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CALDWELL'S TNA BFG PPV REPORT 10/4: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Bound for Glory PPV from Charlotte - all titles on the line

Oct 4, 2015 - 10:00:22 PM


TNA Bound for Glory PPV Results
October 4, 2015
Charlotte (Concord), N.C.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Josh Mathews and "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero were shown ringside on the call for tonight's show. And, in traditional TNA fashion, they're starting with the Ultimate X monkey bars match.

X Champ Tigre Uno did not have opponents named before the show. Out first was D.J. Zema, then Manik minus the mask as T.J. Perkins. Out third was Andrew Everett, introduced from North Carolina. Tigre Uno was out next as the defending champion.

1 -- X Division champion TIGRE UNO vs. ANDREW EVERETT vs. D.J. ZEMA vs. MANIK -- four-way Ultimate X match for TNA X Division Title

Once Tigre hit the ring, the action started. Did not seem to be an opening bell, though. And, the ring sounded like it was from a wrestling school with a lot of loud noises and echoing as guys ran across the ring. Very distracting. For the first big spot of the night, Zema flew over the top rope onto Manik on the outside, but the director missed the shot. Tigre then wiped out both men on the floor. Everett thought about going for the title above the ring, but instead went for a springboard Shooting Star Press taking out all three opponents.

Everett hopped back into the ring and started climbing toward the X Title belt, but he was cut off. All four men returned to the ring to continue the battle. A rapid-fire series of finishing moves followed. Pope then addressed the "monkey bars" label for this match, trying to talk up the cables strung across the top of the ring leading to the X Title belt. Manik and Everett then started battling on top of the cables. Tigre erased Manik, then kicked Everett hard in the back, sending Everett crashing down to the mat with a giant flat-back bump. Tigre then unhooked the title belt to win and retain.

WINNER: Tigre at 8:55 to retain the X Division Title. Take-it-or-leave-it attempt to bring a video game to life with no selling and no defined characters trying to wow the crowd early on.

Post-match, Gregory "Hurricane" Helms walked out on-stage dressed in a bright green jacket. Helms strutted down to the ring with his chest puffed out, then entered the ring. Helms walked around Tigre, then looked down at him. Helms kind of looked around the arena, then touched the title belt. Helms shook Tigre's hand, then raised his hand toward the crowd, turning his back to the hard camera. Helms left the ring as Tigre's music played.

Earlier Tonight: TNA Hvt. champion Ethan Carter III walked into the building with Tyrus. ECIII walked past some fans and shared a brief conversation. Drew Galloway also walked into the building. Matt and Jeff Hardy then walked into the building together.

On-stage: TNA Hvt. champion ECIII walked out alone for a promo. Carter said he senses a conspiracy against him and his title reign. But, it does not matter because he will never, ever lose the title, even in Hardy Country tonight.

Announcers: Mathews and Pope talked up the next match - a #1 contender gauntlet match. Out first was Mr. Anderson. No mic drop on the stage, so he took the mic in the ring and introduced himself. Out as his opponent was "The Man" Jessie Godderz, dressed in his heelish robe.

2 -- GAUNTLET MATCH -- #1 contender match

Anderson and Godderz battled back and forth in the first two minutes. For the third entry, the countdown clock expired on the screen before ring announcer Christy Hemme was done counting down. The clock disappeared, then Hemme reached zero to bring out Eli Drake, who slowly walked down to the ring drawing boos.

Drake and Godderz tried to eliminate Anderson, but Anderson held on to remain in the match. The countdown clock expired again, this time without Christy Hemme counting down. Al Snow then hit the ring with Head in-hand. Snow got in his trademark offense and sequences before working with Anderson to knock down the heels. Long interval before the next entrant. No countdown clock, then Christy suddenly introduced Aiden O'Shea, a/k/a Jay Bradley with an Irish brawler gimmick.

This time, there was a countdown clock for the next entrant, Robbie E. Robbie went right after his old nemesis Jessie Godderz. He then worked with Snow to back drop Anderson. Snow turned on Robbie, though, to establish himself as the cagey veteran of the match. Suddenly, Snow brought out Head to eliminate Eli Drake.

Next out was Shera, who concerned himself with Eli Drake on the outside. Shera clotheslined Eli, then hit the ring as his music continued to play. And it kept playing. TNA getting the most out of the Bollywood theme. Shera stopped the match wanting to dance. Everyone paused to join Shera, even O'Shea. The Chikara knock-off eventually ended when O'Shea punched Shera in the mouth to stop the music. That led to an invisible countdown clock expiring at the same time O'Shea was eliminated. Suddenly, a countdown clock appeared. Out came Tyrus to ECIII's theme music.

