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WWE Raw Report
CALDWELL'S WWE RAW RESULTS 6/15: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of live Raw - MITB fall-out, Brock Lesnar returns, Owens powerbombs musical act, more

Jun 15, 2015 - 10:10:00 PM


WWE Raw TV Results
June 15, 2015 - Episode #1,150
Live in Cleveland, Ohio
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

- The Card: Money in the Bank PPV fall-out, Seth Rollins addressing his WWE World Title win against Dean Ambrose, Sheamus with the MITB briefcase, Roman Reigns calling out Bray Wyatt, The Miz vs. Big Show, and more...

Live Raw on USA Network

Raw opened with Michael Cole discussing the death of Dusty Rhodes last week. Cole said they celebrated Dusty's life last night at the Money in the Bank PPV. Cole fed to last night's PPV intro when the McMahons and the locker room gathered on the stage for a 10-bell salute for Dusty Rhodes. This led to the Dusty Rhodes career retrospective video package that aired during Money in the Bank.

Live in the arena, the crowd applauded and chanted "Dusty, Dusty." Raw faded out to the standard Raw introduction.

Back live in the arena, Seth Rollins's music played to bring out the WWE World Hvt. champion by himself with the WWE World Title belt around his waist after beating Dean Ambrose at MITB last night. On commentary, JBL went heavy on Seth doing it "all by himself" and coming out to the ring "all by himself," setting up the segment. Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton were shown on commentary talking about Seth's title win over Dean Ambrose last night. Raw cut to a break eight minutes in, pointing to a big segment they want on the other side of a very early break.

[Commercial Break at 8:08]

Back live, the Cleveland Browns's back-up QB was shown sitting on the front row. And, Seth Rollins was in the ring for the big Raw introduction. Seth called it "Monday Night Rollins." He said he is undoubtedly the greatest thing about this show. Before they go any further, though, he would like to acknowledge his opponent last night, Dean Ambrose (cheers). Rollins said Dean made good on his promise to bring the fight to him and he was a very formidable opponent. But, as good as Dean's A-Game is, it's not quite as good as his. Because last night at MITB, he made good on his promise to take back the WWE World Title.

Seth said he doesn't want to be overly-braggadocios because it takes an incredible team to help him get to the top of the ladder. He said he's a first-class team player. So, he would like to acknowledge all of the people who helped him get to this point. Because he's just a kid from Davenport, Iowa. He pulled out a piece of paper from his knee pads to read a list of people to thank. But, the crowd interrupted with boos. How disrespectful, he noted, as a simple "Rollins Sucks" sign was visible over his left shoulder.

[Q2] Seth said he would like to thank Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins, and oh yeah Seth Rollins. He thanked himself some more. And, last but not least, Seth Rollins. He said he sure wouldn't thank Dumb & Dumberer J&J Security, the dinosaur Kane, and not even Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, which drew ooos. Why? "Because that's how good I am!" he shouted. Seth said with his "performance last night" he might as well punch his ticket to the Hall of Fame. He pulled Rusev's line from WWE's website last week that children are going to name their kids after him now.

Seth held up the WWE Title belt for Cleveland to get a good look at what a World Championship looks like. He said "Johnny Idiot-Face" over there is never going to bring you a title, and neither is LeBron James (big boos). Seth said this is the only title you should be celebrating. And he is leaving this town with the belt after tonight.

Suddenly, Dean Ambrose's music interrupted to bring out the Cincinnati guy in Cleveland. Dean came out on-stage initially looking fresh, prompting Saxton to comment that he's surprised Dean is walking after last night. Dean then started to show the effects hobbling down to ringside, where he met Seth for a fight. Seth eventually kicked Dean in his injured leg, then high-tailed it to the back.

