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WWE Smackdown Report
TAIT'S WWE SMACKDOWN REPORT 2/24: Alt. perspective review of Vickie's "firing," Raw replays, Overall Picks & Highlights & Dusty Quotes

Feb 26, 2011 - 11:20:00 AM

WWE Smackdown Alt. Perspective Report
February 25, 2011
Taped in Sacramento, Calif.
Report by James Tait, Torch int'l Smackdown correspondent

- A video package recapped last week's 600th episode of Smackdown centering on Dolph Ziggler being fired.

- Theodore Long was shown in his office. Long said that due to Vickie Guerrero's complicit actions involving Dolph Ziggler's attack on him, he has every right to fire her, too. Instead he's going to let her fight for her job tonight in a mixed tag team match featuring Vickie and Drew McIntyre vs. Kelly Kelly and Edge. If Vickie's team loses then Vickie will be fired. Long took off his glasses and smiled big for the camera.

- Smackdown opened with Rey Mysterio coming out for a match. The announcers hyped the mixed tag match. Booker and Matthews were ecstatic that Vickie could be fired. Booker said that he was glad because Vickie had been running the company knee-deep into the ground. Cole protested that Vickie had been through enough pain and agony without being fired. Kane was out next as Mysterio's opponent and Mathews sold his dominance in the Elimination Chamber.


Kane took control early and overpowered Mysterio before hitting a dropkick off the ropes. Kane stood Mysterio up and hit him with a throat thrust as Cole talked about the rivalry the two have shared after Kane beat Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship last year. Mysterio fought back with some kicks to the thighs. Mysterio ran at Kane, who picked him up and slammed him back-first into the turnbuckle and then hit a powerslam.

Kane put Mysterio in a body scissors as Cole reminded the audience what Mysterio did to Cody Rhodes's face and that Rhodes was here tonight. Mysterio fought out and ran at Kane again but was countered by the Big Red Machine into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Kane sent Mysterio into the turnbuckle but got hit with a boot to the face. Mysterio ran at Kane a third time but struggled out of another backbreaker attempt and sent Kane into the ropes with a drop toehold.

Mysterio went for a 619, but Kane rolled out of the ring to the chagrin of the crowd. Mysterio hit a dropkick through the ropes and went for a seated senton off the apron. Kane ducked and hit Mysterio with a big boot to send him crashing to the floor outside and Smackdown to a commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Kane was stretching Mysterio's back over his knee as Smackdown returned. Cole said Vickie needed this job and had a family to support. Mysterio fought out and ran at Kane off the ropes but Kane hit him with a Sidewalk Slam for a two count. Kane hit a pair of elbow drops on Mysterio for another two count. Kane picked Mysterio up in a bear hug as Cole berated Mathews and asked him if he has a problem with women being in charge, he asked Mathews if he was intimidated by women being the boss. When Mathews tried to explain, Cole shot him down and asked him to do his job and just call the match. Michael Cole calling people out for not focusing on the match, that's rich.

Kane fought out of the bear hug with some headbutts. Mysterio bounced off the ropes back at Kane, who picked him up and threw him into the turnbuckle. Kane sat Mysterio on the top turnbuckle and hit a throat thrust. Kane climbed up, but was headbutted down by Mysterio, who hit a seated senton off the top rope. Mysterio kicked Kane's knee out and kicked Kane in the face before scoring two. Cole said that Mysterio may have the heart of a lion but it was also black. Mysterio jumped off the top turnbuckle but was hit with a Kane throat thrust on the way down.

Kane covered Mysterio for two and sold frustration. Kane climbed to the top rope and went for a diving clothesline but Mysterio dodged. Mysterio ran into a goozle from Kane but on the way up he hit Kane with a dropkick to the chest. Mysterio dropkicked Kane again, this time into the ropes for the 619. Mysterio dialed it up and the 619 connected. Mysterio tried to Drop The Dime off the top rope but was caught. Mysterio swiveled around on Kane's shoulders before rolling out and rolling Kane up for a three count.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio via pinfall in 12:00.

- After the match, Kane sold frustration and Cole said it was a huge upset. Mysterio sat against the barricade smiling and replays of the finish were shown. Mysterio got back in the ring after Kane left and celebrated, but was interrupted by the music of Dusty Rhodes!

- The American Dream came out to the ring; Mysterio had a big smile on his face. Rhodes hugged Mysterio in the middle of the ring and Smackdown, for some ridiculous reason, went to commercial.

