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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 3/14: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live Raw - Cena vs. Del Rio main event, U.S. Title match, two surprise returns, Snooki

Mar 14, 2011 - 10:20:00 PM

WWE Raw Results
March 14, 2011 - Episode #928
Live from St. Louis, Mo.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's Raw three weeks away from WrestleMania 27 opened with a close-up on The Rock in a photo. Rock's voice was heard "on the phone" with someone. Rock knocked John Cena's promo last week, then Cena's music played. Rock told "the president" he would call him back.

Rock addressed someone off-camera, asking "Cena" if he wants to face him face-to-face. In came a 10-year-old kid dressed in Cena gear repeating, "You can't see me." Rock took a deep sigh, then walked over to the kid. Rock told Kid Cena to talk to him like an adult. Kid Cena did a mini-rap, which drew a reaction live. Rock laughed to himself, sat down in his office chair, and said they need to have a talk.

Rock said when he left seven years ago, Cena took the ball and ran with it. "Not very far, but that's okay," he said. Rock said John succeeded in having a cultural impact on the world. Look, Kermit the Frog, Barney the Dinosaur, and now Cena. Rock said Cena owns the 2-5-year-old demographic. He asked Kid Cena if he understands why he'll never be as good as Rock. Kid Cena said, "Because I'm not that talented?" Rock said that's good to release that big burden. He asked how that makes him feel. "It doesn't matter how that makes you feel!" Rock shouted.

Kid Cena began crying. Rock said they've had to sit through Cena's awful movies, but no one cried. Rock said he has the next best thing to toilet paper and pulled out a Cena t-shirt for Kid Cena to blow his nose. Rock continued to talk about Cena not being talented, then he said he has a gift for him. Rock pulled out a box of Fruity Pebbles, then told Kid Cena his hero, Fred Flintstone, is on the cover. Rock flexed his muscles as they cut to crowd shots of various reactions. Rock handed the box of cereal to Kid Cena and told the "untalented little Fruit Loop" to have fun.

Rock then paused to survey where he is. Ominous music played as Rock addressed The Miz. Rock said Miz is the so-called most must-see WWE champion in history, but he's The Rock. Rock said Miz sent a clear message to him that he obviously wants to receive the single biggest whooping of all-time. Rock said the time for talking is over and it's time for WrestleMania. He said he will bring it live on Raw before Mania, but he won't say when or where. "Satellite, live, live via satellite, shut your mouth," Rock said. Rock said the only thing they should be concerned with is how bad he layeths the smacketh down on both of them. PYB (3) talk time: 10:20.

Reax: Eh. More of this talk about "being more entertaining" and "talent" rather than who's tougher or the better wrestler. Secondary was Cena vs. Miz at WrestleMania, which is obviously by design to try to entice mainstream PPV buys for Rock's involvement. Or, because they don't care to sell a PPV title match.

Backstage: They showed Trish Stratus and Snooki talking, which provided the first look at Snooki on the show.

Announcers ringside: Michael Cole was inside a glass box/cage like a square phone booth to keep him separated from Jerry Lawler and Josh Mathews, who were at the announce table. The Miz's music hit to bring out the WWE champion, prompting Cole to stand up inside his glass box. The announcers recapped Miz and Cena's recent interaction.

In-ring: Time for more talking with Miz serenaded by boos live in the ring. More of the same with Miz running down Rock's catchphrases, tattoos, movies, and empty promises. Mania cannot get here fast enough to put an end to these promos. Miz was interrupted by a "you suck" chant. He re-addressed Rock, saying Rock's father and grandfather were good, but never WWE champion. Miz said that unlike Rock talking about beating up Cena, he's actually done it. Miz said Rock doesn't own Cena, he does. Pause for another "you suck" chant.

[Q2] Miz got on his knees and said he hopes Rock "brings it" soon. Maybe even to St. Louis. Miz mocked the cheap pop reaction, then did his repetitive stern, low-voice to tell Rock that if he brings it, he will be overshadowed by the "most must-see champion in WWE history." And that's because he's awesome.