Dean took the mic and a chair and entered the ring. Dean said the WWE Title might have literally slipped through his hands last night, but he sure has enjoyed beating up Seth the last few months. So, what he's going to do is take a seat right here in Ohio and wait for Seth to come back out. Cole said Dean appears to be conducting a sit-in. JBL said someone needs to get a straight-jacket for Ambrose and get him out of the ring. Raw faded to break with Dean still in the ring sitting in a chair.

Tough Enough plug: Tough Enough returns next Tuesday, June 23 with Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, and Daniel Bryan.

[Commercial Break at 8:22]

Back live, Dean Ambrose was still in the ring waiting for Seth Rollins to come back out. WWE cut backstage to show Triple H and Stephanie McMahon no-selling the sit-in. Seth Rollins walked in and asked what they're going to do about Dean. After all, it's their show and they make the decisions. Hunter confidently said they already took care of Dean's situation. Steph noted that Seth said - again - that he doesn't need them. Seth tried to back-track by saying he was just blowing off steam at the people who doubted him. Seth said it's about them. Us. Right?

Hunter said what's next is deciding Seth's next WWE Title opponent. It could be Dean Ambrose. But, they'll make a decision by the end of the night. Hunter said they trusted Seth to beat Dean by himself last night, so he needs to trust them to make this decision by themselves.

Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose was still in the ring selling boredom watching the Authority-Rollins backstage exchange. Suddenly, Sheamus's music played, which intrigued Dean. Sheamus, with the MITB briefcase, walked down to the ring telling Dean-O that they both like to fight and both made bold predictions for Money in the Bank, but he's a winner and Dean is a loser. Sheamus said he became Mr. Money in the Bank last night, which means he's one step away from becoming WWE champion. Maybe even tonight.

But, Sheamus said, The Authority thought would it be a great idea if he came down to the ring to kick Dean's head off his shoulders. Dean stood up, tossed the chair aside, and opened the ropes for Sheamus to come get a fight. A referee emerged to make this official, per The Authority "taking care of the situation" by sending out Sheamus.



Sheamus went right after Dean's injured knee from the title ladder match last night. But, Dean fought back, only to have Sheamus kick him in the leg again. Sheamus knocked Dean out of the ring and sold confidence in having this match won heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:33]

Back live, it was not a headlock. Rather, Sheamus was stretching Dean with a unique submission - Sheamus was on one knee bending Sheamus upside-down over his head trying to crunch his injured knee facing the hard camera. Dean eventually broke free, shook off the excessive blood flow to the head, and hobbled right into a knee attack.

Dean got a breather with a surprise neckbreaker, then hobbled to the top turnbuckle, but Sheamus cut him off and delivered a rolling senton. Sheamus followed with a Texas Cloverleaf looking to get a submission win, but Dean crawled toward the bottom rope to finally grab the bottom rope for a break.

Sheamus slowly followed up with forearms to the chest, but Dean got a burst of energy to deliver out-of-body forearm strikes to Sheamus. Dean then scrambled to the top turnbuckle to deliver a flying elbow to a standing Sheamus for a close two count. Dean then exploded on Sheamus with a rebound lariat. He wanted Dirty Deeds, but Sheamus rolled out of the hold, rolled out of the ring, and left the ring. Sheamus grabbed his MITB briefcase trying to leave the match, but Randy Orton's music suddenly played.

Orton, seeing a chance to get a one-up on Sheamus, trapped Sheamus on the aisleway, allowing Dean to attack Sheamus from behind. Dean rolled Sheamus into the ring, where Sheamus tried a desperation Brogue Kick, but Dean ducked and rolled up Sheamus from behind for a three count and the win.

WINNER: Dean at 10:50. This confirmed WWE is still high on Dean giving him a win back over the MITB winner and focusing on him fighting through injuries from last night's PPV.

Post-match, Orton immediately attacked Sheamus, beating him out of the ring and then back into the ring. Orton hit the second-rope DDT, then wanted the RKO, but Sheamus slipped out of another finisher and rolled out of the ring. Sheamus grabbed his MITB briefcase and clutched it as he recovered on the stage. Back-and-forth shots of Orton and Sheamus to close the segment.