Tyrus knocked around the opposition with suplexes, drawing a Taz reference from Pope on commentary. Chris Melendez was out next to join the gauntlet match. They built to Anderson and Melendez coming face-to-face for respect, re-visiting their history with Anderson introducing Melendez to TNA. Snow was suddenly dumped out of the ring, then Tyrus eliminated Melendez. Shera tried to get Tyrus to dance with him, but Tyrus dumped him out of the ring.

A countdown clock expired, then Tommy Dreamer walked out as the next entrant. "Who else is back there?" Mathews wondered aloud. Dreamer, wearing polka-dots, hit the ring with elbows and punches to the heels left in the ring. Dreamer got in Dusty Offense on Tyrus, then Jessie showed crazy hops elevating for a dropkick on Dreamer.

Out next was Abyss. It's unclear how many wrestlers are scheduled to compete in this match now at 16:30. Abyss wiped out folks, then stood tall waiting for Tyrus to turn around for a big-man stare down. Suddenly, Pope yelled on commentary that it's turn to take advantage of this. So, he called for his music, removed his jacket, and entered the ring to join Abyss and Tyrus. Pope suddenly realized the error of his ways and eliminated himself to return to commentary.

The action resumed in the ring as Pope re-joined Mathews. There were two Tower of Doom spots in opposite corners, leaving the remaining six wrestlers on the mat. Abyss and Tyrus were the first two to their feet for another showdown. No more entrants? No countdown clock as the battle continued. Abyss dropped Dreamer with the Black Hole Slam, but Tyrus eliminated Abyss. Jessie and Robbie then battled on the ring apron. Jessie finally won the exchange with an impressive head scissors whipping Robbie to the floor for an elimination. In the background, Dreamer was eliminated.

Mathews said no one is left to enter the match. So, the Final Three were Anderson, Jessie, and Tyrus. Anderson caught Jessie with the Mic Check, then he chucked him clear over the top rope for an elimination. So, it was Anderson vs. Tyrus. An over-the-top elimination is in-play, in addition to pinfall or submission. Tyrus did not need the over-the-top action, as he dropped Anderson mid-ring to secure a three count for the win.

WINNER: Tyrus at 24:32 to become #1 contender. You could see where this was going when Tyrus was spotlighted, as they want to set up the ECIII-Tyrus title dynamic. The production of this match was a mess with the inconsistent countdown clock. Plus, it turned into an Agent's Nostalgia Match with Snow and Dreamer in the match. Again, like the opener, take-it-or-leave-it, especially with the mid-match dance number.

Post-match, ECIII walked out on-stage to applaud his enforcer winning the big match. ECIII then entered the ring as Tyrus stood with Christy Hemme for an interview. ECIII took the mic from Christy to handle the post-match interview himself. ECIII said Tyrus gets to pick any title he wants to go after in TNA, so he's pretty sure they're going to be the next Tag Champs. Tyrus took the mic and said he's tired after working so hard. He said ECIII is the reason why he's here. But, he did this on his own and he's not going for the Tag Titles or any other title. "I'm coming for the Hvt. World Championship of the World," he said. ECIII sold being thrown off as his music played. They had a stare down, then Tyrus spoke over ECIII's music: "I still got your back."

In-ring: Trevor Lee and Brian Myers (the former Curt Hawkins) were introduced to the ring for the next match challenging for the Tag Titles. The Wolves were out next as the defending champions.


Back-and-forth early on before Eddie took control for his team with a backpack slam on Myers. Eddie wanted a top-rope move, but Lee distracted Eddie, allowing Myers to recover and smash Edwards to the floor. The challengers then took control of Edwards as Davey waited for a tag in his corner. Edwards finally broke free and tagged in Davey, who nailed both opponents with offense.

The Wolves cleared the opponents to the floor, then lined up stereo suicide dives into the guardrail. Back in the ring, The Wolves double-teamed Trevor and combined for a brainbuster into a top-rope stomp from Davey. But, Myers broke up a pin attempt. Myers was cleared, then Davey smashed Trevor with an Alarm Clock. Everyone in the ring. Chaos everywhere. Trevor then found himself on the top rope, where he took a superplex into a brainbuster from Davey. Eddie then kicked Trevor in the head for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: The Wolves at 13:50 to retain the TNA Tag Titles. Strong finish with the close-calls going both ways until the finish. The art of tag wrestling has been lost, though, with this turning into a Texas Tornado match with no order or application of rules. It's not just a TNA thing, but a pro wrestling issue.

