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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 2/17: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - Cena vs. Cesaro Raw MOTY contender, Wyatts-Shield, final Chamber PPV hype, more

Feb 17, 2014 - 10:05:27 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
February 17, 2014 - Episode #1,081
Live in Denver, Colo.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

Last week, Raw was in Los Angeles. This week, Raw is in Denver. "Denver Debacle II" presented by WWE Network opened with a video freeze frame of Randy Orton vs. John Cena last week on Raw. Apparently that was not supposed to appear, as WWE quickly cut away to John Cena's ring entrance to start the show. Cena wasted no time charging the ring as Michael Cole welcomed everyone to Raw. WWE then went to the video footage of Orton vs. Cena last week when Cena beat Orton.

Once in the ring, Cena waited out a mix of cheers and boos before hyping Raw from Denver. Cena then hyped the Elimination Chamber match in six days when six men climb into the Chamber with the WWE World Title on the line. Cena said whichever wrestler survives the Chamber gets a guaranteed title match against Batista at WrestleMania 30.

Cena said he's been on that Road to WrestleMania many, many, many times. Some wish they could kick him out of the car, but he knows the most important thing is momentum. He said the only one without momentum right now is that "thumb-sucking baby" Randy Orton. Cena said Orton has been beaten by Daniel Bryan (cheers, pause, "Yes!" chants) and himself (boos). No mention of Cesaro. Cena said odds are that there will be a new WWE World champion on Sunday.

The Real American music interrupted, bringing out Zeb Colter with Cesaro. Cesaro said Cena isn't the only one who beat Orton last week. Cesaro vowed to become new WWE World champion, new Face of WWE, and the new Face of America (boos and cheers). Cena told Cesaro to come find him in the ring.

Cena and Cesaro came face-to-face, where Cena beat Orton on Smackdown. But, it means Orton is on a losing streak, not Cesaro is on a winning streak. Cena reminded Cesaro who else is in the Chamber match, then told him not to write a check his body can't cash. Cesaro tried to rebut, but Sheamus's music interrupted. Sheamus walked down to the ramp trying to talk through his promo material. He eventually just told them he'll kick their faces in.

Christian's music interrupted next. Christian walked out on-stage with harsh words for Sheamus, who accidentally Brogue Kicked him in the face on Friday. Christian vowed to take out Sheamus, who smirked.

Randy Orton's music provided the next interruption. Out came the WWE World champ on-stage to boos. Orton thanked The Authority for giving him the opportunity to beat all of them this Sunday at the Chamber PPV. Now, Cesaro. Orton said he under-estimated him, but it won't happen again. Cena. He can't beat him when it counts. Christian. They've had incredible matches, but he's won each and every won of them. Why? Because he's the Face of WWE. Tonight, Sheamus, the Brogue Kick is not coming to his face.

Suddenly, Daniel Bryan's music interrupted Orton mid-sentence. Bryan came out on-stage to loud "Yes!" chants as WWE cut to a shot of Cena smiling from inside the ring. JBL said there's a sea of Yes!'es in Denver tonight. Bryan entered the ring to survey the scene before pausing to stroke his beard in deep thought. "Yes!" shouts before Bryan addressed the group of talkers. He said the people are doing his talking for him. Bryan told everyone to look to the WM30 sign, then said he will not let this opportunity slip through his fingers. He vowed to make everyone in the arena chant one word on Sunday: "Yes!"

Suddenly, Kane's pyro shot off to bring out Corporate Kane with a message. Kane spoke over "You Sold Out" chants that The Authority has given him authority to rectify certain mistakes he's recently made. Because he's in charge tonight. Kane said they already know Orton is facing Sheamus tonight. So, he thinks in fairness to the champion, the rest of them should be in action tonight.

So, Kane booked Cesaro vs. Cena. That leaves Christian and Daniel Bryan. Kane said he's going to stay right here ringside watching them kick things off right now.