[Q4] Backstage: Seth Rollins was shown walking down the hallway when he was stopped by Noble & Mercury, or Harry & Lloyd. Seth said he hates to be the guy who says he told you so, but he told them so. Seth said he beat Dean last night without their help because that's how good he is. But, he's willing to bring them back on-board --- if they have inside info on his next opponent. Noble said they don't have any info, but he knows they should pick the man who pinned Seth last week on Raw - Joey Mercury. Seth laughed to himself, calling Noble drunk on his grandpa's moonshine. Joey spoke up that Seth is afraid of him and he can't stand the thought of the record-books showing he pinned Seth. Think about that, Champ.

Announcers: Cole talked about the death of Dusty Rhodes. Cole said they will celebrate The Dream throughout the night.

Dusty Flashback: August 1979 - Dusty vs. Harley Race for the NWA World Hvt. Title, with Gordon Solie's voice on the call.

Back on Raw, Cole plugged the Dusty Special on WWE Network after Raw.

[Commercial Break at 8:47. The Father's Day spot from last year featuring Roman Reigns and his daughter aired heading back from break. This turned out to be foreshadowing for later.]

In-ring: R-Truth was introduced to the ring dressed in a faux king get-up. Included was a toilet plunger for a royal scepter, bath sheet, and Burger King crown. Truth, who beat King Barrett last night at the PPV, joined commentary as Barrett was introduced to the ring. JBL told Truth that he's actually fighting Barrett right now. Truth said no one told him about having a match. Truth, dressed for commentary, entered the ring to wrestle in street clothes.


Barrett ran over Truth with a big boot, but decided to pose for the hard camera right in front of Truth. So, Truth rolled up Barrett from behind for the win. WWE did not play Truth's music, then Barrett smashed Truth with a Bullhammer elbow. Barrett tore up Truth, then asked for a mic as the crowd sat quietly. Barrett said he earned the right to be called king by winning the King of the Ring tournament, and Truth is just making a mockery of it. Now, everyone will hail King Barrett. Boos.

WINNER: Truth at 0:22. Barrett is just plain damaged goods right now. It seems like his character has cycled through this stage every year since the end of Nexus.

Backstage: Machine Gun Kelly was standing by with various lower-card male and female acts. Paige interrutped to shake hands with MGK and tell the assembled Divas - Summer Rae, Emma, and Alicia Fox - to meet her in a separate location. Zack Ryder and Fandango sold being hurt by being left out.

Up Next: Follow-up to Kevin Owens vs. John Cena II last night.

[Commercial Break at 8:56]

[Q5 -- second hour] At the top of the hour, Kevin Owens's music played to bring out the NXT champion with the title belt in-hand. Cole said that John Cena has suffered multiple lower-back injuries after being attacked by Owens following their match last night.

In the ring, Owens looked around the arena, then looked toward a kid in the crowd. "John Cena is not here tonight," he declared. But, who do you blame for that? Look no further than John Cena himself. Owens said he's not denying that he played a part last night. After all, he did powerbomb him on the edge of the apron after their match last night. But, the truth is Cena forced him to do that. Why? Because after the match last night, they shook hands and Cena said something to him.

Cena told Owens that he belongs, which angered Owens, who said he already knows that he belongs and he didn't need Cena telling him. That's disrespectful, he said. But there was Cena trying to be the hero taking the spotlight instead of just taking his win and heading to the back. So, he took out Cena on the outside. Now, he wants the U.S. Title when they face off again, setting up the third match in the series.

But, while Cena is injured, he's going to issue an Open Challenge. Dolph Ziggler's music played to bring out Ziggler with Lana, who smooched Ziggler on the stage before Dolph marched down to the ring. Ziggler, in his hometown of Cleveland, told Owens that he just made his night. Ziggler said he's not out here to defend John Cena, but he has a lot of guts standing in the ring talking about sacrifice. Ziggler did a ra-ra speech about scratching and clawing for everything he's gotten in this business. He said this city has scratched and clawed for a championship, and he'll give them one right now. So, you want a challenger for the NXT Title? It's on. Owens sold being amused by this.