Backstage: There's Jeremy Borash, who was backstage for an interview. Borash brought in Drew Galloway to discuss challenging for the TNA Hvt. Title tonight. Galloway, dressed in a big warrior's jacket, talked about why he came to TNA. Galloway then talked about the TNA Title match essentially being a No DQ match now with the triple threat curveball. Drew said he's willing to kill himself for the title. JB wasn't sure how to react to that as Drew walked off.

Video Package: King of the Mountain Title drama centered on the TNA vs. Global Force drama.

4 -- KOTM champion BOBBY ROODE vs. BOBBY LASHLEY -- King of the Mountain match

Lashley decided to change things up by wrestling with a basketball headband on. They went back-and-forth establishing an even-match between two, well, non-heels. Lashley eventually discarded the headband like LeBron James at halftime, then focused his attack on Roode's back and shoulder. Lashley powerslammed Roode to the mat, then he speared Roode hard in the middle of the ring. Mathews predictably said this match is over and there will be a new champion, but Roode kicked out of a pin.

Lashley was slow to follow up, allowing Roode to hit the Roode Bomb. Mathews predictably said the match is over and Roode is going to retain the title, but Lashley kicked out of a pin. Someone needs to extract those bad WWE habits from Mathews. Roode then put Lashley in the Crossface, but Lashley countered into an armlock, putting pressure on the shoulder. But, Roode re-countered into the Crossface. Lashley broke free and hit Roode's own Roode Bomb finisher for a two count.

Reset at 12:30. Lashley measured Roode for another spear, but Roode side-stepped at the last second. Roode then hit a spear of his own for a two count. Both men were slow to return to their feet, then Lashley grabbed Roode's injured shoulder. But, Roode escaped a submission and hit the Roode Bomb. Roode covered for the three count and the win.

Post-match, Roode and Lashley recovered in opposite corners, allowing the dust to settle. They eventually reached their feet and came face-to-face. Roode extended his hand and Lashley reluctantly shook before leaving the ring.

WINNER: Roode at 14:10 to retain the KOTM Title. Slow start, then a strong finish with the back-and-forth battle at the end. Fine singles match.

Backstage: JB was standing by for another interview. Borash brought in Matt Hardy to ask if tonight will be the night that he becomes Hvt. champion. Hardy talked up how big this night is for him. He talked about becoming tag champion with his brother, Jeff Hardy. And then both wanted to be World Hvt. champions. Matt said Jeff has done it a few times, and tonight is his night. He said there is no better place to do it than here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matt said his dad, wife, and newborn boy are here. And, Jeff is here as the referee. Matt excitedly closed that tonight he will become TNA Hvt. champion.

Announcers: Mathews and Pope reacted to Matt being fired up about his title shot. JB then introduced video of Earl Hebner being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame last night in Salem, Virginia.

In-ring: TNA kept the parade of backstage folks appearing on-camera, bringing out Billy Corgan. Corgan introduced a video package on referee Earl Hebner. The video put over Hebner as the best ref of all-time, in the hometown of Tommy Young. Lots of histrionics here. Corgan then brought out Earl Hebner to the ring to be recognized by the crowd.

Video Package: Knockouts Title history between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong. Hebner remained in the ring to officiate the Knockouts Title match.

5 -- KO champion GAIL KIM vs. AWESOME KONG -- Knockouts Title match

They slowly circled the ring to set up the latest battle in their long history. Kong used her size and power early on to wear down Gail, who tried to come back with a huracanrana, but Kong blocked and smashed Gail to the mat. Kong then flew down onto Gail with a big splash for a close two count. Kong thought Hebner was a bit slow with the count.

Kong suddenly left the ring looking for an object to use against Gail. She happened to walk in front of Gail's husband, chef Robert Irvine, setting up a heated exchange. As Hebner argued with Irvine, Kong slammed Gail onto a chair on the outside. Kong then returned to the ring looking for a count-out. But, she changed her mind and decided to eschew the count-out win, chucking Gail back into the ring. Kong continued to punish Gail, who suddenly found an opening to nail Eat Defeat and get a three count on Kong for the win.

Post-match, Gail sold being completely spent on the outside, nearly pulling down Hebner, who tried to help her to her feet. Gail eventually made it up and embraced Chef Irvine before heading backstage with the KO Title.

