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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 8/18: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Summerslam fall-out, Brock gets new WWE World Title belt, Ambrose & Rollins tear it up, more

Aug 18, 2014 - 10:10:12 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
August 18, 2014 - Episode #1,107
Live in Las Vegas, Nev.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: Summerslam fall-out, Brock Lesnar's first night as WWE World Hvt. champion, The Authority presenting Brock Lesnar with a new WWE World Hvt. Title, Stephanie McMahon opening the show addressing Bella Business, Ziggler vs. Miz for the IC Title, and a six-man tag of Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and RVD vs. Randy Orton, Ryback, and Curtis Axel.

Live Raw on USA Network

With a new WWE logo came an altered WWE TV intro, now with a photo of Ultimate Warrior from his Hall of Fame speech. Also, the Raw graphics have been refreshed.

Video Package: Summerslam highlights, focusing on Roman Reigns over Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt over Chris Jericho, a wild lumberjack match ending with Seth Rollins beating Dean Ambrose, Stephanie McMahon over Brie Bella when Nikki turned on Brie, and Brock Lesnar dismantled John Cena to become WWE World champion.

Live in the arena, Daniel Bryan's music played and the crowd exploded with "Yes!" chants. Long camera shot of the arena, then Stephanie McMahon came out doing the "Yes! Yes! Yes!" to celebrate her win last night. Once Steph entered the ring, the music transitioned to her personal theme.

Stephanie sarcastically thanked the crowd for chanting her name when she came out. She chanted, "Steph! Steph! Steph!" which produced a "No! No! No!" chant from the crowd. Stephanie smiled, then hyped Summerslam last night. Specifically, a new WWE World champion, which drew a mix of boos and noise. Steph said tonight they present a new WWE World Title belt to Brrrrrock Lessssnar. Boos. And, everyone at WWE wishes John Cena a fast recovery after the brutal beat down last night.

Steph said Cena isn't the only one who has to recover, as Chris Jericho has to recover from his lesson in humility, Dean Ambrose learned that Seth Rollins really made The Shield, and, by far, the biggest loser of the night was her opponent, Brie Bella. Steph said Brie learned first-hand that you do not mess with The Authority. Because The Authority always wins. Steph hyped her "incredible victory" available on WWE Network for just $9.99.

But, she didn't all of this alone. She would like to publicly thank her husband, Triple H. She called him her rock and for always being faithful, unlike Daniel Bryan. Steph said Bryan cheated on Brie after finding out who Brie really is. She then welcomed out Nikki Bella to talk even more about the "real" Brie.

Out came Nikki dressed in a dark black dress to make it clear that she's the heel. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler debated Nikki's actions before Nikki hit the ring to hug Stephanie. Steph said she knows it took a lot to come out here and stand up to someone who has been abusing her for so long. "You sold out" chant for Nikki, who was asked for her point of view.

Nikki's mic did not work, then she repeated herself saying that Brie betrayed her. Nikki said it was supposed to be the Bellas against the world (what?), but Brie did not become the woman she wanted her to be. Nikki called Brie selfish and manipulative, saying it's always been about Brie. And, every time Brie got in trouble, she blamed her. Nikki said Brie even beat her to the altar, marrying a scraggly-faced Daniel Bryan. (Boos)

After Steph plugged the Network, Nikki continued with tears and sad faces about being mistreated by Brie her whole life. That's right. I lost my sister. Preach. I never really had a sister. Uh-huh. And, now without Brie as a burden around her neck, she is free. It feels good, doesn't it? Nikki caught her breath, then Brie walked out on-stage sans music to cheers.

Brie sternly walked to the ring, then asked Nikki off-mic why she's doing this. Brie said they are sisters for life and she loves her, even though Nikki destroyed their family. Brie said she can forgive Nikki for last night, but Nikki slapped her across the face. Nikki said she can never forgive her. Steph pretended to be shocked as Brie left the ring in tears, leaving Nikki in the ring with Stephanie.

Still to come: Brock Lesnar receives the new WWE World Hvt. Title.

Random Superstars graphic: Big Show & Mark Henry vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper. It's next. Not on Superstars.

[Q2] [Commercial Break at 8:14]

Moments Ago: Nikki slapped around a defeated Brie as Stephanie watched.

