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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 7/14: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live "WCW Night" Raw - Flair returns, Sting, final PPV hype, Cena & Reigns vs. The Authority, more

Jul 14, 2014 - 10:07:02 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
July 14, 2014 - Episode #1,102
Live in Richmond, Va.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: WWE champion John Cena & Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Randy Orton & Kane in a six-man tag match. Also, Ric Flair returning to Raw TV.

Raw leading into the Battleground PPV opened with a live shot of the arena before John Cena's music played to bring out the WWE champion. On commentary, Michael Cole hyped Cena defending the WWE Title against Roman Reigns, Kane, and Randy Orton at Battleground on Sunday. Cole then went for big hyperbole hyping the six-man tag main event.

In the ring, Cena said this is a feisty crowd ready for Raw. He said they are six days away from Battleground, then told people to sign up for the WWE Network. Cena put himself in jeopardy and stacked the deck, saying in six days, the champ might not be here anymore. He said that's because The Authority has put him in a match against Kane, Orton, and Roman Reigns. And, he doesn't even have to lose the match to lose the title. He notably only pointed to the WWE Title, ignoring the World Title belt.

Suddenly, The Shield's music played to bring out Roman Reigns over Cena's left shoulder in the crowd. Reigns marched down to the ring with his head down making sure he doesn't stumble on the stairs. Reigns then hopped the guardrail and entered the ring, where Cena was standing by to hear what Reigns has to say. First, Reigns listened to the crowd before Cena introduced Reigns to the crowd.

Cena noted they're partners tonight, then face off on Sunday. He thanked Reigns for bailing him out last week, then called his gesture at the end of the show cute trying to make himself stand out. Cena put them both in jeopardy tonight, saying they have to make it to Sunday in the tag match tonight. Reigns was done listening, telling Cena to get to the point.

Cena sold being taken aback, then said they should take out Kane and Orton tonight, then find out if Reigns thinks he's as good as he is on Sunday. Reigns agreed to taking out Kane and Orton, then said they'll find out if Cena is as good as he thinks he is. Dean Ambrose interrupted from the video screen, saying they're going to a dance tonight, but a fight. He told Reigns and Cena that The Authority always has a plan, so they need to have a plan tonight.

Suddenly, Kane appeared over Ambrose's shoulder. Then, Rollins and Orton. A three-on-one beat down ensued, and WWE notably did not cut back to the ring to reveal if Cena and Reigns stormed backstage to make the save or simply watched the beating from the ring. WWE continued to show Ambrose taking a beating with no sign of help from his top babyface partners. Rollins, Kane, and Orton eventually had enough and stood over Ambrose, who asked if that's all they got. Rollins then hopped onto a crate and Curb-stomped Ambrose. Silence as the heels stood over Ambrose. Raw faded to break with no sign of anyone helping Ambrose. Where are his tag partners? What crummy babyfaces.

[Commercial Break at 8:11]

[Q2] Moments Ago: Dean Ambrose was attacked by Rollins, Orton, and Kane while Cena and Reigns stood in the ring doing nothing. Cole relayed a medical update that Dean Ambrose is heading to a local facility to be treated; his status for the main event is in question.

In-ring: U.S. champion Sheamus was introduced for singles action. On the way to the ring, WWE cut to an inset promo of Sheamus vowing to hit The Miz in his money-making face tonight. A trailer then came on the screen paving the way for The Miz to make his ring entrance facing Sheamus. Miz stopped on the entrance ramp to talk about becoming IC champion at Battleground (on the WWE Network). Before Sunday, though, his goal is to keep the Brogue Kick away from his face. Miz added that his face will be on the Titantron during the match.

1 -- U.S. champion SHEAMUS vs. THE MIZ -- non-title match

As the bell sounded, WWE flashed "Cena and Reigns" trending on Twitter right now. That's not a good thing. Meanwhile, the family-friendly crowd quickly picked up a "Let's Go Sheamus" chant to cheer on the U.S. champ. Miz cut off Sheamus's attack, then nailed a double axehandle from the corner. Sheamus came back with a rolling senton sending Miz to the floor heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:21]

Back from break, Miz was protecting his face from Sheamus's attack. Miz then ran Sheamus into the ring steps before flinging him back into the ring. The production team decided it was a good time to cut to a photo gallery showing every IC Title battle royal participant on Sunday, informally announcing some Superstars Brand wrestlers for the match. Back to the match, where Sheamus nailed 15 Forearms to the Chest, reddening Miz's chest.