Also tonight, Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns. That's a big match that should be protected with more advanced notice. Also on the card, Wyatts vs. Sin Cara & Los Matadores in a repeat from Wednesday's Main Event.

Back live, Bryan tried to goad Kane back into the ring, but Christian attacked Bryan from behind. The crowd booed, then Christian blasted Bryan ringside. Cole noted Christian is the only wrestler who has lost to Orton in the gauntlet, so he's frustrated. Christian ran Bryan shoulder-first into the ring steps as Kane watched from ringside. Jerry Lawler called for Kane to get a ref out here to start the match as Raw cut to break.

[Q2] [Commercial Break at 8:15]

In-ring: Back from break, referee Charles Robinson asked Bryan if he still wanted to wrestle after the pre-match attack. Bryan readied himself, then the bell sounded.


Bryan fought back with a knee to the gut, then knocked Christian to the floor. Bryan, with one good arm, tried to run through the ropes to splash Christian, but Christian smashed Bryan in the mouth to block. Christian then mocked "Yes!" chants before re-targeting Bryan's injured left shoulder. Christian left himself open, though, allowing Bryan to quickly apply a half-crab, but Christian attacked the shoulder again to break free. With a "Sign Chuck Taylor" sign in the background, Christian smashed Bryan off the second rope to keep the attack going.

"Daniel Bryan" chant as Christian continued to work on Bryan. Christian did too much gloating, allowing Bryan to dump Christian over the top rope to the floor. Bryan then flew through the ropes with an attack to Christian. Both men sold on the floor leading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:22]

Back from break, Bryan and Christian were trading bombs mid-ring as Cole recapped Bryan having to fight tough odds after Christian attacked him before the match. Bryan then started firing himself up, drawing "Yes!" chants from the crowd. Bryan then tried to come off the top, but Christian avoided and yelled at the ref following a nearfall.

"Daniel Bryan" chant got in Christian's head, causing him to miss a corner attack. Bryan then smashed Christian with a corner dropkick. He tried a second, but Christian blocked. Christian with a second-rope uppercut, then he tried to warm up the crowd for the Killswitch, but the crowd booed him. Bryan blocked the Killswitch and tried to put him in the Yes! Lock, but Christian blocked. Christian tried the Killswitch again, but Bryan escaped and trapped Christian's shoulders to the mat for a three count.

WINNER: Bryan at 11:11. Solid opening match. It gave Christian a needed edge and allowed Bryan to win from the underdog role to keep building the general fan connection.

Post-match: Bryan celebrated with one good arm. JBL wondered how much damage was done to the shoulder. Kane then took the mic and congratulated Bryan on a hard-fought victory. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell Bryan that he has one more match tonight. Against ... me. Kane removed his suit and tie, then entered the ring. Kane knocked down Bryan, then knocked him out of the ring before the match officially started as Cole and Lawler called out Kane for his back-handed tactics.

[Q3] [Commercial Break at 8:31]


Back from break, the match was in progress. Kane was down to his white tanktop undershirt and dress pants beating up Bryan. Meanwhile, Cole and JBL argued over whether The Authority is plotting against Bryan. "You Sold Out" chant as Kane continued to wear down Bryan. The crowd taunted Kane with "boring" chants, then Bryan kicked Kane to break free.

Bryan delivered a missile dropkick, then fired himself up, drawing the "Yes!" chants from the crowd. Bryan delivered kicks to the chest, then tried a big roundhouse, but Kane grabbed Bryan around the throat and pushed him over the top rope to the floor. On the outside, Kane smashed Bryan into the guardrail, then tried to tear apart his left shoulder. The ref reached a five count for Kane to break, but he wouldn't, so Kane was DQ'ed.

Post-match: Kane continued to attack the left shoulder. Kane then left Bryan lifeless on the floor and noted on the mic, "Yeah, I was disqualified." Kane walked off, leaving Bryan to sell the effects of the shoulder. Cole said Bryan is going to be less than 100 percent on Sunday.