Lilian Garcia started the formal introductions, but Owens cut her off and said he issued an Open Challenge, but not for the title. Owens said they can go, though. Cole said Owens sure talks a big game.

3 -- NXT champion KEVIN OWENS vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER -- non-title match

Owens quickly knocked Ziggler to the outside and they cut to break 20 seconds in.

[Commercial Break at 9:09]

Owens continued to attack Ziggler back from break, just wearing him out. Meanwhile, the announcers argued about Cena-Owens from last night. Back in the ring, Owens told Dolph to show off for him, taunting him with his catchphrase. Ziggler finally clotheslined Owens and himself over the top rope to slow down Owens's attack. But, Owens got up and smacked Ziggler across the chest, then across the back. Kids in Cena Caps on the front row tried to encourage Surrogate Ziggler, but Owens chucked Ziggler clear over the barricade at the feet of the timekeeper. Owens rolled back into the ring and stood tall as the referee started a ten count. But, Ziggler scratched and clawed back toward the ring, hit the apron at eight, got up at nine, and re-entered the ring just before ten.

[Q6] The match continued with Owens trying a running senton, but Ziggler rolled out of the way just in time. Ziggler then knocked Owens to the outside and recovered on the mat heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:16]

Back from break, Owens was back in the ring and back in control of the match. Ziggler escaped a chinlock with a jawbreaker, but Owens did not leave his feet and smashed Ziggler with a back-elbow smash. Owens wanted the corner cannonball splash, but Ziggler intercepted with a superkick that resulted in a two count. Ziggler tried to follow with the Fameasser, missed it once, and hit it on the second try, but Owens kicked out of another pin.

Reset at 14:00. Ziggler missed a corner splash, then Owens snatched him for a big release German Suplex. Owens followed with the cannonball splash for a close two count. Owens missed the pop-up powerbomb, though, and took the Zig-Zag. But, Ziggler was unable to make an immediate cover, allowing Owens to roll out of a pin just in time.

They came to their feet at 15:00, where Owens kicked Ziggler into the ropes, shot him across the ring, and nailed a pop-up powerbomb on his second try. Owens covered for the win. JBL said there's nothing like beating a man in his hometown. Owens then demanded his NXT Title to celebrate in the ring. WWE replayed the finish and the announcers talked about Cena having to take note of Owens's victory tonight.

WINNER: Owens at 15:14. Another very good Kevin Owens main roster match. They're continuing to establish Owens as a mean, nasty villain who can back it up in the ring, but has a twisted perspective on things to keep him a heel wanting to see him get his comeuppance. (***1/4)

Undisclosed Location: Divas chatted amongst themselves, then Paige walked in. Paige stood on a soap box to talk about their world being dominated by The Bellas, who have tried to make this entire division about them. She said they need to come together. Summer Rae asked if this is about Paige losing to Nikki again last night. Alicia asked why they should trust Paige when she's turned on every partner she's ever had. Naomi said she doesn't like the Bellas, but she isn't crazy enough to work with her. Paige acknowledged all of their concerns, noting she even booked herself in a handicap match against The Bellas tonight.

Suddenly, the Bellas walked in, apparently being tipped off about the location of this meeting. Nikki said that ever since she helped Stephanie McMahon win at Summerslam - no offense Brie, who bowed down to her sister - The Authority has seen what she stands for. Nikki told all of the ladies to make their own choice or just side with Paige. The Divas left one by one, leaving Tamina and Naomi, who walked off, leaving Paige to stand alone opposite The Bellas. Nikki laughed about how well the meeting went.

