4/6 Lucha Underground Viewers – new total audience record

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week’s Lucha Underground episode drew the most viewers in the show’s history, continuing to build on momentum from the Aztec Warfare episode two weeks ago.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

April 6: Lucha Underground drew a combined audience of 234,000 viewers, up five percent from last week.

Lucha topped the Aztec Warfare episode from two weeks ago, which drew 232,000 combined viewers.

Tuesday’s first-run airing drew 156,000 viewers, which was down slightly from the past two weeks.

The replay then drew 78,000 viewers, the second-most of the season. The bump in replay viewership helped draw the most total viewers in the show’s history.

DEMOGRAPHICS: The downside is the show’s median age was 58.9 years-old, the oldest audience this season.

As a result, Lucha only drew 52,000 adult 18-49 viewers, down sharply from two weeks ago.

The split was 77 percent males 18-49 and 23 percent females 18-49.

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