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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 9/15: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of Raw vs. NFL Week 2 - Brock Lesnar returns, final Night of Champions PPV hype, more

Sep 15, 2014 - 10:15:01 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
September 15, 2014 - Episode #1,111
Live in Lafayette, La. at the Cajundome
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: Brock Lesnar returning to go face-to-face with John Cena ahead of their WWE World Title match at Night of Champions, plus a big singles match of Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show vs. Bray Wyatt, Brie Bella & A.J. Lee vs. Divas champion Paige & Nikki Bella, and Mark Henry "rallies America."

Live Raw on USA Network

Raw started with Paul Heyman already in the ring. Boos from the crowd. Heyman sold being taken aback, then he introduced himself to more boos. Heyman said he is here to give a preview of what will happen this Sunday at Night of Champions. First, the FORMER champion will come down the aisle. Then, Heyman comically hummed John Cena's intro music. He said all of the little children will be cheering for Cena and then coming down the aisle will be his client, THE CONQUEROR Brock Lesnar.

Heyman started to preview the beating Cena will receive on Sunday, but Cena's music interrupted to bring out John Cena pacing the stage to his intro music. Red cap, red t-shirt, and navy blue shorts for Cena tonight. "Cajuns like it Raw" sign over Heyman's shoulder as Cena surveyed the crowd and listened to a combination of boos and cheers. Cena then told Heyman he doesn't him (Lesnar). Heyman replied that it depends on the definition of the word "where?" Cena cut him off and said he's either going to fight Lesnar or he's going to fight Heyman tonight

Heyman said as a businessman, he would like to make people pay $9.99 to see the fight on the Network, but Cena wants to give it to these people in Cajun Country for free tonight. Heyman did the big hype for Lesnar coming out, then stopped and laughed to himself. He said the thing is Brock Lesnar flies a private plane because he doesn't like people - especially Cena - and his plane has been delayed. But, he will be here tonight. Heyman said he admits Cena is a good con because he knew Lesnar wasn't here yet, but he still called him out.

Heyman started to leave, but Cena yanked him back into the ring. Cena said he thinks Heyman is full of crap, but here is what he knows. Seven days ago, he gave Heyman 24 hours to produce The Beast. So, he's giving Heyman 80 minutes - until "Halftime" - to produce The Beast or else he's going to kick his ass. Heyman shook off Cena, then told him he'll let him know when Brock gets here. Heyman tried to leave, but Cena jumped out of the ring and cut him off again. He said he doesn't trust Heyman and he knows Cajun Country wants to see a fight tonight. So, he's going to make sure they get one. Cena put Heyman in a headlock and dragged him up the stage to the back to end the skit.

Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL were shown on-camera. Cole noted Lesnar has until "halftime" of tonight's Raw to produce Brock Lesnar or take a beating. JBL wanted to know where Cena is taking Heyman.

In-ring: Chris Jericho's music played to bring out Jericho dressed to wrestle in his light-up jacket. Cole said he's facing Corporate Kane up next. Is this happening in the Raw archives on the Network or in 2014?

[Commercial Break at 8:12]

[Q2] Moments Ago: John Cena dragged Paul Heyman into his locker room. Cena slammed the door to keep Heyman inside the room, then he found Great Khali standing around in the hallway dressed to wrestle. Cena told Khali to stand here and make sure Heyman doesn't get out. Khali no-sold, so Cena spoke in Khali's language, then Khali gleefully agreed to stand in front of the door. There's the follow-up to WWE signing a new TV deal in India.


Kane kind of flung himself over the top rope in the early-going, then Jericho dropkicked him to keep him on the outside. Jericho followed with a flying dive to the outside. Jericho wanted a roaring elbow, but Kane cut him off with an uppercut. Back in the ring, Jericho responded with a dropkick to the side of Kane's head for a two count. Jericho wanted a move off the ropes, but Kane tossed Jericho into the air and Jericho landed knee-first on the mat. Jericho sold the injuries from last week's cage match against Bray Wyatt as Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:20]

Back live, Jericho was trying to fight out of a headlock as Cole tried to put this match in context as Jericho facing Kane's running buddy, Randy Orton, at Night of Champions on Sunday. Kane tried to come off the top with an attack to Jericho, but Jericho countered with a dropkick. Jericho delivered Ten Corner Punches, but Kane responded with a facebuster into the turnbuckle. Kane then removed the corner pad as the referee appeared to check Jericho for some blood. Or prepared for a medical exam on Jericho putting on gloves mid-match.