WINNER: Bryan via DQ at 3:55 of what aired. Interesting. (1) WWE effectively got three quarter-hours of a three-hour show out of Bryan. (2) Was WWE creating an "out" for Bryan to lose the Chamber on Sunday - with WWE now in the business of protecting Bryan - or were they creating an even more monumental victory for Bryan "working hurt" in the Chamber match? (3) Is WWE building to a Bryan vs. Kane blow-off match, or just putting more Authority roadblocks in front of Bryan on the way to facing Triple H? There's a lot to unpack from the start of the show.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL were shown on-camera. Cole transitioned to The Shield vs. Mark Henry business from last week.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in The Shield. Dean Ambrose said he's surprised that Henry showed up tonight after the beating *he* put on him last week. Roman Reigns told Ambrose that he lost. Ambrose said he softened up Reigns for him tonight. Renee asked Shield about getting on the same page before facing the Wyatts at the Chamber PPV, then Seth Rollins spoke up that they are always on the same page. Reigns got the final word to a babyface pop. Ambrose and Reigns sold uneasiness as Rollins stood in the middle.

Graphic: Shield vs. Wyatts at the Chamber PPV. The announcers talked about wanting to see them beat the heck out of each other.

[Commercial Break at 8:43]

[Q4] Back from break, Fandango and Summer Rae were in the ring. Cole hyped the WWE Network launch next Monday before Santino's music played. Santino and Emma emerged on-stage, then power-walked to the ring. Before the match started, WWE went to NXT footage from Full Sail University to show Summer Rae's NXT in-ring work.

3 -- SANTINO (w/Emma) vs. FANDANGO (w/Summer Rae)

Fandango won this same match last week on Raw. On commentary, Cole hyped Summer as the first Diva to appear in a WWE Studios movie ("The Marine 4" with The Miz). Cole added that Fandango has vowed to perform a special dance for Denver to cheer them up following the Super Bowl loss. JBL told Fandango to be careful because Richard Sherman might pick off Fandango's dance partner.

Santino pulled out the Cobra sock puppet 90 seconds in. Summer hopped on the ring apron to distract Santino, though, so Emma grabbed Summer and spun her around on her shoulders a few rotations. Emma dropped Summer, then Santino left the ring to check on Emma. They shared a moment, then Emma squeezed Santino's left nipple. Santino went for the kiss, but Fandango dropkicked Santino through the ropes. Fandango quickly dragged Santino back into the ring and pinned him for the win.

WINNER: Fandango at 2:43.

Backstage: Mark Henry, with a taped-up left elbow, was shown angrily walking down the hallway. Renee Young stopped Henry to ask him about facing Roman Reigns tonight. Henry said he should have won the U.S. Title against Dean Ambrose last week. But, tonight, against Reigns, it's not about titles or winning. It's about inducting someone into the Hall of Pain.

In-ring: Back in the arena, The Shield's music played to keep the show flowing. Dean Ambrose led the trio through the crowd down to ringside, walking past some more creative signs in the crowd.

[Commercial Break at 8:54]

Back from break, Mark Henry was on the way to the ring. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns measured his opponent from inside the ring as Ambrose and Rollins stood next to him.

4 -- MARK HENRY vs. ROMAN REIGNS (w/Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins)

Henry delivered a big boot early on. Then a corner splash. Henry took a boot to the gut, though, and Reigns began clubbing Henry from behind. Reigns then ducked a right hand and used Henry's momentum to deliver a Samoan Drop. Two count, then Reigns and Ambrose exchanged looks. Henry came back with a corner splash, but Reigns blocked another one and pushed Henry away with his feet.

[Q5 -- second hour] Reigns dropped down to the corner and prepared to deliver the Superman Punch, which he connected with. Reigns then stalked Henry for The Spear and he connected. Reigns covered Henry for a three count.

