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CALDWELL'S WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER PPV REPORT 2/19: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live PPV - Cena-Kane, two Chamber matches

Feb 19, 2012 - 9:47:27 PM

WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Results
February 19, 2012
Live from Milwaukee, Wis.
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The last PPV stop on the Road to WrestleMania began with a video package on the Elimination Chamber being the last opportunity for wrestlers to pick up a WM28 main event slot. In their way is the Chamber structure.

Live inside the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, full pyro shot off as the camera focused on a replica Chamber structure on-stage. Michael Cole introduced the show before WWE showed Cole, Booker T, and Jerry Lawler ringside for commentary. Cue up the dramatic music as the Chamber structure began to be lowered. Justin Roberts gave the formal introduction for the first Chamber match, which will be the Raw brand's WWE Title match in an interesting twist when Smackdown typically starts.

In-ring: Chris Jericho, who won the final slot in Raw's Chamber match, came out first after his light-up jacket warmed up the crowd. The Miz was out next and the announcers suggested Miz is "on the bubble" for WrestleMania, so he needs to win the WWE Title to guarantee a Mania slot. Dolph Ziggler, joined by Vickie Guerrero, was out third. R-Truth was out fourth, so the two entrants to start the match were Kofi Kingston (out fifth) and WWE champion C.M. Punk (out sixth to a big reception with a new clean-shaven look). Cole noted Punk has a huge disadvantage tonight by starting first. Before starting the match, Punk held up the WWE Title belt in front of all four men inside the Chamber pods.

1 -- WWE champion C.M. PUNK vs. CHRIS JERICHO vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. THE MIZ vs. KOFI KINGSTON vs. R-TRUTH -- WWE Title match -- Raw brand Elimination Chamber match

Punk and Kofi went through a bit of a feeling-out process to start the match before Kofi went flying over the top rope and landed on his feet on the Chamber platform. Back to a feeling-out process before they traded rapid-fire pin attempts. The match moved to the Chamber platform, where Kofi back-dropped Punk hip-first onto the platform. Punk came back with a catapult, sending Kofi flying into the exterior of Jericho's Plexiglas pod. The crowd chanted for Punk as Jericho watched intently inside his pod. Back in the ring, Punk worked on Kofi while selling a hip injury.

At 5:00, it was time for entrant #3 - Dolph Ziggler, who looked even more like Billy Gunn tonight. Ziggler went right after Punk before doing standing ab crunches while hanging on the Chamber wall. After "showing off," Ziggler tried a Rockerdropper out of the ab crunch, but Punk moved. Back in the ring, Ziggler ate a top turnbuckle attempting a corner splash. Punk and Kofi then double-teamed Ziggler before Punk and Kofi suddenly collided in mid-air attempting a double springboard on Ziggler.

With all three men on the mat, the #4 entrant (at 9:00 instead of 10:00) was R-Truth, who went after Ziggler before hip-tossing Ziggler over the top rope onto the Chamber platform. Truth followed with a slingshot splash that seemed to inflict damage to both men. Back in the ring, Truth covered Ziggler, but only scored a two count. Cole noted the pace is quickening inside the Chamber. Punk then blasted Truth with a knee and executed a superplex, but Truth kicked out of a pin attempt. Punk went to the top turnbuckle in front of Jericho, who pounded his pod glass to yell at Punk, then Punk came off the top rope with an elbow drop on Truth. It was good for a pin and elimination.

*** Truth eliminated by Punk at 11:42 ***

Rapid-fire exchanges followed before Kofi tried to cover Punk, but the champ kicked out in time. Kofi then Spiderman'ed onto the Chamber wall before jumping onto Ziggler's shoulders to deliver a swinging DDT onto the Chamber platform in one fluid motion. The crowd popped before things calmed down. This led to entry #5 - The Miz - at 13:23. Miz quickly threw Punk into a Chamber pod before trying to choke Kofi inside the Chamber hole openings. Ziggler took another beating, this time from Miz, before Miz shoved Kofi off the top turnbuckle onto the platform. Miz and Punk then teased finishers before Miz executed a DDT for a nearfall. The crowd rallied behind Punk as Jericho paced inside his pod and Ziggler remained KO'ed outside the ring on the platform.

