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MCMAHON'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 8/26: Three title matches, set-up for next week's TNA Title match, Dixie-Jarrett Summit, more; Overall Reax

Aug 26, 2015 - 10:25:52 PM


TNA Impact Wrestling TV Results
August 26, 2015
Taped in Orlando, Fla.
Report by Mike McMahon (@MikeMcMahonPW), PWTorch contributor

Impact Wrestling opens with a video package highlighting last week’s show and the events of the last several weeks, including Jeff Jarrett being in control and Drew Galloway getting attacked backstage.

In-arena: The Hardys's music plays and Matt and Jeff Hardy make their way to the ring as Josh Mathews introduces the broadcast. Mathews says that Matt Hardy wants another shot at the TNA World Title. Also on commentary, The Pope says that Matt Hardy has made it his mission to get another shot at the TNA Title.

Jeff Hardy begins the promo by apologizing for breaking his leg in a dirt bike accident, telling the crowd, “I’ll make it up to you.”

Hardy said no one gave the Hardys a chance to succeed in pro wrestling but “the creatures” believed. Jeff said that Matt needs one more shot at Ethan Carter III. Jeff said if Matt got one more shot, there was no doubt in his mind that Matt would become the next TNA World Champion.

Matt said that was music to his ears. Matt said that it’s been over a year since Impact Wrestling welcomed him back, and the support has been overwhelming. Matt said the last time he faced ECIII, it was an extraordinary match, and it could have gone either way. He said he truly feels he’s the man to carry Impact Wrestling into the future. He told ECIII he’s coming for the World Title.

That brought out ECIII and Tyrus. They were on the ramp and ECIII had a microphone. ECIII said that in 1999, when he was just a kid, he was there live for a match that changed his life. He said it involved ladders and the Hardys. So to have the opportunity to share the ring with two legends he couldn’t be more ... disappointed.

He called the Hardys the “groveler and the gimp.” ECIII said he did what he does best, and he was victorious. The fans started chanting, “Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!” and ECIII said the people wanted another match, but they’re not getting it. He went to leave, but Jeff stopped him and asked him to explain to the people why he was a “jackass.” ECIII said he was a franchise and hood ornament of the company, as well as the World Champion.

ECIII said he’s a top guy, and it’s a spot Jeff should have, but he’s a daredevil who couldn’t stick a landing. Jeff said he wasn’t cleared to wrestle, but if someone would toss him a steel chair and beat the hell out of ECIII and Tyrus.

ECIII whispered to Tyrus, then said he was a giver of opportunities, and if the people wanted Hardy to have a re-match, he’d get one right now. But he said it comes with a caveat. ECIII said if Hardy wins, he gets the World Title. But, if ECIII wins, Jeff must become his personal assistant. ECIII then left the ring.

Announce studio: Mathews and Pope wondered if Matt and Jeff would accept that challenge. Mathews said Jeff needs to bet on his brother. Mathews also said that Jeff Jarrett is here and wondered if Dixie Carter would give him total control of Impact Wrestling.

Mathews then threw to a video highlighting the feud between Eric Young and Chris Melendez.

Backstage: Eric Young said that he won’t be responsible for what happens tonight. He said Chris Melendez made a fatal mistake asking for another match, and Young said right now, he’s taking his “fake leg.”

[Commercial Break at 9:14]

[Q2] Back from the break, Jeff Jarrett is entering the arena. He said nothing is definitive yet on if Dixie would name him in charge of the show.

In-arena: Christy Hemme introduced Eric Young and Chris Melendez.

1 -- ERIC YOUNG vs. CHRIS MELENDEZ -- if Eric Young wins, he gets Melendez’s prosthetic leg (seriously)

Young takes control early with some clotheslines, and Young puts the boots to Melendez while he’s down, following up with elbows. In the corner, Young is now dragging Melendez’s face on the ropes and fires off right hands in the corner.

On his knees, Melendez starts to fight back, but Young cuts him off with a knee. Young applies a rear chinlock and cranks on it. Melendez lands a modified stunner out of the rear chinlock and starts to get some offense. Young rakes the eyes and takes momentum right back but misses on a charge in the corner and Melendez gets a two count on a roll-up attempt.

