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KELLER'S WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER PPV REPORT 2/20: Ongoing "virtual time" coverage of live event with WrestleMania ramifications

Feb 20, 2011 - 10:08:22 PM

FEBRUARY 20, 2011

-Michael Cole introduced the show as the most dangerous WWE PPV of the year. Booker T joined Josh Matthews and Cole at ringside. Cole said Jerry Lawler was not at ringside because he was getting ready for his WWE Title match against The Miz later tonight.


Booker, who continues to fake it poorly as he has little knowledge of the WWE product and was awful the first two weeks as color commentator on Smackdown, is working without a rope tonight - and he got off to a bad start. When Matthews said Kofi is one big win away from becoming a major player in WWE, Booker said it didn't look like Kofi really wants it. This was exactly as Kofi had won a test of strength and shoved Del Rio into the corner. He was so aggressive, the referee forced them to break. So Kofi's determination was on display at the exact second Booker said he didn't feel he wanted it. He's just so horrible in this role so far. My only guess otherwise is Booker is setting up a WrestleMania match with Kofi who takes exception to his critical commentary.

Kofi went after Del Rio at ringside and controlled offense early. At 3:00 Del Rio took control at ringside and then locked him in a body scissors mid-ring. Kofi fought out of it. Kofi rallied at 7:00. Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise, but Del Rio ducked. Del Rio charged at Kofi. Kofi avoided him and kicked him. It was sloppy and didn't connect, but Del Rio sold it anyway. The announcers acknowledged it didn't connect. He leaped off the top rope, but Del Rio countered with a double-knee to the gut for a near fall.

A minute later Kofi blocked a superplex attempt and hit a top rope dropkick for a near fall. Del Rio made a comeback and dropped Kofi on "his knees" (it was weak-looking, as with much of Del Rio's offense, as Kofi landed on his ankles and there was really no sense of impact). He scored a two count. Kofi hit a DDT as part of a comeback. Del Rio's ring announcer distracted the referee long enough to help Del Rio kick out at two. As Kofi turned to yell at Rodrigues, Del Rio jumped him. Kofi countered and scored a near fall. Booker cheered Kofi and said while he's not biased, he wants to see Kofi get back on track. Kofi charged at Del Rio in the corner, but Del Rio moved and then gave Kofi a neckbreaker off the top rope. Del Rio then applied his cross armbreaker for the tapout win.

WINNER: Del Rio in 11:00 via tapout.

STAR RATING (**): Good energy and it would be two-and-a-half stars, but Del Rio's sloppy and loose-looking offense, which everyone in WWE recognizes is an ongoing problem, took the match down a notch.

-Todd Grisham interviewed Edge backstage regarding putting his World Title on the line in the Elimination Chamber. Edge ran through everything Vickie Guerrero has put him through. He said now he has to walk into the most hellacious structure every made in WWE. He said no champion was walked into the Chamber and walked out as champion, but he said he's already won a Chamber, so he is confident. Drew McIntyre mock applauded as he walked up to him. Drew said Kelly Kelly was an innocent casualty. He said Edge is the sole reason she was fired. Edge shot back that there's something Kelly and his World Title belt share in common: "They'll never be seen with you." Ouch.

-A video package aired hyping the Elimination Chamber structure. They they went live to the arena where the Chamber was lowered over the ring.


Kane came out first. Booker talked about how nervous he was when he entered the Chamber. Then Drew and Barrett came out. Teddy Long stepped onto the stage next and announced that The Big Show would replace Dolph Ziggler, whom he fired at the end of Smackdown on Friday. Barrett shook his head when he saw Show walk out. Then Rey and Edge came out to complete the entrances.

Edge faced Rey first. Edge got in the majority of the offense for the first segment. Rey side-stepped Edge and used a drop toe hold to send him face-first into the corner turnbuckle. Barrett was then released from his pod. Barrett beat up Rey and then Edge. Rey recovered and used a head scissors to yank Barrett into the ring over the top rope. He then set up a 619, but Edge met him with a boot as he ran across the ring. That led to a near fall, although Matthews annoyingly said during the ref's count: "Rey Mysterio will be eliminated." That always ruins the near falls because we know the announcer won't actually give away a pin like that until the third count is made.

