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TNA SACRIFICE PPV RESULTS 5/16: Keller's ongoing live coverage - RVD vs. Styles, Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy, Sting vs. Jarrett

May 16, 2010 - 7:13:35 PM

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

MAY 16, 2010

-After a video package previewing the main events, Mike Tenay and Taz introduced the show.

1 -- TEAM 3D vs. MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS vs. BEER MONEY INC. -- Number One Contender's Match

Taz said Team 3D are the most decorated tag team in history. Tenay said the Guns may be the best tag team to never be tag team champions. Taz said watching the Guns wrestle is like watching a video game. Not everyone would consider that a compliment. When Sabin kicked Brother Ray in the ribs, Taz said there's a lot of padding there to absorb the impact. Ray avoided a dive over the top rope to ringside, then looked down at him and said "stupid." Ray tagged in Devon. The crowd chanted "Motor City! Motor City!" The Guns made a comeback and attacked Team 3D with a variety of double-team moves. Sabin dove through the legs of Sabin and through the ropes and speared Storm at ringside. Tenay wondered if the focus of Beer Money is on Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. Roode tagged in at 8:00 and went at Shelley in the corner with chops. Beer Money controlled Shelley for several minutes. At 11:00 Shelley made a comeback against Roode, then leaped off the ropes onto Storm at ringside. Sabin tagged in and gave Roode a tornado DDT. Team 3D broke up the pin attempt. All six wrestlers were in the ring brawling briefly. Team 3D cleared the ring of the Guns and then gave Roode a Doomsday Device clothesline. Sabin returned to the ring with a springboard bodyblock on Ray. Ray did that thing where he leaps high into the air before being hit which make the move look more cool yet completely and totally choreographed. Storm sprayed Ray with a mouthful of beer as Team 3D set up 3D. The Guns then finished Ray with a top rope bodyblock-neckbreaker combo.

WINNERS: The Motor City Machine Guns in 13:00 when Sabin pinned Ray.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Good opening tag match. Good to see the Guns get a meaningful win.

-They showed Tenay and Taz at ringside. We saw Tenay's yellow notepad covered in hand-written notes regarding the show. He looked at it for talking points as they did that segment. Tenay talked about local authorities looking into the false accusations Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea concocted against Abyss leading to Abyss's arrest. Taz said that wasn't cool of Wolfe to do what he did.

2 -- ROB TERRY vs. ORLANDO JORDAN -- Global Title Match

Tenay said Jordan has "bizarre behavior and bizarre beliefs." Jordan was lowered from the rafters by nothing more than a hot pink strap under his armpits. Taz compared it to a Cirque De Sole or Lady Gaga concert. He aid it's better than wearing a towel over your head, a funny self-deprecating comment. Terry tossed Jordan around like Alistar Overreem tossing Brett Rogers around last night. Terry did the usual moves wrestlers did back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the last time any promoter tried to draw money with someone like him doing nothing but backdrops and clotheslines and flexing. Jordan at 3:00 began leg kicks to take over offense. Terry came back out of nowhere at 7:00 with a chokeslam for the win.

WINNER: Terry in 7:00 to retain the Global Title.

STAR RATING: 1/4* -- It's really not fair that Terry is put on TV with how extremely limited he is in what he can do. He's about as ill-prepared as any wrestler I've seen on national TV in 30 years. What's peculiar is that he neither a personality nor promo skills, so it's obvious he's there because of one thing, and that makes it even worse.

-Terry limped down the ramp after the match with his belt, selling a left knee injury. Jordan attacked him from behind. Taz said his knee may be blown out. Terry clutched his knee in pain. Taz and Tenay put over Jordan's vicious and violent side.

-A camera caught Ray and Devon talking in their locker room backstage about their loss. Ray said Storm spit beer right into his eyes and it still burns. Ink Inc. walked into the room and told them they had a hell of a match. Team 3D wished them luck in their first tag team title shot later. Ray told Neal to keep his eyes open. When they walked away, Ray freaked out because Neal implied he and Moore would help take care of them. Devon told him to calm down.