Suddenly, the Raw GM buzzed and the camera cut to Cole inside his box. Cole said he just received an email from the Raw GM. Cole stepped out of his box and walked over to the podium, but Lawler cut him off. Lawler stepped to the podium as Cole shouted that it's his job. Lawler told cole to head back home because his cage is cleaned out by now. Lawler read to The Miz that the GM is arranging two first-time-ever matches for both Miz and Cena tonight. Later tonight, Cena will face a man he's never been in the ring against...#1 contender Alberto Del Rio. Miz wanted to know who he's facing. He said he's beaten everyone. Lawler said that's not entirely true. He said apparently Miz has never faced this man...

Pause...cue up Great Khali's theme music. Miz rolled his eyes as Runjin Singh danced on-stage as Khali posed on the stage. Khali slowly started making his way to the ring as Cole demanded everyone be fired for this travesty.

[Commercial Break]

1 -- WWE champion THE MIZ vs. GREAT KHALI (w/Runjin Singh) -- non-title match

Back from break, the bell sounded as Cole ranted & raved about this being unfair. Khali shoved Miz across the ring, then landed a chop to the chest, followed by a giant chop to the head. Khali followed with an attempted head-squeeze vice, but Miz grabbed the top rope for a break. Suddenly, Alex Riley stormed the ring and tried to attack Khali, causing a DQ. The announcers noted Riley was fired.

Post-match: Riley ate a Punjabi Plunge, then Miz entered the ring with a chair and proceeded to bash Khali over the back 10-15 times. The camera zoomed in on Miz's upper body, where Khali's giant handprint was visible on his chest. Khali stirred, so Miz grappled him for a DDT onto the chair. Miz stood tall with chair in-hand as his music played. Miz left the ring as the camera re-visited Khali, who was bleeding from his lower back. Big cut on Khali's lower back.

WINNER: Khali via DQ at 1:10. Miz looked bad during the match, but returned to the same level he entered with the post-match bashing. It was only impressive because of Khali's size since Khali hasn't done anything credible in WWE in a few years. (n/a)

Announcers: Cole, from inside the cage, said he's going to expose Lawler to the world tonight. He said he has a very special guest from Lawler's past to "shock the world" on Lawler, who showed mild concern as Cole described his interview.

Still to come tonight: Randy Orton vs. Mason Ryan. ... Tough Enough plug: A USA Network video package promoting Tough Enough fed to commercial.

[Commercial Break]


Announcers: Mathews and Lawler talked on-camera about The Undertaker vs. Triple H in three weeks at WrestleMania. The announcers plugged the No Holds Barred stipulation as a graphic flashed on the screen. Mathews then introduced a video package Hunter put together on the destruction he's caused during his career that aired Friday on Smackdown.

Backstage: John Morrison was talking to Snooki about her ability to take a punch. Snooki said they could always use another castmember on "Jersey Shore." Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler walked in. Vickie said Snooki thinks she's all that because she was on the cover of Rolling Stone, but she was offered the cover of Playboy. Snooki responded with a fat joke, then Vickie nearly snapped on Snooki before Dolph, in a suit, held her back. Vickie shrieked as Snooki and Morrison walked off.

[Commercial Break. Randy Orton in the dining room table for Kmart.]

In-ring: Back live, Justin Roberts introduced the U.S. Title match not mentioned heretofore on the show. Out came Sheamus sporting a new green shirt. Mathews plugged Sheamus on the cover of Muscle & Fitness and Cole heelishly noted he's received plenty of tips from the magazine for his match against Lawler at Mania. Cole then noted that Sheamus is gone if he doesn't win this match. Roberts recapped the stipulation that Sheamus will quit if he does not win. Sheamus, with a big cut on his forehead, had choice words for Roberts. Cue up Daniel Bryan's music to bring out Bryan, with Gail Kim. The announcers said many people trace Sheamus winning the King of the Ring tournament to the beginning of his downfall. Cole said it's just a rough patch.