TAIT REAX: The match itself was pretty stock standard with all of the usual Mysterio spots. It's not clear where Kane is going at this point, he's kind of just floating around there doing nothing. You can probably put money on him having nothing to do come WrestleMania and being thrown into another Money In The Bank Ladder match. Smackdown could have had a hotter opening than this, but the introduction of Dusty Rhodes to the mix could be interesting.

[Commercial Break]

- Dusty Rhodes was on the mic as Smackdown returned. Dusty said that Rey has been a personal friend of his and his family's for a long time. He said he was a little disappointed in his son and what's been going on lately. Dusty apologized for Cody's actions and the things he's been saying. Dusty ordered Cody to come out here now to apologize himself. Mysterio and Dusty waited in the ring.

- Rhodes Jr. came out to no music and wearing a suit and the clear protective facemask from last week. His face looks remarkably normal for somebody who supposedly went through reconstructive surgery only a fortnight ago, but WWE believes kids are stupid and won't think about that on a WWE show, right? Cody asked his father why he was doing this. Cody said he had an announcement to make regarding his future but this isn't what he was talking about. Besides, Rhodes continued, everyone is staring at him. Rhodes asked Dusty why he should apologies to the man who did this to his face. Because of him, Cody didn't have a Royal Rumble or an Elimination Chamber slot. Cody looked at the WrestleMania sign and cut himself off.

Dusty said that somewhere along the line in discussing Cody coming to WWE, there was some pride involved. He said one of the things they talked about was WrestleMania and being a champion. Dusty said another thing was what he was wearing on his hand right now, and he pointed to a large ring on his finger. Dusty said somewhere along the line he lost focus, after the Divas voted him the most handsome man in WWE (boos from the crowd there). Dusty said after all the things they talked about Cody was out here being Dashing and doing commercials and being on Syfy and getting calls from Hollywood and that made Cody lose focus. Meanwhile, The Miz is stealing his spot. Dusty had one better than that, while Cody was being Dashing, Edge came back and won the World Heavyweight Championship.

- Dusty said now Cody was out here accusing a friend of the family of exposing his knee brace, doing that to you, causing that... facial surgery... that you had. That sounded like the old Dusty. Dream said Cody needs to refocus and that no matter what he decides, he loves him, but he has to take the time to make this right. He has to do what needs to be done and apologize to Rey right now. Cody said that to Dusty, he's sorry and as for Rey, he should not have said the things that he said and that he apologizes. The crowd cheered and Cody offered his hand to Rey. Rey shook it and Cody walked away. Dusty shook Rey's hand and hugged him. Rey went to let go, but Dusty held on. Dusty smiled at Rey and Cody hit him from behind.

Cody stomped on Rey as Dusty watched on. Rhodes slid Mysterio face first out of the ring. Booker said he was from the hood and that he could see in Cody's eyes that something was up. Rhodes ran Mysterio into the steel steps and then the barricade. Cole said you couldn't blame Cody. Dusty was walking back up the entrance ramp and Booker said he had a lot of respect for him before this. Rhodes dragged Mysterio up the ramp and continued the beat down, grinding Mysterio's face into the steel grating. Cole said he was proud of the Rhodes family and asked Rey how it feels. Rhodes stood fist raised over a fallen Mysterio and the crowd rained down boos on him. Cody's mirror from his entrance appeared behind him and the Dashing one smashed Rey's face into it, which was pretty cool. Booker said somebody needs to call the po-lice because this is assault.

Rhodes sat Mysterio up with his back to the crowd and took off his mask. Wow, the audience audibly gasped at that even though Mysterio was slumped over and you couldn't see his face. Rhodes kicked Mysterio in the face and held his mask up in the air. Rhodes went to the back as two referees came out and covered Mysterio's face with a towel.

[Commercial Break]

TAIT REAX: What a great segment. The promo from Dusty was a little incoherent and rambling, but that's just the American Dream. It told a great story setting up a swerve. I knew that Cody would do something, but I didn't expect Dusty to. Maybe the Dream is going to manage the Dashing One for a while? It was good that he went backstage early, as it would have taken away from Cody if he'd been involved in the beat down. Cody removing Rey's mask was genuinely shocking, even if they didn't show his face. The imagery of Rhodes smashing Rey's head into the virtual mirror and holding his mask up high was beautifully done.