In next was Kane. All four battled for a few minutes with no major theme to it, then Drew entered next. Edge went for a spear on Drew, but Kane countered with a chokeslamm attempt. Kane escaped, but Rey set up Kane for a 619. Kane ducked and clotheslined Rey, then gave Edge a big boot. Edge threw Rey head-first into the pod glass wall. Kane backdropped a charging Drew into Barrett at ringside. Edge and Kane gave each other simultaneous big boots. Booker said he was concerned for Rey's health as Rey hadn't moved since Kane threw him into the pod wall. Big Show breathed deeply as the crowd counted down the final 10 seconds.

Show entered last and began taking shots at each of the other wrestlers who were worn out from a long fight in the previous 16 minutes. Show chased down Barrett, who was trying to avoid him. Show threw him through the wall of the pod. Show chopped Barrett hard in the chest over and over and over again, then threw him face-first into the chain wall of the Chamber. He gave Barrett a knockout punch and made the cover to eliminate him first at 18:00.

Meanwhile Rey climbed to the top of one pod as Kane leaped off the top rope, taking Show down. Edge hit a top rope elbowdrop for a two count. Show tossed Edge half way across the ring on his kickout. Drew then gave Show a Future Shock DDT for a near fall. Rey then leaped off the top of the pod and hit Show with a seated senton for a believable near fall. Show tossed Rey off of him to avoid the three count. Kane then gave Show a big boot. Rey followed up with a 619. Edge hit a spear. Kane punched Edge and Rey, then moved in for a chokeslam. As Booker said he couldn't do it, Kane did it and scored the three count, eliminating Show at 20:00.

Drew leaped off the top rope toward Kane. Kane caught him with a chokeslam and scored a pin, eliminating Drew. Rey then leaped off the second rope at Kane. Kane caught him by his throat. Edge charged at Show. Edge and Rey charged at Kane seconds later, but Kane clotheslined them, then tossed Edge out of the ring. Rey caught a charging Kane with a big boot, then DDT'd him for a two count. Rey then hit a 619 and went for a top rope huracanrana, but Kane caught him and held him upside down. Edge speared them both, then scored a three count on Kane at 22:00.

It came down to Edge vs. Rey. Kane gave Rey a big boot even though he had been eliminated. Kane then turned to Rey and chokeslammed him. He turned to Edge and chokeslammed him. Cole said, "Chaos and destruction left in the wake of the Big Red Monster." Matthews did the majority of play-by-play during this match, by the way, leaving Cole in a definitive supporting color commentary role. They both finally got up. Rey countered a spear with a schoolboy for a believable dramatic near fall.

Rey climbed to the top rope. Edge met him there and punched him. Rey headbutted Edge several times, knocking him to the mat. Rey dove at Edge, but Edge countered and turned Rey into a powerbomb for a dramatic near fall. "Oh my Lord!" exclaimed Cole. Rey went for a 619, but Edge countered and applied the sharpshooter. Rey struggled to hold on and win the World Title and go to WrestleMania, but after trying to reach the bottom rope unsuccessfully, he countered with a small package attempt for a near fall. Edge went for a spear, but Rey avoided it. Edge came right back with another spear for a dramatic near fall. The crowd was popping for these near falls.

The announcers talked about the disbelief on the face of Edge as he struggled to stand up. Edge lifted Rey, but Rey kicked Edge and then gave him a 619 and a top rope springboard splash for another believable near fall. "What a match! What an unbelievable match here tonight in Oakland!" said Cole. Cole said fans have already gotten their money's worth. Rey went for another 619 and nailed it. Then he leaped off the top rope at Edge, but Edge speared him for the three count.

WINNER: Edge to retain the World Hvt. Title in 31:00.

STAR RATING (****1/2): Great, great match. It was already really good when it came down to Edge and Rey, but those final nine minutes with Edge and Rey were fantastic. It was smart to have Edge and Rey as the final two since everyone could figure that a babyface was going to defend against Del Rio at WrestleMania, and Rey had an issue with Del Rio already, so it was entirely plausible that Rey could win this. Edge and Rey have great chemistry and really put something special together there.