After some wrestling near the ropes, Young schoolboys Melendez and puts both legs on the second rope to get the pin.

WINNER: Eric Young at 3:07.

Post-match, Melendez looks defeated as Young grabs a mic and screams at the fans to shut up before demanding Melendez’s leg. Melendez took off his leg and went to hand it to Young, who backed up and told him to “come closer,” as Melendez struggled to maintain his balance. He then tossed it to Young, who said it was going on his mantle. Young’s music played as he left the arena holding Melendez’s leg high above his head like a trophy.

[Reax: That was uncomfortable. The live crowd seemed to eat it up, though, and Young had really good heat. It didn’t sound like it was manufactured in post-production, either. There were some visual shots of the crowd and they looked genuinely heated. ... Wrestling can be goofy at times but it shouldn’t cross over into an area where, as an adult fan, you’d be embarrassed to have the show on while your non-fan friends are in the room. That’s what this segment was, though. Personally, if I had a non-wrestling-fan friend in the room and this came on, I’d turn it off to save the “you watch this stuff?” lecture.]

[Commercial Break at 9:26]

[Q3] Back from the break, Mathews recaps what we just saw from Eric Young and Chris Melendez.

2 -- X Division champion TIGRE UNO vs. D.J. ZEMA vs. SONJAY DUTT -- three-way X Division Title match

A lot of quick footwork to start the match from all three men before D.J. Z dropkicks Uno to the outside. After some chain wrestling, Sonjay lifts Zema over the top rope and he lands on Uno on the outside.

Still on the outside, Uno brings Zema back into the ring and finds himself in control. Uno hits a springboard moonsault off the second rope for a two count and then misses a springboard corkscrew, which gives Zema the opening to take control. Dutt is still on the outside.

After a superkick and a double clothesline, all three men are down. Zema and Dutt are up and Sonjay got caught by Zema attempting a springboard. Tigre Uno hits a German Suplex and then a frog splash for the win.

WINNER: Tigre Uno retains the X Division Title at 4:46.

[Reax: The crowd was really quiet for this match, despite the good athleticism. Good match for what it was. They didn’t have time to do much, but Sonjay Dutt continues to look good.]

Backstage: James Storm is with The Revolution. He said tonight, it’s all about them. They aren’t going to get the “company” hold them down because they are the face of the company.

[Commercial Break at 9:39]

Back from the break, TNA aired a highlight from earlier tonight on the promo between Matt Hardy and ECIII.

Backstage: Matt and Jeff Hardy are shown talking backstage but we can’t hear them.

3 -- TNA Tag Team Champions THE WOLVES (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. THE REVOLUTION (Manik & Abyss) -- TNA Tag Team Title match

[Q4] Abyss and Richards will start this match. They lock up and Abyss shoves Richards to the mat. He gets up and tags in Edwards, who suffers the same fate. Meanwhile, Mathews said: “Bully Ray is not coming back, the law is gone,” but he obviously didn’t mention Bully Ray’s signing with WWE earlier this week since this was pre-taped.

The match continues as Edwards hits rapid chops on Manik. Manik goes to the second rope but Edwards catches him and hits a cool-looking leaping stunner. With Abyss down in the corner, the Wolves a double dropkick. Edwards lifts Manik for a powerbomb and Richards comes flying to make it a Force of Nature for the win.

WINNERS: The Wolves retained the Tag Titles.

[Commercial Break at 9:54]

Video Package: Christy Hemme recaps the Knockouts calendar photo shoot.

In-arena: The Hardys are out on the stage for Jeff Hardy to answer ECIII. Jeff said ECIII is always using money to save his problem and making the people feel numb. Jeff said he’s accepting the challenge because Matt can’t lose. That match will happen next week.

[Reax: The first Hardy-ECIII match was great and this re-match feels like one of the more anticipated TNA matches in a while.]

Video Package: The (brief) history between TNA and Global Force Wrestling is highlighted, including Jeff Jarrett running Impact the last few weeks.

[Q5] Backstage: Dixie Carter is shown on the telephone.