Suddenly, Punk slapped on the Anaconda Vice on Miz center-ring. Miz fought the hold as the countdown clock led to Jericho entering the match as the final entrant at 17:45. Punk released the hold when Jericho entered the ring and they had a confrontation before Jericho took control. They teased finishers, which the crowd was into, then Jericho cut off Punk with a running bulldog, then followed with a Lionsault. Suddenly, Ziggler tried a roll-up on Jericho, but Jericho escaped and nailed the Codebreaker. That ended Ziggler's night after Ziggler bounced around the Chamber for 20 minutes.

*** Ziggler eliminated by Jericho at 19:19 ***

As Ziggler left the Chamber, Jericho cleared Kofi from the Chamber before resuming an exchange with Punk. Punk won the brief battle with a catapult over the top rope onto the platform. They resumed the battle on the platform, with Punk smashing Jericho into pod glass. Jericho then thumbed Punk in the eye and locked himself back inside his Chamber pod. Punk quickly took care of that, but Jericho yanked Punk shoulder-first into the pod door multiple times to floor Punk.

At 22:22, Jericho turned his attention to Kingston, who continued to take a beating until he came back with an STO on the platform. Miz quickly attacked Kingston, though, and blasted away with left hand strikes. Miz walked into a pendulum kick out of the corner, though, and Punk followed up with a corner powerbomb on Miz. Kofi then found himself on top of a Chamber pod and he flew onto Punk and Miz center-ring. Kofi covered Miz, but Miz kicked out in time. Jericho tried to take advantage of the situation with the Walls of Jericho on Kofi, who fought the hold before tapping out.

*** Kingston eliminated at 25:33 ***

Jericho kept the hold locked on a few extra seconds, drawing a reprimand from the referee. Jericho continued the assault on Kofi, even after eliminating him. Jericho then threw Kofi out of the Chamber to finish the assault. Suddenly, Punk kicked Jericho in the head and Jericho went flying out of the Chamber to the outside, knocking over the cameraman. The refs checked on Jericho, who sold unconsciousness. The refs said Jericho can't continue, then asked for a ringside medic to check on Jericho. Audio of their conservation was picked up as they consulted on whether Jericho was conscious after Jericho struck the cameraman and a light fixture. Inside the Chamber, Punk sold concern. They went to a replay from another camera perspective, which showed how the injury angle came about.

Back inside the Chamber, Miz tried to sneak-attack Punk, but Punk delivered a kick to the head. Punk made a cover, but Miz kicked out in time. The announcers debated whether Jericho was officially out of the match as Punk surveyed his surroundings to decide what to do next. They cut to a ringside shot of Jericho still selling the injury. Back inside the Chamber, Punk measured Miz for a springboard move, but Miz countered with the Skullcrushing Finale. He made a cover, but Punk kicked out just in time, popping the crowd.

The action reset with an aggressive Miz punching and kicking and slapping and taunting Punk. Miz told Punk he's nothing before pacing the ring to play to the crowd. Miz tried to follow with a corner attack, but Punk moved and Miz ate the pod. Punk then hoisted up Miz for the GTS and connected. Punk covered and it was good for the win. Punk advances to WrestleMania to defend the WWE Title.

Post-match: Punk celebrated the title victory before they replayed high points. Punk then walked out of the Chamber, stopped to look at Jericho still selling the injury, and walked on past Jericho to continue celebrating.

WINNER: Punk at 32:38 to retain the WWE Title. Very good match. Not an all-time classic Chamber match, but very good. Also, a very good set-up for a Punk-Jericho title match at WrestleMania, with Jericho being able to say he did not lose the Chamber match and deserves a one-on-one shot at Punk's title. (****)

Backstage: After a video package recap of Santino winning a battle royal on Smackdown, they showed Santino attempting to get ready for the Smackdown Chamber match. As "Rocky" music played, Santino tried to eat some eggs, but gagged. He then smiled.

Announcers: Cole, Booker, and Lawler hyped the Cena-Kane ambulance match tonight before feeding to a video package on Cena ahead of his WM28 main event against The Rock. The video showed Cena training in the gym. Seth Rollins (a/k/a Tyler Black), Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed in TNA), and other developmental wrestlers and NXT Rookies were shown working out with Cena in the gym. Big E. Langston was focused on doing a massive chest press as Cena watched. They cut back to an on-camera interview with Tyler Black before Cena resumed a promo on Rock.