-Afterward Del Rio attacked Edge and put on the cross armbreaker. Edge screamed in pain as referees tried to pry Del Rio off. Christian's music played and he ran to the ring and attacked Del Rio. The crowd popped for Christian. Christian attacked Del Rio as Cole noted that Del Rio was the man who took Christian out with an injury six months ago. The crowd popped big for Christian. Matthews noted that Christian and Edge are best friends. Christian gave Del Rio the Unprettier as Booker said, "Payback is a motha!" Christian walked away and patted his pectoral muscle, which he tore last year leading to his first surgery as a pro wrestler.



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-Matt Striker interviewed Jerry Lawler backstage. Striker said Lawler was keeping to himself all day, but he asked for his thoughts. Lawler said this is something he was looking forward to his entire life and it should have been the most exciting, enjoyable week for him, but a week ago his mother died. He said that's all he's thought about all week long and it's impossible to put into words what that's like. He said things have to continue on, so this match is going to take place whether he's ready or not, so he's going to try to stay focused and do what he has to do to win the match. He said he's had an okay career and won some matches, but he's never won the WWE Title or competed at WrestleMania, and he has a chance tonight to accomplish those two goals. He said he's received so much positive support form friends. Striker said, "We're all rooting for you." Great, sincere-sounding soft-spoken interview. I believe Lawler was sincere, too.

-Booker T entered the ring and announced that one of the star trainers on Tough Enough with him is Trish Stratus. Trish walked out and got a nice ovation. She said being around the wrestling world again has her excited, so she's been working on a new catchphrase. She took off her jacket and said, "Finally, The Trish Stratus has come back to Oakland to deliver Stratusfaction to the millions, sucka!" Booker said, "Tell me she did not just say that!" Booker said Tough Enough begins right after Raw the day after WrestleMania. Booker asked why she is there. Trish said she was there to see one of her personal favorites, Jerry Lawler, win the WWE Title. Booker said, "Now can you dig that, sucka!" Nice bonus.

-A commercial aired for "The Chaperone" with snippets of compliments from critics.


Santino broke out The Cobra, but he hit an interfering Gabriel instead of the legal man, Slater. He covered Slater, but Slater kicked out. Booker said Slater "was gonna stomp a mud hole in him" as Slater stomped on Santino. Cole finally had enough and said, "Could you use any more cliches tonight?" I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing. Booker replied, "Heck, yeah! I'm just getting started." Cole said that's what scares him. Justin tagged in and missed a springboard flip splash. Vlad tagged in and gave Gabriel a kick to the chest. Slater blind tagged in. Jackson yanked Gabriel out of the ring. Vlad complained to the ref about that. Slater then surprised a distracted Vlad with some offense, then tagged in Gabriel who hit his 450 splash for the win.

WINNER: Gabriel & Slater to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles in 5:00.

STAR RATING: * -- Decent five minute tag match all considered.

-A Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony commercial aired including highlighting that Shawn Michaels was the first announced inductee.

-Todd Grisham interviewed The Miz, with Alex Riley, backstage. He asked Miz if he was nervous. Miz said it's not 1983 "when it was good to be The King." It's not 1999 when "people were smelling what The Rock was cooking." He said it's 2011, "the year of The Miz." He said he would properly address the so-called Great One at a later time, but he will address Lawler when he shatters 40 years of hopes and dreams in a single evening. He said the good news is five Raw Superstars will lose the EC match in a few minutes. He said the bad news is the winner will face the same fate as Lawler - he will lose to the most must-see WWE Champion in the history of the company. He closed with, "Because I am The Miz and I'm awesome!"

-They went to the announcers at ringside. Cole said he had goosebumps. He can't wait to see Miz defend the WWE Title at WrestleMania "and I get to call all the action." That may be foreshadowing that Cole will have another assignment that night related to what happens in the Miz-Lawler match.

-Vickie Guerrero walked out, begging "Excuse me." She didn't have the normal volume and her voice was shaky. She entered the ring and said two nights ago Smackdown suffered a horrible tragedy when her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler was fired. Vickie said Dolph was so very sorry and said Teddy Long should give him a second chance. She begged the fans to rehire Dolph, and to let Teddy know by Twitter or Facebook or Email. "We deserve a second chance! I'm begging you!" she said. Long's music played. Vickie looked relieved, but still nervous. Long said Vickie was embarrassing herself. He said he was, though, in a "hiring mood." Vickie celebrated and said Dolph will be so excited. Long said he hired someone else back, not Dolph, and this person gets free reign to thank her for her help as acting general manager.

