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CALDWELL'S TNA SLAMMIVERSARY PPV RESULTS 6/15: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Eric Young defending TNA Title in cage match, Texas Death Match, Cowboys, more

Jun 15, 2014 - 9:56:54 PM


TNA Slammiversary PPV Results
June 15, 2014
Live in Arlington, Texas
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The PPV opened with Kenny King complaining to MVP backstage while Bobby Lashley stood and watched. MVP, on crutches, said he's not supposed to be here, but he's here to make sure everything goes according to plan. King wanted to make sure MVP has his back, but MVP said everyone is on their own tonight because Dixie Carter complained to the Board of Directors and they're watching him like a hawk as Director of Wrestling Operations.

TNA transitioned to an opening video package on 12 years of TNA. Live at UT-Arlington, Mike Tenay introduced the show as TNA panned the crowd. Tenay transitioned to the X Division six-way monkey bars match opening the PPV.

In-ring: TNA tag champs The Wolves were introduced first, bringing out Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards as the first two challengers. Tigre Uno was out next. Long ring entrance for Tigre as they waited and the announcers filled time. The Menagerie's music eventually played to bring out a midget in a ringmaster outfit. Rebel, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, was out next to bring out Knux, The Freak, and Crazy Steve, representing the group. Their entrance was actually shorter than Tigre's, then Manik was introduced as the final challenger. Out last was X Division champion Sanada. Sanada did not even make it into the ring, as Manik flew at him with a big splash on the outside. Suddenly, the bell sounded, one match after TNA made a big deal about competitors having to be in the ring for the bell to sound in the main event of Thursday's Impact. The announcers skipped over trying to explain the inconsistent application of rules as the action broke out.

1 -- X Division champion SANADA vs. EDDIE EDWARDS vs. DAVEY RICHARDS vs. TIGRE UNO vs. MANIK vs. CRAZY STEVE (w/The Menagerie) -- six-way ladder match for the X Division Title

Bodies everywhere early on, prompting the referees to check on wrestlers on the floor. Back in the ring, The Wolves doubled up on Tigre, then stood tall together in the ring. TNA replayed a spot where Eddie completely missed Tigre's head on an enziguiri, but still made the kick sound slapping his body. Steve found himself in the ring and knocked over Sanada by swinging the ladder around and around. Tigre and Eddie also got knocked down in the process. Steve then climbed the ladder, but Manik cut him off. Manik fell down, then climbed the ladder, but Steve pushed him over the top rope onto a pile of bodies ringside.

Steve was alone in the ring again and set up the ladder. But, Steve was too crazy and lost his place, giving Sanada enough time to re-enter the ring and push Steve down to the mat. The gimmicked ladder would not fold for Sanada, who eventually just placed Steve on the ladder and climbed to the top turnbuckle to deliver a moonsault. Sanada gathered himself and climbed the ladder, but Tigre cut him off. Tigre then placed a ladder on the main ladder to create a bridge of sorts. Tigre's advantage was short-lived, as the Wolves combined for a double-team backstabber.

At 8:00, Eddie and Davey found themselves alone in the ring. They climbed to the top of the ladder, then paused and decided to trade blows. After the Wolves Exploded, Sanada re-entered the scene to yank Eddie down. Sanada and Eddie then suplexed themselves over the top rope to the outside. Manik then springboarded onto the ladder and battled Davey before delivering a sick sunset flip powerbomb off the main ladder onto the bridge ladder below. Sanada capitalized by climbing the ladder and getting close to the X Title belt, but Eddie cut him off. Sanada shook him off, though, and grabbed the title belt to win and retain.

WINNER: Sanada at 9:40 to retain the X Division Title. Above-expectations opener for a match with no back-story and six guys thrown together. It helped having a hot crowd into the action from start to finish that the wrestlers fed off. (**3/4)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz were shown on-camera to discuss the MVP situation. Taz recapped Friday's news that MVP will not be cleared to compete tonight against TNA World champion Eric Young, setting up Young facing two men in a TNA Title match tonight.

Suddenly, MVP's music interrupted to bring out MVP on crutches. MVP's music suddenly cut off, then restarted. MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King stood on-stage to boos, then MVP took the mic to address the crowd. MVP said he's supposed to be at the hospital with a serious torn meniscus and this is how he's treated? He said they are less than a football throw away from a billion dollar monument to mediocrity, and he gets booed? He said he understands people are upset because they spent their money to see him become TNA champ tonight. "No!" shouts from the crowd. MVP said this is not right.