2 -- U.S. champion DANIEL BRYAN (w/Gail Kim) vs. SHEAMUS -- U.S. Title match -- Sheamus will "quit" if he loses

Mathews wondered if there's a KOTR curse. Cole said past winners have struggled. He failed to cite evidence supporting his claim as Bryan knocked Sheamus to the floor, then flew through the ropes with a big suicide dive. Bryan pounded the mat to sell his fire before rolling Sheamus back into the ring. Bryan came off the top with a double-foot dropkick and scored a nearfall. Sheamus then rolled to the outside to contemplate what was going wrong as they cut to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q4] Back from break, Sheamus was in control trying to keep his career alive. Sheamus pounded on Bryan with clubbing strikes to the chest, then again. Sheamus followed with a running knee below the chin, then scored a nearfall. Bryan suddenly scored a nearfall, then dumped Sheamus to the floor. Sheamus started selling the ankle from last week as the announcers wondered if Sheamus's career was in trouble. Sheamus made his way into the ring, then ref Armstrong held Bryan back to chck on Sheamus. Sheamus tried to nail the Brogue Kick, but Bryan ducked and slapped on the LeBell Lock. Sheamus managed to make it to the bottom rope just in time, though.

Sheamus, apparently playing opossum on the ankle (which the announcers missed), wanted the High Cross, but Bryan rolled through into a sunset flip for a close two count. Bryan and Sheamus then started trading bombs, then Bryan nailed multiple strikes via forearm and kick. Bryan then set up Sheamus to deliver rapid-fire kicks to the chest, then one to the head. Cole said he could be out cold and Bryan made a cover, but Sheamus kicked out. Bryan then went up top for a big high-risk move, but Sheamus countered with a sick mid-air Brogue Kick that floored Bryan. Sheamus then draped an arm over Bryan's chest for the pin and the win. Sheamus is the U.S. champion.

WINNER: Sheamus at 8:59 to capture the U.S. Title. Heck of a physical match with something on the line, the audience buying into the high-stakes match, and Bryan once again delivering great action in a long-form TV match. WWE just raised the profile of the Bryan vs. Sheamus feud, likely setting up the re-match at WrestleMania. Not long enough to be three-stars, but right there. (**3/4)

Post-match: Mathews declared the KOTR curse being over. Sheamus then left the ring and pounded on Cole's cage to celebrate. Sheamus shouted in Lawler's face, then some of the fans on the front row. They went to a replay showing Bryan's rapid-fire kicks before Sheamus blasted Bryan in mid-air with the Brogue Kick for the win. Sheamus then re-entered the ring and stood over Bryan to gloat about the win. Sheamus put a boot to Bryan's face before leaving the ring.

Ringside: Sheamus's music stopped and Michael Cole stood up inside his cage and declared he will destroy Lawler and expose what he is truly about. Cole said his guest from Lawler's past will be out next.

[Commercial Break]

After a video recap of Steve Austin becoming special ref for Cole vs. Lawler at Mania on last week's Raw, they went live to Cole in the ring mocking Austin. Cole then addressed Lawler, who was ringside. Cole said he doesn't have a problem talking about Lawler's family, both alive and dead. He said he's bringing out Lawler's biological son, Brian Christopher.

[Q5 -- second hour] Christopher's classic Attitude Era "Too Cool" theme hit to bring out Christopher dancing on-stage. Cole danced in the ring as Lawler stared blankly straight ahead. Christopher looked rough in the face, but was dressed nicely in decent clothes. Cole noted Christopher has gone by numerous names in WWE, but never Brian Lawler. Brian said all his life, he never, ever felt like he had a father. Brian said that while Jerry was off traveling the world being "The King," he neglected one thing. "Me," Brian said. Lawler continued to stare straight ahead. The crowd was quiet for this uncomfortable bit of business.