[Q3] Reset at 11:00. Kane tpssed Jericho to the mat before attempting to catapult him into the exposed steel, but Jericho blocked, only to take a chokeslam. Well, actually, Kane took a DDT on a mid-air counter, but the crowd saw a chokeslam and got sad. Jericho surprised the crowd covering Kane for a two count. Jericho suddenly responded with a running bulldog, then tripped Kane into the exposed steel. Kane kind of awkwardly went into the steel, then awkwardly stumbled backward for Jericho to roll him up for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Jericho at 13:05. Shaky match. The match was hastily put together and felt like a step down for Jericho on his way out the door.

Locker Room: Apparently Great Khali let a camera into John Cena's locker room, as Heyman was shown trying to get Brock Lesnar on the phone. No reception and Heyman was shown sweating the possibility of fighting Cena tonight.

On the way to break, WWE introduced a completely different WWE Network sales pitch, centered on the $9.99 theme. The soundtrack was a 1999 knock-off tune and shots of generic, mid-income, 20-somethings sitting around watching the Network in brightly-lit, Ikea-furnished, one-bedroom homes. Basically, people not in the demographic.

[Commercial Break at 8:32]

Announcers: Cole and Co. excitedly hyped Smackdown on Friday nights. Cole then hyped Night of Champions occurring on Sunday. Specifically, the Mark Henry vs. Rusev country vs. country match.

Tonight: Mark Henry rallies America. Cole then introduced a video of Olympians rallying behind Henry. Gold medalist Charles Austin offered his thoughts in a non-Tout, Tout-like video.

Backstage: Renee Young brought in Roman Reigns to cover a different topic than national pride. Renee asked Reigns about facing Seth Rollins tonight. Reigns recited some lines about coming into WWE with two brothers until Rollins decided to end The Shield. He vowed to hit Rollins over and over with his fists until his knuckles bleed. Believe that.

In-ring: Jack Swagger was introduced on-stage with Zeb Colter. As Swagger and Zeb walked to the ring, Cole randomly plugged Stone Cold's podcast, with special guest Kevin Nash on this week's show. As for Swagger, he gets Bo Dallas next.

[Commercial Break at 8:41]

In-ring: Bo Dallas was in the ring drawing inspiration from this segment's sponsor, Carl's Jr. Bo posed for the crowd, then the bell sounded.


2 -- JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Colter) vs. BO DALLAS

Bo worked a headlock early on as Zeb tried to coach his star player from the outside. "Look alive!" Zeb shouted. Bo then cut off Swagger's comeback and continued to wear him down. Meanwhile, the announcers detoured to American war history. Bo tried to end things with a "We The People" diving attack, but Swagger moved.

Swagger mounted a comeback, then pounded his chest and tried to engage the crowd before delivering a running Vader Bomb, but Bo took his cue to roll under the ring ropes to the apron. Bo neck-snapped Swagger for a two count, but fed his foot to Swagger, who teased the Patriot Lock. Bo shook him off, then teased a Bo-Dog, but Swagger blocked and flowed into the Patriot Lock. The crowd engaged as Swagger positioned Bo in the middle of the ring, where Bo tapped out.

WINNER: Swagger via submission at 6:02. And Bo officially falls down the depth chart to heel enhancement talent. Meanwhile, Swagger remains miscast as a patriotic babyface. He just doesn't have the characteristics.

Announcers: Cole hyped Night of Champions on WWE Network this Sunday. Lawler then hyped "Slam City" airing tonight after Raw. Cole then hyped Bret Hart's history on tomorrow's Monday Night War episode. Of course, they'll focus on his history of great matches, feud with Stone Cold, and the Hart Foundation. No, the sales pitch was the Montreal Screwjob and going to WCW.

Up Next: A.J. Lee & Brie Bella vs. Paige & Nikki Bella. But, first, a painful review of the Jerry Springer segment last week on Raw.

[Commercial Break at 8:53]

In-ring: Paige was already in the ring doing A.J.'s routine back from break. Nikki was out next to the Bella theme music, then odd new music played to bring out Brie. A.J. Lee was out last to round out the tag match promoting a three-way Divas Title match (minus Brie) on Sunday.

