5/4 Lucha Underground Viewership – rebound from last week, mixed bag overall

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week’s Lucha Underground episode rebounded in total viewership, but the demographic ratings were poor.

Lucha Underground TV Viewership Tracking

May 4: Lucha Underground drew a combined audience of 180,000 viewers, up from 159k last week.

The initial airing drew 138,000 viewers, up from 107k last week.

The replay then drew 42,000 viewers, down from 52k last week. It was the fewest replay viewers in two months.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: The median age viewer was 57.3 years-old, the second-oldest audience  this year.

As a result, Lucha’s first airing only drew 44,000 adults 18-49 viewers, the fewest in two months.

The break down was 91 percent males 18-49 and only 9 percent females 18-49. The show drew the second-fewest f18-49 viewers of the year, continuing a downward trend for female viewership.

2 Comments on 5/4 Lucha Underground Viewership – rebound from last week, mixed bag overall

  1. To me, this episode night be the one to draw viewers away for good. Having women wrestlers get bloodied in a match was disturbing. Just my opinion.

    • Yup. It was one of the worst shows I’ve seen of theirs. Two squash matches and a bloodfest. I watched Lucha cuz of the wrestling, not the hardcore style. Seems like they want to be ECW. Well, then, have fun going out of business. My wife and I will still watch a few more, but our interest is fading fast. With Roman dominating WWE, all that’s left for us is sporadic NJPW episodes. Sad.

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