In-ring: Randy Orton, making his second appearance of the night, was introduced to the ring for the next match.

[Q7] [Commercial Break at 9:30]

In-ring: Kane was introduced as Randy Orton's opponent. The announcers tried to sell this match as potentially influencing who The Authority picks as Seth Rollins's next WWE Title opponent. Why can't there just be a made-up, independent championship committee to establish credible title challengers? Too 'rasslin?


Kane went for an early side headlock, which Orton answered with a back drop to escape. They battled back-and-forth until Kane went for a chokeslam, but Orton blocked and clotheslined Kane to the mat. Orton started to feel it, but walked into a back-elbow smash. Orton answered with a snap powerslam, sending Kane rolling to the ring apron. Orton set up for a second-rope DDT, but Sheamus's music played.

Sheamus marched down to the ring looking to answer Orton's involvement earlier in the show. And, Kane grabbed a mic to declare this match now No Holds Barred, Anything Goes.

4b -- RANDY ORTON vs. KANE -- No Holds Barred, Anything Goes match

After Kane made the announcement, Sheamus got into the ring and attacked Orton with a Brogue Kick. Kane capitalized with a pin to win as the announcers talked about Kane changing the rules mid-match. Cole sounded despondent seeing this unfold again where there's no over-seeing body to right the wrongs of The Authority changing things to suit their needs.

WINNER: Kane at 4:22.

Still to Come: Roman Reigns wants answers from Bray Wyatt on costing him the MITB ladder match last night.

Backstage: Kane was already backstage, where Seth Rollins greeted him. Seth noted he won last night, while Kane lost, but he must be in a better mood after beating Orton just now. Seth said Kane was his biggest doubter before last night, but he gets it because he reminds Kane of who he used to be - a winner, a champion, and feared. Kane told Seth that anyone can win one match, but you have to win match after match to be The Man. He said no one can win on his own, it takes a team.

Seth said he sure can win on his own, unlike Kane, who has always had someone hold his hand, whether it's The Corporation, The Authority, Paul Bearer, or his brother (The Undertaker). Kane grabbed Seth around the neck and told him never to mention his family again. Seth shot back to never put his hands on him again. He said he sure hopes The Authority names him his next opponent because he needs to be put out if his misery. Seth stomped off, leaving Kane to seethe.

[Commercial Break at 9:43]

[Q8] Dusty Flashback: 2007 WWE Hall of Fame induction highlights.

Ringside: IC champion Ryback was at the announce table to thank Dusty Rhodes for helping his career and talk about his recent Intercontinental Title victory. Big Show's music played and Ryback talked about turning a negative like "Please retire" chants at Show into a positive of the crowd saying "please" and wanting to "celebrate his career." Fantastic. The Miz was then introduced as Big Show's opponent. Who's the likable one in this match?

5 -- BIG SHOW vs. THE MIZ -- Battle of On-Demand WWE Studios Actors

Miz, who is from Cleveland but billed from Hollywood, bailed from the ring as soon as the bell sounded. Miz managed to get Big Show to follow him to the outside, then Show sold a knee injury as soon as he returned to the ring. The referee held Miz back, then Show suddenly charged Miz, indicating he was faking the injury. Show beat up Miz, then knocked him to the outside. Show chucked Miz into Ryback's lap, prompting Ryback to quip that he has Miz all over him. Ryback and Show had a big stare down, Miz slid back into the ring behind Show's back, and the ref hit a ten count to give Miz the win.

Post-match, Miz was announced as the winner, much to Show's chagrin. Show returned to the ring glare after Miz, then Ryback tried to attack Show, but Show bailed from the ring in time. Ryback sold frustration not getting his hands on Show, who glared back and forth at Miz and Ryback.

WINNER: Miz via count-out at 2:47. Ryback is a real treat on commentary, but just a deal to advance a basic IC Title feud. Ryback is the face, but it's not clear how the audience is supposed to feel about Show and Miz.