- Smackdown was brought back with replays of Rhodes attacking Mysterio. Cole said the set up was a work of art and never had a beat down been more deserved.

- Dusty and Cody were shown backstage, and the crowd booed loudly. Dusty hugged Cody and said a father would do anything for his son. Cody was still holding Mysterio's mask. Dusty said this is the dream, Cody said now Mysterio's dreams had been dashed.

- Rosa Mendes was in the ring getting ready to go one-on-one with Layla. Michelle McCool was ringside for guest commentary.

2 -- ROSA MENDES vs. LAYLA (w/Michelle McCool)

Layla pushed Rosa to start the match. Rosa replied with a Thesz Press and slammed Layla's head into the mat repeatedly. Michelle told Rosa to get off her friend. The referee pulled Rosa off and Layla kicked her in the gut. Michelle said that they had been going to counseling to keep their friendship intact as Rosa lifted Layla over the ropes and out to the apron. Layla punched Rosa in the head from the apron and dodged a shoulder block from Mendes.

Layla tried to kick Rosa between the ropes but Mendes grabbed her leg and the pair tumbled out to the floor. Rosa slammed Layla's head into the apron and ran her back first into the barricade. Michelle said she needed to help her friend and took off her headset and got in Rosa's face. Layla bumped Rosa from behind and knocked her into Michelle. Michelle got up and hit Rosa, causing the match to end by disqualification.

WINNER: Rosa Mendes via disqualification in 2:00.

After the match, Michelle beat down Rosa. When Rosa was announced as the winner, Layla screamed at McCool what she thought she was doing. Michelle replied that she was taking care of her business before climbing in the ring and the two argued. Michelle said she was taking care of business that Layla can't take care of. Michelle said Layla needs her. The two stood up and Layla went to grab Michelle's hand but she hesitated, before putting her arm around Layla and leaving the ring together.

TAIT REAX: The match was nothing more than a prop in the background for this storyline. WWE is setting up viewers to expect Lay-Cool to crumble in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania and a match between these two at the Granddaddy of them all. It's uncertain whether the Divas Championship will be involved. Where are Kong and Kaitlin, by the way?

- WWE hyped the mixed tag match main event and Josh said this could be the greatest Smackdown in history if Vickie is fired. Hype was also given to John Cena's responding to The Rock tonight, even though he already did that on Raw. If this is another replay, I will shoot the TV.

[Commercial Break]

- When Smackdown returned, Jack Swagger was beating his chest in the ring. Nice to see him back on Smackdown where he belongs. His opponent will be Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston with a heavily taped arm following Alberto Del Rio's attack on Monday night, of which a replay was shown.

3 -- JACK SWAGGER vs. Intercontinental Champion KOFI KINGSTON -- non-title match

Cole said Kofi was stupid and not brave for competing on Smackdown while injured. The two fought back and forth before Kofi ran into a shoulder block from Swagger and got knocked down. Swagger ran Kofi into the corner and hit another shoulder block for a two count. Swagger cinched an arm lock on Kofi, who fought out by kicking the All-American American in the head.

Swagger ran at Kofi in the corner, who hit him with a pair of boots to the chest. Kofi fought back and kicked Swagger into the corner before unleashing a flurry of blows. The referee pulled Kingston off and Kofi screamed in frustration and hit Swagger with a Superman punch. Kofi fired up and hit the Boom Drop. Booker said Kofi had a lot of energy but in his estimation it was a bad mistake for Kofi to accept this match.

Kofi hit a running splash on Swagger in the corner, then tried to Irish whip him into the opposite turnbuckle but Swagger caught his injured arm and hit it. Swagger slammed Kofi's knee into the ringpost but was kicked off when he tried to do it again. Swagger got back in the ring and ran at Kofi, who dodged. Swagger went into the ropes and Kofi tried an enzuigiri but got nothing but air and went crashing back to the mat.

Swagger locked the anklelock on Kofi in the middle of the ring. Kofi tried to roll through and counter, but his injured arm prevented him from doing so and the Intercontinental Champion tapped out.

WINNER: Jack Swagger via submission in 3:00.

After the match, Swagger celebrated in the ring and stared up at the WrestleMania sign, a move that loses its impact when every wrestler and his road agent are doing it. Kofi was in agony in the ring and Cole said he might have a broken leg to go with his arm. Swagger screamed in triumph on his way back up the ramp and the announcers noted his intensity.