MVP continued on to Dixie Carter. He said he has been censored by the Board of Directors, and he's not sure why. Now, because the BOD instructed him to book a fair replacement match, he is gifting the audience with EY still defending the TNA Title tonight in a steel cage. However, Bobby Lashley will face Samoa Joe and Kenny King will face Austin Aries to determine which two wrestlers face EY tonight in the main event. MVP said he should be thanked for being fair, then said he will not be involved in either match.

King took the mic and called them winners and champions, unlike Tony Romo and the lame Cowboys. He said there's no way EY is leaving this building as champion. King vowed to serve up ass-kickings tonight, then MVP taunted the crowd with Samoa Joe chants. MVP asked Joe how it's going to feel when he becomes Lashley's prey. He sent Lashley down to the ring, setting up the next match. Joe's music then brought out Samoa Joe to face Lashley.

2 -- BOBBY LASHLEY vs. SAMOA JOE -- Winner advances to TNA Title main event

Lashley opened things up on the offensive, delivering an early corner tackle from a three-point stance. Joe answered with a corner attack, then an enziguiri that connected. Joe stood over Lashley, then ran into a knock-down clothesline from Big Bobby. Joe tried to come back with a corner boot, but Lashley bailed to the outside for a breather. Lashley paced ringside, then looked up to find a flying Samoa Joe crashing down on him. The match continued ringside with Lashley regaining control.

Back in the ring, Lashley continued to apply pressure with power offense. Joe responded with a leaping kick to the head, creating an opening to mount a comeback. Joe delivered a flying senton, did a throat-slash, and scored a nearfall. Joe followed with a corner E. Honda slam, then stalked Lashley for a rear-naked choke, but Lashley rammed him into the corner. Lashley tried to follow with a corner-mount attack, but Joe cut him off. Ref Earl Hebner randomly started wandering around the ring, then Joe almost crashed into him. Joe pumped the brakes to avoid contact, then turned around and took a spear from Lashley for the three count.

WINNER: Lashley at 8:53. TNA needs new "outs" for babyfaces losing; ref Earl visibly wandering around in the corner for the finish put a damper on a pretty solid match backed by another hot crowd. (**1/2)

Carter Suite: Jeremy Borash approached Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud to discuss matters. Dixie flashed a big smile to the camera and said she's excited to be back home. Dixie said no one has seen Ethan Carter III's vicious side yet, and Bully Ray will get a first-hand look at it tonight. JB asked for info on Dixie's important meetings this week. She said she will not share those details until she's standing in the middle of the ring. Dixie laughed at MVP's misfortunes, then vowed to give him what's coming to him.

In-ring: Magnus, along with Bram, was introduced first for the next match. Jeff Hardy, as Willow, came out next and did a wild lap or two around the ring before falling down in front of the announce table. No sign of Abyss yet. Hardy sat down in a ringside chair, then unzipped his ring jacket as Abyss's music played. Abyss slowly walked out on-stage, then slowly walked down to ringside. Abyss entered the ring as if this is a tag match, prompting Tenay to inform everyone that this is a singles match. Abyss left the ring, then Magnus re-entered the ring to face Hardy.

3 -- MAGNUS (w/Bram) vs. JEFF HARDY/WILLOW (w/Abyss)

Magnus dominated and wore down Hardy early on as Bram ranted & raved ringside. Hardy made a comeback with a corner dropkick, then delivered a second-rope splash for a two count. Hardy climbed all the way to the top next, but airballed a big splash. Bram suddenly decided to enter the ring, but Abyss pulled him out of the ring and beat the crap out of Bram with rights and lefts. Bram brawled back, then Magnus jumped to ringside to join the scrap. Suddenly, Hardy stood on the top turnbuckle and did a no-look flying back splash that took out the heels.

Back in the ring, Abyss beat up Bram, who looked more and more like Chris Hero with his hair unfurled from its standard pulled-back look. The ref tried to get Abyss out of the ring, then Hardy re-entered the ring for two Twist of Fates to Magnus. But, Magnus kicked out of a pin. Suddenly, Bram showed up ringside with a weapon, then Abyss went under the ring to retrieve his giant barbed wire board. Bram dropped his object, then bailed up the ramp as Abyss stalked him.

