves and they bickered about whose fault it was. Terrell said at Slammiversay it will be the three members of the Dollhouse against Kong and Brooke. Terrell said that playtime for Kong and Brooke is over on Sunday.

In-ring: Angelina Love is introduced by Christy Hemme. Love grabbed a mic and said that tonight is Velvet Sky’s last chance to win her way back on the TNA roster, and it’s not going to happen.


Velvet Sky needs to earn her way back on the TNA roster with a win in this match.

The match starts with some shoving and Love then slapped Velvet, but Velvet controlled the early portion of the match, smashing Love’s face turnbuckle to turnbuckle before throwing her to the outside.

On the outside, Velvet reverses an Irish whip and sends Love into the steel steps. Velvet then scoops Love up and tosses her back into the ring, but Love cuts her off with a sliding kick as Velvet tried to climb back under the bottom rope.

Back in the ring, Love is still in control. She climbs to the second rope, but Velvet has new life and cuts her off. Several clotheslines by Velvet and then she connects with three quick kicks before nailing a stunner for the pinfall.

WINNER: Velvet Sky at 5:15. Mathews puts over that Velvet Sky is back officially on the active roster for TNA.

[Reax: WWE, in a three-hour show, can barely promote one storyline for its female wrestlers. They surely can’t commit to who are the babyfaces and who are the heels. With TNA, in a two-hour show, there are currently two storylines for the ladies. They might not be prominently featured, but two is twice more than one.]

Backstage: The Dirty Heels are shown prepping for the Full Metal Mayhem match. Aries and Roode said there was nothing about tables, ladders, and chairs in their wrestling training. Aries said that the Wolves might think they have the advantage, but what they didn’t realize is that they played right into The Dirty Heel’s hands. Roode said that tonight, they’ll use the tables, ladders and chairs to break The Wolves in half, and tonight they could be as dirty as they wanted.

[Commercial Break at 9:41]

[Q4] Video: A vignette aired with a scale, talking about how someone needed to bring balance. It ended with the graphic reading “playtime is over …” at the end.

[ Reax: It could be a total coincidence, but Terrell just used that exact line only a few minutes ago in her backstage vignette. ]

Backstage: A roving cameraman catches up with MVP who is talking on a cell phone. MVP said the Rising hits hard, but in war you might lose a battle or two. He said he’s a strategist. He said not to worry about the BDC, because they’re better than they’ve ever been, and stronger than ever.

3 -- THE DIRTY HEELS (AUSTIN ARIES & BOBBY ROODE) vs. THE WOLVES (EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS) -- Match #4 in Tag Title series -- Wolves up 2-1 -- Full Metal Mayhem match

Mathews and Pope reiterate the rules of Full Metal Mayhem, noting that anythings goes, and the match ends by pinfall or submission.

The match quickly spills to the outside. Pope questioned on commentary if this style of match really plays to The Wolves advantage, or if this is more in favor of The Dirty Heels. There’s a standoff after the Wolves grab chairs and are standing in the ring.

[Commercial Break at 9:50}

Back from break, the Wolves are down and the Dirty Heels are in complete control. Aries and Roode put dual headlocks on Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Aries and Roode continue to be in total control, battering the Wolves with trash cans and other metal’ish objects.

Ladders make their way into the ring. The Wolves find themselves stacked on a ladder resting in the corner and Edwards starts to fight his way out, hitting a spinning heel kick on Roode. All four men are now down.

Edwards grabs a trash can lid and Richards has a chair. The Wolves are now assaulting the Dirty Heels as the live crowd is chanting for tables. Aries and Roode bail to the outside.

[Q5 -- second hour] With Aries and Roode on the outside, Edwards and Richards hit three consecutive suicide dives. Aries and Roode were kept standing after landing on the guardrail following the first two. Aries and Roode crawl back into the ring and Richards tees off on Aries’ head with a chair. He cracks Roode over the back with the same chair. Edwards picks up Aries for a suplex and Richards nails him with the trash can lid before Edwards dropped him on his back.

Edwards goes to the outside and pulls a chain out from under the ring. He hands it to Richards who wraps it around his ankle but misses the kick. Aries locks in a submission, but Edwards breaks it up.

Roode pulls Edwards to the outside and Aries hits a suicide dive.

Aries throws Edwards back in the ring while Roode sets up a table. Roode picks up Edwards on his shoulder and Aries hits a huge missile dropkick on the elevated Edwards, as Roode powerbombs him through the table. Richards is in the ring just in time to break up the pin attempt.

The Wolves go back on the offense. They dump a trash can over Aries head and Richards starts to batter Aries with a chair. Aries is now seated in the ring, still with the can over his head. Edwards and Richards go to opposite turnbuckles and hit dual missile dropkicks, paying homage to Shane McMahon.

Edwards picks up Aries who still has the can on his head, as Richards climbs to the top. Roode comes in from the outside and knocks Richards off the turnbuckle, then hitting a low blow on Edwards before scoring the pin.