TAIT REAX: Good to see Jack Swagger back on Smackdown. He's been ridiculously underutilized considering he can wrestle and talk as well as draw some pretty decent heat. There's just something about Jack Swagger's voice when he cuts a promo that makes me laugh every time. Ideally, these two could have been given more than ten minutes, but I understand the match was really just an excuse to sell Kofi's arm injury further. Still, though, a win for J-Swagg over the Intercontinental Champion with intensity after a few weeks in limbo was a good result.

- Vickie Guerrero was shown in wrestling gear backstage knocking on the General Manager's office door. Vickie knocked but nobody answered. Vickie sobbed that it was unfair of Teddy to put her in a match for her job. Vickie yanked on the door handle and screamed at Long to come out and talk to her, then stormed off.

- Cole hyped John Cena's response to The Rock up next, and yes, it's going to be a replay.

[Commercial Break]

- Cole hyped WrestleMania season upon Smackdown's return. Booker said John Cena didn't pull any punches on Smackdown and was right on top of what he was talking about.

- A replay showing John Cena's response to The Rock was played, taking up more time on Smackdown.

- Vickie ran up to Chavo backstage and said that she was so desperate. She said she had asked everybody for help but nobody would. Vickie said that Guerreros stick together and asked Chavo if he could count on her. Chavo said that they were family and she could. Vickie went to hug Chavito but he held her off and said that her asking him for help almost makes him forget about all the times she ran him around as her gofer, carrying her bags, and getting her coffee. Chavo asked Vickie if she knew what they say about payback. Chavo said payback is a, then paused and said Vickie knew exactly what they say, before smirking and walking off. Vickie looked anxious.

[Commercial Break]

- Tony Chimel announced a contest scheduled for one fall and by order of Theodore Long, The Corre is banned from ringside. Wade Barrett made his entrance and Mathews said that it had been a big week for the other members of Corre after capturing the Tag Titles on Sunday, then losing them, then regaining them. Big Show made his way to the ring (thankfully not wearing his bandana). Mathews said Barrett on his own in the ring was exactly what Show wanted. Show took his jacket off and apparently threw it at Cole; it wasn't shown on camera, though.


Big Show took control early, hitting a giant slap to Barrett's chest in the corner. Mathews said nobody likes Cole and asked him how he was going to respond to Jerry 'The King' Lawler's WrestleMania challenge on Monday. Show hit another giant slap as Cole refused to comment, saying he is a broadcast journalist and is only here to do his job. Cole said he would deal with King on Monday.

Big Show sent Barrett into the corner and ran at him but Barrett kicked him in the face. Barrett jumped on Show's back and locked in a sleeperhold. Show began to fade and the crowd willed him back into it. Show eventually fell forward into the ropes and the referee pulled Barrett off. Barrett stomped Big Show and the referee pulled him off again and chastised him before Smackdown broke for commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Barrett was standing over Show with a fist raised amidst a torrent of boos as Smackdown returned. Barrett continued to dominate Show as a replay of Barrett hitting a big boot to Show's jaw during the commercial was shown. Barrett went for a cover but only got a one count. Show fought back from his knees with a couple of swinging right hands. Show got back to his feet and hit an enormous slap to an inrushing Barrett's chest.

Show sent Barrett into the ropes but Barrett dropkicked Show's knee on the rebound. Barrett hit a DDT on a kneeling Big Show and went for a pin cover but was tossed off and out of the ring after two. Barrett got back in the ring but was immediately pushed throat first over the top rope by Show, who followed him out to ringside.

Show held Barrett over the barricade and hit a giant slap to his chest as the referee began his ten count. Show picked Barrett up over his shoulder and tried to run him headfirst into the ring post but Barrett struggled out and pushed Show into it instead. Barrett tried to get back in the ring but Show grabbed his leg and dragged him back out, dropping him face first and hard onto the floor. Big Show got back in the ring and the referee reached ten, giving Show the count out victory.

WINNER: Big Show via count-out in 8:00.

After the match, Show goozled Barrett on the outside and the rest of The Corre came out. Show tossed Barrett aside and climbed in the ring, standing his ground. All four Corre members hit the ring and Big Show rolled out and grabbed a steel chair. Show got back in the ring and nailed Justin Gabriel in the head with the chair, prompting the other members to exit. Show screamed at them to get back in the ring and fight him as they retreated up the ramp. Big Show looked slightly deranged, screaming that he is going to 'knock out every one of ya' over and over again while swinging the chair over his head.