Back in the ring, Magnus crotched Hardy, then grappled him for a rear-grip uranage. Magnus covered for the win. The bell sounded, drawing Abyss's attention back to the ring. Abyss sold concern as Bram returned to the ring to celebrate with Magnus. Abyss then chased off the heels before standing over Hardy.

WINNER: Magnus at 10:01. Chaotic singles match that probably should have just been a tag match. (**)

Announcers: Tenay and Taz shouted out to the French announce team, getting Celian Varini on-camera. Tenay switched gears to discussing the TNA Hall of Fame.

TNA Hall of Fame Announcement

In-ring: JB was standing by to introduce the TNA Hall of Fame announcement. First, JB brought out Kurt Angle to announce the next HOF inductee. Angle, recovering from knee surgery, limped out on-stage sans crutches. Angle, dressed in a suit, was able to go side-to-side on the entrance ramp shaking hands with fans before marching up the ring steps into the ring. No obvious injury signs for Angle.

JB left the ring, giving Angle the floor to soak up the crowd response, including a loud "USA" chant. Angle thanked Dallas for the response, then thanked the Board of Directors to allow him to make this announcement. "Thank you, Kurt!" the crowd chanted at Angle, who said he is not retired yet.

Angle then announced the 2014 Hall of Fame inductee ... Team 3D. Out came Bully Ray first, then Devon making his TNA re-re-return. Taz said he had no idea Devon was even here as Team 3D entered the ring to hug Angle. Bully waited out a lot of crowd noise that eventually gelled into a long "We Want Tables" chant before speaking.

Bully eventually talked over the chant that it was the best "We Want Tables" chant they have heard in forever. A "3D" chant followed. He said he cannot begin to tell Devon how great it is to be standing in this ring with him again. They hugged as Angle stood off in the corner applauding. "Welcome Back" chant for Devon. Bully said they accept the HOF induction - for one reason and one reason only. Because of the fans. Bully said each fan is responsible for making 3D.

Devon then took the mic to a sustained "Devon" chant. Devon said last August when he left TNA, he vowed not to come back because he thought he was done and through. "You still got it" chant from the crowd in response. But then he got the phone call about the HOF induction. He said he's been up and down the highways with Bully winning Tag Titles and it's only fitting that if they're going out, they go out together. And if that means going out in the Hall of Fame, then let them go out in a blaze of glory. Devon and Bully posed together as Angle applauded in the background.

[ JC's Reax: TNA needed something significant for the New York City TV tapings, so if Devon is coming back to TNA on a regular basis, this fit the bill. ]

Video Package: On-cue, TNA ran a hype video for Impact tapings in NYC.

Backstage: JB brought in Ethan Carter III, who mock applauded Team 3D's HOF induction. He said he beat the first HOF inductee, Sting, and injured the second one, Kurt Angle, so tonight he will beat Bully Ray in a Texas Death Match to become the ... Hardcore American Icon. ECIII smirked, then said this is Carter Country, not Von Erich Country. He vowed to fight for the entire Carter family. But, most importantly, Aunt Dixie.

In-ring: Kenny King was introduced for the next match to determine who gets added to the TNA World Title main event. Austin Aries was out next to challenge King for the final main event slot.

4 -- AUSTIN ARIES vs. KENNY KING -- Winner advances to TNA Title main event

Before the bell sounded, King jawed with members of the Dallas Cowboys sitting ringside on the front row. Once the match started, King and Aries went face-to-face in the ring. King cheap-shotted Aries, then turned his back, taking a corner dropkick. Aries tried to follow right up with his Brainbuster finisher, but King wiggled out and bailed to the floor to avoid a one-minute loss.

Back in the ring, Aries tried a top-rope move, but King leapt at the ropes to crotch Aries. King followed with a step-up kick that knocked Aries down to the floor. Back in the ring, Aries worked with the crowd on running across the ring apron before knocking King's head into the corner turnbuckle. Aries followed up with a top-rope missile dropkick for a two count. Aries tried to follow with a corner attack, but King blocked with a boot to the head. King tried a pin and put his feet on the ropes, but ref Brian Hebner saw it and yanked King's feet off the ropes. King argued with Brian, then walked into a kick and Last Chancery submission. King avoided tapping out, then the match continued.

King tried to follow up after smiling toward the Cowboys ringside, but Aries blocked a top-rope move with elbow strikes. Aries then grappled King for a top-rope Brainbuster suplex. It was good for the pin and the win. And, Aries advances to the TNA World Title main event to face Eric Young and Bobby Lashley in a steel cage.