Kelly Kelly then walked out to her music with a big smile on her face. Vickie ran out of the ring. Kelly chased her down and into the ring. Vickie then tried to sweet-talk Kelly, but Kelly kicked her in the gut and then rammed her face into the mat several times as Vickie screamed. Layla and Michelle McCool ran out and made the save, knocking Kelly to the floor. Trish then ran out and saved Kelly from further attack. LayCool fled, but then returned to attack Trish from behind. Trish elbowed out of it and managed to tackle Layla in her six inch spike heel boots. McCool kicked Trish in the gut, but Trish fought back and kicked McCool in the head. She then went up for her hurcanrana off the top rope, but it was badly set up and the crowd booed as Layla clearly helped set it up. Trish then gave both Layla and McCool stereo Stratusfactions. Trish played to the crowd, but she lost them with the botched head scissors out of the corner.

4 -- THE MIZ (w/Alex Riley) vs. JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER -- WWE Title Match

The crowd chanted "Jerry! Jerry!" at the start. Cole said Lawler shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame because he's never won the WWE Title nor wrestled at WrestleMania. Matthews disagreed. Lawler scored a quick schoolboy one count. Booker said this is the best King has ever looked. Could anything he say mean less than that? He's just awful. They traded leverage pin attempts and then Miz kneed Lawler and applied a headlock. Lawler escaped and shoved Miz into the ropes. Miz knocked him down and then went for an armdrag. Lawler blocked it and clotheslined Miz for a two count.

Lawler mounted Miz in the corner and hit him ten times; the crowd counted along. Lawler clotheslined Miz over the top rope. Cole yelled at Lawler that he can't win a title with a countout. Riley distracted Lawler at ringside, freeing up Miz to shove him into the ringpost. Miz shoved Lawler into the ring. Lawler was dead weight. Miz kneelifted Lawler and then scored a two count. Cole said he almost feels sorry for what Lawler is going to get in this match. Riley punched Lawler from ringside as Miz distracted the ref. Miz then covered Lawler for a near fall. Miz dove at Lawler with a clothesline in the corner. Cole said Lawler wrestling here is like Troy Aikmen leaving the broadcast booth in the third quarter and deciding to play football again.

Miz and Lawler exchanged punches while standing in the corner on the second rope. Lawler hit a superplex off the second rope and scored a two count. A replay showed Lawler landed hard on one of his knees on the superplex. Lawler stood up just fine and threw more punches at Miz. Miz countered with punches of his own. Booker said Miz is "probably 20 years younger" than Lawler. Try over 30. Lawler threw two dropkicks at Miz. Booker complimented Lawler's heart. Lawler dropped a fist and scored another two count. Cole claimed people don't know the real Jerry Lawler.

Riley tripped Lawler from ringside. The ref saw it this time and ejected Riley from ringside. Riley threw a big fit, but then returned to the back. Cole said this is good because Miz will prove he can win without Riley. Miz charged at Lawler, but Lawler moved and then schoolboyed Miz for a two count. Lawler set up Miz for a piledriver, but Miz pushed himself free. Lawler kicked at Miz, showing limited flexibility. Miz kicked Lawler and went for a cover. Lawler reversed the pin attempt and scored a two count. Lawler ducked a charging Miz, so Miz flew over the top rope to the floor. "This is wrong!" exclaimed Cole.

Lawler went to ringside. Cole stood up and told him he can't do this. Miz hit Lawler from behind and then rammed him back-first into the ring apron. Lawler blocked Miz's attempt to ram him face-first into the announce table. Lawler rammed Miz into the table a few times. Lawler then threw Miz onto Cole at ringside. Cole went down under Miz. Booker laughed and said Cole could be out. Lawler threw Miz back into the ring. Lawler climbed to the top rope once again and threw a punch to Miz's chin for a near fall. The crowd was popping for the near falls.