TAIT REAX: Really forgettable match finishing with a count-out. There really was no hope of Barrett and Show putting on an entertaining match, but the ending could have been better. Where this feud is going is the important question. Will it be Show vs. Corre at WrestleMania? Are the Tag Titles going to be forgotten about? My hope is that Corre will get the jump on Show for the next few weeks, leading to the World's Largest Athlete bringing in Big Daddy Cool Diesel for back-up and a match for the tag titles at WrestleMania.

- More hype for the mixed tag main event as well as another replay from Raw next. This time it's the confrontation between The Undertaker and Triple H.

- Exterior shots of the Sacramento skyline were shown before a recap of the Undertaker and Triple H, complete with narrator, was shown. This wasn't a straight-up replay, but more of a video package, which didn't change the fact that it's more time taken up on Smackdown. Although I must admit that the narrator and the way this was presented had me frothing for this match.

- Vickie Guerrero and Drew McIntyre were shown walking backstage about to come out for their match next.

[Commercial Break]

- McIntyre and Vickie had already made their entrance and were waiting in the ring when Smackdown returned. Drew was staring up at the stage intensely awaiting Edge and Kelly's arrival. Vickie actually looks really good so pray that there won't be any fat jokes made tonight. Edge's music hit to a roar from the crowd and the Rated-R Superstar and Kelly Kelly hit the arena. Mathews talked about what a fantastic week it's been for Edge, winning the Elimination Chamber and heading to WrestleMania.

5 -- VICKIE GUERRERO & DREW MCINTYRE vs. KELLY KELLY & World Heavyweight champion EDGE -- mixed tag team match, if Vickie's team loses she is fired

Close-ups of McIntyre's face were shown as the bell rang and he looked ready to snap. Edge and Drew were supposed to start but Edge tagged Kelly in straight away which put Vickie into the match. Vickie pushed Kelly in the chest and went to kick her in the gut, but Kelly blocked her leg and jumped on top of the Official Consultant to the Smackdown General Manager, and unloaded some punches on Vickie.

The referee pulled Kelly off and Vickie used the time to tag in McIntyre, who got a few boos on the way in. Edge got in the ring as Drew told Kelly he was the only one sticking up for her. Drew tried to clothesline Edge but missed and Edge went on the assault. Drew ran at Edge in the corner but the Ultimate Opportunist countered with a sunset flip pin cover for a two count. Edge taunted Vickie Guerrero and then kicked McIntyre in the face after being Irish whipped into the ropes.

Edge came off the ropes and ran into a shoulder block from the Sinister Scotsman, who got a one count. McIntyre went to work on Edge as Vickie screamed encouragement from ringside. Cole said that Drew McIntyre's future on Smackdown would be brighter if he helped Vickie win and she remained as consultant on Smackdown. McIntyre cinched in an armbar on Edge and the crowd willed him to fight back.

Edge got back to his feet but McIntyre slammed him back down into the mat. Drew turned around to talk to Kelly some more and when he turned back Edge hit him with a flapjack. Edge ducked a clothesline from McIntyre and hit him with some flying forearms, a pair of clotheslines, and a facebuster for two. Vickie sold anxiety in the corner. Edge Irish-whipped McIntyre into Vickie's corner and went to spear him but Drew dodged and Edge hit the brakes to avoid running into Vickie. Vickie slapped Edge hard across the face; Cole said Edge deserved it.

The World Heavyweight champion looked livid and was distracted long enough that when he turned around he was met with a running big boot from McIntyre. Vickie screamed orders at McIntyre to finish him, McIntyre picked Edge up and went for the Future Shock but Edge countered and hit the Impaler DDT. Edge saw the opportunity and set up for the Spear. Vickie got in the ring and stood in front of Edge, pleading with him not to do it.

Edge backed down but Kelly hit a spear of her own on Vickie out of nowhere and Edge hit his spear on McIntyre and got the three count to send Vickie packing.

WINNERS: Edge and Kelly Kelly via pinfall in 6:00.