In-ring: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were introduced for the opening match. Big Show's music interrupted and JBL cut off the announcers's conversation to do Michael Cole's job yelling about Show's special attraction qualities. Mark Henry joined Show on the way to the ring. Before the match started, WWE cut to the German announce table. Bernhard made the save for his partner tapping him on the arm to indicate he's on TV right now.


Henry worked over Harper early on, drowning out a dated "Sexual Chocolate" chant. Big Show then tagged in and worked over Harper. Show eventually cleared Harper over the top rope to the floor heading to break. On the way out, Harper sold with giant bug-eyes as he tried to sit up.

[Commercial Break at 8:23]

Back from break, Harper was still on the outside. Show tried to basketball-palm Harper by the head, but Harper shook off Show and dropkicked Show through the ropes to the floor. Harper then slap-tagged Rowan into the match, leading to Rowan big-booting Show on the outside. "Let's Go Big Show" chant as the Wyatts began working over Show back in the ring. Included was Rowan lifting Show in the air with a big bodyslam for a close two count.

[Q3] Harper tried another slam, but Show blocked and DDT'ed Rowan into the mat. Show made the hot tag to Henry, who ran over Rowan with clotheslines. Henry then lifted Rowan into the air for World's Strongest Slam, but Harper slipped back into the ring to big-boot Henry in the face. Rowan covered, but Henry kicked out.

Rowan and Harper wanted a double suplex on Henry, but Show delivered a KO Punch to Harper, then Rowan, who fell into Henry's arms for WSS. It was good for the pin and the win. JBL said WWE tag champs The Usos should be a little worried right now.

WINNERS: Show & Henry at 11:37. Good opening tag match. Good energy and good focus on everyone involved. Harper is on-track to be a big singles heel one of these days.

Still to come: Miz gets his IC Title re-match against Dolph Ziggler tonight. Plus, a bunch of guys get thrown together with Reigns & Sheamus & RVD vs. Orton & Ryback & Axel in a six-man tag match.

Up Next: Review of Ambrose vs. Rollins from Summerslam.

[Commercial Break at 8:34. How do these "Satisfaction" ads on Cinemax ... er... USA Network make a PG program?]

Backstage: Ric Flair was standing by with new IC champion Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, who said that tonight is the sequel when the hero makes his comeback. Miz told Ziggler that he will regain the IC Title tonight to bring the title back to an A-Lister. Ziggler said he's not an A-Lister, but an a-hole. "Whooooo!" Flair comically shouted. A sample of how WWE plans to use Flair, apparently.

Last Night: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins had a crazy lumberjack match.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in Seth Rollins, who gloated about beating Dean Ambrose last night. Rollins heelishly talked over-the-top about not running or hiding from Ambrose, who suddenly dumped a bucket of ice and water over Rollins off-camera. The camera pulled back to show Ambrose. "What? It's for charity," Ambrose dryly said before attacking Rollins. The fight was on until refs and agents spilled out from the back to separate them.

[Commercial Break at 8:41]

[Q4] Authority Office: Seth Rollins barged into The Authority's holding area to yell at Triple H and Kane about Dean Ambrose being crazy. Hunter said they saw what happened out there, so they will have a re-match tonight. And, the audience will decide Ambrose's fate by voting on the match stipulation. Hunter said the blood will be on the fans's hands, not theirs, when Rollins finishes off Ambrose.

In-ring: Natalya was standing by in the ring. New Divas champion Paige then skipped out to the ring to face Natalya in non-title action. Before the match started, WWE showed still photos of Paige beating A.J. Lee to re-capture the Divas Title last night at Summerslam.

2 -- Divas champion PAIGE vs. NATALYA -- non-title match

Before the bell, Paige took the mic and sarcastically said she loves and respects A.J. Lee. In fact, she is dedicating this match to her little A.J. tonight. Paige dominated early on, then A.J.'s music interrupted and she "innocently" skipped down to the ring. Natalya used the distraction to roll up Paige from behind for the win.

Post-match: A.J. waited out "C-M Punk" chants before sarcastically saying she respects and loves Paige. And, she dedicates her life to Paige. She said she needs to get in the ring and shake her hand right now, but Paige bailed from the ring. The announcers wondered which one is crazier than the other. "C-M Punk" chants before A.J.'s music played to try to drown out the chants.