Sheamus tried a top-rope move, but Miz flung Sheamus off the top turnbuckle down to the mat. Miz collected himself, stared at his mug on the Titantron for inspiration, and tried a figure-four, but Sheamus easily shoved him off with his boot. Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count, then Sheamus airballed a Brogue Kick in the corner. Miz quickly capitalized with a roll-up for the pin and the win. Miz quickly scampered out of the ring to avoid Sheamus's wrath as Sheamus sat stunned in the ring.

WINNER: Miz at 10:45.

[Q3] Authority Office: Orton, Rollins, and Kane gloated about beating down Dean Ambrose. Orton then told Kane if they do their jobs as well as they did tonight, then he will be WWE champion at Battleground. Kane took exception, wondering what would happen if he wins on Sunday. Triple H walked in to calm down his pupils, noting it's important this Sunday to make sure the WWE Title returns to The Authority to create stability and control. In order to make that happen, they have to build trust tonight. Hunter sent them off, then Stephanie McMahon walked in to fall into Hunter's arms, noting he's strong and sexy when he takes control. Make-out session.

In-ring: Dolph Ziggler was introduced to the ring as Cole hyped the Network available for free until midnight tonight. "Just subscribe to the Network," Lawler begged the audience. JBL offered his sales pitch before WWE cut to Ziggler now in the ring. Cole said Ziggler is in action next, but did not mention his opponent.

[Commercial Break at 8:33]


Back from break, Fandango was dancing in the ring. He was alone without a dance partner after Layla and Summer Rae ditched him. Once the bell sounded, Ziggler angrily attacked Fandango after Fandango cost him his match last week. Suddenly, Fandango's music played. Summer Rae and Layla were on the announce table dancing to distract Fandango. Chaos unfolded in the ring as the music kept playing like a bad Menagerie match on Impact. Ziggler eventually just ended the match with a Fameasser for the pin and the win. Post-match, Layla and Fandango entered the ring to dance in front of Ziggler and taunt Fandango. Ziggler then hooked up with the Divas while Fandango sat despondent in the corner.

WINNER: Ziggler at 3:02.

Still to come: Will Dean Ambrose join Cena and Reigns against The Authority in the main event?

[Commercial Break at 8:43]

[Q4] Backstage: Some random individuals were waiting for their Sonic delivery. Damien Sandow then walked in dressed like a Sonic worker. Sandow asked for the food, then prepared to bite in, but Adam Rose's entourage interrupted. Rose asked Sandow why he was such a lemon to the Sonic carhop, then endorsed the hot dog Sandow was holding. Sandow told Rose that he's not invited to the Sonic party, then they battled over the hot dog while Rose visibly stared at cue cards off-camera. Rose then sent Sandow wheeling away before eating the product.

In-ring: WWE tag champs The Usos came out on-stage to be introduced for a match, but Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacked them from behind. The Wyatts beat down The Usos ringside, then rolled one of the Usos into the ring for a double-team slam. Harper and Rowan stood over Uso, then stared into the hard camera as Cole noted a message has been sent ahead of the Tag Title match on Sunday. Quickly moving on...

Announcers: Cole introduced a hype video for Ric Flair back on Raw tonight. The Richmond crowd popped, then Cole hyped Jack Swagger and Rusev in a U.S. vs. Russia detente. It's next. Lawler said it will be World War III. No, that already happened. It's on the WWE Network.

[Commercial Break at 8:52]

This Week's Xenophobia Segment

In-ring: Rusev was wildly waving his flag. Behind him were two podiums, Lana, and Michael Cole, who looked to be very concerned about Rusev's wild swings of the flag. Cole then introduced "your Real Americans" Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. On commentary, Lawler hyped this as a huge event. Swagger walked out on-stage holding an over-sized American flag while Zeb walked down to the ring trying to fire up an untrusting crowd.

Cole stood in-between the podiums to note this detente is to ease the hostility and tension between the two nations. The crowd interrupted with a "USA" chant, which Lana shouted over. Cole continued that Lana's harsh words have prompted Colter to book Swagger against Rusev at Battleground on Sunday if Rusev accepts.

Lana laughed at the challenge, then spoke in their language. In English, she told Mr. Colter that he and America are the same - they simply choose violence to solve all your problems. Lana said America wants to be the savior of the world, but they can't save themselves. She called everyone stupid, then laughed. Rusev continued to lock eyes with Swagger, then Lana paused for another "USA" chant." "Shut up!" she shouted.