WINNER: Reigns at 2:49. Could have been more juice to squeeze for Reigns if they promoted the match in-advance, but that lack of pre-match hype also helped protect Henry taking a clean loss in three minutes.

Post-match: Rollins excitedly entered the ring to celebrate with Reigns while Ambrose made a dissatisfied face. Ambrose stood next to Reigns, then turned to Henry and attacked him. Ambrose knocked Henry to the floor as Reigns leaned against the top rope laughing at Ambrose, asking "What are you doing?"

Suddenly, the Wyatts's theme interrupted. Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen singing the Sunday School song about having the joy, joy, joy down in his heart. (Where?) To stay. Bray said he has a child-like excitement for the Elimination Chamber. Bray asked The Shield if they're willing to die for this because if not, they've already lost.

Roman Reigns then spoke from the ring that the Wyatts should come "talk that noise" in the ring. From the video screen, Bray said that's funny he said that because they were thinking the same thing. The camera zoomed in on Erick Rowan's sheep mask before the video cut out.

Back live in the arena, the Wyatts's theme played as The Shield stood their ground in the ring. The announcers excitedly hyped another confrontation between the two teams as Bray slowly led his trio down to ringside. After the lights came back on, Bray led his men to the ring apron. After a pause, Bray led his men into the ring.

The two teams squared off from a distance, then Roman Reigns took the first step forward toward Bray. Ambrose and Rollins then joined Reigns side-by-side. Bray took a step forward, then waved off his men, telling them to leave the ring. On the floor, Bray extended his arms to pose and end the segment. Overall, nice restraint from WWE teasing the physicality, but making people pay to see it on Sunday.

Still to come: Orton vs. Sheamus and Cena vs. Cesaro.

[Commercial Break at 9:06]

Back from break, WWE announced Rhodes Bros. vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel on the Chamber PPV kick-off match. Possible babyface pop for Axel in Minneapolis?

Backstage: Cody Rhodes was playing with action figures, then brother Goldust then walked in to to play. Cody said they never had anything like this as kids. Goldust shared a weird story about catching butterflies, then asked if he could help. Cody said this is out of his element. Grandpa was the plumber, dad was the dreamer, and you're the -- Goldust interrupted to tell him not to call him a freak. Wade Barrett then walked in with some bad news and a kick to the playset. Barrett laughed and left. Cody said they will rebuild. Goldust name-dropped The Undertaker since his figure fell off the table.

In-ring: Back in the arena, Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger were assembled for a comedown match.

5 -- JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Colter) vs. KOFI KINGSTON

Cole hyped Swagger challenging Big E. for the IC Title at the Chamber on Sunday. Lawler then talked up jealousy among Swagger and Cesaro. The vocal males picked up on this being a comedown match, chanting "JBL" toward the announce table. Next was a "C-M Punk" chant. No smarmy remark from Cole a la the audio leaked from before Raw last week.

[Q6] Swagger dominated early on before Kofi sprung on him with a turnaround dropkick from the second rope. Kofi followed with a splash to Swagger's back from the second rope. But, only nearfalls resulted. Kofi then hit the SOS and scored a three count, but Swagger managed to get his foot on the bottom rope just in-time. So, the match continued.

Kofi delivered a top-rope cross-body splash, but Swagger escaped a pin, then flowed into a Patriot Lock. Kofi got close to the bottom rope, but Swagger pulled him back to center-ring. It was good for a submission win as Zeb's motivation continues to work for Swagger and Cesaro.

Post-match: Big E.'s music interrupted. The Intercontinental champion marched down to the ring for a confrontation with Swagger as Zeb hung back ringside. When Langston entered the ring, Swagger bailed to join Zeb ringside. Cole said Big E.'s in action next.

WINNER: Swagger via submission at 4:41.

