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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 6/6: Complete "virtual time" coverage of live Raw - Steve Austin special referee main event, Booker's first match in four years

Jun 6, 2011 - 10:10:01 PM

WWE Raw Results
June 6, 2011 - Episode #940
Live in Richmond, Va.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE Raw officially started at 9:05 p.m. EST following the live season finale of Tough Enough, which was advertised on USA Network leading into Tough Enough. Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were still in the ring sharing drinks, then R-Truth interrupted. Truth was dressed like a Confederate Civil War general. In the ring, Truth said he's going to explain why he's dressed like this. McMahon then fed to a video package on last week's Raw when Truth threw water at John Cena fans last week.

Back in the ring, Truth said he's sorry to Little Jimmy, Big Jimmy, and the soda he wasted. Truth said he's sorry, he's sorry, and he's sorry. Austin told Truth he should be sorry about dressing up like a damn jackass. Truth said he's dressed like this because he did his homework. He's right here in Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy. Truth said this is where Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and a bunch of inbred rednecks (boos) formed the Confederate States of America. Austin said that was about 150 years ago, so what does that have to do with today?

Truth said that nothing good ever came out of the South, but he's aware of one good idea. Truth said the Confederacy seceded from the U.S., so, tonight, R-Truth is seceding from the WWE Universe. Cole had a good laugh. Truth said he's keeping the title match, but he doesn't want anything else. Truth said they don't have R-Truth to push around anymore. No action figures, no t-shirts, no video games. No nothing. Truth said he's been a victim of a company-wide conspiracy.

The camera shot over to McMahon, who told "R" that he always thought he had a silly first name. How do you spell it? McMahon told Truth to visit him during office hours and they could talk about this so-called conspiracy. Truth then tried to spell conspiracy. Suddenly, The Miz's music hit to interrupt McMahon and Truth.

Miz strutted out on-stage dressed in a suit. Miz told Truth he has the Chairman of the Company out here...and he's going to talk about his so-called conspiracy? Miz said he would still be WWE champion if it weren't for his ungrateful, ex-assistant Alex Riley. Miz strutted around the ring and said everyone knows he deserves one last title match against Cena.

Cue up Alex Riley's new theme music with the interruption. Riley came out on-stage and cocked his head toward the crowd as Miz shot him a wide-eyed look. Riley entered the ring as McMahon tried to restore order here. McMahon told Riley to hang on. Riley told Miz the only thing he deserves is the third straight week of beat downs. Suddenly, John Cena's music hit and everyone paused.

[Q2] Cena, with the WWE Title belt around his waist, strutted to the ring as Cole quickly announced a title match between Cena and Truth in two weeks at Capitol Punishment. Cena gave a quick recap: McMahon is out of patience, Austin is almost out of beer, Truth is out of his mind, Miz is out of excuses, and Riley is out for vengeance. Cena noted Miz will not be getting another title re-match, so he needs to get over himself. Cena then addressed Riley. He said he doesn't like him, but he's shown he finally has a set by punching Miz in the face. As for Truth, Cena said when he takes a look at Truth, he sees someone with his head completely together. Cena hyped their title match.

Suddenly, the Raw GM buzzed in. Cole announced he just received an email from the anonymous Raw GM. "Michael Cole, shut up!" McMahon shot toward Cole. McMahon said he has this one. He booked a tag match for tonight: Truth & Miz vs. Cena & Riley. McMahon started to leave, but said there's one other thing. The special referee will be "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Austin finished his beer mid-announcement as Cole noted he doesn't take too kindly to McMahon interrupting the Raw GM. McMahon then left the ring as Austin chased him out with his eyes. The four wrestlers involved in the main event talked amongst themselves as before Austin and Cena shared a moment. Austin did Cena's hand-wave in his face as they cut to break. PYB (3) talk time: 14:30.

