4/22 WWE NXT in Tampa Results – TMDK & Nikki Storm make NXT debuts, A-Riley vs. Dillinger main event, No Way Jose, Mandy Rose

Tye Dillinger (photo credit Scott Lunn @ScottLunn © PWTorch)


WWE NXT Results
April 22, 2016
Tampa, Fla.
Report by PWTorch reader Alicia Fleming (@HBKEDGEFAN)

Before the show, they did an autograph signing and I got to meet Mandy Rose (she remembered me from Largo and was really sweet). I also met Josh Woods, who I also met in Largo. He was really nice, but fans were not exactly excited to meet either of them, as no one was really taking pics with them. Tino Sabbatelli was also there. The autograph signings usually last 30 minutes, but it was over so quickly that the show started around 7:25 p.m. and the show ended really early around 9:45.

(1) Patrick Clark beat Murphy in a fun opening match. Patrick Clark is fun to watch and is really over.

(2) Authors of Pain (Gzim Selmani & Sunny Dhinsa) beat The Ealy Brothers. It was an interesting match, but nothing really special. The Authors of Pain just did a lot of ground and pound. The Ealy brothers did some fun spots, but were overall just beat down.

(3) Adrienne Reese beat Daria from Tough Enough in a physical match. I felt bad for Adrienne because you could tell she was trying so hard to get Daria over. But, honestly, I was afraid that Daria was going to hurt her. She was really careless. I’ve seen her wrestle many times and she isn’t getting better.

(4) No Way Jose beat Josh Woods. Jose is really over, and Josh, well, I’ve met him a few times and he is really nice. He just didn’t really show up tonight. He wasn’t even in his normal MMA shorts; he wrestled in boxer briefs.

(5) Sawyer Fulton & Alexander Wolfe beat TMDK (Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls) in a FUN match. Shane and Mikey killed it tonight. Sawyer and Alexander did not do anything special at all; I just don’t feel they click as a Tag Team in general. But, Shane and Mikey had a hell of a showing and even though they lost, they got a huge reaction before and after the match. I can’t wait to see more from those two.

Alex Reyes interviewed Cezar Bononi. Lackluster promo, but I saw him wrestle a few Weeks ago in Largo and he isn’t bad at all. He just has a lot of learning to do in the ring and on the mic.

(6) Tino Sabbatelli beat Angelo Dawkins in a fun match. The crowd was really into this match and both did a great job. I really feel if Angelo went away from the “LeBron gimmick” into more of an MVP gimmick, I think he would be ready for the main roster. I’ve watched Angelo wrestle many times and his best match was against Chris Girard a few weeks ago in Largo. He definitely has potential.

(6) Liv Morgan & Aliyah beat Nikki Glencross (Storm) & Mandy Rose. All I will say is it was nice to see Nikki debut. And, well, Liv Morgan is getting better and better each show I see her. I think Mandy still needs to learn how to wrestle. She is very careless and honestly it just feels like she doesn’t know what she is doing in the ring. Nice girl, but it was a bit hard to watch. Aliyah is getting better in the ring as time goes on.

(7) Alex Riley beat Tye Dillinger in the Main Event. Tye was really over until he dissed the Tampa Bay Lightning and said unlike them he will make it to the Finals and win it all (as in he will make it to the Main Roster). The crowd forgot and loved him again the second Alex Riley came out. Haha. It was an okay Match. Alex Riley busted his nose and was bleeding (as was Tino earlier in on card) and the match didn’t last to much longer after that. It was a lackluster main event, but it was a decent show overall.

NXT returns to Tampa on June 2. I am attending the TV Tapings in May and will probably go to the Largo Show on May 13.

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