WWE Roster Cut updates – Damien Sandow speaks, indie bookings, more

Alex Riley - NXT show (Photo Credit Scott Lunn @ScottLunn)


WWE Roster Cut Updates May 6

Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow, now going by Aaron (Damien Sandow) on Twitter, spoke about his release on Friday night after being a Top 5 U.S. Twitter trend most of Friday afternoon.


Hornswoggle tweeted his reflections on a lengthy run with WWE and is already booked for a Global Force Wrestling show in June.

Zeb Colter/Dutch Mantell

Dutch Mantell is booked for a Global Force Wrestling show in June with WWE personality Booker T.

King Wade Barrett (Stu Bennett)

Barrett got ahead of WWE’s release statement by detailing his exit prior to WWE’s announcement.

Cameron (Ariane Andrew)

Cameron expressed support for Ryback on Thursday, then was cut on Friday. Cameron released a comment on Friday afternoon.

Cameron said it’s been a “pretty intense few days to say the least.” She released a full statement a few days later on Monday…

Santino Marella

Similar to Hornswoggle, Santino expressed appreciation for his lengthy WWE run.

Alex Riley

Riley has not commented since being released. Earlier this week, Riley played up his angry NXT persona on Twitter as the next Baron Corbin heeling on incoming stars.

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