3 -- KAZ vs. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS -- X Division Title Match

Taz said it wasn't fair to strip Williams of the title because he was "stuck in a volcano." Tenay corrected him that he wasn't actually stuck in a volcano. Taz said it's also wrong that Williams won't give the title belt to Kaz. Tenay actually stood up for management, saying they promised an X Title match and wanted to deliver on it. That's really stretching. I mean, that's their reason, but it shows how little they get how to portray a title as important. You don't make a title seem important by stripping the champion of a title for missing one show due to travel problems. No single title match, even on a PPV, is important enough to be worth demeaning the value of the championship by not having the champion lose his title in the ring when it wasn't his fault he no-showed a title match. Taz mockingly said, "I don't blame TNA management for that. That was a good idea." He laughed and Tenay said he was really riding the fence.

Taz talked about Kaz's dedication to the wrestling industry. He talked about him driving 3,000 miles across the country from Southern California to Massachusetts to train with Killer Kowalski. Kaz out mat-wrestled Williams in the early part of the match. Tenay told a story about Kaz, before he was a wrestler, telling Tenay during an autograph session in the late-'90s in San Diego that some day he'd call his matches. Taz couldn't believe anyone would want Tenay's autograph. Tenay said Rey Mysterio was there, too. We got some armbar and more armbars in the early minutes by Taz. Taz said it's a different style of match than usual for Kaz. Kaz hit a cool Oklahoma roll into a near fall, then reapplied the armbar. At 8:00 Williams shoved Kaz off the top rope and did that hilarious head gyrating thing he does while holding his wrist. At 11:00 Kaz dove over the top rope onto Williams at ringside. The pace picked up from there with some near falls by Kaz. Williams came back with a flying knee in the corner. He teased going to the top rope, but then blew it off as if to say it'd be stupid to do that. Kaz sat out on a sunset piledriver attempt that looked a bit botched. Williams finished Kaz with the Chaos Theory.

WINNER: Williams in 16:00 to regain the X Title.

STAR RATING: **1/2 - This got better as the match progressed, but the first half was too slow by about 20 percent.

-The camera dropped in on an argument between Wolfe and Chelsea. Chelsea freaked out, saying the deception was his idea. She was scared about the police investigating them. Wolfe said he made her a promise about getting her the ring. She wanted him to call the whole thing off. Wolfe said she has breeding and class, but she's amiss if she thinks this is about her. He said if he wins tonight over Abyss, it'll place him higher in the new rankings being released this week. "You are mine and nothing can change that," he said.

-A vignette aired on Tara saying she's out to prove she's the best and the backstory of her feud with The Beautiful People.

4 -- MADISON RAYNE (w/Angelina Love, Lacey Von Erich) vs. TARA -- Knockouts Title

The pre-screen graphic said, "BP's Spill Gold... Not Oil." Tenay said Tara put her career at stake in this match. Rayne told Love and Von Erich to leave because she had things under control. The crowd took turns chanting for each woman. Tenay said it was like "taste's great, less filling." Taz said, "1986 wants it's commercial back." Lots of early near fall exchanges. Tara begged off a little. Taz said Tara sometimes gets a little overly worked up and "weird" sometimes. At 2:00 Tara applied a guillotine. Tenay said her MMA training was showing. At 4:00 Tara gave Rayne a Widow's Peak. Rayne rolled to the floor to recover. Tara hit a moonsault for a near fall. She reacted with strange facial expressions again. Taz said it was more indications of her being unstable. She went for a moonsault, but Rayne moved. Rayne then gave Tara her finisher for the win. Taz said that has to be considered an upset. Tara looked up at the referee as the realization of her career ending sunk in. Tenay said her decade-long career came to an end. He said it was about a year ago her TNA career began. She took her tarantula out of its cage and held it up as fans stood and applauded. She cried. The crowd chanted her name. A member of security entered the ring and told her it was time to leave. Another security member held the ropes open for her. She waved at the fans as she walked to the back.