Brian stepped out of the ring after saying Lawler never really wanted a child. He told Lawler that he never wanted anyone in his spotlight. Brian said that when he made it to WWE, Lawler wouldn't even acknowledge he was his son. Lawler took a mic from the announce table and looked down before saying he doesn't really know what to say other than he's glad Brian didn't use the Lawler name. He said Brian is a bigger screw-up than Charlie Sheen. Lawler said just the fact that Brian would associate himself with a jackass like Michael Cole captures what kind of a person he is.

Brian stepped closer to Lawler, who remained seated. He asked Lawler how it makes him feel to know he competed at WrestleMania before Lawler did. Brian walked to within a few feet of Lawler to ask him how that made him feel. Brian added a poke to the chest. He wanted an answer. Brian added a slap to the head. Lawler held his pose, unflinching. Brian used his gut to slap Lawler's chair before slapping him on the head again. Brian said the reason he never used Lawler's name is because he's ashamed of him. Brian threw down the mic as Cole laughed in the ring.

Brian walked off as Cole told Lawler he's nothing but a coward. He told Lawler he's pathetic and a loser. Suddenly, the Oklahoma theme music hit. Out came Jim Ross to a big pop. Cole said he's been waiting for this moment for a long time for Ross to walk out here and try to steal the spotlight. Ross said this has gone too far with Cole talking about Lawler's family like this. He said this has gone too far, as Cole turned his back. Cole turned back and told Ross to go away. The crowd booed. Cole said it's his show now. He cried out that he's the voice of WWE, not Jim Ross.

Ross said he's been meaning to talk him about that. He said that for many years, he had the privilege sitting ringside with Lawler on Raw. Applause from the crowd. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame with Lawler. He said he learned that no one sitting at the table will be the voice of WWE, but the fans in St. Louis and the fans watching around the world. Ross told Cole that Lawler has been carrying him for years. He said Cole isn't a lovable, furry animal like a baby kangaroo in Lawler's pouch. He said Cole is like a different kind of animal...a rat bastard.

Ross turned to leave, then Cole said this is how it's going to be. Cole said this is how he envisioned it: Cole standing up for himself while Ross walks out of his sunset with his tail tucked between his legs. Ross had more business to attend to and returned to the ring. Ross dropped the mic, took off his Cowboy hat, unbuttoned his jacket, and loosened his tie. Cole smirked and took off his jacket. Loud "J-R, J-R" chant as Cole warmed himself up. Suddenly, Jack Swagger stormed ringside and knocked down Lawler. Ross wanted to know what was up with Swagger.

Swagger entered the ring as Cole told Swagger to teach Ross some respect. Swagger, the OU grad who Ross recruited to WWE, then booted Ross low and slapped on the anklelock. Cole got down low next to Ross and asked him how that feels. Swagger maintained the hold until Lawler entered the ring to make the save. Cole then hopped on Lawler's back to give Swagger an opening to drop him, then apply the anklelock. Ross pounded the mat selling the anklelock before Cole decided to apply an anklelock of his own. Yes, Cole with the anklelock. Ross over-sold a bit to apparently give a nod to how ridiculous that was. Cole shouted down at Ross that it will teach him about disrespecting him again. "This is my time! My time! Nobody else's," he said. Cole and Swagger then stood tall to boos. PYB (3) talk time: 15:30.

Still to come tonight: Mathews plugged John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio. Up next: Randy Orton vs. Mason Ryan.

Smackdown plug: Edge & Christian re-unite to make history again. They're challenging for the WWE Tag Titles held by Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.