[Commercial Break at 9:19]

6 -- IC champion BIG E. vs. DREW MCINTYRE & JINDER MAHAL -- non-title handicap match

Back from break, McIntyre and Jinder were in the ring. McIntyre, now wearing standard wrestling trunks, tried to get at Big E. Zeb then took the mic and cut a promo on Big E., saying Swagger will beat Big E. like the Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Zeb continued to run down Big E., who tried to ignore Zeb's insults. The running commentary took the crowd out of the action, especially as the heels slowed the pace to wear down the champ.

Zeb got the crowd back by asking the crowd if they think Big E. can beat Swagger. Big E. then cleared Mac from the ring and belly-to-belly suplexed Mahal. Big E. followed with a double splash to the 3MB members. Zeb said he can't do that to Swagger. An awkward spot ensued with Big E. suplexing Mahal into McIntyre's neck. Mac seemed okay, though, as he got up and ran into the Big Ending. It was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Big E. took the mic and said something to the effect that Zeb's mouth won't be the only thing full of crap on Sunday. Big E. dropped the mic, then held up his IC Title belt as Zeb processed the line and trash-talked back at Big E. while leading Swagger away from ringside.

WINNER: Langston at 4:17. Okay idea on paper, poor idea in execution. Kind of like three-hour Raws. At least Zeb generated some audience participation at the end.

Vignette: Scary woman in the background. Scary man in the foreground. Scary music. Scary backdrop. Alexander Rusev is here to make history.

Still to come: The Wyatts vs. Sin Cara & Los Matadores in a six-man tag match.

[Commercial Break at 9:28]

[Q7] Black History Month video: This week, WWE honors Ron Simmons. Included was WCW footage, Florida St. University footage, and footage of Simmons capturing the WCW World Title from Vader to make history. WWE showed Simmons paving the way for Booker T, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and Mark Henry. Next were clips of Simmons's FSU and WWE HOF inductions.

Back on commentary, JBL spoke first about his former APA tag partner. Cole said he knows Simmons is going to be watching the Chamber on Sunday, especially to see Randy Orton facing off against five other competitors. Double segue. Cole then fed to a video package on the Chamber structure.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in John Cena. Will there be a guarantee this week? Renee hyped Cesaro beating Randy Orton last Friday on Smackdown, then Cena talked about his bold declaration to the entire roster last week. Cena said the roster is full of promising, young stars. Meanwhile, Orton is clinging to his identity. Cena said if anyone believes he can be the next generation, he will have to go through him. Cena closed that tonight they will find out what Cesaro is made of. No guarantee this week.

In-ring: John Cena's music played to bring out Cena in an interesting timeslot in the dead period of the second hour. If this were a two-hour Raw, it would be at the crescendo of the show. In a three-hour format, it points to Cena's presence stretching out two or three segments a la Daniel Bryan earlier in the show.Cena played to the crowd before Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:40]

Smackdown Replay: Cesaro pinned WWE World champ Randy Orton in a non-title match.

Back from break, Cena continued to hang out in the ring. Cole plugged Cena on Steve Austin's podcast tomorrow before Real Americans's music played again to bring out Cesaro flanked by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Colter got about 15 minutes of downtime from Swagger's match and trash-talking Big E. before coming back down to ringside with Cesaro.


7 -- JOHN CENA vs. CESARO (w/Zeb Colter)

The "bottom of the second hour main event" opened with a mid-ring lock-up as the announcers hyped Cesaro as a darkhorse candidate to win the Chamber on Sunday. Meanwhile, Cena is back to his Hulk Hogan red & yellow boxers. The announcers also acknowledged Cesaro only going by one name now.

Cesaro took an early break to strategize with Swagger and Zeb ringside, then he slowly re-entered the ring to square off with Cena again. "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chant before they locked up. Cena tried to control Cesaro, but Cesaro nailed a backbreaker. "We The People" shout from Cesaro before following up with a double foot stomp to Cena's chest. Cesaro then pulled down the top rope and Cena went flying to the floor.