WINNER: Natalya at 1:39.

Announcers: Cole read the poll options for Rollins vs. Ambrose tonight - No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere, or No DQ.

Up next: The Authority presents the new WWE World Hvt. Title to Brock Lesnar.

[Commercial Break at 8:53]

A Video Package coming back from break was The Rock narrating a Network hype piece.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL pitched the Network.

Brock Lesnar Coronation

Triple H's music played and WWE focused on the new WWE logo statue on the stage as Hunter and Stephanie McMahon walked out on-stage. Steph was now in a dress after starting the show in jeans and her new "Steph!" t-shirt. Hunter led Steph into the ring as Lawler talked about this coronation being sad to see.

Once in the ring, Hunter said it is an historic night tonight. Because it follows a Summerslam event that featured his wife victorious and two men giving it everything they had to represent WWE into the future as WWE World champion. So, it is their honor to present the brand-new symbol of their future - the new WWE World Hvt. Title. Hunter and Steph pulled back the curtain to reveal the new title belt, which featured the new WWE logo on the face of the belt, looking like a Super Bowl ring.

[Q5 -- second hour] Hunter gave a big introduction for the new WWE World champion, Brock Lesnar, who came out with Paul Heyman. Cole said never before in the history of WWE has there been a title main event as one-sided s the match last night when Lesnar "absolutely dominated" Cena. Lesnar entered the ring to receive the title belt, which had Lesnar's logo on the the side plates. Hunter, Lesnar, Heyman, and Steph posed in the ring, then a ringside photographer entered the ring to capture the moment. More posing to all sides of the arena.

Hunter and Lesnar then stood tall in the ring for Hunter to raise Lesnar's arm in the air. Handshakes all-around. Even Heyman and Stephanie. Lawler said he can't believe he's hearing a Lesnar chant, to which JBL replied that people just want to cheer for winners. He called the audience bandwagon-hoppers.

Once The Authority left, Heyman took the mic to drag out his usual introduction to lots of noise. Heyman said he is the one behind the one who beat the man who thought he was the one and who is the one in 21-and-1. Heyman fired himself up proclaiming himself the advocate for the new reigning, defending, conquering WWE World Hvt. champion, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar held up his new title belt in the air to make sure everyone got a good look at him.

Heyman then got down to business to let everyone know that John Cena (long pause) is not here tonight. Big cheers. Heyman said Cena would be here if he could be here, but John Cena can't be here because John Cena can't physically appear and that's all because of his client, Brrrrrock Lessssnar. Brock told him to do it again.

Heyman said he has been in this industry since the age of 14, and he has never in his life seen a Superstar take an ass-kicking the likes of what Cena took last night. Not just any Superstar, but the top Superstar. Not just any top Superstar, but the top Superstar of a generation. Heyman said The Rock's run on top was three years, maybe. Stone Cold's run on top (big cheers) was four years, maybe. But, there has been one constant, one man in WWE for the past ten years, and that man has been John Cena. (Boos and Cheers)

Heyman said you have to give Cena credit for lasting more than 30 seconds last night. He said that as he stood right here in the corner and witnessed the suffering on Cena's face that he truly understood. He said he got it - why so many people love and cheer for Cena, because he was taking this violent beating and he kept coming back for more and more. Because when Cena says never give up, John Cena means never give up. Heyman said Cena earned his respect to the point where he would love to make him a Paul Heyman Guy.

Unfortunately, his client, Brock Lesnar, does not share this opinion. Which is why Lesnar destroyed Cena last night. He said Cena died at the hands of the conqueror, Brock Lesnar, just like The Undertaker's Undefeated Streak and career died at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Just like the whole concept of hustle, loyalty, and respect died at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Just like the whole Cenation died at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Here's the problem - the same fate awaits the next title challenger. Heyman said anyone who steps into this ring with Lesnar is just a man. "My client is not a man. My client is The Beast," he said. Heyman promised wreckage and the same beating for Cena for all future challengers. Heyman said if you're too cheap, stupid, blind, or ignorant to spend $9.99 on the Network, he will tell everyone what happened last night - Lesnar imposed his will on John Cena in Basic Brock-anomics form. Eat. Sleep. Suplex. Repeat. Heyman repeated himself over and over again: "Suplex Repeat."