[Q5 -- second hour]

3 -- Divas champion PAIGE & NIKKI BELLA vs. A.J. LEE & BRIE BELLA

Once the bell sounded, Nikki did the old heel switcher-oo teasing like she was going to start against her sister before bailing to the outside. So, Paige started things off dominating Brie. Paige used the time dominating Brie to taunt A.J., who waited for a tag on the outside. A.J. eventually tried to chase Nikki around the outside, but Paige pinned Brie back in the ring. Post-match, Nikki dropped her sister and left the ring, then A.J. and Paige played mind games on the way out.

WINNERS: Paige & Nikki at 3:00. It sure doesn't seem like Brie is ever going to get that babyface comeback. Unless it's via Daniel Bryan when he returns.

Announcers: Cole fed to a recap from last Friday on Smackdown when Big Show and Bray Wyatt had a confrontation from a distance.

Video: Bray Wyatt interrupted. Bray's beard spoke about David being a little shepherd boy who no one thought could topple the giant. Bray said that giant still remains in today's world in the form of sickness, disease, and evil. Bray said he's been left with the burden of fixing everything. So, tonight, he faces Big Show as part of his quest.

In-ring: Big Show's music played to bring out Show pumping up the crowd. Show clapped it up in the ring, then WWE cut to a shot of Paul Heyman nervously rocking back and forth in a locker stall inside Cena's locker room. Halftime is approaching.

[Commercial Break at 9:08]

Back from break, WWE ran the irregular "Don't Try This At Home" public service announcement.

Back live, WWE cut to a shot of Great Khali standing in front of Cena's locker room. Paul Heyman decided about hour after the opening segment to open the door and try to coax Khali to allow him to get better phone reception for his call to Brock Lesnar. Khali apparently misunderstood and smashed Heyman's phone into pieces, then shoved Heyman back inside Cena's locker room. To complete the gag, Khali picked up broken pieces of the phone and pretended to make a call. It wasn't clear if he thought the phone would really work.

Video: Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen to tell the Cajundome that they're here. Bray, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan then appeared in the arena. Meanwhile, Cole hyped Heyman having until Halftime to produce Brock Lesnar. Cole made it sound like Halftime of football, not an artificial halftime for Raw. Many viewers probably flipped over to the NFL game to see how much time until football's halftime. Right now, it's 13 minutes remaining in the second quarter.


4 -- BIG SHOW vs. BRAY WYATT (w/Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

Bray chopped Big Show's knee to take him off his feet and gain the advantage. As Bray slowed the pace working a chinlock, Cole noted they're probably close to the Wyatt Family Compound since the trio is from the "swamps of Louisiana." Show then fought to his feet and back-dropped Bray to escape the hold. Show then delivered a side-sweeping reverse DDT. Cover, but Harper broke up the pin to cause a DQ.

Post-match: Harper and Rowan tried to get at Show, but Show blocked and executed a double chokeslam to Bray's henchmen. Show fired up the crowd, then turned to find Bray sitting down in his rocking chair at the base of the stage. Bray smiled and laughed toward Show, who sold determination wanting to get his hands on Bray.

WINNER: Big Show via DQ at 4:40.

Still to come: Reigns vs. Rollins.

[Commercial Break at 9:21]

In-ring: Back from break, the Usos were introduced to the ring. Sheamus was then introduced as Cole randomly hyped an anti-bullying text message game. It wasn't clear what they were plugging, but "Good luck," Cole said to end the plug. Cesaro, then Goldust and Stardust were introduced next for the heel trio. It's a trio of champions in one match together with zero hype. WWE is completely lost.

5 -- U.S. champion SHEAMUS & WWE tag champs THE USOS (JIMMY & JEY USO) vs. CESARO & RHODES BROS. (GOLDUST & "STARDUST" CODY RHODES) -- six-man tag match

Jey Uso is "100 percent healed," according to Cole. That's a John Cena-like recovery after the big hype for Rhodes Bros.'s attack on Jey's knee two weeks ago. Sheamus teased an early Brogue Kick as JBL noted he often-times watches himself commentate on the App during Raw. Cole said that explains his commentary as of late. On cue, JBL heeled on Jey claiming to be 100 percent, saying there's no way his knee could heal that fast.