WINNER: Aries at 10:01. Solid singles match in front of another hot crowd that hasn't died down since the opening match. (**1/2)

In-ring: Jeremy Borash stood in the ring to give a big introduction for the Von Erich Family returning to Texas. Out came Ross and Marshall Von Erich flanked by their dad, David Von Erich. Tenay hyped World Class Championship Wrestling as the Von Erich trio entered the ring. In the ring, Kevin took center-stage with JB to talk about how good it is to be here. "God Bless Texas!" Kevin shouted. JB then introduced Ross and Marshall, who waited for some action.

After a pause, the Bro-Mans's music played to bring out Jessie and D.J. Zema, only, sans Robbie E. since he's filming Amazing Race. Jessie talked on the way to the ring about knowing what's tight. What's not tight? Dallas Mavericks, being a Dallas Cowboy, and being a Von Erich. D.J. made the horn sound, then continued the heel promo on Texas. D.J. challenged them to a match right now. They jumped the Von Erichs from behind and ref Earl Hebner called for the bell.


Marshall, wrestling barefoot like his dad, opened with a big armdrag on Jessie. D.J. then entered and took offense from Marshall. But, Bro-Mans used their numbers advantage and experience to cut off Marshall and begin working him over. Marshall fought back with big forearm strikes, then delivered a powerslam. Marshall tagged out to Ross, who dropkicked D.J. Zema, then again. Jessie cut off Ross behind ol' Earl's back, then the Bro-Mans went on the attack.

A loud "Von Er-ich" chant broke out, but Jessie cut off Ross to maintain the heel attack. Jessie missed a legdrop, though, and Ross tagged out to Marshall. Marshall delivered a big dropkick, then corner clotheslines followed by a double clothesline. Marshall pulled out The Claw, but Bro-Mans cut him off. Ross then smashed the heels with a dual top-rope dropkick. Chaos in the ring. Von Erichs then double-teamed D.J. before Jessie re-entered the ring with a chair and smashed the Von Erichs for a DQ.

Post-match: Kevin Von Erich hopped the guardrail and flew into the ring, popping the crowd huge. Kevin then wound up D.J. Zema, shot him off the ropes, and put him in The Claw, drawing another big reaction as if they were back in the Sportatorium. Kevin kept it on for a while, then stood tall in the ring with his sons to close the match segment.

WINNERS: Von Erichs via DQ at 5:12. Hit & Miss debut for the Von Erich sons before the big post-match moment. Fine introduction, overall, if this is more than a one-off in the Dallas market.

Backstage: JB brought in the Beautiful People to hype Angelina Love's Knockout Title defense against Gail Kim. JB took umbrage to Angelina's boastful talk, asking how many times she won the title without Velvet Sky's help. Sky took exception to JB's questioning, saying they do everything together, which is why they are the Beautiful "People."

6 -- KO champion ANGELINA LOVE (w/Velvet Sky) vs. GAIL KIM -- Knockouts Title match

The BP's personal referee, Stiffler, was assigned this contest. Gail was the aggressor early on, looking for early offense on her rival in the division. She even took it to Velvet on the outside early on, but Angelina was able to sneak up behind her for a ringside attack. Back in the ring, Angelina dominated, but could not secure a three count despite having Stiffler in her pocket.

Ref Earl Hebner eventually showed up and tossed Velvet from ringside, then tossed Stiffler from the match assignment, having enough of Stiffler letting the BP get away with outside interference for months. Angelina tried to roll up Gail with her feet on the ropes, but Earl caught that and stopped his count. Gail then accidentally dropkicked Earl when Angelina moved. Angelina and Gail each followed up with visual three counts, but Earl remained KO'ed as Stiffler checked on him. Stiffler then decided to re-enter the ring when Angelina cheated to pin Gail and rendered a three count.

WINNER: Angelina at 6:43 to retain the KO Title. Rough night for ol' Earl. Fortunately for Earl and Stiffler, there is no referee oversight in TNA's fictional world.

Backstage: Bully was shown talking to Devon. Devon said he's heading back to the hotel and won't be ringside to watch Bully face Ethan Carter III. A roving cameraman then asked Bully for words before his Texas Death Match against ECIII. Bully referenced legendary Texas wrestlers, then issued a warning to Ethan that he doesn't think he knows what he got into. He told Ethan that he better starting to pray to God.