The director cut away from Lawler and Miz to show Cole getting up. Miz poked Lawler in the eyes and then set up the Skull Crushing Finale. Lawler escaped and hit a DDT. Lawler looked up at the WrestleMania sign. He then stood on the second rope, pointed at the sign, and dropped his strap. Then he dove off the ropes with a fistdrop and scored a near fall, ending when Miz draped his leg over the bottom rope. Lawler then set up a piledriver, but Miz countered and sat on Lawler. Lawler countered and scored a leverage two count. Miz then kicked Lawler in the head. Miz then executed the Skull Crushing Finale for the win. Cole celebrated at ringside, then greeted Miz in the ring and raised his arm. As Lawler soaked up chants of "Jerry! Jerry!," Cole returned to ringside and said Lawler can go to WrestleMania as a commentator. Cole said Lawler is an embarrassment to WWE.

WINNER: The Miz in 12:00.

STAR RATING: **3/4 -- Very fitting match given all of the backstory. I think Lawler can be pleased with that. The crowd ate it up and the execution was largely very much acceptable. They did a good job mixing it up with in-ring action and ringside action, and effective near falls and counter near falls. In the end, Miz should have won relatively clean, and he did.

-The 2-21-11 vignette aired.

-John Cena was shown eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles backstage and enjoying it. He said, "That's my favorite cereal." Grisham walked in and asked for his thoughts on The Rock on Monday. Cena said his thoughts now are on the Elimination Chamber because the main event for WrestleMania will be decided. He said he has to go through an unreal amount of punishment to earn it. He said he feels, "Yabba Dabba delicious."

-Striker interviewed C.M. Punk backstage. He said he's batting one-thousand, as he's 3-0 against Cena. "So I can't see John Cena beating me tonight," he said as he waved his hand in front of his face.

-A WrestleMania 27 vignette aired. The announcers hyped that The Rock would be guest hosting the event.

5 -- C.M. PUNK vs. JOHN CENA vs. RANDY ORTON vs. R-TRUTH vs. JOHN MORRISON vs. SHEAMUS -- Elimination Chamber Match

Ring intro order: Orton, Truth, Punk, Cena, Sheamus, Morrison. So Sheamus opened up against Morrison at 10:20, with a max of 40 minutes left in the PPV. Sheamus ended up with control at the end of the opening period, at which point Orton entered. He went right after Sheamus and scoop powerslammed him. He also powerslammed Morrison. He backdropped a charging Morrison onto Sheamus at ringside on the steel platform. Orton through Morrison through the pod, then threw Sheamus repeatedly into the side of the Chamber. Orton DDT'd Sheamus off the middle rope onto the steel platform at ringside. Punk jumped up and down with excitement in the background as Orton turned to attack Morrison. The crowd chanted for the RKO.

Punk the next to enter. Well, he tried, but he got stuck half way out the door. Orton began punching the defenseless Punk. He then stomped on his leg a few times. Then he RKO'd him for the first elimination at 9:00. Cole said Punk never had a chance because he was stuck in the pod. Matthews said it's sweet justice. The Raw G.M. chime sounded as Punk was let out the door of the Chamber. Cole stood and said he just received an email. He read a statement on a piece of paper on the keyboard of his laptop (it's ridiculous they haven't changed the camera angle yet to hide that). The G.M. allowed Punk to reenter his pod because he was unfairly trapped in the door. Punk returned to his pod and it was locked, giving Punk time to recover. Punk laughed as Orton turned back to Sheamus.

Sheamus recovered enough to give Orton a backbreaker. Morrison then got up and kicked Sheamus. Orton and Sheamus avoided each other's finishers. Morrison then chuck kicked Orton. Sheamus threw Morrison out of the ring. Morrison grabbed his ankle, selling the idea that he twisted it on the landing. Sheamus shoved Morrison into the chain wall of the Chamber. The fans counted down and next in was Cena.

Cena got a mixed response from the crowd. Sheamus charged at Cena and beat him up in the pod, delivering some stiff looking knees to Cena's head. He rammed him into the fence and then threw him back into the ring. Cena came back and attempted an Attitude Adjustment. Morrison landed on his feet at ringside. Sheamus then gave Cena a backbreaker from behind. Morrison threw at both Sheamus and Orton, knocking them both down. The skin tone contrast between Orton and Sheamus is stark. Cena backdropped Morrison to ringside and sold an elbow injury. They showed Miz and Riley watching on a monitor in the back. Don't they have couches or chairs. Cena went after Morrison at ringside. The crowd battled with chants of "Let's Go Cena!" and "Cena Sucks!" Sheamus leaped and clotheslined both of them. As he celebrated, Orton yanked Sheamus into the ring. They fought back and forth. The crowd really got into the battle of pro and con Cena chants. Finally they added someone else to the match, this time it was Truth at 16:00.