On the outside, Cesaro smashed Cena into the barricade. Cole then slipped in a random item about some people thinking Cesaro has the same in-ring ability as Cena - because they train the same way. Back in the ring, Cesaro put an elbow to the chest before stomping away at Cena. "Cena, Cena" chant from the casual audience, then Cena responded with a neckbreaker for a two count. Cesaro came back with a dropkick that sent Cena to the floor. "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chant leading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:53]

Back from break, Cena jumped onto Cesaro's shoulders and flowed into a huracanrana, but Cesaro came right back with a fallaway slam for a two count. Cena called out to Cesaro to bring it harder, called a spot neared the ropes, and took a sleeperhold from Cesaro. Cesaro put Cena on the mat, but Cena fought back by posting Cesaro.

Cena made his usual comeback with shoulder tackles and tried a sit-out slam, but Cesaro slid out and tried to set up the Big Swing, but Cena blocked and tried the STF, only to have Cesaro block and deliver a gutwrench suplex. Two count to end the counter/reversal exchange. Cesaro then rocked Cena with an elbow in the corner, but missed another corner attack.

[Q9 -- third hour] Cena set up for and delivered You Can't See Me into the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but couldn't follow up. Cesaro then chucked Cena into the air for a giant uppercut, but Cena kicked out of a pin attempt as Cole freaked out about the match being over. The crowd showed appreciation for the match, then Cesaro teased the Big Swing as the crowd popped. But, Cena did a mid-air sit-up to flow into a DDT for a close two count.

Cena wanted a top-rope move, but Cesaro got up and uppercutted him down to the floor below. Cena was slow to recover as Cesaro shook off the effects of the match back in the ring. Cena then got on the ring apron and Cesaro managed to suplex him clear over the top rope back into the ring, an impressive feat of strength worthy of a replay.

Cesaro and Cena then went into a finishing sequence that included Cesaro delivering the Big Swing with ten revolutions, Cesaro trying the Neutralizer, but Cena blocked. Cesaro delivered a big smash, then charged the ropes and ran right into a massive-looking clothesline from Cena. Cena followed with the AA and it was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Zeb freaked out about his client being close to knocking off WWE's top star as the announcers hyped Cena not being ready to pass the torch just yet. The announcers continued to endorse Cesaro as he recovered ringside and Cena stood tall in the ring. Cole concluded that it's impossible to predict who's going to win the Chamber match on Sunday.

WINNER: Cena at 19:08. What a TV match. Great counters and reversals, Cesaro has arrived as a star, and Cesaro brought something out of Cena that's been missing from his series of predictable, retread matches with Orton. The only issue is that gray area with Cesaro - he's still in the heel role and associated with Zeb, but does cool babyface moves. (****)

Or, as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin tweeted afterward: "Helluva damn match between John Cena and Cesaro. Good s---."

[Commercial Break at 10:06]

Backstage: Randy Orton was standing by talking to someone. That someone was Triple H. Orton thanked him - and Stephanie - for everything done for him. Hunter thought over Orton's words, then said that's great to hear, but he's lost a lot lately. Orton said he deserves that. He told "H" that he's got this after getting his mind right. Orton made sure they're on the same page, then said Hunter couldn't possibly see Batista as the Face of WWE. Orton said they carried him in Evolution as Batista snuck up behind Orton. Orton sensed Batista's presence, turned around, and Batista said he's more like the "ass" of WWE. Orton bit his lip and walked off.

Alberto Del Rio then barged in and confronted Batista as Hunter stood by. Del Rio, wearing a neckbrace, said he's not an animal like Batista. He vowed to break Batista's arms. Batista then shoved Del Rio into a crate off-camera. Hunter, without words, checked on Del Rio from a distance, then did a "c'mon, man" motion towards Batista, who marched off. Hunter checked on Del Rio again.

Backstage: Renee Young announced that Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young has been added to the Chamber PPV. Renee tried to introduce her interview guest, but Titus ripped the mic away from Renee. Titus said he came to WWE to be champion. He asked Renee if she knows how to spell champion. Renee started to spell it, but Titus cut her off and said it's spelled "T-I-T-U-S." O'Neil said this Sunday at the Chamber PPV, D-Young will be blown away. Titus then shouted that Young and the entire locker room will have to witness one thing - calm voice - the rise of Titus O'Neil.