After the match, Vickie sat slumped on the outside looking close to tears as Edge and Kelly celebrated in-ring. Cole said this was heartbreaking as Edge and Kelly taunted Vickie and waved goodbye. Teddy Long's music hit and out came the General Manager thuggin' and buggin'. Cole called him a goofball. Edge imitated Long's dancing in the ring as Mathews urged viewers not to change the channel, as the conclusion would be next.

[Commercial Break]

- As Smackdown returned, Teddy Long was in the ring with Edge and Vickie. Cole said he hopes Long has a heart and reconsiders. Long played to the crowd and was all smiles as Vickie looked to be hyperventilating. Long got on the mic and asked Vickie what she had to say for herself. Vickie grabbed the mic and said that she was sorry for everything. Huge boos for this. Vickie said that she would be the best employee ever and then screamed that she was begging him not to.

Long yanked the mic from Vickie and told her she was fired, which the crowd loved. Edge laughed and waved goodbye. Long left the ring and Vickie ran over to a referee at ringside and begged for his help but he refused. Vickie then pleaded with Booker T for help but the Book Man just laughed in her face and said 'you fired.' Cutting.

Vickie then ran over to Cole and hugged him; the crowd was sour on this. Cole comforted Vickie and said that he didn't know what to do but would try to talk to Teddy. Cole said he was sorry. Vickie ran at the cameraman and begged him for help too before picking up a microphone and getting back in the ring. Vickie said to Edge that they've had great chemistry together and her heart was always with him. She said he's the World champion and can help her. She hugged his legs and begged for his help.

Edge looked incredibly uncomfortable and took the mic. Edge said he could help Vickie get her job back, the crowd booed and Vickie screamed at them to shut up. Vickie motioned for Edge to look at her and ignore the crowd. Edge said instead he would rather sing, before breaking into a gritty version of 'Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye' for the second week running. Vickie left the ring and walked up the ramp sobbing.

When Vickie got to the stage, she turned around and screamed, 'Do it.' Alberto Del Rio jumped Edge from behind and slammed him head-first into the mat. Del Rio beat down Edge in the middle of the ring before running his shoulder into the ring post and locking in the cross arm-breaker, being showered in boos. Cole said Del Rio was sending a message to the World champion ahead of WrestleMania. A referee pulled Del Rio off Edge and the Number One Contender left the ring, winking at Edge on his way out to end the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: What a lackluster show. Apart from the segment involving Rey Mysterio and the Rhodes family and the end with Vickie being fired, the rest of the show was limp and lifeless. The best match on the card was Mysterio vs. Kane and that isn't saying a lot. The matches this week - bar that one - were just props for storylines and felt very half-hearted.

Following a good PPV and a hot Monday Night Raw, Smackdown needed that extra juice to make it seem relevant, but for the second week running, it really came across like the B-show with the extended replays from Raw.

Also, where was Christian?! Alberto Del Rio assaulted Edge on pay-per-view and Christian makes the save, but he can't back it up when it happens again on Smackdown? Extremely disappointed not to see Captain Charisma this week.

The best segment by far this week was Cody Rhodes's return and father Dusty's heel turn. This was executed perfectly and the feud will hopefully get the airtime it deserves leading up to WrestleMania.

It was good to see Drew McIntyre in the main event, even if he did get squashed. It was also good to see Jack Swagger back on Smackdown.

It looks like Dolph and Vickie are heading to Raw after this storyline played out, which I'm cocnerned about. Smackdown is thin on stars and Ziggler has been carving himself a nice little niche on Smackdown over the past few months. He could be going from main-eventing Smackdown to squandering in the mid-card on Raw.

Overall, paint-by-numbers Smackdown. The show is cooling down when it should be heating up for WrestleMania. Maybe next week.

Weekly Show Highlights & Picks

Match Of The Night: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

Match To Forget: Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show

Star Of The Show: Vickie Guerrero

Please Go Away: Michelle McCool (from the announce desk)

Quote Of The Night: Booker T - "You fired!"

Quote Of 1000 Facepalms: Dusty Rhodes - "Now you're out here accusing a friend of the family of exposing his knee brace, doing that to you, causing that... facial surgery... that you had."

Most Entertaining Move: Tandem spears from Kelly Kelly and Edge

On The Next Episode Of Botchamania: Kelly Kelly's Spear.

Best Moment: Dusty Rhodes sets up Rey Mysterio, Cody attacks him and removes his mask.

Worst Moment: Two unnecessary replays from Raw given more time than Swagger vs. Kingston.

Overall Grade: C

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