[Commercial Break]

In-ring: After a video replay of Randy Orton punting Michael McGillicutty two weeks ago, then David Otunga last week, there was a pause in the arena before Randy Orton's music hit to a big hometown reaction. Orton came out looking BA as they went to a ringside shot of Cole back inside his cage trying to cut a babyface promo that it's not about him; wants to promote the Superstars in the ring. They cut to a shot of Orton's family ringside clapping for him. That's a nice move, but it takes away some of the edge to Orton's character acknowledging he has a wife and child. Punk's music hit to bring out Mason Ryan to face Orton in the latest Orton vs. Nexus match.

3 -- RANDY ORTON vs. MASON RYAN (w/C.M. Punk)

Orton blasted Ryan with early right hand blows before Ryan responded with a kick to the gut. Orton with a clothesline, then Ryan with a boot to the face. Aggressive start. Ryan followed with a backbreaker across his knee for a two count. Ryan then applied a bear hug as the crowd chanted, "Let's Go Randy." Orton escaped, then hit a big clothesline, but Ryan came back with a side effect/uranage for a two count. Ryan did the classic big-man grunt look before staring at the WrestleMania sign. He wanted his finisher, but Orton spun him around and nailed the RKO out of nowhere for the pin. On the stage, Punk slapped his hands in disgust with it now officially one-on-one between Orton and Punk with no Nexus involvement.

WINNER: Orton at 3:01. Fine to finish the Orton vs. Nexus series with a hot hometown crowd for Orton. (*)

Post-match: Orton stood in the ring staring at Punk before hopping onto the turnbuckles to stare at Punk. Mathews said Punk has 20 days to come up with a new plan for WrestleMania. Orton slowly left the ring as the crowd called for the Punt. Orton staggered down the entrance ramp as Cole called him a strange dude. Punk remained standing on the entrance stage as the camera cut to a shot of Ryan slowly reached his feet in the ring. Orton then jammed hard into the ring and smashed Ryan with a Punt. It looked like he got him on the shoulder rather than the head from the angle they provided.

Orton then spun back around to the corner and came within inches of Punk, who had tried to run into the ring to stop Orton. Great camera shot of Orton and Punk within inches of each other in a crouched position as Orton pounded the mat as if he were setting up for the RKO. Punk slowly backed away, then lowered himself out of the ring. Loud "Randy, Randy" chant before his music hit and Punk backed up the entrance ramp locking eyes with Orton. A stretcher came to ringside for Mason Ryan as Orton stood tall in the ring. Strong television right there.

Earlier tonight: Snooki and Vickie Guerrero had an exchange, with Snooki slapping Vickie. Still to come tonight: Snooki on Raw. ... Leading to break, they aired a DVD plug for the "True Story of WrestleMania" DVD due out Tuesday. Then, USA Network aired a plug for "Tough Enough."

[Commercial Break]


St. Louis: An exterior shot of the city and the Gateway Arch led to Mathews introducing Drew Carey as the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame. After clips of his various TV shows, they rolled footage of Vince McMahon offering Carey a spot in the 2001 Royal Rumble. They showed Carey self-eliminating himself after being threatened by Kane, then the video closed with plugs for Carey's new improv TV show. Back live, Mathews talked on-camera about the Hall of Fame before he was cut off by...

Michael Cole. Cole stood up in his box/cage and said the people of St. Louis should be so proud of witnessing the debut of the Michael Cole Anklelock. He vowed to use it to defeat and embarrass Lawler. As for Jim Ross, Cole said in his gravelly voice that the anklelock was a "slobberknocker" and he stomped a hole in Ross the size of Texas. Cole was cut off by a graphic plugging Cena vs. Del Rio still to come tonight.

Backstage: Trish and Snooki were chatting away on the way to the ring. Zack Ryder, WWE's own version of a Jersey Shore character, then walked in and wanted to know what Snooki thought of this "situation" (pointing to his mid-section). Snooki analyzed Ryder's abs and said that's pretty solid. No punchline. No laughs at Ryder's expense. She smiled, then kept on walking with Trish. And, finally, Ryder is over!