Up Next: Roman Reigns wants answers from Bray Wyatt on costing him the MITB ladder match last night.

On the way to break, WWE ran a spot for Big Show in WWE Studios's new "Vendetta" movie.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

Tough Enough plugs: Tomorrow's WWE Network preview special and next Tuesday's Tough Enough premiere on USA Network.

[Q9 -- third hour] In-ring: Roman Reigns was introduced through the crowd at the top of the hour. The announcers hyped Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt at Battleground in July before Reigns spoke in the ring. Reigns noted he is upset because he did not get sleep last night. He said they need to throw down right now in the Q, rather than wait for Battleground. Reigns told Bray to get out here right now.

Bray's video interruption played and Wyatt appeared on the video screen. Bray loosely quoted Revelations about the morning producing one star speaking truth and the other star speaking lies. He then explained their feud, going back to two weeks ago when Bray was denied his MITB chance when Reigns beat him. Bray said Reigns is selfish and he reminds him of someone who, too, was the chosen one. He said the people believed he would lead them to paradise, while the other was cast aside. Now, he claimed, they know the wrong choice was made.

All Reigns has to do is look outside his window to see that this is no paradise. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Just like them - opposites. He said they balance this whole thing out, man. And, whether Reigns is willing to admit it or not, they need each other. He said when Reigns climbed the ladder last night, it was made perfectly clear to him that the justice Reigns spoke about (in The Shield) was not Reigns's justice, but his. Bray said he will ultimately haunt and destroy Reigns. But, what kind of person would be to do that tonight when Father's Day is right around the corner. Bray pulled out a photo from Reigns's Father's Day PSA with his daughter. Bray stared at the photo, cackled, and talked about their fun just beginning. "Run," he said and Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:06]

Carl's Jr. presented a flashback to last night's PPV when Paige thought she beat Nikki Bella for the Divas Title, but Brie and Nikki pulled a double-play.

In-ring: Paige was introduced for the Divas match of the night. The Bellas's music then produced Nikki and Brie.

6 -- PAIGE vs. THE BELLA TWINS (Divas champion NIKKI & PAIGE) -- handicap match

As the match started, Cole plugged Total Divas returning July 7 on E!. The Bella took turns working over Paige. Quick, efficient work wearing down Paige, who finally fought back. She dumped Nikki out of the ring, then hit Ram-Paige on Brie, but Nikki scrambled back into the ring to break up the pin. Nikki then hit the Rack Attack on Paige for the win.

[Q10] Post-match, the Bellas got a babyface celebration with the camera showing people celebrating winners. The Bellas stood tall over a fallen Paige, calling her a loser. And they're still heels.

WINNERS: Bellas at 5:35. Today's lesson is babyfaces need friends.

Still to come: The Future of Seth Rollins.

Up Next: Machine Gun Kelly performs live.

[Commercial Break at 10:18]

On-stage: MGK performed "A Little More" in his hometown. He wrapped up, pyro shot off, and Kelly took a victory lap around ringside.

Suddenly, Kevin Owens walked out behind Kelly mock applauding him. Kelly thought they were cool and extended his hand toward Owens. Owens suddenly snapped at the handshake extension. Owens got in Kelly's face, so Kelly kind of pushed him, only to receive a kick to the gut. Owens then scooped up Kelly, who fell down, hoisted him in the air, and powerbombed him off the stage.

WWE didn't show the landing, which was essentially a crash pad. But, they sold the deal with Kelly's bandmates and personnel scrambling down to ringside to check on Kelly. He was eventually helped to his feet and limped away from ringside as Owens had almost a Bubba Ray Dudley-like look of euphoria on his face. Someone shouted out "spinal fracture" as they tried to get Kelly to a hospital as Raw cut to break with Cole expressing indignation over Owens taking out a guest of WWE's.

