3/9 Lucha Underground TV Report – Muertes defends LU Title, Cage-Mundo feud, more


Lucha Underground Report
March 9, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #7 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

The show opened with a video recap of Sexy Star and Marty Martinez, Johnny Mundo and Cage, Jack Evans and Drago, and Pentagon, Jr. and Catrina.

Backstage: The Mack asked Sexy Star if she would be in her match tonight. He said she isn’t acting like herself, she needs to be strong. Star then gave Mack ‘knucks.’

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the audience to the show. Vampiro hyped the three-way main event tonight.

In-ring: Melissa Santos introduced Marty ‘the Moth’ Martinez, who was already on the ring. His opponent tonight is The Mack.


Mack mauled Marty to start the match. Marty knocked Mack to the outside, then dove on top of him. Marty striked Mack on the apron then went for a pin back in the ring.

Mack rolled out of the way of a splash and hit a German suplex followed by a t-bone suplex. Mack went to the top, but the lights turned down. A woman then walked down the aisle towards Sexy Star. Marty took advantage by knocking Mack off the turnbuckle before hitting a stomp for the win.

WINNER: Marty Martinez at 3:24.

Post-match: Marty introduced the woman as his sister, Mariposa. Sexy Star acted very frightened as she and Marty walked towards her. Mariposa knocked over Star, then she and Marty celebrated.


Vignette: Fenix talked about his path coming from Mexico and becoming the Fenix. He ran down his story facing Mil Muertes and and having the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Backstage: Drago attacked Jack Evans in the locker room. P.J. (winless) Black attacked Drago with a pair of nunchucks. Drago regrouped, then Black and Evans chocked Drago. The lights turned dark then a luchador with neon lights appeared. Black and Evans ran off.


In-ring: Santos introduced Cage who was already in the ring. Taya came out next and said since Johnny Mundo already kicked Cage’s ass, it’s her turn. She introduced herself and said she is the perfect woman and we will find out if Cage has the balls to face her.

2 – CAGE vs. TAYA — No DQ match

Taya pushed, then slapped Cage. Cage then hit Taya with a very heavy clothesline. Cage lift her, then hit a pumphandle slam. Cage hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Taya hit a low blow, then dropkicked Cage. Taya ran to the top rope, then DDTed Cage and hit a running knee. She rolled to the outside and grabbed a lead pipe.

Cage stopped her then powerbombed her into the barricade, then the ringpost. Cage then powerbombed her in the ring and into the turnbuckle. Cage grabbed a table from under the ring and set it up on the outside. Cage set up a second table, then climbed to the top turnbuckle and superplexed Taya through both tables.

‘Holy S—‘ chants erupted. Suddenly, Mundo attacked Cage from behind and hit him with the lead pipe. Mundo forced Taya to pin Cage, but Cage still kicked out. Mundo grabbed beer bottles and cinder blocks from under the ring. Cage hit an Alabama Slam, then Taya jumped on Cage’s back. Mundo broke a bottle over Cage’s face twice. Mundo rolled to the outside and Cage slammed Taya for the pin.

WINNER: Cage at 6:59. I really hope no one from a domestic violence organization sees this match.


Vignette: Famous B was doing another car commercial type video. He turned a not-so-attractive girl into a more attractive woman and they celebrated. Famous B asked people to call 423-GET-FAME and he will help you become famous.

Backstage: Ivelisse walked out of Catrina’s office and told her tag partners that they have a title match next week, but if they don’t win they get fired. They all bickered with each other.

Announcers: Striker hyped Aztec Warfare coming in two weeks.

In-ring: Santos introduced the main event for the Lucha Underground Championship. First to the ring was Prince Puma. Next out was Pentagon, Jr. followed by Mil Muertes.

3 — Lucha Underground champion MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina) vs. PRINCE PUMA vs. PENTAGON, JR. — Three-Way for the Lucha Underground Championship

Pentagon and Puma attacked Muertes to start. Muertes hit a double clothesline, then took out Puma and Pentagon. Puma dove onto Pentagon on the outside and hit a DDT. Muertes knocked Puma to the outside, then leaped on top of him. Muertes beat Puma in the crowd. As they brawled, Puma superkicked Muertes, then climbed the railing and hit a huracanrana on Pentagon.

Puma and Pentagon knocked down Muertes then fought each other on the outside. Muertes recovered and beat down Pentagon in the ring. Pentagon came back with a few clotheslines. Muertes rolled to the outside again, then Pentagon hit a Swanton dive. Puma then hit the same dive on Muertes. And, Pentagon did the same dive again. Puma finished with a corkscrew dive on Muertes.

Puma and Pentagon brawled in the crowd. Pentagon leaped off the railing onto Muertes, but Muertes rammed Pentagon into the apron then threw him into a bunch of chairs. Puma got onto the barricade and hit a Shooting Star Press onto Pentagon and Muertes. Puma kicked Pentagon in the ring and Puma set up for a 630 splash, which he, but Muertes broke up the pin.

Muertes powerslammed Puma for a nearfall. Puma and Pentagon both superkicked Muertes multiple times until they knocked him over. Was he done? Pentagon hit a backcracker, then slammed Puma for another nearfall. Pentagon hit a package piledriver on Puma, then went to break his arm. But, Muertes recovered and speared Pentagon, then Puma. Muertes grabbed both for a double Flatliner for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes at 11:57 via The Flatliner to retain the LU Title.

Post-match: Catrina gave the lick of death to both Puma and Pentagon. Fenix then emerged from the top of the temple. He said the celebration won’t last long because next week he is cashing in his Gift of the Gods Championship to face Mil Muertes.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Really good main event tonight. Lucha Underground always feels more special when either Pentagon, Jr. or Prince Puma are wrestling. The main event wasn’t quite long enough to be four stars, but it was pretty close. It’s been really fascinating to see how fans have been getting behind Pentagon, Jr., mostly because he’s been doing fantastic work.

The Sexy Star-Marty The Moth storyline still feels very awkward and uncomfortable. It certainly insinuates there was some sort of sexual assault going on and quite frankly I don’t want to see that type of storyline on a wrestling program. I don’t see an end in sight yet with Mariposa being introduced into the equation.

I’m not sure if I can explain any more why I hate the mixed gender matches. I think I’ll leave that to Bruce Mitchell in VIP audio. Just watching this type of match does not feel right because of so many incidents of domestic violence. This match felt like low-class, tawdry television.

Still no Dario or advancement of the over-arcing non in-ring storylines. I definitely miss having the backstage scenes in Dario’s office. I’m exciting to see when and if they bring him back to the temple on a regular basis.

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