2/3 Lucha Underground Viewers & DVR Update

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Week 2 of Lucha Underground on El Rey Network maintained about 90 percent of the audience from the season premiere.

Lucha Underground TV Viewership Tracking

February 3 (Week 2): The total combined audience was 201,000 viewers, down slightly from a total Wednesday night audience of 216,000 last week.

The first-run airing drew 125,000 viewers, close to 130k for the season premiere. The replay then drew 76,000 viewers, down from 86k last week.

DVR Update: Lucha’s first-run airing added 11,000 DVR viewers.

Therefore, the total combined audience was 212,000 viewers, down 10 percent from 235 total viewers for the season premiere.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Lucha’s median viewership age was 49.2 years-old, at the edge of the desired 18-49 advertiser window.

The audience was very narrow, though, as the split was 95 percent males 18-49 and 5 percent females 18-49.

DVR Update: The demographics barely moved from DVR viewing. Adults 25-54, females 18-49, and males 18-49 each added 0.01 to the individual demo ratings.

3 Comments on 2/3 Lucha Underground Viewers & DVR Update

  1. Meh. Not good at all. They lost 15,000 viewers. The replay took a pounding. Lucha Underground is not in safe situation where they can afford to lose viewers. Plus, last night’s show was pretty boring.

    Not a good week 2.

    • There’s going to be a natural drop-off from Week 1 to 2. How much of a drop-off is the big question mark for any show. Retaining 90 percent of last week’s audience is pretty good for Week 2. [JC]

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