3/9 Lucha Underground Viewers – Week 7 falls to 2016 low-point

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Following TNA Impact on Tuesday night, Lucha Underground slid to year-low TV viewership on Wednesday night.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

March 9: Week 7 of Lucha Underground on El Rey Network drew a combined audience of 136,000 viewers, down 27 percent from last week.

Lucha’s original airing drew 95,000 viewers, down from 124k last week. The replay then drew 41,000 viewers, down from 63k last week.

– The one bright spot for Lucha was a median age of 49.4 years-old, rounding to the 18-49 advertiser window.

Also, Lucha drew more adults 18-48 and males 18-49 viewers than last week’s show.

The audience split was 74 percent males 18-49 and 26 percent females 18-49, which is right at the 2016 average.

4 Comments on 3/9 Lucha Underground Viewers – Week 7 falls to 2016 low-point

    • I think there’s just too much wrestling content (with three hour Raws) and not enough people are watching on a consistent basis. Even Lucha standing out as a completely different show has to find a core audience since it’s not traditional wrestling. People sample it, then like it or leave it. I think both TNA and Lucha hit peak audiences early on and now they’re trying to find the water level on smaller networks. [JC]

      • LU isn ‘t completely different though. It’s quasi WWE complete with evil owner, gimmick matches and mitb

        LU could be completely different but they choose to be AE with luchas

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