4 -- Knockouts champion BROOKE vs. VELVET SKY -- TNA Knockouts Title match

Sky leads off with a side headlock and he hits a tackle very early into the match. Sky is in control for most of the match with little intermittent periods where Brooke had more offense. Sky and Brooke then trade right hands in the middle of the ring.

Both are down and getting back to their feet at the same time. Brooke hits a kick to the midsection and tosses Sky to the outside. They brawl around the ringside area and Brooke tosses Sky back into the ring. That’s when Jade and Marti Bell hit the ring and attack Brooke before turning their attention to Sky.

WINNER: The match ended in a No Contest due to interference; Brooke retained the KO Title.

Post-match, Sky tries to fight off Jade and Marti, then Rebel ran down to the ring. It looked like she was going to help Sky, but instead she kicked Sky and beat her down. Taryn Terrell then addressed Sky and Brooke on-screen, saying the ring was her house. Velvet Sky sold being out cold in the ring while Rebel, Jade, and Marti yelled and screamed in the middle of the ring, then celebrated.

Backstage: Bobby Roode was asked why he deserves to be in the #1 contender match to the King of the Mountain Title. He said tonight he’s going to prove to everyone why he’s the “it factor.”

[Commercial Break at 10:12]

[Q6] Back from the break, Mr. Anderson was shown backstage saying that tonight four of the best are competing for a shot at the King of the Mountain Title. Anderson said he could tell everyone how he’s the best, but his actions speak louder than words.

After he finished, the camera zoomed in on Drew Galloway, who looked mad while talking on the phone. He stormed off.

5 -- MR. ANDERSON vs. JAMES STORM vs. BOBBY ROODE vs. BOBBY LASHLEY -- Four-way match -- Winner becomes No. 1 contender for the TNA/GFW King of the Mountain Title

Lashley and Anderson are sort of teaming up to take on Storm at the start of the match. Now that he’s on the outside, Anderson and Lashley go through a quick sequence of moves, all missing, and then stopping in a stand-off.

[Commercial Break at 10:24]

Back from the break, Storm and Roode are in control, beating down Lashley and Anderson in the ring. Roode tosses Lashley to the outside as Beer Money, Inc. briefly look to the crowd, who cheer for a reunion, but then Storm and Roode immediately come to blows.

Storm goes for a cover, but Roode kicks out at two. Roode hits a flying neckbreaker off the top on Storm and goes for a pin, but Anderson breaks it up. Anderson is in there with Storm, but Lashley clotheslines him out of the ring.

Lashley hits a splash on Storm and follows that with right hands to the head. Lashley is on the top rope and goes for a superplex on Storm from the top rope, but Roode hits the ring and turns it into an electric chair powerbomb. Anderson and Roode then fight on the top rope, but Anderson misses a swanton as Roode moves out of the way.

[Q7] Storm sets his sights on Anderson, hitting a clothesline and then follows him to the outside. In the ring, Roode hammers away on Lashley. Roode gets the upper hand on Lashley in the ring, but Lashley regains control with a clothesline. Lashley then goes for a standing vertical suplex, but Roode hits a knee while hanging in the air.

Roode has Lashley on his shoulders, but Storm breaks that up. He’s thanked by a Lashley powerslam. Anderson then flies back in the ring and hits a neckbreaker on Lashley for a two count.

Anderson hits the Mic Check on Roode and goes for a cover, but Storm breaks it up. Anderson catches Storm on top and powerbombs him. Storm and Roode then work together on Anderson. Storm tries to kick Roode, but Roode blocks it and hits the Roode Bomb, which is good for the three count.

WINNER: Bobby Roode at 14:23.

[Reax: Really good match that had an electric pace to it at times. They told a good story here as well, with Roode angling for this opportunity over the last several weeks and finally earning it here. The live crowd also ate up the teased Beer Money reunion, with Storm and Roode working together in the beginning of the match.]

In-studio: Mathews and Pope announce that Brooke, Gail Kim, and Velvet Sky will all be on the cover of the Knockout calendar.