[Q5 -- second hour] Lana went back to the Revolutionary War, saying once America won its freedom, they decided to fight amongst themselves in the Civil War. Whereas, Mother Russia has and always be the peace-loving country. Lana said they can come to an agreement, though, if Colter simply admits to its mistakes. Another "USA" chant, prompting more shouts from Lana, then mockery of the chants.

Zeb was tired of listening and took the mic. He said Lana is a visitor in their country, then revisited his character's battle in the Vietnam War. Zeb said he did not do that for Lana and Rusev to come to their country and bad-mouth them. Zeb offered his answer to Lana: "Not no, but hell no." Lana then walked around the podium to stand opposite Zeb. She said Zeb's arrogance is why the U-S-A is crumbling into pieces.

"There is hope," Lana said with a smile. One man has a chance to save the nation and this man is the world-leader Vladimir Putin. Putin's face was displayed on the screen a la Miz, then Zeb said that is one ugly man. He said they have a president they elect every four years, which drew a mix of cheers and boos in a split state. Then, Zeb displayed President Obama's face on the screen.

Zeb turned this to Rusev, asking when he's going to step out from behind his woman and fight like a man. Rusev shouted that this is war, then Zeb said it sounds like they have a match at Battleground. Lana led Rusev away from the ring, then Zeb said he knows who wears the pants or the skirt in their relationship. Zeb said he would like Lana to teach Rusev this important message before Sunday: "We The People."

Lana took exception and slapped Zeb, then Swagger speared Rusev. The fight was on, but Lana hopped on Swagger to distract him. Rusev then capitalized with a corner attack before trying to kick Swagger in the face, but Swagger slapped on the Patriot Lock as Zeb celebrated on the ring apron. Rusev sold extreme pain before managing to get out of the ring and retreat up the entrance ramp to the ramp as Zeb waved the American flag in the background.

[ JC's Reax: Apparently Jack Swagger's punishment following his non-acknowledged DUI arrest last year is over, as this was a big spotlight segment at the top of the second hour investing a lot of time in Swagger as a new patriot-based babyface star. ]

Announcers: Cole said that it is "extremely doubtful" that Dean Ambrose will make it to the main event tonight.

Locker Room: Roman Reigns was shown quietly taping his wrists, then John Cena walked in and said Ambrose is out, so it's just the two of them. Cena told Reigns to stand up and face him, then Reigns quietly vowed to take out Rollins, Kane, and Orton before Battleground.

Next Week: Flo Rida guest-stars and performs on Raw from Miami.

[Commercial Break at 9:10]

Back live, the vacant IC Title belt was positioned ringside. In the ring was Alberto Del Rio, whose music was answered by Rob Van Dam.



Del Rio quickly knocked RVD to the outside, where he smashed RVD into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Del Rio sat on a reverse chinlock to wear down RVD. Del Rio tried to follow up with a standing kick to the head, but RVD moved just in time and seized the opening to mount a comeback. RVD delivered signature offense, then climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Del Rio got his knees up to block a Five-Star Frogsplash. Del Rio followed right up with the cross arm-breaker and RVD immediately tapped out to relieve the pain.

WINNER: Del Rio via submission at 4:30. Another heel beating a face clean to hype the IC Title battle royal.

Announcers: Cole and Co. quickly moved on to hyping the Network. This hard sell introduced a video on C.M. Punk, putting his likeness back on TV in an official capacity for the first time since January. Apparently WWE is putting Punk's DVD on the Network following the Main Event episode to try to entice subscriptions.

Still to come: Ric Flair and Chris Jericho confronts the Wyatts.

[Commercial Break at 9:23]

Back from break, Nikki Bella was introduced to the ring. After WWE replayed Brie Bella quitting and slapping Stephanie McMahon, Stephanie's music played to bring her out on-stage. Stephanie taunted Nikki for being all alone in the ring once again. She said Brie quit WWE, married Daniel Bryan, and abandoned her own flesh and blood. Steph said Nikki should be in a tag match tonight, but it has to be a handicap match after Brie quit. But, The Authority should not be blamed. She should be blaming her sister. Out came Alicia Fox and Cameron as the opposition. On commentary, Cole robotically said Nikki is suffering for the "sins of her sister," essentially siding with The Authority and not defending Brie for taking a stand against corruption. Not a good night for those in the babyface role.



Nikki tried to fight against the numbers advantage early on, but the heels quickly took her down and took turns wearing her down. Nikki tried to mount a comeback against A. Fox, but Fox cut her off and finished off Nikki for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Fox & Cameron at 3:35.