[Commercial Break]

1 -- WWE tag champion MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY (w/David Otunga) vs. SANTINO (w/Kozlov)

Cole mentioned that non-existent Superstars show, where this feud played out last week. Santino quickly cleared Mike to the outside and started a premature trumpet celebration. Cole recapped the opening segment involving McMahon and Austin as Mike wore down Santino. "C'mon, baby, show 'em why we're the champs," Otunga encouraged from the outside. Santino then came back with the sailor's salute fist drop as Cole called Santino a goofball. On the outside, Kozlov ran over Otunga as confusion ensued. Back in the ring, Santino dropped Mike with the Cobra and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Santino at 4:33. Apparently this positions Santino & Kozlov for a future Tag Title shot against the Nexus scrubs. (*)

Announcers: Cole said it's been a "newsworthy night" on Raw so far. Cue up a replay of Andy celebrating the Tough Enough victory. Lawler noted he's an official WWE Superstar. They cut to an exterior shot of the building focused on a soldier statue. Lawler then plugged the main event and noted McMahon cut off the GM, which drew some eye-rolling from Cole. More hints that Cole is the GM? Or that Cole is friendly with the GM.

Suddenly, Kelly Kelly's music hit as one thing rolls into another on an unusual Raw episode. Out came Kelly flanked by Beth Phoenix for the next match. The camera completely focused on Kelly as they walked to the ring. A tag match is next...

[Q3] [Commercial Break]

Returning from break, the Raw Replay focused on Kharma's write-off speech last week on Raw and the Bella Twins subsequently becoming involved, trying to run down Kharma. Back in the ring, Kelly and Beth were shown watching the replay before the Bellas came out.


The Bellas isolated Kelly early on, then Beth tagged in, cleaned house, avoided Twin Magic, and hit the Glam Slam for the pin and the win. Beth and Kelly celebrated the victory, with Kelly remaining in the winner's circle on a quest for the Divas Title.

WINNERS: Beth & Kelly at 2:23.

Still to come: The announcers plugged Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk tonight, plus a main event of Cena & Riley vs. Truth & Miz with Austin as special referee.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Booker and Trish were shown talking. Booker said that since Tough Enough is over, he wants to give Trish his secret, which he calls the Trish-a-rooni. Booker told Trish to drop down to one knee. Bad Elimination Chamber flashbacks here. Jack Swagger then walked in and mockingly addressed them as Tough Enough trainers. Swagger said he doesn't think Booker is tough enough and he should get in the ring with him. "If you still got it," Swagger told Booker. "Tell me he didn't just say that!" Booker shot back. Booker accepted the challenge. He told Swagger that when this is all over, Swagger won't be doing some victory lap. Booker told Swagger to back up. "It's on," Swagger whispered.

[Q4] In-ring: C.M. Punk's music hit and Punk sat down on the stage with Mason Ryan standing over him. Punk said that for those keeping score at home, he beat Rey Mysterio last week. Punk comically said the total must be somewhere over 600 wins. Punk said Rey just keeps petitioning for re-matches, so he's gladly granted Rey another shot tonight. He talked up the New Nexus (fresh off Mike's loss in the opening match) before asking the fans to get behind him as he takes apart Rey Mysterio tonight. Punk's music hit as they cut to break.

Smackdown plug: The video focused on Christian's frustration boiling over last week on Smackdown. The voice-over man noted Christian is consumed with rage and driven by obsession to beat Orton. This Friday, what will Christian do next?

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Leading into the top of the hour, Rey Mysterio's music hit and Punk sat down in the ring waiting out Rey's intro. Rey entered the ring and referee Charles Robinson instructed Mason Ryan to stay out of this.

3 -- REY MYSTERIO vs. C.M. PUNK (w/Mason Ryan)