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Justin Roberts was shown in the ring to introduce Snooki, who came out alone to the ring. Cole botched his attempt at Jersey Shore's trademark phrase, saying he'll "BTL - Beat The King." Cole noted he meant Lawler. Snooki took the mic and said she's been looking forward to this all week. She said she's really looking forward to her friend, Trish Stratus, shutting up Vickie Guerrero's big, fat mouth. Snooki left the ring and Vickie slowly walked to the ring sans music. Nice touch. Mathews noted Vickie won't have a career if she doesn't win this match tonight.

[Q8] Vickie excused herself as the crowd booed. She had some words for Snooki. "How dare you come to Raw and steal my spotlight," she told Snooki. Vickie then introduced Snooki's Rolling Stone magazine cover and screamed that Snooki stole that from her. Vickie said they ca now review the original cover, which had Vickie Photoshopped onto the rocket from Snooki's cover. Vickie asked the crowd if that's better. "NOO!!!" the crowd shouted. Vickie just kept on going before telling Snooki she's really a good person. Cue up Trish Stratus's music as Cole said he finds this very unfair for Vickie's career to be on the line against the Diva of the Decade.

4 -- TRISH STRATUS vs. VICKIE GUERRERO -- Vickie hired to Raw if she wins

Vickie did some jumping jacks to warm herself up, then Trish nearly ended the match with a small package that resulted in a two count. With Vickie in trouble, Dolph Ziggler ran out to stand between Trish and Vickie. Morrison stormed out behind Ziggler and cleared him to the outside before nailing a big corkscrew splash over the top rope. Big pop for Morrison. Lay-Cool then stormed the ring and attacked Trish. Apparently it's No DQ. In any event, Lay-Cool decked Trish and helped Vickie pin Trish to win her job.

WINNER: Vickie at 2:30.

Post-match: Lay-Cool confronted Snooki ringside, leading to a big brawl inside the ring. The heels eventually retreated to the outside and Vickie took the mic. Vickie said this is her show now and she can't wait to embarrass all of them at WrestleMania. She issued them a challenge: Trish & Morrison & Snooki vs. Lay-Cool and Ziggler at WrestleMania. The faces huddled up for a chat, then Snooki told Vickie she will see her there. Cole recapped the big six-person tag announcement as Snooki's music played.

Up next: Cena vs. Del Rio.

[Commercial Break]

Sin Cara video: Sin Cara was shown standing inside a ring surrounded by digitally-enhanced flames before they showed various high-flying moves. Back live, Cole said WWE fans are in for a treat when Sin Cara comes to WWE.

Announcers: Cole and Mathews broke down Hunter vs. Taker before introducing Part 3 of Shawn Michaels's video comments on the match. Michaels focused on Undertaker this week. He said there's an aura, a mystery, a darkness to him. Classic Taker footage aired from the '90s and 2000s. He said Taker's best asset is The Streak and there's some sort of barrier about it that plays to his advantage. HBK said there are a lot of distractions and smoke & mirror that can distract opponents. The video reset to the '90s before fast-forwarding to the present. The video went through all of the opponents Taker has gone through at WrestleMania and Michaels said he doesn't know if The Streak will ever be broken.

[Q9 -- over-run] Arena: Back in the arena, Justin Roberts introduced Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, as Del Rio honked his way to ringside. As Del Rio made his way to ringside, Brodus Clay seconded Del Rio and the duo entered the ring. Del Rio posed in the corner as they paused before Cena's music hit. Cena came out on-stage, turned his t-shirt to the camera, pointed to the Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect text on his t-shirt, winked to the camera, and stormed to the ring. Cole said Cena is looking to re-focus on Del Rio after Rock's comments at the top of the show. Cena had a hickey or a big rash below his right ear. It's amazing what HD can pick up on. Cena flipped his t-shirt to the crowd as Del Rio smirked, then the bell sounded.