[Q10] Los Matadores were introduced on-stage. They were joined by El Torito in his black costume this week. The camera stayed on El Torito during ring introductions before the trio posed in the ring.

[Commercial Break at 10:17]

Back from break, Sin Cara made his ring entrance during the break and the Wyatts were already ringside.


Loud noises from Harper early on as he worked on TAFKA Primo. Bray then tagged in and rear-mounted Primo to deliver right hands to the back of the head. Suddenly, the ringside cameraman got kicked in the face, ending the close-up on Bray taunting the faces as they stood on the ring apron. The heels continued to work on Primo, including Harper shoving Rowan out of the way to keep beating him up. Gator Roll, then a side headlock as Bray called for Harper to squeeze. Primo broke free, then tagged in Cara.

Cara flew at Harper with right hands before delivering a head scissors. Cara knocked Bray off the heel ring apron, then delivered a handspring elbow to Harper for a two count. Rowan awkwardly fell out of the ring, then El Torito jumped at Rowan, who looked up and found a double splash from Los Matadores. Suddenly, Cara rolled up Harper for a two count back in the ring. Cara missed a top-rope splash, though, and took a big discus clothesline. Harper knew his role, as he tagged in Bray, who did the upside-down pose before dropping Cara with Sister Abigail. It was good for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Wyatts at 5:35. Basic reinforcement to set up Wyatts vs. Shield. Unnecessary, really, though, after WWE hit a high-note with the Wyatts-Shield confrontation earlier in the show.

Video Package: WWE Network launches next Monday. During the video, WWE briefly noted it's available on gaming consoles and portable devices. Either WWE is saving a Network hard sell for later in the show or they're going light this week to prioritize the Chamber and strongly hype the Network next week when it actually launches.

[Commercial Break at 10:30]

Back live, WWE tag champs New Age Outlaws were in the ring. Road Dogg introduced the group as Billy Gunn did random hand gestures in the background and a "JTG" sign was prominent on the front row. The Usos's music then played to bring out the Outlaws's Tag Title opponents Sunday at the PPV. It's singles action with Jey Uso against Billy Gunn.

9 -- WWE tag champion BILLY GUNN (w/WWE tag champ Road Dogg) vs. JEY USO (w/Jimmy Uso)

At the commentary position, Jimmy sat next to Lawler and Dogg sat next to JBL, creating a five-man commentary tandem for this match. Uso knocked Gunn to the outside early on, prompting Dogg to leave commentary to check on Gunn. Dogg returned to commentary to relay that Gunn didn't even realize that the match started. Uso said the Outlaws's were one of their favorite teams growing up, prompting Dogg to ask if that's an "Old Age Outlaws" remark. Cole then accidentally called Dogg "Brian" trying to set up a question to keep the dialogue going.

Back in the ring, Gunn controlled Uso, slowing the pace. The crowd, lulled to sleep by the pace, picked up a "C-M Punk" chant. However, it was short-lived, as Gunn missed with a Fameasser and Uso rolled up Gunn for a three count.

Post-match: Dogg tried to enter the ring, but Jimmy cut him off. The Usos then knocked down the Outlaws on the outside before posing in the ring as Cole hyped the Tag Title match on Sunday.

WINNER: Uso at 3:22.

Locker Room: Byron Saxton brought in Sheamus for an interview about facing Randy Orton six days before the Chamber PPV. Sheamus talked about the reward being worth the sacrifice, said Christian showed his aggressive side earlier tonight, and he has never had a problem with his aggressive side. Sheamus said Orton is going to find that out first-hand tonight. He vowed to go Irish style on Orton, then laughed to himself and left.