[Q7] The heels isolated Uso, including Cesaro stealing Sheamus's ten forearms to the chest to taunt his PPV opponent. Cole reset the show, welcoming people just joining the show. "It's not Halftime yet," Cole basically said, noting Paul Heyman is still in John Cena's locker room. If they're waiting for the NFL halftime, it's 8:15 on the clock until half. Chaos in the ring and Raw abruptly cut to a mid-match break just after Cole reset the show.

[Commercial Break at 9:33]

Back from break, Cesaro was working on Jimmy Uso. Cesaro woke up the crowd teasing the Big Swing, but he turned it into a leaping double stomp to Uso's chest. Gutwrench toss, then Goldust and Cody started tagging in and out to continue working on Uso. 6:30 on the clock on the NFL game. Meanwhile, the announcers talked about President Taft getting stuck in a bathtub about 100 years ago.

Jimmy finally tagged in Sheamus at 11:20. Sheamus came in hot with offense to Cody before snatching Cesaro for Ten Forearms, but Cody cut off Sheamus at five and nearly rolled him up from behind for the win. Sheamus shook off Cody, knocked him to the outside, and splashed both Cody and Cesaro on the floor.

Back in the ring, Cody caught Sheamus with a kick to the face. Sheamus came back with a Brogue Kick, but Cesaro blind-tagged into the match just before the Brogue. Cesaro dropped Sheamus with the Neutralizer for the win, but Uso broke up the cover just in time. Chaos everywhere, then Uso came off the top with a flying splash to Cesaro for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: Usos & Sheamus at 13:10. Disjointed match. Very slow beginning and middle, then a furious finish with the babyfaces winning to set up Night of Champions.

Announcers: Cole and Co. reset the show, noting Paul Heyman is locked inside John Cena's locker room. He said Heyman needs to get Brock Lesnar here "before halftime," or else Heyman will have to fight Cena. Cole then transitioned to the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose feud. They showed Ambrose written off TV one month ago, then Cole hyped Reigns vs. Rollins tonight on Raw. 2:00 minute warning on the NFL game.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:44]

This Sunday: An hour-long PPV pre-show. The main segment is Christian's Peep Show with special guest Chris Jericho.

Announcers: Cole and Co. hyped USA vs. Russia at Night of Champions. Tonight, Mark Henry rallies America. WWE showed footage of Henry's weightlifting career, which will come into play when he stands up to Rusev tonight.

Backstage: Renee Young was standing by with Randy Orton for a pre-halftime interview. Renee flashed back to last week when Orton took out Chris Jericho in the trainer's room. 1:07 on the clock on the football game. Back to Renee, who sold disgust over Orton's actions before asking why he attacked Jericho. Orton said he attacked Jericho because of what he said a few weeks ago when Jericho claimed he has had everything handed to him in WWE. He vowed to hand something to Jericho this Sunday - the beating of his life.

Announcers: Lawler frowned over Orton's comments as Cole reviewed the Orton-Jericho history. They seemed to be stalling until halftime. 0:40 on the clock. Cole then went to a shot of Khali standing in front of Cena's locker room door. Cole said whatever happens to Heyman is next.

[Commercial Break at 9:52. The game hit Halftime at 9:53]

Halftime Show

Backstage: Great Khali was standing by. John Cena thanked him for his services, then shouted at his locker room door that it's Showtime. Cena opened the door and dragged Paul Heyman out of his locker room down the hallway toward the arena.

In the ring, Cena forced Heyman to his knees before requesting a mic. Cena said his name is John Cena. (Boos). And now is the moment everyone has been waiting for. It's time to watch the Great Heyman-dini, the one behind 21-and-1, magically make a Beast appear. Or, John Cena is going to magically use his fist and make Paul Heyman's teeth disappear. Now it's clear where Roman Reigns is getting his promo material.

Cena told Heyman to produce his Beast. Or else. Heyman said everything about Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect is a sham. He said this is the Cena he has been trying to pull out of Cena for weeks. Heyman said he can be the trigger because to see a beast, you have to become a beast. And, he has found the hatred inside of Cena and brought it out of him. Heyman tried to talk his way out of the beating by noting Cena isn't a bully, like Brock Lesnar. And Cena won't be Brock Lesnar, which is why he can't beat Brock Lesnar.