[Commercial Break at 10:36]

Back from the break, TNA replayed Hardy accepting ECIII’s condition for Matt Hardy’s TNA Title re-match next week. Mathews runs down the card for next week’s show, including the Hardy-ECIII title match.

Backstage: ECIII says he wants Hardy to be at his best. ECIII says he’ll beat him, fair and square, and then Jeff gets to be on Team ECIII.

In-arena: Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring to announce whether or not she’ll allow Jeff Jarrett to run the day-to-day operations of Impact Wrestling.

Dixie said she has learned that when someone sincerely offers their help, you listen. You don’t let stubbornness get in the way of making a good decision. Dixie said successful companies have leadership that works as a team.

Dixie said that when Jeff Jarrett came back to TNA this summer, it was great. She said she knew the opportunity was there, but she was just as shocked as everyone when it happened. She said she was the happiest person when it did. She said she owed Jeff an important decision on their future, and asked that he join her in the ring.

Out came Jeff Jarrett, who was wearing a GFW t-shirt and was not accompanied by his wife, Karen. Mathews re-iterated that Bully Ray is not returning.

Jarrett said that he appreciated Dixie’s kind words. He said the new chapter in their relationship was out of the blue. Jeff said he founded the company, but it was the days, weeks, and years that came after that which made TNA so special, and it was his home for over 10 years.

[Q8] Jarrett said he knew that Dixie needed help and he’s glad she realizes that. He said TNA and GFW working together is a win-win-win. It’s a win for TNA, for GFW, and for the wrestling fan. But with that said, the momentum is going but he believed it needs to keep growing.

Dixie said the last few weeks have exceeded her expectations. She said that when Dixie and Jeff work together, they’re unstoppable. Dixie said the show needs a leader, she was talking to her team and they were all in agreement. Drew Galloway then interrupted her from the stage. He said he had something he needed to tell her right now. The show then suddenly crashed to a break.

[Commercial Break at 10:48]

Back from the break, Drew said he wouldn’t interrupt unless it was necessary. He said the TNA-GFW relationship has been awesome. Galloway he respects Jarrett, he’s a legend, and the father of TNA.

Galloway said that Bully Ray was attacked and then he was, and up until 20 minutes ago he wouldn’t be out there until he found this out. Galloway said someone must have seen something. Then he put his criminology degree to work for the first time in his life and he found something in the security footage. He said you don’t see faces, but you see the getaway car.

Galloway said there were two attacks, two rental cars and one name on both rentals - Jeff Jarrett. Galloway said he feels like an idiot for not figuring it out. Drew said he had everything to gain. He could gain power with Drew gone and one of his guys could win the KOTM Title with Drew out of the picture.

Jarrett swore that he had nothing to do with it. Jarrett got in Galloway’s face and said if he’s lying, he’d drop him where he stands. Galloway said if it wasn’t him, who was it? Karen then emerges from backstage and says it was her. Karen said she did it for Jeff. She said she did it for their family and for GFW.

Jeff yelled at Karen that he didn’t ask her to do this, but Karen said he deserves it. She said TNA is his company and he deserves it. Karen said one spark can cause a giant inferno. Jarrett then low-blowed Galloway. GFW’s roster hit the ring and beat down Galloway as Dixie ran from the ring.

Rockstar Spud ran down to help Galloway, but he was alone and he also took a beat down. The Wolves then ran down to help out, but they were immediately swallowed up by GFW’s roster. After the beat down, all of the TNA wrestlers were left lying in the ring while the GFW roster stood tall as the show went off the air.

[Final Thoughts: Much better show than last week’s, which fell flat despite the Turning Point theme. They finally paid off the GFW-TNA rivalry with what looks like an actual invasion angle. The question is whether or not it’s too late. It’s almost hard to believe that Jarrett has been back on TNA television for two months. What has he done in that time? Won the KOTM Title? Perhaps it’s because he came back in the middle of a television taping, but it feels like they wasted several weeks where the iron could have been a little hotter. They’re going to have to do a good job building up the names involved with GFW, because no one has any investment in the brand itself. The angle could work, but it needs to be more than just a wrestling company without any television exposure - aside from Impact - invading Impact.]

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