After an early feeling-out process, Rey knocked Punk to the floor. Rey then flew through the ropes with a head scissors that slammed Punk into the mat. Rey shot Ryan a look, then returned to the ring to continue wearing down Punk. Rey tried to follow up with a top-rope move, but Punk crotched him, hung him upside down, and landed a running attack the mid-section. Punk began wearing down Rey as they hit the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- second hour] Cole reset the show, noting Andy won Tough Enough. Rey and Punk battled up top and Rey knocked Punk to the mat before nailing a cross-body block. Both men sold on the mat before Rey came flying out of the TV screen with a high-altitude springboard turnaround splash from the second rope. Punk absorbed the attack before hitting a snap powerslam for a two count. Punk lowered his kneepad and tried to use his exposed knee as a weapon, but Rey blocked and set him up for the 619. Ryan hopped on the ring apron, though, and Rey stopped short. No matter, as Rey smashed Punk into Ryan. With Ryan out of the picture, Rey went up top and delivered a big splash on Punk for the win. Rey quickly left the ring as Cole noted the recent singles series is now 1-1. After a replay of the finish, they showed Rey celebrating and Punk showing frustration in the ring.

WINNER: Rey at 8:42. Fine TV match, but they certainly seemed to be saving something for a likely third match in their current "series." (**)

Announcers: Cole plugged Cena vs. Truth official for Capitol Punishment. Lawler then did the same fake set-up for Obama's fake press conference. Lawler wondered what would happen if the President told the "truth." Cue up the fake press conference with Truth one of the fake reporters this time. Truth shot Obama the conspiracy theory and said he's taking out all of that frustration on John Cena. They cut to a clip of Obama talking about a serious conversation about who goes first. Obama had a line about a boat. "I ain't getting in no boat with you, Obama," Truth said. "And you're probably trying to push me out of the boat." They cut to Obama saying, "That's probably a fair prediction."

Backstage: The fantasy press conference faded to Cena and Riley backstage. Cena told Riley not to hang him out to dry tonight.

Video package: Leading to break, they rolled a video plug for the Best of Nitro DVD coming out Tuesday. Included were Schiavone and Heenan soundbytes, plenty of NWO clips, Sting coming down from the rafters, WCW cruiserweights, Goldberg clips, the Fingerpoke of Doom sans Eric Young, and DDP as the host.

[Commercial Break]

Smackdown plug: Has Christian gone too far looking for another title shot? Will Orton strike back?

Next Monday: live three-hour plug. Raw and Smackdown stars will be in one place for...WWE All-Star Night. Three hours of Orton, Rey, Miz, Christian, Truth, Sheamus, Cena, and more. They interspersed All-Stars video game clips in the video. Back live, Lawler said the NBA and MLB have All-Star games, so WWE has to have an All-Star game. WWE is officially in desperation mode.

On-stage: Alberto Del Rio came out trying to clear his good name after Big Show's "accident" two weeks. Del Rio fed to a video package on Show giving birth to the Ferrari. Back live, Del Rio was in the ring doing an "aw shucks" motion with his shoulders. Del Rio said it was an accident and he wants Big Show to come out right here, right now, so he can apologize to him. Del Rio flashed a big smile when Show didn't come out. "I know what's going on. You're afraid of me!" Del Rio said. Del Rio noted his car is way, way over there. Cue up Big Show's theme music. Out came Fake Show on crutches and with a gut protruding through the singlet. Fake Show was having a bite to eat as Cole had a good laugh.

[Q6] Fake Show eventually made it into the ring and held up a catcher's mitt for a hand. Del Rio reminded Fake Show it was all an accident. Fake Show a/k/a Ricardo Rodriguez did a loud grunt for the chokeslam signal, a la Mr. Anderson mocking Sting's trademark howls. Fake Show did the chokeslam call again in response to Del Rio. More chokeslam signals. After Del Rio "negotiated" with Fake Show the terms of a settlement, Del Rio eventually got to the point that bad things happen to bad people. Ricardo started ripping off the Fake Show costume as Del Rio laughed for the crowd to wrap up the segment.

Announcers: Cole fed to a video package on the "future of Monday Night Raw," which was a fast-paced highlight video on Kofi Kingston.

[Commercial Break. Live event plug for a Raw house show later this month: John Cena vs. The Miz for the WWE Title and Rey Mysterio vs. C.M. Punk #602]

BA STAR plug: Stop bullying people!