WINNER: Rayne in 5:00 to retain the TNA Women's Title.


-Christy Hemme interviewed Hall, Nash, and Young backstage. Young said he was picked by Hall and Nash because nobody else was cool enough to join them. He said there's more fame and money with them standing shoulder to shoulder than face to face. Hall said Syxx Pac is like a brother to him, but it's not show friends, it's about show business. Nash handed Young his tag title belt. Hall did the same. Nash said The Band are tag champions, not just he and Hall, just like the Freebirds. He said any two of them could wrestle at any given time. Nash said Ink Inc. have charisma, sweet hair, some ink, and youth. He said he has some ink on his body older than them combined. He said tonight won't be their night, though. That was not a flattering camera angle of Nash's physique.

5 -- SCOTT HALL & KEVIN NASH vs. INK INC. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) -- TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Hall threw his toothpick in the face of Moore, then laughed. Moore slapped him. Watching Hall, all you can think about is how rough he looks compared to his prime. Sure, he's lost enough weight to feel okay in trunks instead of an Elvis outfit, but it's still nowhere near someone in athletic shape. Mooer caught Hall with a dropkick, then Hall bumped for another move before Moore even executed it. Nash tagged in at 2:00 and asked for Neal. Nash did the knee to the gut and the corner beatdown. Hall tagged back in at 4:00 and applied an abdominal stretch. At 6:00 Moore got a hot-tag. He charged at Nash, but Nash moved and the ref got crushed in the corner. Neal threw some forearms at Nash, who took a bump. Young walked out with a kendo stick. Nash swung and missed. Neal then speared Nash and picked up the stick. Young yanked it away from him. Ray ran out and tackled Young, the hit him with the stick. He entered the ring and got in Nash's face. He trash-talked him as Neal tried to talk him out of the ring. Ray turned and hit Neal in the head with the stick. Young threw the ref into the ring who counted Nash pinning Neal. Apparently a single kendo stick shot suddenly became lethal.

WINNERS: Hall & Nash in 8:00 to retain the TNA Tag team Titles.


-They cut to a video package on the Abyss-Chelsea angle.

6 -- ABYSS vs. DESMOND WOLFE (w/Chelsea)

Chelsea looked reluctant to be coming to ringside. She tried to leave, the referee made her stay at ringside since if Wolfe lost, Abyss gets her services for 30 days. Abyss attacked Wolfe on the ramp from behind. Tenay said given what Wolfe did, Abyss can't be faulted for such an attack. Tenay asked what the "30 days of services" entailed. At 2:00 Abyss walked toward Chelsea, who was forced to sit on the ramp and watch the match. Wolfe attacked Abyss from behind and controlled the match for several minutes. Taz said he believes one day Wolfe will be TNA World Champion. When Abyss made a comeback, Chelsea shouted at Wolfe, "You can't lose!" Abyss blocked the Wolfe lariat and then chokeslammed him. Chelsea got up to interfere. Abyss grabbed her by her throat. She tossed Wolfe a black case. The ref separated Abyss and Chelsea as Wolfe put in the knux and KO'd Abyss. The ref escorted Chelsea back to her chair, giving Abyss recovery time. Abyss kicked out before three when Wolfe went for the cover. Abyss made the Hogan-style comeback, no-selling Wolfe's offense. Abyss then gave Wolfe a Black Hole Slam for the win.

WINNER: Abyss in 9:00 to win Chelsea for 30 days.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Abyss's current character just isn't working, nor is this 2010 version of a half-assed execution of the "woman's services at stake for 30 days" storyline.

-Hemme interviewed Mr. Anderson. He asked her if she thinks maybe he could become a Jeff Hardy "Creature of the Night." He mockingly did a "Let's Go Hardy!" chant and "This is awesome!" chant. He said doesn't want to do that. "Why? Because I'm an asshole, that's why." He added, "I have a following. They're called Anderson's assholes." He said Anderson's Assholes will proudly and loudly drown out the Hardy fans. Okay, Anderson's execution is entertaining, but on what planet does someone in wrestling management or creative have to live to think Abyss's character works on the same show as Anderson's? Pick one direction or the other, but nobody who is into the Abyss character doing the Hogan-worship routine is going to also sit through the "Anderson Assholes" promo.


