3/30 Lucha Underground Viewers – Audience ranks #2 behind last week’s record show

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The week after the big Aztec Warfare show and Rey Mysterio’s in-ring debut, Lucha Underground held nearly the entire audience on Tuesday night.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

March 30: Lucha Underground drew a combined audience of 222,000 viewers, slightly down from the record-setting 232,000 viewers last week.

Tuesday’s audience of 222k ranks #2 behind last week, topping the big audiences at the start of the season on El Rey Network.

The first-run airing drew 159,000 viewers, only slightly down from 163k last week.

The replay then drew 63,000 viewers, down from 69,000 last week.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Lucha drew an older audience with a median age of 56.6 years-old.

As a result, Lucha took a hit in adults 18-49 viewers, falling to 58,000 from 80,000 last week.

The split was 77 percent males 18-49 and 23 percent females 18-49.

2 Comments on 3/30 Lucha Underground Viewers – Audience ranks #2 behind last week’s record show

  1. They really need to get themselves on Netflix or Hulu. Netflix would be great for folks that want to binge watch a season (though this would hamper immediate fan base increases), but Hulu would be even better for those that want to catch up with it the next day. Way too good of a promotion to be only pulling 100k viewers weekly.

  2. A bit of a triple whammy of sorts.

    Down in overall viewership.
    Down in original airing.
    Down in replay.

    Albeit a slight drop. I bit of a disappointment. I expected a surge after last week’s numbers.

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