2 -- Divas champion BETH PHOENIX vs. TAMINA SNUKA -- Divas Title match

Lilian Garcia announced the Divas Title match. Beth Phoenix, sporting plaid for Roddy Piper (which the announcers played up as Beth's psychological games against the daughter of Jimmy Snuka), was out first to defend the title, followed by Tamina (Snuka) for this month's title challenge. Tamina looked happy to be here and Beth met her smile with a smile, ready for some competition.

Once the bell sounded, Beth held open the ropes for Tamina to leave if she wanted to, but Tamina said no. Beth dominated from the start, but Tamina came back with a top-rope Superfly Splash. Tamina had the pin, but Phoenix kicked out in time. Tamina continued the attack on the outside, but Phoenix beat Tamina to the punch back in the ring. Phoenix with a Glam Slam and it was over.

WINNER: Phoenix at 7:16 to retain the Divas Title. Solid Divas Title match with two women's wrestlers having a competitive battle. Refreshing.

Backstage: More "Rocky" music and more footage of Santino training by hitting a piece of meat dangling from the ceiling. Santino then busted out The Cobra to smack the piece of meat.

Backstage: Josh Mathews said they tried to get a word with Chris Jericho, but Jericho is unavailable. They showed Jericho being tended to by trainers, still trying to regain his bearings.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced Raw GM John Laurinaitis, who came to the ring with David Otunga. Laurinaitis stumbled over his words about being re-affirmed as interim Raw GM before criticizing the performance by Smackdown GM Teddy Long.

Suddenly, Alberto Del Rio's music played to bring out Del Rio for the first time in two months. Del Rio entered the ring and ran down Teddy Long before proposing a "great idea" to Laurinaitis. He said he thinks Laurinaitis should be permanent Raw GM. Not only Raw, but Smackdown, too. Mark Henry's music then played to bring out Henry. Henry entered the ring and said Long is a bully. Two weeks ago, Long physically assaulted him. And, he was wrongly suspended. Henry and Laurinaitis kind of looked at each other, looking for the next line, then Henry complemented Laurinaitis with over-the-top, heelish claims.

Suddenly, Christian's music played to bring out Christian for his teased return. Christian, now sporting a full beard, slowly made his way to the ring sporting a hat and leather jacket. Christian hugged Laurinaitis and said he would be competing for the World Title tonight if it were not for Long. He claimed Orton is faking a concussion while Sheamus and Big Show injured him after Long created an unsafe working environment. Christian advocated Laurinaitis's appointment as Smackdown GM before Otunga requested a picture. The crowd chanted for Triple H as Otunga filled time setting up for and taking a picture of Laurinaitis and the heels. They eventually just left the ring with nothing really resolved.


Video: Santino was shown jogging in front of a flight of stairs somewhere outside. Santino then marched up the stairs before they went to a slow-motion shot of Santino jumping up and down before doing the trombone celebration.

Backstage: Mathews brought in Big Show to discuss his chances in the Elimination Chamber match tonight. Mathews suggested Show's poor WrestleMania win/loss record makes it imperative for him to win the World Title tonight to be champion going into Mania. Show frowned at the question before chuckling about his poor record and turning serious that he has to enter the Chamber confident and determined.

In-ring: Great Khali's music played to bring out the first entrant in the Smackdown Chamber match. Lilian Garcia slipped on the match announcement, recovered, and Khali made his way into the Chamber. IC champion Cody Rhodes was out second, followed by Santino. No pre-match attack, as Santino safely made it inside his Chamber pod. World Hvt. champion Daniel Bryan was out fourth, so he gets to wait inside one of the four pods. Cole noted Bryan has a big advantage over what Punk had to go through in the first Chamber match. Out fifth to start the match was Wade Barrett with his crowd-heat-killing theme music, followed by Big Show.

3 -- World Hvt. champion DANIEL BRYAN vs. BIG SHOW vs. GREAT KHALI vs. IC champion CODY RHODES vs. WADE BARRETT vs. SANTINO -- World Hvt. Title match -- Smackdown brand Elimination Chamber match

As the bell sounded, Cole called this a weird match-up based on the participants (unlikely champion, "Cinderella story" Santino, and two giants). Show quickly smacked around Barrett to begin the match. Barrett briefly took control and the crowd became restless with this match-opening exchange. Show regained control and slammed Barrett onto the platform before walking over his chest.