WINNER: The Dirty Heels at 15:15 to force a decisive fifth match in their series. This was a very good match with all that you’d expect from Full Metal Mayhem. The announcers playing up that it might have been a match that benefited the Dirty Heels more than the Wolves was a good in-match story to tell.

Backstage: Borash brings in Matt Hardy for an interview. Hardy said he knows people are shocked, he was too. Hardy said he wasn’t passing up on this opportunity. He said he wants to be TNA World Hvt. champion. Hardy said he doesn’t like ECIII, and right as he does, ECIII interrupts. ECIII said next week, he’ll win and if Hardy wants a shot, he needs to kiss his ring. Hardy said that next week, everything rides on that match for ECIII. Hardy asked what would be ECIII’s legacy if Angle makes him tap out?

In-ring: Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are walking around ringside. Mathews and Pope were recapping the show at their ringside desk and suddenly look shocked. Jarrett is wearing a Global Force t-shirt, he has a microphone and is heading into the ring.

The live crowd is chanting, “Welcome back!” Jarrett asks, has hell frozen over? “What in the world are Jeff and Karen Jarrett doing in the middle of a TNA wrestling ring?” Jarrett asks. “Well I will address some points tonight, and others at a later date.”

Jarrett said one week ago he was in North Carolina, and he got a text from TNA management looking for a conference call to discuss something. Jarrett said at first he didn’t even reply. He then got on a plane and wondered what they wanted. After being in the air, Jarrett said he decided to reply. They got on the phone and they proposed that he come back and be in a match. Jarrett said that he almost hung up when TNA asked that, noting that he doesn’t even wrestle for his own promotion.

Jarrett said they proposed he come back for his match, the King of the Mountain match.

Jarrett then started to run through all of his memories with TNA and began to get emotional. He talked about founding the company with his father and remembering Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles. He said he started having this “warm and fuzzy feeling,” but since April of 2014, he had been putting his blood, sweat, and tears behind Global Force Wrestling. He thought about how this would affect Global Force.

Jarrett then gets very emotional wondering how Karen, his wife, would react to this. Karen took the mic and said she loves and supports Jeff, but she’s different than Jeff. Karen said after Jeff hung up the phone with TNA, she thought TNA was in their rearview mirror.

Karen said that Global Force Wrestling is their family’s future. Karen said her emotions took over and she told Jeff “absolutely not” at first. She told Jeff not to text or call them back. But she said Jeff continued to lay it out, and she understood that TNA was Jeff’s baby and that he started it with his dad. She said as hard as it was for her to understand, and she admitted she didn't completely understand why she was there, she said she loved her husband and supported him no matter what.

[Q6] She said this morning at 11:00 a.m., she was on the phone with Sonjay Dutt, crying her eyes out. Sonjay told her that she may never understand this, but Jeff didn’t go out the way he wanted to. No matter how bright the future is, right now, Jeff didn't leave TNA on his terms. He got fired on a backstage pre-tape. Karen said she didn’t come there to turnaround and go home. She told him that Sunday, he’ll make things right, the way Jeff Jarrett knows how to do it.

Jeff said that this Sunday, at Slammiversary, the King of the Mountain is declaring himself in the match. One last time, he said he’s walking the TNA aisle.

Jarrett’s music hit as Mathews said, “We have a saying in this business, never say never.”

[Reax: Well that was quite the ride. Jeff and Karen seemed genuinely emotional about all of it, with both appearing to legitimately tear up at times. The way the promo was cut, it seems ripe for Karen to turn on Jeff at Slammiversary on Sunday. There also seems to be more to this story. Jarrett said he would explain some of why he was there, and some points he would address at a later date. Without question though, this creates buzz for TNA. I'm not sure what value is there in any sort of "invasion" angle, considering that GFW's roster is small and I'm not even sure how many of them are contractually able to appear on television, but Jarrett returning to TNA, on the TNA spectrum, is quite newsworthy. And at this point, anything that can help TNA generate some eyeballs is good it.]

[Commercial Break at 10:18]

In-ring: Back from the break, Bram is in the ring waiting to see who will answer his challenge.

Out steps Vader, wearing his traditional red mask, black pants, and a cutoff shirt. Pope freaks out while Mathews calls Vader a legend.

4 -- BRAM vs. VADER

Bram and Vader lock up but break apart after a few seconds. They lock up again after some Vader trash talk, and Vader powers Bram to the canvas. Vader now landing some signature rights and lefts and he whips Bram to the corner.

Vader pulls Bram out of the corner and levels him with a clothesline. Bram ducks another clothesline and gets control after a boot to the midsection. Vader rips off his mask while Bram is pummeling him in the corner. Bram backs up and tries for a big splash in the corner but Vader comes out and tackles him. He sets up Bram for a Vader Bomb, but Bram gets his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin.

Bram grabs a turnbuckle wrench and hits Vader in the stomach, then starts to beat Vader with the wrench as referee Earl Hebner calls for the bell.

WINNER: Vader via disqualification at 4:15. Given Vader’s limitations with his age and size, this was actually a decent match. They kept it short and sweet, and that’s about all they could do.