In-ring: Ethan Carter III was introduced for the next match. ECIII danced on the way to the ring, then posed in front of a row of "Trouble Trouble Trouble" signs on the front row. Bully's music interrupted to bring out his opponent swinging a big cowbell a la Stan Hansen.

7 -- BULLY RAY vs. ETHAN CARTER III -- Texas Death Match

As the bell sounded, Tenay introduced the rules for the first time that it's No DQ, etc., and it ends when the opponent cannot answer a ten count. That changes the dynamic with this being a Last Man Standing match. Bully was the aggressor early on, tossing Ethan around the ring and then to the floor.

On the outside, Bully pulled out a table and then another. Bully set up two tables next to each other, but he took so long that Ethan was able to recover and blast him from behind. Ethan rolled Bully back into the ring, but lost control and Bully lit him up with left-hand jabs. Bully said he needed one more table, then pulled out a third table and slid that one into the ring. Bully slowly set it up in the corner, then turned around and ate a clothesline from Ethan. "We Want Cowbell" chant from the crowd before Ethan slid under the ring to grab a chair.

Ethan weakly smashed the chair over Bully's back, then delivered a more emphatic second and third shot. Ethan told Bully to get up, then measured him for another chair shot, but Bully big-booted it into Ethan's face. Chop to the chest. And a second. Then, a big wind-up and delivery for the third. Bully wasn't done, as he went under the ring to retrieve a cheese grater. Bully raked the grater across Ethan's chest, then teased a follow-up attack across the forehead. But, Ethan low-blowed Bully to slow him down.

On the floor, Ethan retrieved a chair and slid it into the ring. Back in the ring, Ethan repeatedly jammed Bully face-first into the chair. Ethan then climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Bully crotched him. Bully followed with a superplex across the ring, with Ethan's butt landing on the chair. Bully then went back under the ring and retrieved a Dallas Cowboys trashcan you would find at Sports Clips. Bully looked around for something else to do, then decided to pull back the ring mat. Bully pulled back the padding and mat, exposing the boards. Bully then polled the crowd on "boards" or "tables."

Bully measured Ethan for a piledriver into the board, but Rockstar Spud showed up and hit Bully across the back with a Kendo Stick. Bully slowly turned around to see what hit him, then crotched Spud with the stick and bounced him up and down. Kendo Stick to Rockstar's head finished him. Bully tried to follow up on Ethan, but Ethan smashed him face-first into the exposed boards. Ref Brian Hebner started his ten count, but Bully barely made it up before a ten count.

Ethan then had possession of the Cowboys trashcan. Inside were shards of glass, which ECIII spilled across the ring. Ethan taunted Bully, then measured Bully for a move into the glass, but Bully caught him in mid-air with a Bubba Cutter. Ethan writhed in pain taking the move, then rolled to the floor to recover.

On the outside, Bully stalked Ethan and dropped him with a Kendo Stick shot. Bully then spotted the tables nearby and placed ECIII across both tables. Bully measured ECIII for the finish, but Dixie Carter marched down to ringside and stood over Ethan. Ray yelled at Dixie, then chased her around ringside as Ethan got off the tables. Suddenly, Dixie kind of fell into Ethan, who kind of bodyslammed her to the floor. Dixie sold being unconscious as Ethan checked on Dixie.

Bully then scooped up a lifeless Dixie and placed her on the tables. Bully measured Dixie as Ethan slowly slid into the ring in the background. Bully contemplated whether to take out Dixie, giving Ethan enough time to hit Bully from behind, Rockstar to pull Dixie out of the way, and Bully to crash through the tables. The crowd chanted "bulls---" as the ref reached a 10 count, counting out Bully. Ethan was declared the winner and he celebrated with Dixie and Spud to loud boos.

WINNER: ECIII at 17:10. Not as screwy or silly as the previous deal where Dixie shoved Bully through a table while wearing a costume, but that's not saying much even if it was a plus. They continue to build to Dixie getting her comeuppance, delaying Bully's gratification. (**3/4)

Video Package: Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm feud. Back to the announcers, who filled time talking about the semi-main event while the ring crew fixed the ring from the previous match.