At 5:05, IC champion Cody Rhodes was revealed as the third entrant. Rhodes stood in his pod, not wanting anything to do with Show. Rhodes eventually entered the ring and took a beating from Show. Show then sent Barrett into the Chamber wall before lawn-darting Rhodes into the wall. Barrett tried to run away, but he walked into a chokeslam, which Barrett blocked before landing a chopblock to Show's left knee. Barrett and Rhodes then went high-low on Show with a classic double-team move to continue working on Show. The heels turned on each other and Barrett smashed Cody into the Chamber wall. "Put it on that boy, Wade!" Booker shouted. Barrett continued to work over Rhodes as the crowd waited for something to get excited about.

At 10:15, the fourth entrant was revealed as Santino. Santino raised the roof, entered the ring, and delivered left hand jabs to Barrett. Santino followed with the Sailor's Salute before channeling Ultimate Warrior. Suddenly, Santino came face-to-face with Big Show. Santino tried a right hand, but Show tossed him around the ring. Cody then cut off Show from behind and scored a two count. Lawler offered an unintentionally comedic visual - Show needs eyes in the back of his legs in this match - before the heels double-teamed Show for a big chokeslam on the Chamber platform. Bryan, in his pod, shouted instructions to Barrett and Cody to dismantle Show, but they decided to attack each other again. Rhodes delivered a majestic top-rope moonsault, but Barrett kicked out in time. Rhodes then blasted away at Santino, who tried to re-enter the match.

At 15:35, the fifth entrant was revealed as Great Khali, so Bryan gets the final slot. Khali delivered some trademark offense, clearing the ring of all competitors except for Show. Khali then came face-to-face with Show and ate a spear. Show made a cover and Khali was gone.

*** Khali eliminated by Big Show at 16:31 ***

After Khali's elimination, Show simply stood in the ring staring down Bryan, who rocked back and forth inside his pod. Bryan smiled and mouthed, "Bring it," as Show stared through the glass toward Bryan. Show then got an idea to try to reach over the glass to grab Bryan, who egged him on. "Come on, big boy," Bryan said. Show then slowly ripped off the top of the Chamber pod as Bryan became frightened. Show then kicked through the top of the pod and landed inside the pod. Show popped the crowd by blasting away at Bryan, who had nowhere to go.

The countdown clock eventually expired at 19:40, officially entering Bryan in the match. The door was unlocked, Bryan thumbed Show in the eye, and tried to run away, but Show launched Bryan right through his Chamber pod to make a big, loud visual. Show then stalked Bryan and delivered a chokeslam. Barrett cut off Show before Show could pin Bryan, though, and Barrett blasted away at Show. Suddenly, Santino snuck up behind Barrett and scored a quick two count. On the platform, Cody smashed Show with a Disaster Kick and Show fell over the top rope back inside the ring. Rhodes hit a DDT, then Barrett came off the second rope with an elbow drop to Show. Rhodes made the cover and Show is gone.

*** Show eliminated by Rhodes at 22:37 ***

After the fall, Rhodes started a huge celebration as Show slowly rolled out of the Chamber. Santino then rolled up Rhodes from behind and Rhodes is gone.

*** Rhodes by Santino at 23:05 ***

Rhodes, shocked, stood up and delivered Cross Rhodes to Santino out of frustration. Barrett tried to capitalize a few moments later, but Santino kicked out of a pin attempt. Barrett then dumped Santino to the Chamber platform as the crowd tried to rally behind Santino. Barrett turned his attention toward Bryan, who countered with a submission into a crucifix pin for a nearfall. Bryan followed right up with a LeBell Lock attempt, but Barrett escaped. Bryan came back with rapid-fire kicks, but found himself crotched on the top rope before taking a left-arm lariat from Barrett in a spot that will bring back some ROH memoires.

At 27:00, Barrett took Bryan to a Chamber pod and tried to squeeze his head inside the pod door before slamming the door on Bryan's head. Santino tried to re-enter the action, but Barrett booted him off the top rope to the platform. Barrett continued the assault on Santino before Barrett turned around to take a flying knee to the head from Bryan. Bryan, now recovered and full of energy, continued to assault Barrett before the action moved up-top. Barrett took control and wanted top-rope Wasteland, but Santino broke it up. Santino then wanted a superplex, but Barrett blocked and shoved Santino to the mat. Barrett missed with a top-rope splash, though, and Bryan came off the top with a diving headbutt on Barrett. Santino made the cover on Barrett, and Barrett is gone.