Heyman stood up from his knees and said he thought Cena's hatred for him would allow the Beast to come out. But, the role model thing is really true. He told Cena to let it out on Sunday and become an all-new John Cena as WWE World Hvt. champion. Heyman taunted Cena, telling him to hit him.

[Q9 -- third hour] Heyman said Cena's parents taught him a code to live by and HLR will stop him dead in his tracks every time. He said he might deserve to get hit, but Cena will never pull the trigger. He told Cena he will never be WWE champion again because he can't beat Lesnar. Cena backed Heyman into a corner of the ring, then said Heyman deserves to have his face re-arranged and a waste of oxygen. "Hit me. One time," Paul whispered off-camera. Heyman told Cena to become his vision of him as a Paul Heyman Guy. Some "Yes!" shouts from the crowd. Cena backed away, though, and said no to some boos. Cena said he's sorry because he planned this whole thing because he thought Heyman would produce Brock Lesnar tonight. But, there is no Beast. It's just Heyman. An old, washed-up, loudmouth, scumbag.

Cena started to leave, prompting Heyman to test Cena's manhood. Cena contemplated returning to the ring, then he charged across the ring and kind of shoved Heyman down. Heyman stumbled out of the ring, then Brock Lesnar's music played. Cena ripped off his gear and bounced the ropes prepared to fight as Lesnar bounced out on-stage returning to Raw with the WWE World Title belt around Lesnar's waist.

Cena smiled in the ring, Lesnar smirked back, and Lesnar circled the ring taking a good, long look at Cena. Lesnar made his way over to where Heyman was knocked down, helped him up, and he continued pacing the ring. Lesnar made it all the way around the ring, then Lesnar and Heyman backed up the ramp laughing at Cena. "Cena, Cena" shouts from pro-Cena members of the audience, then Lesnar removed his title belt and teased entering the ring, but Lesnar changed his mind and slung the title belt over his shoulder before leaving with Heyman. Cole said Cena has Lesnar on Sunday.

Lesnar then nodded that he might take up Cena on his offer before handing the title belt to Heyman. Lesnar bounced up and down ringside, then hopped on the ring apron, and the fight was on inside the ring. Lesnar quickly wrapped his arms around Cena and dropped him to the mat with a giant German Suplex. Lesnar smirked, then kicked Cena out of the ring as Cole asked how anyone can stop The Beast.

Suddenly, Cena charged back into the ring and shoved Lesnar out of the ring. The fight was on ringside. Big heat. Big scrap with Cena on top of Lesnar pounding on him with rights. Security eventually hit ringside to pull Cena off Lesnar as Cole said this is not the same Cena from Summerslam. Heyman then handed the title belt back to Lesnar so everyone knows who the champ is. Lesnar shook off nasal pain before collecting himself and walking up the ramp with Heyman as Cena continued to be restrained ringside. "See you Sunday, Brock!" Cena shouted up the ramp. JBL said he cannot wait until Sunday.

Cena's music played and he marched into the ring to stand tall. Cole asked if you believe in Cena now, sounding like he was ready to end Raw on a high note heading into the PPV. Cena posed for the crowd as Cole hyped Cena believing in himself. This would be a good point for Raw to end (if this were a two-hour show). But, Raw still has another hour...

[ JC's Reax: Good storytelling of Lesnar picking up where he left off dominating at Summerslam before Cena made the big comeback for a strong visual heading into Night of Champions. This could have been a 10 on 0-10 scale with a four-week journey of Cena getting to this point, but WWE booked the four-week journey the first week, only allowing them to get to about a 7 or 8 tonight with the whole Paul Heyman bullying thing in-play. ]

[Commercial Break at 10:09]

Announcers: Cole hyped top female heel Stephanie McMahon appearing in the latest edition of "Shape" magazine talking about babyface topics.

In-ring: Cameron was in the ring looking at herself in the mirror. Naomi was also in the ring. Cole did not note the football game is back on during this comedown match, then WWE cut to a clip from "Total Divas" of Naomi and Cameron having a disagreement over their former tag team. How long ago was that?



After the bell sounded, Cameron was still looking at herself in the mirror, so Naomi slapped the mirror out of her hands and tried to start a fight. But, Cameron smashed Naomi to the outside. Naomi nearly got counted out, but made it back into the ring. Cameron actually tried to pin Naomi while Naomi was on her stomach, then tried again with a proper cover for a two count. Naomi eventually made a comeback and managed to secure a three count for the win.