WINNER: Gail at 10:03 to retain the KO Title. Another solid chapter in the story of Gail overcoming the monster. It's just not the same as it once was, so this was just a nice throwback match, but not at the level of the mid-2000s when TNA's identity was X Division, Tag Division, and Gail vs. Kong.

Backstage: JB brought in a face-painted Jeff Hardy to discuss being the special referee for the TNA Title main event tonight. Hardy said he's going to make all the zebras proud tonight.

Video Package: Kurt Angle was taken out by Eric Young in July. Now, Angle has returned to TNA looking for revenge on EY.

In-ring: Eric Young was introduced first, followed by Kurt Angle. EY called for Angle's music to be shut off. He said he has no problem taking Angle away from "these sick pigs," and he has no problem taking Angle away from his wife and kids. Young said he's a world-class man, wrestler, and God. Angle continued to no-sell Young's tough talk. EY warned Angle to leave or be done forever. Angle remained standing with hands on hips.

Angle then bent over to pick up the mic. Angle told Young that if anybody could end his career, he knows it could be Young. Which is why they're not having a wrestling match tonight. Angle said he talked to Dixie Carter earlier tonight and they came up with something better. He said it's No DQ, Anything Goes. "And it starts right now!" he shouted. That doesn't make any sense from Angle's perspective.

6 -- KURT ANGLE vs. ERIC YOUNG -- No DQ match

Angle attacked Young as the bell sounded, then the match moved to the floor. The fight moved into the crowd to give the fans a closer look at the action tonight. Angle eventually dumped EY over the guardrail back to ringside, then the brawl returned to the ring. Angle quickly clotheslined Young over the top rope back to ringside, where the fight continued.

Back in the ring, EY found an opening and quickly snapped off a piledriver. Angle grabbed his neck, rolled out of the ring, and writhed in pain selling a neck injury, which brought out the medical team to check on Angle. Mathews talked in hushed tones about about Angle perhaps coming back too soon. The head medic waved off the match, saying Angle cannot continue. Angle was then helped to his feet and dragged away.

EY decided to attack everyone on the scene, smashing agent Pat Kenney, tossing the head medic into the ring steps, slapping the ref, and scaring away the EMTs. Young then grabbed Angle and tried to smash his neck as Angle pleaded with him that it's over, man. Young ignored him, then picked up a chair and smacked Angle in the face, with Angle barely getting his hands up.

The apparent post-match activity moved to the floor in front of the announce table. The crowd disengaged from the supposed heinous attack by encouraging EY to use a dude's Avengers shield on the front row. Angle blocked, though, and suplexed Young on the outside. Suddenly, the match was continuing? Huh? It would be like an NFL player getting a concussion, the head medic gets knocked out on the sidelines, and the player is allowed to continue in the game because the medic is out of the picture. Angle went for a cover in the ring and a referee counted a nearfall. Mathews was confused on whether this was still a match. Angle suddenly snapped off a German Suplex.

EY responded with more attacks to the neck. Mathews told EY to just end the match as Young went for a cover, but Angle kicked out. Young then wanted a super piledriver from the top rope, but Angle blocked and applied the anklelock in the middle of the ring. Young fought the hold for a while, but he eventually tapped out, giving Angle the win.

WINNER: Angle via submission at 13:07 after the match appeared to be stopped at 4:15. This was all kinds of illogical. From Angle wanting a No DQ match as opposed to a wrestling match to silence EY to the medic stopping the match and then the match continuing. The crowd cheering for an Avengers cosplayer to help Eric Young shows how little fans invest in these types of faux injury angles, especially when they're so poorly executed with a match continuing after a so-called head medic saying the match is over, then being attacked by a wrestler with no consequences. It's that cringe-worthy wrestling booking that turns people away from the genre. The goal was to protect Angle from having to do too much in the ring, while making it seem like he wrestled a "complete match" when people are paying for this show, but it felt very forced.

Video Package: TNA Hvt. Title situation. Was the video messed up artistically, or because they had buffering issues? In an any event, TNA talked up the various back-stories for Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway as the title challengers. TNA eventually cut to Josh Mathews instead of struggling with the video.

In-ring: Jeff Hardy was introduced first as the special referee for the main event title match. Jeff was dressed in his black & white facepaint from the earlier interview to match his black & white referee shirt. Pope offered some WWE Math about percentages of victory for each of the three match participants. Drew Galloway was introduced first, followed by Matt Hardy. They cut to ringside to show Reby Sky and their son. TNA Hvt. champion Ethan Carter III was introduced last with Tyrus having his back.