***Barrett by Santino at 30:39 ***

With it down to Bryan and Santino, the crowd rallied behind Santino as Bryan laughed and smiled, thinking he has it easy now. Santino found a burst of energy, but Bryan quickly cut him off with a corner dropkick. Bryan followed with methodical kicks to the back, but Santino continued to stand up to Bryan, including kicking out of a kick to the head. Bryan then airballed a corner splash and Santino rolled up Bryan, but Bryan kicked out in time. Bryan went up top for a dive and missed.

The crowd popped as Santino yanked out the Cobra for a potential final strike. Santino measured Bryan for the Cobra strike and connected. Santino covered, but Bryan kicked out in time. Santino let up and seconds later, Bryan slapped on the LeBell Lock center-ring. Santino fought the hold as the crowd went nuts trying to encourage Santino to escape. Santino gave a final sign of hope, but Bryan re-applied the hold and Santino was forced to tap out, giving Bryan the win.

WINNER: Bryan via submission at 34:05 to retain the World Title. This started off very slowly, but turned into a great piece of WWE storytelling using the Bryan-Show feud, Santino underdog status, and the idea that Bryan had no chance to win the match to involve the crowd and finish very strongly. That is, if viewers could get past the idea of Santino competing for the World Title and The Cobra gimmick being involved in the finish of a World Title match. (***3/4)

Post-match: Sheamus's music played to bring out the 2012 Royal Rumble winner. Bryan tried a pre-emptive kick strike, but Sheamus hoisted up Bryan to deliver the Celtic Cross. Cole noted Sheamus has a choice of which champion to go after at WrestleMania. Cole said Sheamus may not have said it, but he seemed to make his intentions known. Booker predicted Sheamus will be new World champ at WrestleMania.

Catering: Hornswoggle was shown wearing a cheesehead hat while standing over a plate full of cheese. They cut to Natalya standing next to Swoggle. Suddenly, Natalya had to let one rip. She had the runs and ran off, then Justin Gabriel quizzed Swoggle on his cheese selection. Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero interrupted, leading to more cheese jokes. Teddy Long then came in and made an ugly joke about Vickie before booking a match tonight - Swagger vs. Gabriel. Gabriel left, then Swagger complained about Long's booking before mentioning Laurinaitis's earlier promo. Long then suggested he should run both Raw and Smackdown.

Video: The Rock. The video hyped Rock's return to WWE and his new DVD coming out Tuesday.

4 -- U.S. champion JACK SWAGGER (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. JUSTIN GABRIEL (w/Hornswoggle) -- U.S. Title match

The "comedown match" started with Swagger dominating Gabriel. He took a page from Ziggler by "showing off" with push-ups using Gabriel's back as a base. Gabriel had a few flashes of offense, but Swagger easily cut him off, applied the Anklelock, and Gabriel tapped out. Swagger gets a decisive win.

WINNER: Swagger via submission at 3:07.

Video package: Rock and Cena, on a split-screen, were shown talking about their confrontation at WrestleMania.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler announced that Undertaker will be on Raw tomorrow night to confront Triple H. Cole said one of the two men in the main event - Cena or Kane - likely will not be part of Raw tomorrow night after their Ambulance Match. This led to a video package highlighting the feud, pausing on events from Monday's Raw when Eve kissed Cena, Zack Ryder freaked out, Ryder slapped Cena, and Ryder was thrown off the stage by Kane. Cena-Kane just doesn't feel like a PPV main event, as the match was announced in a backstage promo by Laurinaitis, never really has been about having a wrestling match, isn't for a title, and Cena's big match is the next PPV at WrestleMania.

In-ring: An ambulance was driven to ringside for the main event. Justin Roberts announced that the only way to win is for the opponent to be loaded into the ambulance and for the opponent to be driven out of the arena. Out first was Kane sporting a welder's mask over his regular mask. After Kane's music stopped, the crowd booed during The Pause before Cena's music played. Cena paused on-stage, folded up his cap to sell concern, took a look at the ambulance, straightened his t-shirt, and stormed the ring.