After an early flurry by Hardy, Anderson took control for several minutes including settling into an abdominal stretch at 6:00. Hardy backdropped Anderson over the top rope as part of his comeback at 8:00. He grabbed a chair and launched off of it on the ramp. The ref scolded Hardy for setting it up, but then didn't bother taking it off the ramp when Hardy walked away to get a running start and then played to the crowd. Hardy hit Anderson with a leaping leg lariat off the chair, sending Anderson over the top rope back into the ring. The crowd battled in chants of "Let's go Hardy!" and "Let's go Asshole!" Anderson went for his Mic Check at 11:00, but Hardy elbowed out. Anderson dropped Hardy's throat over the middle rope and then executed the Mic Check. Hardy grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin. Hardy came back and teaesd a top rope move at 13:00. He jumped down, though, because Anderson wasn't getting into position for whatever he had in mind. Taz said that's being smart. My money is on Hardy yet again forgetting a spot, which he infamous for doing lately (if not always). Hardy gave him a Twist of Fate and then ripped off his shirt. Then he climbed to the top rope. Anderson caught him, though, and lifted him into a fireman's carry position on the second rope. Hardy punched at Anderson and they both fell straight down, Anderson's face hitting the mat. That was the spot Hardy was expecting to do a minute earlier. Hardy hit the Swanton for the win, although it took him two tries to hook Anderson's leg. Hardy looked a bit ridiculous with lime green hair and what would almost qualify for black face with a purple tint by the end of the match. He looked like the after picture of a character in a Looney Toons cartoon after the TNT backfires. Anderson offered a handshake to Hardy afterward. Hardy blew it off and shot Anderson a dirty look.

WINNER: Hardy in 14:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Are they going to blow off the potential RVD vs. Anderson feud which should be the centerpiece of this promotion for the next three months and prematurely turn Anderson babyface?

-Hemme interviewed Ric Flair backstage, who said he is the picture of confidence. Styes asked if these are dark times for TNA. He said a man holding the TNA Title has no business representing the company. He asked how they can respect a man who has no business respecting himself. He said he's going to win the match and regain his title because Flair is a man who deserves to be surrounded by greatness. He said he's going to make his last record-setting run as TNA Champion seem like a blip on the map. He closed with the trite catchphrase, "There two things you can do about it - nothing and like it."


As Jarrett's entrance music played, he didn't walk out. Cameras backstage showed Sting attacking Jarrett with a baseball bat, bloodying him in the process. The referees told Sting to take it to the ring. Tenay said he's know Sting for more than a decade and he's shocked by his actions. He tried to pop Jarrett's shoulder out of its socket. Tenay said it's painful to watch Sting like this. Sting dragged Jarrett to the announce desk and rubbed Jarrett's blood on the format sheet. He then rammed him into the security railing at ringside. Then threw him into the stairs. Sting dragged Jarrett into the ring, hit the Scorpion Death Drop, and scored the pin. Tenay said Sting has lost his mind. Sting leaned over and told Jarrett if he wants to "play the deception game," he's not different than "those guys" and he's paying the price tonight. Tenay said just when they expect answers from Sting, they get more questions. Referees and medics entered the ring to tend to Jarrett. They worked to pop his shoulder back into place as Jarrett yelled out in pain. Sting paced back and forth in the ring watching them put Jarrett on a gurney. When they finally got Jarrett on the gurney and half way up the ramp, Sting tipped Jarrett over. Hulk Hogan made his first appearance. He told the medics to get Jarrett to the back. Sting smiled in the ring and twirled his bat.

WINNER: Sting in a few seconds officially after a seven minute beatdown.