WINNER: Naomi at 4:35.

Still to come: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins. And, Mark Henry rallies America.

[Commercial Break at 10:21]

In-ring: The Miz and Damien Sandow were in the ring imitating each other. Dolph Ziggler's music then played to bring out Ziggler's stunt double, R-Truth, doing the same bit from Friday's Smackdown. JBL said with a straight face they couldn't figure out which one was which on Friday, continuing the same gag from Smackdown.


Lawler randomly jumped on Miz's bandwagon and heeled on Ziggler, saying Ziggler is a terrible movie actor. Why does that matter for a babyface champion in a wrestling match? Truth, sporting Billy Gunn's trunks, entered the ring to do Ziggler's moves as the announcers continued to talk with a straight face about not being able to tell Ziggler and Truth apart, doing a lame bit about not seeing the difference in skin color.

Truth eventually hot-tagged Ziggler, who nearly got rolled up by Miz. Miz teased the Skullcrushing Finale, but Ziggler blocked and hit the Fameasser for a two count. Chaos in the ring, then Miz accidentally punched Sandow, who was holding Ziggler. Ziggler then snatched Miz for the Zig-Zag for the pin and the win. Lawler continued to heel on Ziggler as he celebrated with Truth.

WINNERS: Ziggler & Truth at 5:09. WWE should have eaten the million dollars and just called off the third hour of Raw after ending with Cena standing tall two segments ago. Especially when they're giving away a PPV match of Rollins vs. Reigns in the TV main event.

[Q11] Backstage: Tom Phillips was standing by to interview Seth Rollins, who looked very sleepy. After a review of The Authority trapping Roman Reigns inside a cage last week on Raw, Rollins talked about Reigns facing the same fate tonight. He said Reigns is a barbarian and a Neanderthal, then Rollins stooped down on the ground and mocked Reigns being a brainless animal. Rollins called him "part gorilla, part Samoan, and part rhino." Rollins called himself a future WWE World champion, drawing attention to his MITB briefcase.

[ JC's Reax: That was an offensive list, but WWE will excuse it as a heel trying to get under his opponent's skin. It never came up before this week's show, though. ]

[Commercial Break at 10:36]

This Friday: Big Show & The Usos vs. The Wyatts in a six-man tag on Smackdown.

In-ring: The Shield's music played to bring out Roman Reigns. Apparently Henry rallying America is the main event segment? Reigns walked through the crowd and hit ringside before entering the ring. Seth Rollins was out next as Cole noted they haven't heard from Dean Ambrose since being taken out by Rollins.


Reigns waited patiently for the bell to sound, then he tried to charge Rollins, but Rollins ducked him, ran circles around him, and taunted Reigns on the outside. Reigns tried to chase, but Rollins yanked him across the ropes and pointed to his head. Back in the ring, Reigns uppercut Rollins before pounding him with right hands.

The match moved to the floor, where Reigns pounded Rollins around ringside. Back in the ring, Reigns clotheslined Rollins over the top rope. Back to the floor, where Reigns ran Rollins head-first into the ring steps. Reigns put Rollins into the announce table, then threw him over the announce chairs into the barricade behind the table. Fortunately for Cole, he moved out of the way before the toss. Reigns stood tall as Raw cut to break.

[Q12] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

Back from break, Rollins was working on Reigns back inside the ring. Reigns responded with a suplex as Lawler endorsed the heel's line of Reigns being "brawn" over brains, not giving Reigns credit for being a calculating, cerebral fighter whose character was about surveying the situation, attacking, and adapting post-Shield break-up. Just a mindless, counter-productive approach from WWE here.

Reigns made a comeback at 8:00, but was unable to score a pinfall. JBL repeated Rollins's part-animal and part-Samoan line as Reigns stalked Rollins for the Superman Punch. Reigns connected, then he measured Rollins for the big spear, but Rollins leap-frogged and superkicked Reigns in the mouth for a two count. Rollins followed up with a big Bucklebomb, but Reigns kicked out. Rollins then taunted Reigns, prompting Reigns to respond with a big spear. Reigns covered Rollins for the pin and the win. How do they follow up Sunday at the PPV with the babyface getting the win? Cole noted the re-match in six days, but tonight being about Reigns. Then, what is it about on Sunday? Cole added that Reigns dedicated this match to Dean Ambrose, according to rumor.