Still to come: Cena & Reigns vs. The Authority in a handicap match.

Announcers: Cole and Co. were shown on-camera. Cole said John Cena is the cover star for the "WWE 2K15" video game, then said this person is a special character available only if you pre-order, doing the same marketing as Ultimate Warrior in last year's video game.

To introduce Sting as the playable character, WWE cut to a video with dark lighting, an orchestra warming up, and the familiar beat of Sting's Crow Era music. The video showed a silhouette of Sting a la WCW Nitro 1997, then the lighting came up to reveal the orchestra dressed in Sting's black and white facepaint. The WCW Country crowd popped, then the screen showed "Two Generations of Sting" playable in the video game. The video closed with a close-up of Sting dressed in the black and white facepaint before Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:37]

Back from break, WWE ran another hype video for the Network.

Authority Office: Randy Orton had an issue with Kane that he needed to discuss with Triple H. Orton said he gets a bad vibe about him, then Hunter noted he's just a pawn, but he's their pawn. He said the plan is for Orton to walk out of Battleground as WWE champion. "You are the plan," Hunter told him. Okay, so there isn't a Plan B, Orton asked unconvinced. "Right," Hunter said with some hesitation. Orton walked off and Hunter went back to writing things on a clipboard.

Backstage: Cody Rhodes and Goldust talked to each other as if they were on an LSD trip.

In-ring: The siren wailed to bring out Cesaro. No Paul Heyman. Lawler said he heard a little rumor that Heyman has been fired. JBL said he heard he quit. Cole dumped water on both of their rumors that Heyman was spotted earlier tonight in Richmond.

[Commercial Break at 9:42]

[Q8] Main Event plug: It's U.S. champion Sheamus vs. The Miz in a re-match from tonight.

In-ring: Big E. and Kofi Kingston were standing around ringside, then Big E. entered the ring to face Cesaro.

5 -- CESARO vs. BIG E. (w/Kofi Kingston)

The two men traded control early on, then Cesaro taunted Big E., telling him to come on and do something. Big E. responded, but Cesaro cut him off with a big clothesline. Cesaro delivered a powerbomb out of the butterfly suplex position, popping Cole, then Cesaro sat down on a chinlock. Big E. fought back before delivering a belly-to-belly suplex and a corner thrust.

Big E. followed with a big running splash, then he dropped the straps, but Cesaro wisely rolled out of the ring to slow down Langston. Cesaro then yanked Big E. down across the ring ropes. Suddenly, Cesaro went under the ring and retrieved two chairs. Cesaro chucked one chair toward Kofi, then tried to use the other chair on Big E., but Kofi yanked it away. Big E. capitalized with the Big Ending to Cesaro for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Big E. at 4:35. And Cesaro has now been saddled with the Losing Stream gimmick, taking a loss on three consecutive Raws.

Announcers: Cole said Bad News Barrett will be at Battleground on Sunday to present the IC Title to the winner of the battle royal. Cole then transitioned to a review of Chris Jericho interrupting The Miz's return two weeks ago before being interrupted by the Wyatts.

In-ring: Chris Jericho's music played to bring out Jericho for a verbal exchange with Bray Wyatt. Jericho was dressed in a light-up jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. Raw cut to break with Jericho on the way to the ring.

[Commercial Break at 9:54]

Jericho-Wyatt Segment

Raw returned two minutes before the top of the hour with Jericho playing to the crowd with a smile on his face. Jericho welcomed everyone to Raw is Jericho, then said this ring is home to him and he has been working here for 15 years. Jericho said he's seen it all in WWE, then listed everyone and everything he could rhyme together. Until he encountered Bray Wyatt. Jericho called him a manipulator, freak surrounded by freaks, mysterious, and has set his sights on him. And he doesn't know why. Did Bray not explain it in his promo last week?

[Q9 -- third hour] Jericho hyped their match at Battleground, then vowed to get a little crazy and nuts on Sunday. "Let's Get Crazy," Jericho said before saying that he has the audience in his hands in response to Bray saying he has the world in his hands. Suddenly, Bray interrupted on the video screen. Bray chuckled to himself, then asked Jericho if he remembers what it was like to be a child full of energy and life with no worries. He said that changes when children are struck by the cold hand of life.