[Commercial Break at 10:41]

[Q12] Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL noted it's President's Day, then went back to Friday's Smackdown. Cole focused on Sheamus accidentally popping Christian with a Brogue Kick, so this Friday on Smackdown, it's Christian vs. Sheamus.

In-ring: WWE World Hvt. champion Randy Orton was introduced for the main event. As Orton slowly walked out, WWE cut to a fan's sign showing the backside of a jackass to capture Orton as the "Face" of WWE. Orton posed in the ring as the announcers noted that Orton is 1-3 in the gauntlet series thus far. Sheamus was then introduced to face Orton.

10 -- WWE World Hvt. champion RANDY ORTON vs. SHEAMUS -- non-title match -- Match #5 in Orton's pre-Chamber gauntlet series

After the bell sounded, Orton pointed to the WM30 sign hanging in the arena, apparently to taunt Sheamus. The crowd picked up the "C-M Punk" chant they tried to get going in the previous match. The chant faded out, then Orton rolled out of the ring to get a breather. Cole used this to illustrate that you can't roll out of the ring and get a breather in the Chamber match, as there's nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. Orton did it again, so Sheamus gave chase, but Orton ran Sheamus's previously injured shoulder into the post. Orton was in control heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:53]

Back from break, Sheamus delivered the battering ram from the top rope. Both men sold on the mat, then they found themselves on the floor. After a battle near the announce table, Orton back-drop suplexed Sheamus through the announce table, waking up the crowd. The ref applied a ten count as Orton re-entered the ring and Sheamus sold on the floor. Sheamus made it back in at nine to keep the match going.

[Q13 -- over-run] Orton began his methodical attack, but missed with a knee drop. Sheamus made a comeback, but missed with a kneelift and Orton snapped off a powerslam for a two count. Orton then tried a second-rope DDT, but Sheamus blocked and delivered the count-along Ten Forearm Strikes to the Chest. But, Orton came back with a backbreaker.

Orton slowly got up and tried to wake up his chest muscle before giving Sheamus the second-rope DDT. Orton wanted the RKO as a delirious crowd made some noise. Orton looked into the crowd to get their feedback, then he dropped down to set up for the RKO, but Sheamus blocked. Irish Curse backbreaker, then a second. And, a third. Sheamus got up looking for a crowd reaction, which was delayed by a few seconds.

Sheamus wanted the Brogue Kick, but The Shield hit the ring and attacked Sheamus, fulfilling Orton's show-opening line about the Brogue Kick not coming close to his face tonight. The bell sounded, apparently a DQ win for Sheamus.

WINNER: Sheamus via DQ at 14:55; Orton goes 1-4 in the gauntlet series. Felt like a set-up for Cole to ask Triple H on Wednesday about whether Shield was sent to the ring to ensure Orton did not take another clean loss.

Suddenly, John Cena hit the ring. Then, Daniel Bryan with one good arm. Cesaro entered the ring, too, for a pre-Chamber brawl. The Wyatts's theme interrupted all of the proceedings and they were in the ring with The Shield. And, there's the physicality give-away before the Chamber PPV. Chaos broke out among the Chamber and six-man tag participants. "This is insane!" Cole declared as Raw ended five minutes past the top of the hour with the brawl ongoing.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Three-hour Raws have created so many bad habits for WWE. The show itself flowed really well early on, and they hit two separate Chamber-related crescendos with the Shield-Wyatts confrontation and the Cena vs. Cesaro match, but still had another hour to go of watering down the PPV sales pitch, including the low-energy main event. So, WWE went for a pre-Rumble-style chaotic break-out in the final segment to try to infuse energy back into the PPV sales pitch.

Interestingly, there was little focus on WWE Network relative to what would be expected the week before the launch. It's apparent WWE didn't want viewers thinking "Oh, I can watch the Chamber PPV for $9.99 if I wait until Monday morning when the Network pre-launches," putting the emphasis on ordering the PPV on Sunday. WWE will then hit viewers over the head with the Network next Monday when the official launch takes place.

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