1/27 Lucha Underground Season Premiere viewers & DVR Update

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Season 2 of Lucha Underground premiered to one of its biggest audiences on El Rey Network, now updated with DVR viewing…

Lucha Underground TV Audience Tracking

January 27 (Week 1):  Lucha Underground drew a combined audience of 235,000 viewers for the first-run airing, DVR’ing, and replay, according to the latest data.

The first-run airing drew 130,000 viewers at 8:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday night.

DVR UPDATE: Lucha added 19,000 DVR viewers.

The replay at 9:00 p.m. EST drew 86,000 viewers.

Demographics: Lucha’s median age viewer was about 50-years-old averaging the first-run and replay airings.

The split was 75 percent males 18-49 and 25 percent females 18-49, which was in the range of the Season 1 average.

10 Comments on 1/27 Lucha Underground Season Premiere viewers & DVR Update

  1. Hey Caldwell – just wondering where you got these numbers? Are you getting them from a particular source? Because one guy who posts the top 150 said LU got 44k viewers. Could that be from just a particular cable provider?

    Anyway, would just like some clarification as to where you can find these numbers. Cheers.

    • We received the numbers from our standard ratings source that provides Raw, SD, Impact, etc. Not sure where 44k would come from. I’m looking at the demo numbers (adults 18-49, males 18-49, and females 18-49) and none of those (live or replay) had a 44k figure. Not sure where that number came from! [JC]

    • Not familiar with ShowBuzz, so can’t comment on their validity. We receive the numbers directly from our ratings source. [JC]

  2. I have to question your ratings source as well, James.

    Nobody from Lucha Underground or from El Rey even acknowledged any increase in ratings or a congratulations to fans and viewers for an increase. Which would have been the norm.

    • We asked for the viewership to be re-run on Friday and the numbers actually went up (now counting some delayed viewership). So, everything points to our numbers being accurate. [JC]

    • They confirmed season 3 a few days after episode 1 aired so that tells me they liked the response they got for the first episode as supposed to last season.

  3. Sorry, JC. You can’t even name your ratings source, or state if you gets the numbers directly from a ratings provider or through an intermediary. You realize anyway the reported ratings varied wildly last season 44k to 102k from one episode to the next with no reason. So your analysis is they did great, when reasonable analysis would just say that next week is likely to be 50-60k if you look at last seasons ratings patterns.

    • We get the ratings directly from the reported information. There is no intermediary. It’s right from a report to our eyes. So, as was the case with Week 2, we were proven right. [JC]

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