Bray asked Jericho if he remembers vowing to save them. "Where were you, Chris?" he asked. Bray chuckled to himself, then brought the lights up in the arena over "boring" chants. He then blew out his lantern and the lights came back on. Bray asked Jericho if he's afraid of the dark, then the lights went out again. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were in the ring when the lights came back on, then the Wyatts attacked Jericho, but Jericho ducked a big boot from Harper to escape the ring. Jericho removed his t-shirt as his music played, then Jericho backed up the entrance ramp not aware of what was behind him.

Bray Wyatt suddenly blasted Jericho from behind at the top of the stage, then he scooped up a lifeless Jericho to deliver Sister Abigail on the stage. Bray posed over Jericho as the camera zoomed in on Bray's messed-up eye, apparently the result of the MSG house show on Saturday. The video cut out...

Then cut back to Cole and Co. sitting in the dark. The lights came back on for Cole to transition to a discussion of Dean Ambrose being taken to a local hospital, taking him out of the six-man tag main event tonight.

[Commercial Break at 10:09]

Back from break, former Divas champion Paige was at the announce table on the other side of Lawler next to JBL. Meanwhile, Eva Marie's music was playing. Divas champion A.J. Lee then came out to face Eva in a warm-up before facing Paige for the title at Battleground.


6 -- Divas champion A.J. LEE vs. EVA MARIE -- non-title match

Paige and JBL got into it on commentary while A.J. took control of the match. A.J. then finished off Eva as Paige played nice applauding the champion. Afterward, A.J. took a victory lap around the ring with the Divas Title, then hopped onto the announce table and sat down cross-legged on the table. A.J. took JBL's headset to talk to Paige., then A.J. and Paige played nice talking up each other. Done with the awkward conversation, A.J. playfully said good-bye and took off.

WINNER: A.J. at 2:22.

Authority Office: Kane walked into Triple H and Stephanie's office to say Plan A has a big problem because he does not like Randy Orton. Stephanie said that's part of business, because they work with a lot of people they don't like. Hunter told Kane to make sure the WWE Title comes back to The Authority and do what he has to do. "Just get it done," he told Kane.

[Commercial Break at 10:19]

Back live, Bo Dallas was posing in the ring as a spotlight filled the ring. Bo then raised his arms victoriously before going back to last week when he beat the Biggest Little Man in WWE. No, not Rey Mysterio, but El Torito, who Bo said has a huge heart. He said he hopes his opponent has as big of a heart as Torito.

Pause, Lawler offered an enlarged heart joke, and Great Khali's music interrupted. Dallas sold being excited by the challenge as Khali entered the ring. Cole noted Dallas's undefeated streak is in jeopardy tonight.


Khali lit up Dallas with a big chop, then another. Khali wanted more, so he offered a third chop to the chest. Dallas sold losing his breath as Khali stalked him. Khali then tossed Bo over the top rope, but made the mistake of following up on the outside. Bo found an opening to drop Khali with the Bo-dog, then he scampered back into the ring. The ref reached a ten count and Khali was counted out.

Post-match: Bo Dallas took a victory lap, then paused when he approached Khali recovering after being counted out. Dallas told "little buddy" Khali that he might have lost tonight, but -- Khali chopped him hard in the head, knocking the mic out of Bo's hand. Dallas recoiled across ringside, then stumbled backwards down the ringside area to the stage.

WINNER: Dallas via count-out at 1:46.

Announcers: Cole hyped the IC Title battle royal at Battleground "on pay-per-view," then Cole restated the event available on the Network, sticking to tonight's talking points. Lawler transitioned to hyping the "Best of WCW Nitro" available on the Network after Raw goes off the air. So interesting to see WWE using WCW Nitro footage on a Monday night to try to entice people to spend money on WWE Network.

[Q11] Authority Office: Seth Rollins walked in to note he has a MITB briefcase ready if Orton and Kane can't get the job done. Rollins walked off, then Paul Heyman walked into the shot. Heyman casually noted he's been picking his spot tonight and noted he has Plan C ready. Steph whispered to Hunter that he's never trusted him.

Backstage: Ric Flair was shown walking backstage. He continues WCW Night next.

[Commercial Break at 10:32]

In-ring: Renee Young was standing by in the ring to welcome out "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Flair walked out dressed in a suit, then strutted down to the ring as Lawler used the word "wrestling" in a sentence on Raw. Flair then entered the ring and checked out Renee, before asking her if she knows they're live in Richmond, Virginia.