STAR RATING: n/a -- Sting and Jarrett found another way to avoid executing a full fledged match and doing a stand-up brawl. For an angle, the beat down was convincing and solidified Sting is a heel and not a tweener. Maybe this is the end of Jarrett putting himself on TV as a top level babyface. Or maybe this is a way for Jarrett to take time off and come back for a big grudge match against Sting later this year.

-They went to Tenay and Taz reacting with disgust at what Sting just did. Tenay was believable and seemed sincere in his disgust. They replayed extended clips of the beatdown, then they discussed Sting's comments about the deception game, wondering what that meant. I wonder if anyone has any idea in mind regarding what that means.

-Hemme interviewed RVD who said he's held many titles over the years, and some meant so little to him that he forgot to bring it to the ring with him. That probably wasn't the only reason. He said the TNA Title is entirely different because he stands for everything the belt stands for. He said he's the best wrestler, the coolest, and the most popular. RVD said more people than ever are going to be tuning in to watch Styles wrestle now, but unfortunately for him he's getting his ass kicked.

9 -- ROB VAN DAM vs. A.J. STYLES -- TNA World Hvt. Title Match

They paced themselves early as if this was going to be a long match. Lots of posturing in the opening two minutes. When RVD got in his first offense by avoiding a Styles dive, Flair grabbed RVD's leg. Referee Earl Hebner scolded Flair, shoved him, and ordered him to the back. Styles complained to Hebner as Flair walked to the back. Flair joined Tenay and Taz at the announce table and complained. He said, "Earl Hebner is a dead man!" He sat next to them as Styles clotheslined RVD at ringside, then hit a running flip dive over the top rope onto RVD at 5:00. Flair complained about RVD walking around pointing at himself with his thumbs. At 7:00 Styles made a comeback. Flair said he's tired of Hogan and Eric Bischoff telling him what to do. "I may have to take Dixie Carter to that suite in the hotel again." Taz broke into a smile. Flair said Styles likes being the face of the company, and to be the face of the company you have to be the champion. Flair said if you're the champion, you make the most money, get the best women, and control your own destiny. More good basic stuff building up why the title is so important. It has to be defined like this, not taken for granted as it's been too often during the last 15 years in pro wrestling, especially when Vince Russo has had influence.

Styles made a cocky pin attempt at 10:00, flexing his right arm as he leveraged RVD to the mat. RVD kicked out. Styles hit a springboard clothesline for another two count. He grew frustrated. So did Flair who complained about Hebner's slow count. Styles hit a Pele kick for another near fall. Styles went for a corner Stinger Splash, but RVD moved and then hit a northern lights suplex for a near fall at 15:00. Taz said it's great seeing two men in their primes going at it like this. RVD crotched Styles on the top rope, then leaped off of the top turnbuckle with a kick, knocking Styles hard to the mat. RVD went for a Rolling Thunder, but Styles lifted his knees to block it. Styles sold a hurt knee afterward, then put RVD into the torture rack. He turned that into a powerbomb for a near fall. At 19:00 they collided mid-ring and were both slow to get up. Styles went for a springboard 450 splash, but RVD moved. Flair got up and was going to head back to the ring, but Jay Lethal walked out in a suit and waved his winger "no, no." He brawled with Flair on the ramp. Flair dropped him with a chop. Lethal came back with a low blow and then put Flair in a figure-four leglock. Back in the ring, Styles knocked RVD off balance on the top rope and then set up a superplex. RVD blocked it and dropped down, knocking Styles throat-first over the top rope. He followed with a Five-Star Frogsplash for the win.

WINNER: RVD in 24:00 to retain the TNA World Hvt. Title.

STAR RATING: ***3/4 -- This was a very good match, and Flair's commentary was entertaining, but the Lethal-Flair angle at the end was thing too many in this one. This was a story that could have been told by RVD and Styles without needing that tainting RVD's win. Not a Match of the Year by any means, but a satisfying PPV main event overall.

-Tenay closed out the PPV by hyping that on Impact on Thursday they'd announce the top ten contenders.

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