"Brock Lesnar lives by the motto - eat, sleep, suplex, repeat," he said. "Eat, sleep ... conquer John Cena," Heyman closed. Lesnar's music played for Lesnar and Heyman to make their exit from the ring.

[ JC's Reax: The perfect promo. Heyman did not lose the audience with a long-form speech, established the quest for anyone to try to step up to the monster, and added to Brock's dominating performance last night. ]

Announcers: Cole and Co. reacted to Heyman's speech, then flashed back to earlier in the show when Brie Bella confronted Nikki Bella, who slapped Brie as Steph watched.

[Q6] In-ring: Dolph Ziggler was introduced for the next match. Ziggler, sporting the IC Title belt backwards around his waist for his typical on-stage intro, walked to the ring heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:16]

3 -- IC champion DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. THE MIZ -- Intercontinental Title match

The Miz, sporting a heat-generating white coat/wrap-around/jacket, made his ring entrance on the other side of the break. Justin Roberts handled formal ring introductions for the title match before the opening bell sounded. Early in the match, Ziggler sold a left knee injury like at Summerslam. Miz quickly capitalized by attacking the knee before Cole abruptly sent Raw to another break.

[Commercial Break at 9:24]

Ziggler, selling the knee, snapped off a desperation DDT out of the corner back from break, but Miz kicked out of a pin. Both men recovered, then Miz yanked Ziggler onto his back and slapped on the figure-four leglock center-ring. Miz pressured the knee in the hold, then crawled on his belly to the bottom rope for a break.

Ziggler rolled to the outside to recover as the ref applied a count. Ziggler struggled to the ring apron, which typically breaks the ref's count, but the ref kept counting. Ziggler nailed a desperation kick to Miz, but fell off the ring apron in the process. Ziggler kept selling the knee, the ref hit a ten count, and the bell sounded for Miz to win the match, but for Ziggler to retain the title.

Post-match: Miz angrily realized what happened and chucked Ziggler into the announce table. Miz huffed and puffed ringside, then returned to the ring, where he walked into Zig-Zag. Ziggler continued to sell the knee before receiving his title belt as Lawler said Miz should remain in the title hunt via the victory.

WINNER: Miz via count-out at 7:15; Ziggler retained the IC Title. There's a big dump of water on the start of Ziggler's title reign, even if he got the last word. It's obviously important for WWE to protect Miz right now, but this was another chance to refresh either the IC Title or U.S. Title and WWE resorted to the usual booking.

[Q7] Backstage: Renee Young brought in Jack Swagger. Young went to a video review of Swagger's loss to Rusev last night. Back to Renee, who asked Swagger about losing to Rusev. Swagger dejectedly talked about failing his country last night. He unconvincingly offered a John Cena-like promo about getting off the mat and fighting again after being knocked down.

In-ring: Jack Swagger's music played to bring out Swagger without Zeb Colter, who was selling the effects of Rusev's post-match attack at Summerslam.

[Commercial Break at 9:33]


Cesaro was in the ring back from break to face Swagger. JBL spent the entire match ripping Swagger for failing to represent his country last night against Rusev. Swagger, selling injuries from last night, made a comeback with a Swagger Bomb, which JBL called stupid because he's injured. Swagger's injury caught up to him, as Cesaro nailed the Neutralizer for the win.

Post-match: Cesaro taunted a dejected Swagger after losing again. Bo Dallas's music then interrupted to bring out Bo on-stage. Bo said Swagger let down 318 million Americans last night. Look at him now losing again. Bo told Swagger that he's lost his dignity, self-respect, and manager. But, he can get it all back if he simply Bo-Lieves.

WINNER: Cesaro at 4:28.

Video Review: Bray Wyatt beat Chris Jericho last night at Summerslam.

[Q8] Backstage: Renee Young brought in Jericho for an interview. Asked how he feels about losing to Bray last night, Jericho paused and said he's never faced anyone like him in WWE. But, he noticed when he looked into his eyes that there's an emptiness inside him. Jericho said Bray is already dead inside, but he's not dead inside. Jericho said he has three things that Bray does not have: a burning desire, the fighting spirit, and the best fans in WWE history. Jericho said he knows every Jericholic will have his back no matter what. Jericho wrapped up and JBL said he's sick of excuses tonight. Overall, tonight, good focus on wins and losses mattering at Summerslam.