[ Reax: So, based on Owens's loose affiliation with The Authority when Owens was introduced on the main roster, are viewers to conclude that Hunter and Steph are not fans of MGK's musical act? Also, nice tie-in with the Cena-Owens feud since MGK rapped Cena to the ring at WrestleMania 28. ]

[Q11] [Commercial Break at 10:30]

Back from break, Cole tried to sound excited welcoming viewers back to Raw and plugging Carl's Jr. Then, Cole got serious going back to Moments Ago when Owens powerbombed Machine Gun Kelly off the stage.

Announcers: Cole, Saxton, and JBL reacted to Owens's "self-centered, pathetic" actions. Saxton wanted to know what's wrong in Owens's head. (Meanwhile, the crowd chanted "New ... Day Sucks" in the background.) Cole then fed to a clip from the new Terminator movie.

And, back on Raw, New Day members Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E. were in the ring without their Tag Titles. Kofi was sporting taped ribs to sell the MITB match last night. In an inset promo, New Day talked about showing Prime Time Players the power of positivity when they regain the Tag Titles.

Neville's music then brought out one-third of New Day's opponents. Out next were the new WWE tag champs Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. In an inset promo, Prime Time Players talked about being new WWE tag champs, doing a combination of the New Age Outlaws's intro and the New Day clap chant. "Prime ... Time Players."


Darren and Kofi started things off. Young kicked Kofi in his injured ribs, prompting Kofi to bail out of the match via tag. Titus then tagged in and suplexed Young onto Xavier. Kofi tried to run at Titus, who just chucked him across the ring. Titus then guided Big E. over the top rope, setting up Neville to splash the heels on the outside. Neville and the Players stood tall in the ring.

[Commercial Break at 10:40]

Back from break, New Day was in control of the match, working on D-Young. Young tried to fight back against Xavier, but Woods cut him off and kicked Titus off the ring apron. Xavier lost focus, though, allowing Young to tag in Neville. Neville lit up Woods with kicks and strikes, then he forearm-smashed Woods. Neville then kicked Woods in the face and hopped to the top turnbuckle for Red Arrow, but Kofi distracted him to put a stop to those thoughts.

Chaos in the ring. Titus hit his spinebuster that won the Tag Titles on Big E., then more chaos broke out. Kofi eventually found himself taking D-Young's fallaway gutbuster, targeting the injured ribs. Young tagged in Neville, who added more pain to Kofi's night by hitting Red Arrow. It was good for the win. WWE replayed Neville's finish a few times as JBL called for it to be a SportsCenter Top 10 Moment. Meanwhile, Cole focused on a rough 24 hours for New Day.

WINNERS: Neville & PTPers at 9:38. That was really chaotic at the end. But, the Red Arrow solves all problems.

Announcers: Cole re-focused on Kevin Owens's last 24 hours. Included was Owens losing to Cena at MITB, powerbombing Cena after the match, and now powerbombing musical act Machine Gun Kelly tonight on Raw. Cole called it a pathetic display. He said MGK is being evaluated by WWE doctors right now and they hope he's okay.

Locker Room: Dean Ambrose threw a dart at a dartboard with Seth Rollins's picture on it. Kane then walked in and Dean started laughing. What's so funny? Dean said he's picturing Kane as WWE World Hvt. champion. Kane shot back that unlike Dean, he has been World Hvt. champion. Dean replied that you're not him. That Kane was hellfire & brimstone and Tombstones. Kane ignored him, replying that now he's an executive for a global company. Dean told Kane that his heart isn't real into this anymore; it's just a job. Dean got fired up saying this is what he lives for and he literally had the World Title in his hands last night. He said he got a taste of it and he will not stop until he gets another taste. "I need that title and I will never, ever stop until I get it," Dean emphatically said. "That's what I live for. What do you live for?" Dean walked off, leaving Kane to think about things.

[ Reax: That was a babyface promo. Dean is really good right now. ]

Backstage: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were shown walking down the hallway. They make a World Title announcement next.