5 -- JOHN CENA vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO (w/Brodus Clay)

At five minutes into the over-run, the match started with a basic collar & elbow tie-up. Mathews plugged the Kmart-sponsored live event tour, which didn't match up with the tone of a main event match. Cole suddenly said he has it on good authority that The Rock is here tonight in St. Louis. Cena knocked Del Rio to the floor and they cut to break.

[Commercial Break. Smackdown plug - What's next for Taker & Hunter?]

Back from break, Del Rio stalked Cena and landed a dropkick for a two count. Mathews quizzed Cole on his Rock claim, and Cole simply said Mathews will see. Cena powered out of a headlock with a back-drop and Brodus tried to pound the mat to encourage Del Rio. Both men slowly made their way to the feet selling like they were at the 13-minute mark rather than six minutes in. A double knock down led to another slow climb-to-their-feet. Cena and Del Rio traded bombs center-ring and Cena built some momentum leading to the shoulder tackles, sit-out slam, and Five Knuckle Shuffle. Del Rio then came to his feet and spun into the Attitude Adjustment, but Clay stormed the ring and attacked Cena for a DQ.

WINNER: Cena via DQ at 7:21. Basic stuff here. Del Rio's in-ring work isn't main event-level yet to match his charisma and personality. (*1/4)

Post-match: Clay hammered away on Cena before Del Rio landed right hand blows. Suddenly, The Rock's music hit. Cole shouted that he told everyone. And slowly out walked...The Miz dressed like The Rock. The poor live crowd thought it was The Rock and they popped huge, but it was Miz dressed in Rock's outfit from his big return and sporting a skull-cap to look bald. Miz charged Cena in the ring and dropped him with Rock Bottom. Del Rio then caught Cena with an enzuigiri. The crowd was quiet for this as Clay dropped Cena with an overhead toss. Miz then posed on the turnbuckles doing Rock's mannerisms and poses. Miz then ripped off the skull cap and Hollywood face gimmicks.

On the floor, Miz rammed Cena into the ringpost before taking the mic. Miz asked Cena how his Road to WrestleMania is doing. Miz then popped Cena in the head with the mic. He said he's owned Cena for the last three weeks and he will own Cena for the next three all the way to WrestleMania. Cena got up and Miz popped him in the head with the mic again. He then suplexed Cena on the entrance stage as the cameras caught a few kids reacting with concern. A spotlight was placed on Cena as Miz slowly stalked him. This is a long over-run.

Suddenly, Cena fired back with a right hand out of nowhere. He teased the Attitude Adjustment, but Miz slithered out and dropped Cena on the entrance stage with a DDT. Miz, with half of his face on and only sporting Rock's dark black jeans, slowly walked over to Cena and mockingly encouraged him to get up. Miz then ran Cena face-first into the giant WWE logo on the stage, spinning the logo around. Cena grabbed the base of the logo as Miz stood over him. Cena tried to pull himself up as Miz stalked him from behind. Miz then grappled Cena and gave him the Skullcrushing Finale into the base of the giant WWE logo. Miz smiled, then slowly leaned over Cena to whisper something to him. Miz's music played as Cena blinked his eyes selling the effects. Cole recapped a video replay of the angle and declared that Cena is in a major fight at WrestleMania. Back-and-forth shots of Cena selling and Miz standing tall closed the show at 20 minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Improvement over last week's show. There are still some issues with the build-up to Mania, but the latest installment of Miz standing tall over Cena was a nice touch, Orton remains very strong, HBK's video package on Taker-Hunter was effective, there's big heat on Cole to see him get his at the hands of Lawler and/or Ross at Mania, and Snooki's appearance wasn't terrible. So, positive developments there. Also, a decent wrestling match for seemingly the first time in weeks between Bryan and Sheamus was a nice aspect of the show.

We welcome your 0-10 score and comments on this show for a "Raw Reax" feature in the Torch Feedback section of To contribute your thoughts on Raw, email to using our Feedback form.

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