Up Next: Sheamus, Reigns, and RVD vs. Ryback, Orton, and Axel. On the way to break, WWE ran the video game spot for Sting in "WWE 2K15."

[Commercial Break at 9:47]

Main Event plug: Big Show vs. Erick Rowan tomorrow night on WWE Network.

In-ring: Randy Orton's music played to bring out Orton fresh off his loss to Roman Reigns last night. Ryback and Curtis Axel were already in the ring to support Orton, who was spotlighted in the ring. Out first for the babyface trio was U.S. champion Sheamus sporting a thigh brace. Rob Van Dam was out next, followed by Roman Reigns coming through the crowd. Orton seethed in the ring as Reigns made his way down to ringside before the opening bell.

5 -- ROMAN REIGNS & U.S. champion SHEAMUS & ROB VAN DAM vs. RANDY ORTON & CURTIS AXEL & RYBACK -- six-man tag match

As the match started, Cole noted it was The Authority's night last night ... except for Orton. Sheamus and RVD followed up on their odd Main Event pairing by combining for a rolling senton and Rolling Thunder on Orton, respectively. Orton recovered on the floor heading to an early break.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Back from break, it sounded like the crowd was chanting for Ryback, which could be explained as he's from Las Vegas. Sheamus lit up Axel with Ten Forearms to the Chest, then Ryback took ten blows for good measure. Orton blasted Sheamus from behind to cut him off, though.

[Q9 -- third hour] Orton dumped Sheamus over the guardrail into the timekeeper area. So long Mark Yeaton. The crowd continued to chant for Ryback as Orton tried to take the spotlight by posing for the crowd. Back in the ring, Orton decided to acknowledge the crowd, asking if they want to see Ryback. He pointed to Ryback and extended his hand, tagging in Ryback to a big pop. Ryback lit up Sheamus and soaked up "Feed Me More" chants. Ryback then went Goldberg on Sheamus with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Ryback tagged out to Orton, then left the ring with a big smile on his face.

Orton lost control, though, and, Sheamus tagged in Roman Reigns, making it obvious that WWE was protecting Reigns by reserving him until the big hot tag. Reigns cleaned house before measuring Axel for a big Superman Punch. Reigns then smashed Ryback off the ring apron to some boos. Reigns wanted the big spear on Axel, but Orton snuck in the back door with a backbreaker.

But, Reigns tagged in RVD, who smashed Axel with a cross-body for a one count. RVD followed with a split-legged moonsault, but Ryback broke up the pin. Sheamus dropped Ryback with a Brogue Kick, but Sheamus injured his leg. Orton with the RKO to Sheamus, but Reigns jumped over RVD to spear Orton. Back to RVD, who spin-kicked Axel, then climbed to the top turnbuckle for a Five-Star Frogsplash on Axel. It was good for the win.

Post-match: The face trio took a curtain call in the ring while Orton seethed ringside. After a replay of the high points from the match, WWE showed RVD posing with Reigns and Sheamus.

WINNERS: Team RVD at 11:13. Hot match, complete with the one-week intrigue of a hot crowd for forgotten heel Ryback. Meanwhile, Reigns and Orton will continue their issue, but how do they get Reigns back on-track?

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL reset with a reminder of the Ambrose vs. Rollins issue heading into their Summerslam re-match tonight.

[Commercial Break at 10:08]

Backstage: Randy Orton was shown walking down the hallway with an icepack over his neck. Ric Flair then walked up to Orton to talk about what's going on with him. Orton told Ric to stay out of his way unless he wants to remember his Legend Killer days. Orton walked off, leaving Flair to contemplate what he can to do to get to Orton.

Suddenly, Bray Wyatt's video interruption played. On the screen was Bray Wyatt, who said he warned Chris Jericho that this would happen. After all, he is a man of his word. Bray said Jericho claims that he looked into his eyes last night and saw nothing. Which got him to thinking. Maybe Jericho is right that he does not have a soul. But, one thing is for certain that Jericho will never ever, ever be able to comprehend who he is. Behold, the new face of salvation. "Follow the buzzards," Bray closed.