Flair said he's had some fun in this city. "Ask your mothers and your fathers," he told the crowd. Flair, sounding drunk or just in-character as a WWE cartoon character, told Renee that Virginia is for lovers. He strutted around the ring, then eased up to Renee, who tried to do her job asking Flair for a prediction on who will be WWE champion at Battleground. Cena? Orton? Kane? Reigns? Flair said his man is John Cena, then strutted some more.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns's music played. Reigns walked through the crowd and entered the ring, where Flair shook his hand. Suddenly, Flair's music quietly played as he walked across the ring. Flair then left the ring as Reigns stood by. John Cena's music then played and he stood next to Flair on the stage. Cena handed off the World Title belt to Flair, who held it up with Cena. Flair kept the title, then Cena charged the ring with the WWE Title as Reigns stood by in the ring.

[Q12] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

This Friday: Chris Jericho vs. Luke Harper in a singles match on Smackdown.

Back to ringside, where Seth Rollins was already in-place for the main event. Randy Orton was introduced next as Cole plugged Rollins vs. Ambrose Sunday at Battleground. Kane was then introduced last for the main event.

8 -- WWE World Hvt. champion JOHN CENA & ROMAN REIGNS vs. RANDY ORTON & SETH ROLLINS & KANE -- handicap match

Loud dueling chant of "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" once the bell sounded. Cena controlled Orton early on, but Kane tagged in and drove Cena across the ring. Cena sold concern, so Reigns tagged himself in and confidently walked across the ring to lock horns with Kane. Kane got the best of the exchange early on, but Reigns came back with a flying axehandle out of the corner. Reigns rocked Orton, then made a move toward former Shield stablemate Rollins, but Rollins moved. Reigns then turned around and took a strike from Kane. The heels took control on Reigns heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:54]

Raw returned from break with a video package plug for C.M. Punk's DVD airing on the WWE Network tomorrow. Back live on Raw, Kane was wearing down Reigns. Reigns broke free, which fired up Cena, who begged for a tag and got it. Cena exploded on Rollins with trademark Cena Offense, firing up the pro-Cena crowd, and delivered the Five Knuckle Shuffle to Rollins. But, Kane broke up an AA attempt. The heels took down Cena, then isolated him in the heel corner heading to break.

[Q13 -- over-run] Cena continued to take punishment as Reigns reached out for a tag, but Rollins cut off Cena and nailed two of the Three Amigos suplexes, which drew some "Eddie" chants. Cena blocked the third suplex, then reached across the ring to tag in Reigns, who came in with Orton. Reigns exploded on Orton with offense, then smashed Kane and Rollins out of the ring.

But, Orton cut off Reigns as Rollins sold a knee injury ringside. The ringside doctor ran across ringside to check on Rollins in the background while chaos broke out in the ring. Referee Charles Robinson tried to get Kane out of the ring, but he refused, so Charles called for the bell, apparently DQ'ing the heels.

Post-match: Kane accidentally smashed Orton off the ring apron when Cena ducked, then Cena weakly punched Kane in the mid-section. They set up a four-way deal in the ring where Reigns charged across the ring, Cena was kind of thrown into harm's way, Reigns speared Cena, Orton wildly swung and missed well after the play was over, and then Orton dropped Kane with an RKO, showing problems in The Authority.

Orton stood tall in the corner as Cole wondered if this will be the scene on Sunday. Orton's music played as WWE showed a pile of bodies in the ring. Suddenly, Reigns popped up and exploded on Orton with a spear. The Shield's music played as Cole wondered if Sunday will be Reigns's moment. Cena was shown wincing from Reigns's spear as he watched Reigns now stand tall in the ring. Raw signed off seven minutes past the top of the hour with Cole hyping the four-way WWE Title match on Sunday. No sign of Dean Ambrose returning to go after Rollins, who was apparently incapacitated ringside.

WINNERS: Team Cena via DQ at 14:36. An okay conclusion to the PPV hype; almost felt like too many people in the mix with Cena and Reigns having a new issue still being fleshed out, Orton and Kane having Authority issues, and Rollins's MITB situation and feud with Ambrose hovering over everything. The idea was to sell the chaos of the four-way title match on Sunday, but it came across like classic WWE putting too much in the soup.

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The following features come with a VIP membership which tens of thousands of fans worldwide have enjoyed for many years...

-New Digital PWTorch Newsletter every week
-3 New Digital PDF Back Issues from 5, 10, 20 years ago
-Over 60 new VIP Audio Shows each week
-Ad-free access to all free articles
-VIP Forum access with daily interaction with PWTorch staff and well-informed fellow wrestling fans
-Tons of archived audio and text articles
-Decades of Torch Talk insider interviews in transcript and audio formats with big name stars.


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