Update – WWE releases second version of John Cena’s new product line

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


UPDATE: WWE has introduced a second version of John Cena’s new merchandise line, this time with a circular design featuring the same artistic drawing of Cena.

The same product lines with the new design are still on WWE’s Shop website.

John Cena 2016 merchandise line (photo - WWEShop.com)



Friday Report

Ahead of John Cena returning to WWE TV on Monday night, WWE released a whole new line of John Cena merchandise that Cena will be debuting on Memorial Day Raw.

The latest “Hustle Loyalty Respect” product line carries a red, white, and blue 1980s-inspired baseball theme. The latest t-shirt that Cena will be wearing is a black t-shirt with a giant white rectangular box logo.

UPDATE: The folks at Pabst Blue Ribbon beer took exception to the logo, believing it infringed on their copyright.


Inside the original t-shirt design was a rectangular box with an artistic drawing of Cena with the text “Never Give Up. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect. You Still Can’t See Me.”

Included in the merchandise package aimed at his audience is the t-shirt, baseball cap, dog tags, wristbands, and headbands retailing at $49.99.

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