[Commercial Break at 10:53]

Dusty Flashback: Raw returned with clips from Dusty's famous promos. Tonight is a Dusty special on WWE Network hosted by Jerry Lawler.

In-ring: Just before the top of the hour, Triple H's music played to bring out Hunter and Stephanie McMahon.

[Q13 -- over-run] In-ring: Stephanie McMahon said she would like to apologize for Kevin Owens's actions earlier tonight. She said there will be disciplinary actions for Owens, because that's what's best for business. Because they run a "global property" that puts smiles on people's faces.

Moving on to Hunter, who said Seth Rollins's next WWE Title opponent will not be Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble, Kane, or even Dean Ambrose (boos). Steph acknowledged the crowd not liking the final item. She rhetorically asked if it's not them, then who will it be? Seth Rollins's music played to bring out the WWE World champion rubbing his hands together and smiling. JBL said The Champ is so confident after doing it all by himself last night.

In the ring, Seth said it really doesn't matter who you pick as his next opponent because you have been right about him all along. Because no one on the roster is capable of beating him. Seth talked a big game, vowing to make them proud. Hunter said the thing is that while a lot of people have doubted him, he has proven himself since WrestleMania. Steph said they are very proud of him, but some people think he's ripe for the picking without The Authority's backing. And, he has tested their patience, so he might have a little something to prove.

Hunter said they have invested everything in the future and sometimes in life you have to take a step back, look at your invest, and decide whether this investment truly going to pay off or just sunk cost. Seth was taken aback. Hunter said if you want to know what you have, you stick it under heat to see whether it turns to dust or if it turns into a diamond. So, Seth, do you crumble or do you become the diamond? Hunter told Seth that the pressure is on. "I'm ready," Seth mouthed.

Suddenly, Brock Lesnar's music played to huge cheers and Seth froze with eyes locked on Hunter. Seth didn't even turn back to look at Lesnar, who bounced out on-stage flanked by Paul Heyman. Seth then turned around with a look of fear as Lesnar bounced down to the ring. No mention yet of Lesnar being "suspended" by Stephanie McMahon the night after WrestleMania. And, JBL suddenly said Lesnar has been reinstated. Cole, who was "hospitalized" by Lesnar after WrestleMania, focused on Lesnar never being pinned when Seth won the World Title at WrestleMania. Apparently Cole is a forgiving man.

Lesnar, sporting a Suplex City t-shirt, bounced onto the ring apron and slid into the ring with Heyman. Seth remained standing in one spot as Lesnar bounced against the ropes. Heyman then shook hands with Hunter as Cole talked about a deal being made. Heyman also shook hands with Stephanie. Lesnar then walked up to Rollins, who just looked down at the ground. Seth eventually read Lesnar's Suplex City t-shirt as the crowd chanted "Suplex City."

Lesnar took a step toward Seth, who closed his eyes, grimaced, and took a deep breath. Seth took one step back, so Lesnar took one step forward. Seth ran out of real estate and eventually grabbed the middle rope to pull himself out of the ring. Seth looked at Hunter and Stephanie, then slowly walked away from ringside. Seth slowly walked to the entranceramp and thought things over as the announcers talked about Seth crumbling or becoming a diamond. Cole said the match is official for Battleground in five weeks. JBL said nothing is going to stop Lesnar at Battleground. Cole relayed that a deal has been made, and Lesnar has his title re-match against Seth. They closed 10 minutes past the top of the hour with final back-and-forth shots of Seth selling fear and Lesnar selling confidence.

OVERALL REAX: Nice reset episode. There are still some flaws to be cleaned up throughout the show, but Lesnar is back and they have some time to address all of the big question marks hanging over the nature of Lesnar's return, Seth's character has to go on a journey figuring things out over the next four weeks, Ambrose is a very strong babyface, and Owens is a very strong heel. The extremes are pretty solid right now, but the middle of the show is still hurting in the three-hour Raw environment.


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