In-ring: WWE tag champs The Usos were introduced for the next match. The Usos posed for the crowd in the ring before Raw cut to break.

[Q10] [Commercial Break at 10:15]

Earlier Tonight: WWE reviewed the Nikki-Brie issue as the Usos continued to wait for their match standing around in the ring. Back live, Goldust and Stardust were on their way to the ring to face the Usos.

6 -- WWE tag champs THE USOS (JIMMY & JEY USO) vs. GOLDUST & STARDUST -- non-title match

Very quick pace early on, putting Goldust on the defensive against the more spry Uso. Goldust collected himself and charged Jey again, but Jey ducked and took down Goldust. Jimmy tagged in and continued the work on Goldust as JBL noted he doesn't like weird-os like Goldust and Cody. The announcers continued to argue, treating the match like a comedown segment. Lawler tried to swing it back to Cody searching for the cosmic key - perhaps the Tag Titles. On cue, Cody suddenly trapped Jey's shoulders to the mat on a pinning combination for the win. Afterward, the Rhodes Bros. celebrated ringside while the Usos sold frustration over the loss.

WINNERS: Rhodes Bros. at 5:55. Forgettable tag match stuck in the dead quarter-hour of the show. Not a good pairing of babyface tag teams.

[Commercial Break at 10:28]

[Q11] This Friday: Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton on Smackdown.

In-ring: Rusev was introduced for the next segment. Lana proudly walked behind the Summerslam winner over Jack Swagger before Rusev waved his Russian flag into the ring. Unfortunately, the flag flew into Rusev's face for a rough moment before Lana delivered a speech. Lana talked about Vladimir Putin being so proud of Rusev for delivering last night. Suddenly, Mark Henry's music played. Henry wasn't done for the night after his tag match about two hours ago.

Henry marched down to the ring to square off with Rusev, who held his ground in the ring. Henry stared down Rusev as Lana sold annoyance, then Henry asked everyone if they hear that American pride. Henry said he's had the honor of representing this country twice at the Olympics. He said he never had a problem with anyone's country, beliefs, or flags, except the way you two jackasses do it.

Henry said that last night at Summerslam, it got under his skin to see Rusev's flag raised in his *his* country. It made Henry sick to his stomach. Henry shouted at Lana to be quiet, then addressed Rusev face-to-face. Calling Rusev "boy," he said that he is going to give him a guided tour into the Hall of Pain. Rusev contemplated his move, then landed a right hand. Henry fought back, but Rusev kicked him in the gut. Henry blocked a second kick, though, and emphatically delivered World's Strongest Slam.

Henry bounced to his feet and celebrated as Lana sold concern. Henry then waved Lana aside before delivering a big running splash to finish off Rusev. Henry, fired up, left the ring and celebrated with the announcers before putting on JBL's cowboy hat and playing to the crowd. Henry fired up the front row of fans, too, on the way out as Rusev recovered in the ring. And, Henry just woke up the 11th quarter-hour in a major way.

Announcers: Cole and Co. excitedly transitioned to hyping WWE Network, including a documentary on the former Shield members's roads to Summerslam.

[Commercial Break at 10:40]

Earlier Tonight: Paul Heyman gloated about Brock Lesnar conquering John Cena.

Next Week: John Cena addresses the audience.

In-ring: Jerry Lawler was standing by to announce the result of the Ambrose vs. Rollins match. It was 41 percent for Falls Count Anywhere, followed by 34 percent for No Holds Barred. Out came Ambrose ready to get unstable. Seth Rollins was out next. He took his sweet time walking to the ring as Ambrose tried to control his emotions waiting in the ring.


7 -- DEAN AMBROSE vs. SETH ROLLINS -- Falls Count Anywhere match

Ambrose quickly dropkicked Rollins out of the ring, then Ambrose chucked him over the guardrail into the front row. Ambrose sat on the guardrail, cracked his knuckles, and chased after Rollins as referee Charles Robinson followed close behind. They moved to the stage, where Ambrose landed a snap suplex onto the steel for a two count. The fight moved down the ramp back to ringside, where Ambrose started grabbing weapons from under the ring.