During Bram’s post-match attack on Vader, Matt Morgan comes running to the ring and hits a fallaway slam on Bram to make the save, and then clotheslines him out of the ring as TNA throws to a graphic and crashes to a break.

Up Next: Eric Young vs. Chris Melendez.

[Reax: It was a strange return for Morgan. I like the spot in a match vs. Bram, but it was very quick and out of nowhere. It didn’t even sound like the crowd had much time to react to it. It was reminiscent of Lance Storm kicking off the WCW invasion angle, when he just ran out and superkicked Perry Saturn. It was so quick, not one really digested it.]

[Commercial Break at 10:29]

[Q7] In-ring: Eric Young is being introduced, followed by Sgt. Chris Melendez. Mathews recaps Young’s attack on Melendez at Hardcore War, including ripping off Melendez’s prosthetic leg and attempting to choke Kurt Angle with it.


Young powers Melendez to the corner and starts to land forearms to the chest and head as the crowd begins a loud “USA” chant. As this match begins, Mathews announces that at Slammiversary this Sunday, it will be Bram vs. Matt Morgan. Mathews also says there will be another match announced later tonight.

Meanwhile, Young tosses Melendez to the outside and plays to the crowd. Melendez climbs back in the ring, but Young hits a neckbreaker and continues to work over Melendez on the mat, cranking his neck, as Melendez tires to fight back with some punches to the midsection.

After grappling Melendez back to the mat, Young tries to rip Melendez’s leg off, but he Melendez kicks him off. Tying Young up in the ropes, Melendez starts to hit repeated forearms to Young’s face but Young hit a piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Eric Young at 3:45. Young have almost all of the offense here, other than one little flurry from Melendez near the end.

Up Next: Matt Hardy vs. Kurt Angle.

[Commercial break at 10:39]

Back from the break, The Rising and The Beatdown Clan are brawling around ringside. Pope says the brawl started backstage during the break.

Hernandez emerges from backstage and jumps into the ring, joining the BDC. Hernandez then takes out all three members of The Rising while the rest of the BDC recovers. Hernandez powerbombs Drew Galloway for the exclamation point.

[Q8] MVP grabs a mic and starts to yell at Galloway, saying that the BDC is stronger than ever. He announces that Hernandez is the newest member of the BDC, and they stand tall over Galloway in the ring.

[Commercial Break at 10:48]

6 -- TNA World Hvt. champion KURT ANGLE vs. MATT HARDY -- non-title match

The match is underway as soon as we return from the break. Hardy goes for an early cover and Angle kicks out. Angle quiets Hardy’s momentum with a belly-to-belly suplex. Pope and Mathews are putting over that Hardy is focusing on attacking Angle’s neck.

Good back-and-forth action early, with both Hardy and Angle getting in good offense with quick reversals.

Mathews announces, mid-match, that Austin Aries vs. Davey Richards will happen at Slammiversary, with the winner choosing the stipulation for the final match of the Tag Team Title series.

Angle hits an Angle Slam, but Hardy kicks out. Angle then applies an Anklelock, but Hardy rolls through it. Hardy goes to the top but misses a moonsault. Angle recovers and hits another German Suplex. He picks him up and hits another German, but Hardy is able to break away from the third attempt.

Hardy hits a Side Effect on a standing Angle. They stand up and Hardy hits another Side Effect. Cover, but Angle barely gets his shoulder up at two. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but Angle reverses him into the ropes. Hardy snatches Angle off the rope and this time hits the Twist of Fate. Cover, but Angle gets up just before the three count. Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate, but Angle counters into an Anklelock, and Hardy taps out.

WINNER: Kurt Angle at 6:52 via submission.

After the match, ECIII hits the ring with Tyrus and tries to attack Angle, but Matt Hardy starts to fight them off. Hardy throws ECIII down and Angle gets up, taking out Tyrus. ECIII is back up and chucks Hardy from the ring but Angle cuts him off and applies the Anklelock, ECIII is tapping furiously as the show goes off the air with Mathews wondering if that’s what we’ll see next week.

[Reax: Everything about this main event set up next week’s title match quite nicely. Angle won by submission and it was a good visual to close the show, with ECIII frantically tapping while Angle had the Anklelock applied. That’s just old-school booking, planting some seeds for the viewer next week. TNA has played up the submission angle so much at this point, you do have to wonder if the finish they book for next week leads to some sort of submission rematch.]

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s clear that TNA’s priorities are on Impact, and not the Slammiversary PPV this Sunday. There was more focus plugging next week’s Impact than the PPV, and given their situation, that’s the way it ought to be. TNA’s television contract is far more important than PPV, and that’s been the case or some time. If TNA weren’t locked into what I assume is a PPV contract with providers looking for original content, it wouldn’t likely even be producing PPV events.

There was some significant buzz this afternoon with all of the surprise returns on this show. By 6 p.m. EST, it was known throughout Twitter that there were big things happening, so tomorrow's viewership numbers should be interesting. Considering the buzz and the number of surprises, it will be interesting to see if TNA generated any new viewers, and how many of them they retained throughout the night.

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