Truth was ready for Sheamus and actually turned Sheamus into the pod and rammed his head into the back of the pod. Truth power-armdragged Sheamus onto the steel platform at ringside. Truth spun and tackled Cena, but Sheamus caught him with a big boot for the pin, eliminating Truth. He was the first elimination of the match, coming at 17:00.

Morrison mounted and punched away at Sheamus as Orton kept Cena down at ringside. The Cena chant battle continued. Booker said his money is on Orton. At 20:00 Punk's pod opened again. Orton gave Cena an RKO on the steel platform as Cena moved toward Punk. Sheamus caught Orton with a running boot. Punk roundkicked Sheamus and covered Orton, scoring a two count. Punk stood over a KO'd Orton and then threw his dead weight into the ring. Punk then gave Orton a Go To Sleep for the pin, so Orton was the second elimination of the match at 21:00. Punk smiled broadly. Booker said he was surprised.

Punk gave Cena a running knee and then gave Sheamus a running knee. When he went for a bulldog, Sheamus countered and clotheslined Punk. Morrison got up and went after Shemaus. Sheamus set up a High Cross off the top of a pod. Morrison fought out of it and kicked Sheamus to the mat. There was no way they'd really do a High Cross at that height. Morrison scaled the dome of the Chamber. He got near the middle as Sheamus looked around wondering where Morrison went. He looked up and Morrison dropped on top of him for a three count, eliminating Sheamus in 25:00.

Cena rallied to a mix of cheers and boos. He did the "You Can't See Me" routine on Punk. Punk rolled to ringside. Cena lifted Punk for an Attitude Adjustment. Morrison leaped off the top rope and knocked both men over. Booker made a good suggestion. Morrison should have let Cena hit the move, then dove on Cena. Punk covered Cena for a near fall. Morrison charged at Cena, but Cena moved and Morrison kneed the side of the pod hard. Morrison sold a serious knee injury. Cole said that was like Morrison flying into a wall. Punk put Cena in the Anaconda Vice. Booker said for no good reason that he won't be Cena this way. What a dumb thing to say when you're trying to create a sense of jeopardy. He's such a negative on commentary. When Cena stood to try to force a break. Morrison leaped off the top rope and knocked both men over. He covered Punk while clutching his knee. Punk kicked out at 30:00. Morrison covered Cena right afterward scoring a two count.

Cena stood and gave Morrison an Attitude Adjustment. Punk surprised Cena with a roundkick to the head. All three men were down and slow to get up. Punk springboarded at Cena, recovering nicely mid-move after a slight slip. He got a two count. Punk catapulted Cena into the pod. punk then catapulted Morrison, but Morrison clung to the pod and leaped into the cade and then gave Punk a flying knee. Nice sequence. Morrison limped to the top rope and went for his springboard twisting splash finisher, but Punk moved. Punk then gave Morrison the Go To Sleep to eliminate him at 23:00. Great sequence for Morrison in those few minutes. Cena blocked a Punk GTS attempt and gave him the Attitude Adjustment on the steel platform a ringside for the win.

WINNER: Cena in 33:00.

STAR RATING: **** -- Another very good match. The storyline with Punk was well done. Morrison was the star of the last half of the match. Really good sequences and excitement near falls.

-Cole signed off by hyping that John Cena would face The Miz at WrestleMania.


"Del Rio is on Dream Street right now."

"You gotta me kidding me." (multiple times)

"Tonight Kofi is in it to win it."

"He better hold on for dear life or he's going for a ride."

"I'm wondering who will win this thing."

"It shows how much they really want it."

"They're leaving everything in the middle of that ring tonight."

"They're both champions."

"This crowd is on the edge of their seat right now."

"He's gonna stomp a mud hole in him."

"He dropped him like a bad habit right there."

"This is what the Elimination Chamber is all about."

"It can make your career or break your career."

"He's gotta go to the bottom of the well to pull this one out."



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