5 -- JOHN CENA vs. KANE -- Ambulance Match

The crowd started the dueling chants of "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" before Cena took Kane to the outside. They fought up the entrance ramp to the staging area before Cena called for the ambulance. Kane quickly cut off Cena, though, and yanked a stretcher out of the ambulance. Cena cut off Kane, though, and pulled a backboard out of the ambulance to smash Kane with. This was all in the first two minutes of the match. Cena paused to listen to the dueling chants before the "match" returned to the ringside area.

Back in the ring, Kane blasted Cena with right hands to begin wearing down Cena. The crowd resumed another dueling chant as the two men traded bombs in the ring. Cena won the exchange before setting up for and delivering the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena teased the Attitude Adjustment, but Kane blocked and applied his face-squeeze/mandible claw-like maneuver. Cena sold unconsciousness after Kane eventually released the hold. Kane then tossed Cena to the floor.

On the floor, Kane pulled out a wheelchair and placed Cena inside the wheelchair to push him toward the ambulance. Cena tried to fight back half-way down the entrance ramp, then he used his strength (as documented in the earlier video package) to power out of the wheelchair and fight off Kane. They fought toward the ambulance, which Cena used as a weapon to slow down Kane. Cena then grabbed the wheelchair and smashed it into Kane's body as Kane leaned against the ambulance. Cena then placed Kane in the wheelchair and wheeled him clear across the staging area toward a bunch of production tables. Kane easily recovered and started throwing computers toward Cena. There's a mystery Raw GM joke somewhere.

The fight went through the crowd toward the technical area. Kane opted not to use more computers as weapons, instead using his fists to smack around Cena. The crowd cheered on the fight before Cena reversed a whip to send Kane flying over the guardrail to the ringside area. Cena then grabbed a mic and popped Kane in the face before asking Booker if he makes his Fave Five now. Cena then cleared the Spanish announce table, picked up a TV monitor, and popped Kane in the face with the monitor.

Ringside, Cena started re-arranging furniture before popping Kane in the face with ring steps. Cena turned toward a camera and asked no one in particular if it's time to have some fun. Cena then re-arranged more furniture before mocking Kane by asking if he still wants to hate. Another steps-to-the-face blow followed. Cena was done re-arranging furniture, then he stalked Kane for his next move. Cena hoisted up Kane, walked up his re-arranged steps, reached the top step, and wanted an AA through the table, but Kane blocked, grabbed Cena around the throat, and chokeslammed him through the announce table.

The chokeslam spot brought the crowd down before Kane reset by dragging a stretcher down to the ringside area. Kane scooped up Cena and placed him face-down on the stretcher before dragging Cena up the entrance ramp toward the ambulance. At the ambulance, Kane threw Cena inside the ambulance, then he tried to close the doors, but Cena kicked the right door in Kane's face. Cena fought out and made a Super Cena comeback, including smashing Kane into the side of the vehicle. Cena smashed Kane into the driver's side door before climbing to the roof of the vehicle. Cena egged on Kane, who followed him to the roof. They traded right hand bombs before Kane teased a chokeslam off the ambulance. Cena countered, though, and delivered an AA off the roof of the ambulance down to a separate area below. "Somebody better call 911!" Cole shouted. After a pause for Cena to climb down from the ambulance, Cena scooped up Kane, shoved him inside the ambulance, and shut the door. Cena wins.

Post-match: The lights flashed on the ambulance and it drove away out of the arena. In the ring, Cena pointed to the WM28 banner and celebrated. They cut to a backstage shot of the ambulance leaving the arena, then back to Cena for a final salute to the camera. Cole noted Cena is ready for WrestleMania. They signed off at 9:47 p.m. CST.

WINNER: Cena at 21:22. A predictable spectacle match/angle that surely satisfied Cena fans and accomplished the goal of setting the stage for Cena-Rock at WM28. Was it PPV main event-worthy? That's debatable.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Two very good Elimination Chamber matches made this a thumbs up PPV, but some people will be disappointed by the main event slot, the lack of meaningful surprises (especially with Christian's return thrown away in a Laurinaitis segment), and a lack of title changes. But, the lack of title changes made booking sense. Placed anywhere else on the calendar, the Chamber PPV could rise to a top-level PPV because the Chamber matches almost always deliver, but even when it doesn't make sense to switch the top titles, it will cause some disappointment.


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