In-ring: Zack Ryder was in the ring. What? Ryder was joined by Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero, who were in business attire. What does it say to the casual viewer that Cena - the lead babyface - has been hanging out with Ryder lately and now Ryder is hanging out with heels? Ziggler and Vickie joined Cole and Lawler on commentary, then Kingston came out to face Ryder.

4 -- U.S. champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. ZACK RYDER (w/Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler) -- non-title match

The bell sounded and Cole slipped, calling Kingston's opponent "Zack Ziggler." Ryder scored some early offense and Ziggler noted Ryder has been scouting Kofi in-between YouTube shows. Kofi then made a comeback and scored signature offense on Ryder. Ryder then got up, grabbed the ropes to avoid Kofi, and kicked him away. Suddenly, Kingston smashed Ryder with the Trouble in Paradise for the win. Ziggler continued to heel on Kingston, vowing to take out Kofi if he puts his title on the line. Ziggler added that Kofi's time is numbered as champion.

WINNER: Kingston at 2:40. Effective getting over Ziggler's heel personality and showing off Kingston's offense to build to a future title match. Someone in creative is paying attention. (*)

Backstage: Miz approached R-Truth, who was in his own world talking to himself. Miz tried to talk strategy and get something through his head, but Truth was in the zone.

Backstage: Booker T was shown taping his fists on the way to the ring for a match. Wait, they're giving that away tonight instead of saving Booker's big WWE return match for PPV or a future episode? And without the announcers even talking about it at all - still to come tonight, coming up later, still to come! - to hype Booker's first match in four years. Apparently Booker vs. Swagger is next.

[Q7] [Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole plugged Andy's Tough Enough win at the top of the show. Cole also passed along some news from the Raw GM concerning Capitol Punishment. It will be The Miz vs. Alex Riley one-on-one.

In-ring: Back live, Jack Swagger was in the ring ready for a piece of Booker T. First, though, a replay of Evan Bourne's "huge upset victory" over Swagger last week on Raw. Cole noted Swagger now has the audacity to challenge Booker tonight on Raw. Out came Booker T for his WWE TV return match.


Back-and-forth exchanges early on, then Swagger clotheslined Booker over the top rope to the floor. Swagger followed up with some offense ringside, then rolled Booker back into the ring as Cole continued to plug Twitter. Swagger wore down Booker, but then walked into a leg whip. Swagger rolled to the floor to collect himself and the referee was mic'ed up, which meant a count-out was coming into play. Swagger shouted that he doesn't need this. He stood next to the ring as the ref reached a ten count, giving Booker the count-out win.

Post-match: Bourne jumped Swagger from behind, then Swagger chased him into the ring. Booker intercepted Swagger with a knock-down, then Bourne climbed up top and landed Air Bourne. Cue up Bourne's music, then Booker and Bourne dropped to the mat. Booker's music then played and they did a double Spinarooni. Booker and Bourne hugged it out as Booker celebrated in the ring to conclude the segment. Lawler noted Swagger cost himself some money with the loss tonight. WWE hit a similar note on Superstars last week, but there still isn't a consistent approach to the storyline of wins and losses impacting finances.

WINNER: Booker via count-out at 3:15. The match was already defined-down as unimportant with no hype for Booker's in-ring return, then Swagger was defined down some more. At the end of the day, a "feel-good moment" for Booker and Bourne with no sense of whether there will be follow-up involving Booker. (*)

Backstage: Steve Austin was shown walking backstage ahead of special ref'ing the main event.

[Commercial Break]

[Q8] Back live, a pause led to the glass breaking before Stone Cold came out, announced as the "very special referee" for the main event. Austin was sporting designer jeans and a Broken Skull Ranch long-sleeve t-shirt. Cole talked up Austin as the top star in WWE history and breaking all of the box office records. The Miz came out and Cole said he hopes Austin does a better job refereeing than during his match against Lawler at WrestleMania. R-Truth then came out to no theme music. Alex Riley, who is local to Virginia and is billed as from Washington, D.C., was out next as they replayed Miz and Riley's recent issues. Cena's music played last to bring out the WWE champion. Cole quickly reset the stage and fed to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break. Third video plug for Christian's next chapter on Smackdown this Friday.]