WINNER: Reigns at 11:24. Good singles match, but (a) they gave away one of their top PPV matches with a clean win for the babyface and (b) the character presentation of Roman Reigns veered off course into a ditch tonight. It wasn't just that the heel knocked Reigns, reducing him to an animal to try to draw heat and anger his opponent, but the announcers actually went with it. How did Reigns go from a calculating, adaptive, cerebral figure to being a brainless Neanderthal like Ryback's character? WWE just needs to take a month off, eat the revenue decline, and get their stuff together for the long-term benefit of their product. The storytelling is a complete mess from week to week.

Up Next: Mark Henry rallies America against Rusev in the final segment of the show.

[Commercial Break at 10:55]

[Over-run] Raw returned to Cole and Co. recapping the Cena-Lesnar segment an hour ago, which is when Raw should have ended. Instead, WWE tried to re-capture the moment via replay of the Lesnar-Cena confrontation, physicality, and Cena standing tall heading into the PPV. Lawler and JBL then ran through the Night of Champions card, continuing to name-drop Dean Ambrose in the Rollins-Reigns feud, suggesting Ambrose is returning at the PPV. (He is advertised locally for next week's Raw.)

In-ring: Michael Cole was in the ring for a Fourth of July party. Mark Henry was then introduced to the ring as WWE showed planted U.S.A. flags being waved by the fans in the crowd. Henry entered the ring to "U-S-A" chants as Cole welcomed him to the ring. Henry gave a speech about second chances. And this is his. See, Michael, come Night of Champions, he's going to shut Lana and Rusev up. And if anyone in here loves America like he does, he promises that he won't - pause to shake out the negative thoughts - he can't let everyone down.

Cole said social media has been on-fire since Henry made this challenge. Okay. But, Lana has used social media to disparage America. Cole listed Lana's anti-American tweets, which Henry responded to by noting Lana would not be able to say things unless she lived in America. If she said those things in Russia, she wouldn't be ---

Rusev's music interrupted to bring out Rusev holding his Russian flag. Rusev waved it back-and-forth on-stage as Lana stood behind Rusev. Lana addressed Henry, telling him to shut up. Henry responded by telling Lana to send Rusev down to the ring to shut him up. Lana said it's comical that Henry talks about education when he speaks propaganda. She said they are about facts in Russia. And since America's eduction is declining faster than President Obama's approval rating, she and Rusev have prepared visual aids to understand the facts.

Lana noted Henry failed in the 1992 Olympic Games and Russia prevailed. JBL wondered how much Henry can take as he paced the angry. Lana then asked the crowd to stand and salute Russia's Olympic gold medalist, Aleksander Kurlovich. A photo appeared on the screen. Lana dragged on about Henry's pride being shattered when he witnessed the superiority of Russia's Olympians. Lawler spoke over Lana that he wants to shut up Lana if Henry won't. JBL chimed in for Henry to stop this as Lana went through Henry's 1996 Olympics history. And, back to President Obama. She said Obama cowers in fear when he hears the name Vladimir Putin.

Lana said history will repeat itself at Night of Champions when Henry fails against the super-athlete, Rusev. Henry interrupted with a pledge. A pledge to everyone here in Lafayette, Louisiana and all the Americans from coast to coast. But, right now, he wants to make a pledge. A Pledge of Allegiance. Henry led the crowd in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, but Rusev hit the ring to interrupt. Henry and Rusev traded bombs as JBL told Henry to dig deep and represent his country. Rusev stepped away from the fight to gloat, allowing Henry to bodyslam him, but Rusev responded with a standing kick.

Lana told Rusev to crush, then Rusev tried to put Henry in The Accolade, but Henry pushed to his feet, broke free, grabbed Rusev around the neck, and delivered a two-handed slam to the mat. Henry fired up the crowd, then dumped Rusev over the top rope to the floor. Henry grabbed an American flag and waved it toward the hard camera as JBL talked excitedly about Old Glory waving again at Night of Champions on Sunday. "That's what I do!" Henry shouted as Raw signed off 15 minutes past the top of the hour.

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