4/20 Lucha Underground Viewership – mixed bag result

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Wednesday’s episode of Lucha Underground was a mixed bag in terms of TV viewership.

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking

April 20: Week 13 drew a combined audience of 198,000 viewers, down three percent from 205,000 viewers last week. This was down from 234k viewers two weeks ago.

However, the first-run airing drew 149,000 viewers, up from 139k last week.

The replay only drew 49,000 viewers, though, the fewest since March 9. It appears most of the audience was concentrated in the first airing.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Lucha’s median age was 56.2 years-old, basically the same as last week. After starting off the season within the 18-49 window, Lucha has been outside the past four weeks.

The bright spot is the show drew 58,000 adults 18-49 viewers, tied for the most in the last four weeks.

Included were the most females 18-49 viewers since February 17.

The result was a split of 71 percent m18-49 and 29 percent f18-49 viewers.

2 Comments on 4/20 Lucha Underground Viewership – mixed bag result

  1. Man, they threw away a big match up between Mantanza and Muertes and got mixed results in viewership. Should have saved that one for Ultima Lucha down the line.

    • They will. That match was somewhat of a teaser and ended with a huge “holy fuck” moment. They’ll fight again, as evidenced by the end.

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