Back in the ring, Ambrose jabbed Rollins with the edge of a chair, then suplexed Rollins into a chair. Ambrose followed with a surfboard chair smash from the second rope for a two count. Ambrose tried to whip Rollins into a chair wedged in the corner, but Rollins reversed and Ambrose crashed into the chair. (Ambrose got his elbow up to protect his head.) Rollins scored a nearfall heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:51]

Back from break, Rollins was choking Ambrose with a kendo stick. An amazing sequence followed with the kendo stick, Rollins ducking the rebound lariat, and Rollins kicking Ambrose in the head for a two count. Rollins left the ring to get a chair, which gave Ambrose an opening to snatch him for a Tornado DDT out of the corner for a two count. Rollins wanted to get unstable with Dirty Deeds, but Rollins blocked, then both men collided mid-ring.

Reset at 11:00. Ambrose then monkey-flipped Rollins into the corner turnbuckle before retrieving chairs. More chairs. Even more chairs. Rollins grabbed a chair for the heck of it, but Ambrose kicked it out of his hands. Ambrose wanted a superplex into the pile of chairs, to the point where even JBL dropped the heel bit just wanting to see Ambrose do it. Rollins blocked, though, and delivered a giant sunset flip powerbomb into the pile of chairs. Ambrose kicked out, though, popping the crowd.

[Q13 -- over-run] Both men sold on the mat at the top of the hour. Suddenly, Corporate Kane wandered over to the ringside area. Kane sat down next to ring announcer Justin Roberts as Rollins went on the attack. Rollins left the ring, though, and retrieved a table, which the crowd had been chanting for to this point. Rollins smirked at the crowd, then set up the table in the ring. Rollins wanted a top-rope Curb Stomp through the table, but Ambrose blocked. Ambrose then delivered a top-rope superplex through the table, drawing a look of concern from Kane ringside. Ambrose crawled through the table scraps to try to cover Rollins, but Kane got on the ring apron. Ambrose knocked him off, then tossed Rollins to the outside and smashed both men with a suicide dive. Big fire from Ambrose.

Rollins chucked Rollins back into the ring, where Rollins tried to hit him with a stick, but Ambrose went right into the rebound lariat. Big spot. Ambrose had the win again, but Kane yanked Ambrose out of the ring to cost him a win for the second straight night. Kane ripped off his jacket to attack Ambrose, but Ambrose sent him into the ring steps. Ambrose then dumped Rollins over the guardrail to the front row. Ambrose turned his attention back to Kane, attacking him, then he ran off the announce table to splash Rollins in the front row.

Back to ringside, Ambrose smashed Rollins into the announce table. Ambrose then started clearing the announce table like a mad man. Absolute mad man. Ambrose wanted to finish Rollins through the announce table, but Kane got up and chokeslammed Ambrose onto the announce table. Cole described this as an abuse of power, then Rollins Curb-stomped Ambrose into the table. Rollins called for Kane to end Ambrose, then Kane revealed a big collection of cinder blocks near the table. Rollins ran off the announce table with a Curb Stomp that sent Ambrose into the cinder blocks. Ref Charles Robinson asked for some help as Ambrose remained face-down in the remains of the cinder blocks, which looked kind of crummy upon impact.

The bell sounded as Robinson reprimanded Rollins and Kane for going too far. Justin announced Rollins as the winner via referee stoppage, though. EMTs and medics then came to ringside to tend to Ambrose as Cole passionately noted Kane is supposed to be in a position of authority. Rollins's music then played out of nowhere before Kane raised Rollins's hand in the air. Rollins continued to look down at Ambrose before WWE replayed the visual pinfall of Ambrose having Rollins pinned until Kane broke it up. Back to Rollins, who continued to look down at Ambrose as Raw signed off ten minutes past the top of the hour.

WINNER: Rollins via ref stoppage at 20:26. Amazing match. Ambrose just brings a crazy energy and passion to the ring, while Rollins is playing a top-flight heel right now. The result is a Feud of the Year candidate following another stand-out performance from these two. With Ambrose written off TV to film his "Lockdown" movie, things set up for Ambrose to make a very strong comeback and finally get a win over Rollins. (***1/2)

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