In-ring: James Storm was introduced first for the main event. Storm took the mic to say that now that a real cowboy has come to the State of Texas, he has a little something to say. Storm addressed some "fake-ass Cowboys" in the crowd. He pulled out a Cowboys helmet and proceeded to pretend to pee beer from a beer bottle on the helmet, saying he's a Titans fan. Storm heeled on Cowboys QB Tony Romo, then offered his catchphrase.

Mr. Anderson was introduced next and he stood on-stage for a rebuttal promo. Anderson said they have the Dallas freakin' Cowboys here tonight and a stupid freakin' cowboy in the ring and this guy from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mister Anderson. Anderson then stormed the ringside area and the fight was on ringside. Anderson smashed a liquid into Storm's forehead, then rolled him into the ring for the match to officially start.


Storm took control early on, working on Anderson's lower body. Storm, channeling Kenny King, took his eye off the ball focusing on the Cowboys ringside. This allowed Anderson to block a top-rope move and deliver a flying plunge. Anderson covered for a two count only. Storm then decided to leave the ring and talk to the Cowboys ringside. Well, taunt more than talk. Storm did a one-finger salute and threw a liquid into the Cowboys players, setting off an attempted "shoot" of the Cowboys crashing a gimmicked guardrail. Storm backed away as security intervened to play up the bit.

Storm eventually returned to the ring as Cowboys players crashed the guardrail to go after Storm. Storm, distracted, walked into the Mic Check from Anderson. Anderson pinned for the win. The Cowboys then hit the ring to stand tall with Anderson and pose for the hard camera, as Taz tried to describe this as a SportsCenter moment.

WINNER: Storm at 5:30. Basic buffer match paying off the show-long deal about the Cowboys.

Backstage: Eric Young was interviewed by JB ahead of his TNA Title defense. Austin Aries then walked in to talk to EY before the main event. After Aries left, EY delivered a passionate promo about being a crazyman in front of crazy people. And he plans to remain TNA champion.

In-ring: After the steel cage was assembled for the main event, Austin Aries was introduced as the first challenger for the TNA Title. Bobby Lashley, announced as only "Lashley," was out next. Eric Young was introduced last and JB announced this as pinfall or submission only. No escape rule. The bell sounded at 9:41, setting up an abbreviated main event situation.

9 -- TNA World champion ERIC YOUNG vs. AUSTIN ARIES vs. BOBBY LASHLEY -- three-way steel cage match for the TNA World Title

Aries and EY ganged up on Lashley early on, trying to remove him from the equation, but Lashley quickly recovered and press-slammed Aries, then EY into the cage wall. The crowd came back with an "Austin Aries" chant, not showing much support for the champ. Aries responded with high-impact offense to Lashley, then tried a Brainbuster, but Lashley blocked and threw him into the cage. EY came back with a DDT to Lashley, putting all three men on the mat. Another "Austin Aries" chant picked up steam.

Young got the crowd behind him with a Feat of Strength lifting Lashley and Aries into the air from the corner turnbuckle for a big slam. All three men sold on the floor, then EY found himself on top of the cage moments later. EY steadied himself, then measured Lashley for a leaping elbow drop down onto Lashley. That took a lot out of EY, who then took a Brainbuster from Aries, but EY kicked out just before three.

Nearfall for Lashley, who speared Aries. Then, Bobby measured EY, but EY ducked and Lashley crashed through the cage door. It was Aries vs. EY at this point with Lashley outside of the cage. Young delivered a top-rope elbow, but Aries kicked out again. Taz hyped the energy in the building throughout the night, then Young tried to end Aries with a piledriver, but Aries back-dropped and dropkicked Young in the mouth.

Reset at 11:00. Aries and Young traded forearms and strikes, rocking each other. Aries delivered a discus forearm on his second try, then a running corner dropkick. He couldn't follow up, though, as EY snapped off a piledriver. Young covered for a three count to retain the title.

Post-match: Lashley sold frustration outside the cage as he recovered to his feet. Back in the cage, EY celebrated, then helped Aries to his feet. Young and Aries stood tall together, then Aries dejectedly slipped out of the cage to leave Young standing tall in the ring still TNA champ. The PPV signed off close to the end of the hour at 9:56 p.m.

WINNER: Young at 12:10 to retain the TNA Title. The match had its high points, but Young still doesn't come across a top champion. The lack of work done to build to Young's title victory will always handcuff him as champion, but TNA keeps trying with the story of Young overcoming the "stacked deck" as a crazyman. (**1/2)


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