6 -- WWE champion JOHN CENA & ALEX RILEY vs. THE MIZ & R-TRUTH -- Steve Austin very special referee

The bell sounded when they returned live and the match started with Miz and Cena. They locked up, Riley tagged in, and Miz quickly scampered to his corner for a tag to Truth. Riley and Truth had a brief exchange, then Cena tagged in and Truth scampered to his corner to tag in Miz. More Cena and Miz. In the corner, Cena audibly told Miz, "bulldog," and Cena promptly executed a bulldog out of the opposite corner after calling the spot for the entire audience to hear. The heels then cut off Riley, Cole offered a canned line about the heels rolling, and the show went to break.

[Commercial Break]

[Q9 -- over-run] They returned from break 30 seconds before the top of the hour with Miz working on Riley. Miz continued to cut off Riley's comebacks and made a cover. Miz scored a nearfall that sounded like a three-and-a-half count because Austin smacked the mat on the way down that sounded like a one-count. Moments later, Miz got in Austin's face to continue their mini-feud book-ending the Tough Enough season dating back to their pre-Week 1 Raw confrontation. Miz and Truth continued to work on Riley before Riley escaped Truth and made the hot tag to Cena.

The arena exploded as Cena hit the ring and ran over Miz, who also tagged in. Cena with the usual routine, the Shuffle, and an Attitude Adjustment tease that Truth broke up. Cena then dumped Truth over the top rope before catching Miz with the STF center-ring. Austin got in close to see if Miz wanted to tap, but Miz grabbed the bottom rope. Suddenly, Truth entered the ring with a chair and Cena dropkicked it away. Cena and Miz then had a double knockdown center-ring.

Riley entered the ring with a briefcase in-hand and teased hitting Cena before popping Miz with the case. Austin ignored it, then took a page from Bret Hart as special referee two weeks ago dropping Miz with the Stunner. Cena followed up with the AA on Miz for the win.

Post-match: Cole complained about the officiating as Austin, Cena, and Riley shared beers in the ring. Suddenly, the Raw GM buzzed. Cole stepped to the podium and angrily read that the referee has blatantly over-stepped his authority in this match. Therefore, Cena and Riley have been DQ'ed. Apparently the GM went to sleep before the end of the main event two weeks ago.

WINNERS: Miz & Truth via DQ reverse decision at 10:44. There was hardly anything here hyping Cena vs. Truth on PPV in two weeks. Truth is being presented as as much of a threat to Cena's title as a blister. (*1/2)

Suddenly, the GM buzzed in again. Cole read that before Austin does something drastic he'll forget, the GM has appointed Austin as the special guest General Manager. Austin slipped out of the ring, grabbed a mic, trashed the laptop and podium, and polled the crowd on whether they want him to be the GM. Austin grabbed Cole by the lapel and proceeded to punch him in the face. Austin rolled Cole into the ring, called for some beers, and doused Cole center-ring. Cena watched in the background as Austin picked up Cole and dropped him with a Stunner. Austin's music played and Cena followed up with an Attitude Adjustment. Cue up Cena's music this time.

Austin and Cena then shared beers in the ring before Austin slipped out of the ring and grabbed the mic again. Cena's music stopped, Austin re-entered the ring, and asked the crowd if they're ready for Raw next week. Austin told Cole he'll see him next week on Raw because Stone Cold said so. Cue up Stone Cold's theme music. Austin grabbed some beers, tossed some beers to Cena, and Lawler signed off with a plug for Austin back on Raw next week for a three-hour show. They closed with a slow-motion shot of Cena and Austin sharing a beer.

Next week plug: They replayed the generic video plug for next week's three-hour "All-Star" Raw to officially close the show ten minutes past the top of the hour.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This show was all over the place. It seemed like one of those Raw episodes from the guest-host era when the shows were booked week-to-week and the guest hosts constantly went over the heels, making it nearly impossible for the heels to build any momentum. Barring something drastic occurring next week on Raw, Capitol Punishment might be the worst hyped WWE PPV in recent memory.


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