JB handled formal ring introductions, with the crowd mixed for Galloway as the man caught in the middle of this situation.

7 -- TNA Hvt. champion ETHAN CARTER III (w/Tyrus) vs. DREW GALLOWAY vs. MATT HARDY -- three-way TNA Hvt. Title match -- Jeff Hardy special referee

Once the bell sounded, Tyrus kind of got involved from the outside, so Jeff Hardy tossed Tyrus from ringside. As noted by the announcers, Tyrus wasn't that upset about being ejected, which was linked to Tyrus and ECIII not being on the same page earlier in the show. The crowd popped for Tyrus being ejected as ECIII sold being in deep doo-doo to make it seem like it's inevitable there will be a new champion.

The match then started with ECIII putting up a fight against the stacked deck. Carter eventually rolled to the floor and set up a table ringside. ECIII wanted to powerbomb Drew off the ring steps through the table, but Drew blocked and bodyslammed ECIII onto the ring steps. Back in the ring, Hardy dropped both ECIII and Drew. Hardy then hit a moonsault onto both opponents, he pinned both, and they both kicked out.

Suddenly, ECIII shoved Matt into Jeff, who sold a knee injury. Matt checked on Jeff, who hobbled around the ring and missed Matt getting a pin on Drew. ECIII then surprised Matt from behind with a quick roll-up, which Jeff seemed a bit fast counting a nearfall for Carter. ECIII argued with Jeff anyways before contemplating his next move. On the outside, ECIII placed Drew onto a table, then he grappled Matt and suplexed him off the ring apron through Drew and the table.

ECIII was up first and he rolled Matt back into the ring to score a close two count with a normal cadence from Jeff. Pope said it seems like Jeff is just off on his counts as an untrained referee. ECIII then wanted the One-Percenter on Matt, but Drew stormed back into the ring to clothesline Carter.

At 15:00, Matt climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Drew crotched him. ECIII got involved and there was a Tower of Doom spot that put all three men down on the mat. Jeff checked on the competitors as everyone sold. All three men came to their feet exchanging chops and slaps, then Drew and Matt battled mid-ring after knocking down ECIII. But, ECIII suddenly snatched both men to hit the One-Percenter. Carter covered Drew, then Matt, but neither cover resulted in a three count.

ECIII stood up and confronted Jeff, then told Jeff to DQ him. Carter kicked Drew in the groin, but Jeff refused to DQ him. "Fight!" he shouted at Carter. Instead, Carter left the ring and grabbed a chair. ECIII wanted to hit Matt with the chair, but Jeff yanked the chair away. ECIII told Jeff to hit Matt, but Jeff refused. ECIII slapped Jeff, who responded by smashing the chair into ECIII. Jeff then dropped ECIII with the Twist if Fate into a running boot from Drew, taking out ECIII. But, Matt dropped Drew with a Twist of Fate. Matt covered Drew for the win, as counted by Jeff. ECIII was not pinned to lose the title.

WINNER: Matt Hardy at 19:59 to capture the TNA Hvt. Title. A feel-good win for the live crowd in North Carolina. They had a journey/quest in-play for Matt finally winning a Hvt. Title, but there was so much going on with Jeff as special ref, Drew's involvement as the third wheel, ECIII defaulting to a semi-sympathetic role facing the stacked deck despite being a whiner, and ECIII's issues with Tyrus to take away from the story. It was half-way to a memorable close to the PPV, but ended up feeling like you're looking over your shoulder wondering if there's going to be a flag on the field negating a game-winning Touchdown. ECIII wasn't really conquered, so the year-plus of slowly building up ECIII to finally be conquered ended with a bit of a thud. And, at the end of the day, that's kind of TNA Booking through the years. Half-way there, but not fully committed to one clear, identity-making direction.

Post-match, ECIII threw a fit down at ringside. As Matt celebrated in the ring, Reby Sky and their son entered the ring to celebrate with Matt and Jeff. Their dad was helped into the ring to join the celebration. Suddenly, TNA cut backstage to show ECIII throwing a fit. Carter confronted Dixie Carter, then he shoved good ol' John Gaburick, who went tail over teakettle into a production table and curtain. ECIII yelled at Dixie, then stormed off. They cut back to the ring for a final Hardy Celebration in the ring to close the PPV.


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