6/22 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on Aztec Medallion Night, Puma makes big challenge for Ultima Lucha Dos


Lucha Underground Report
June 22, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #22 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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The show opened with a video package featuring Cage, Matanza, Mascarita Sagrada, El Dragon Azteca, and Black Lotus.

Dario’s Office: Dario told a mysterious luchador that he has heard that he is the biggest up-and-coming luchador. He told him he would make his debut in a match for an Aztec medallion. The luchador said he would prove to his tribe why he, Night Claw, was the best in Lucha Underground. Dario told Night Claw his tribe was destroyed by the gods and to be careful despite his confidence.

[JD’s Reax: Night Claw is like if Disney decided to cross over Star Wars and Marvel then make a wrestler combining Kylo Ren and Black Panther.]

Title sequence rolled.

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the audience to the show and said that Aztec medallions would be on the line tonight. Vampiro said tonight Puma will speak about his plans for Ultima Lucha.

In-ring: Melissa Santos introduced Daga who was already in the ring. Famous B interrupted Melissa and introduced Mascarita Sagrada. Kobra Moon watched the match from the rafters.

1 – DAGA vs. MASCARITA SAGRADA (w/Famous B. and Brenda) – match for an Aztec Medallion

Daga manhandled Mascarita and went for a few pin attempts. Mascarita hit a sunset flip and tried to get a pin. But, Daga flipped over Mascarita and locked in a cross-face for the submission victory.

WINNER: Daga at 2:12 via submission to win an Aztec medallion.

Post-match: Famous B. and Brenda went into the ring to help Mascarita. Famous B. then turned on Mascarita and beat him with his shoe. Famous B. said he would find a better client who won’t embarrass him.


Dario’s Office: Dario told El Dragon Azteca that he knows why he is angry. Dragon told Dario he is a liar. Dario said he will give him an opportunity against Black Lotus at Ultima Lucha Dos.

In-ring: Santos introduced the next match as a six-man tag with the winners all receiving Aztec medallions. Killshot charged after Marty, but Marty told him that tonight they must be brothers in arms. He said he wants to offer Killshot his dog tags to show a truce.


2 – CORTEZ CASTRO & MR. CISCO & JOEY RYAN vs. MARTY ‘THE MOTH’ MARTINEZ & KILLSHOT & SINESTRO – match for three Aztec medallions

Cortez started the match against Marty. Cortez hit a series of moves and went for a pin. Ryan tagged in and Marty stole the lollipop from Ryan then Ryan took it back.

Killshot tagged in and took down Ryan with ease. Cisco and Sinestro both tagged in. Cisco showed some athleticism, then tagged Cortez. Sinestro tripped Cortez, then took control. Marty came back in.

Cortez hit a DDT, then crawled towards his corner and tagged Cisco. Cisco took out Marty with a hurricarana and neckbreaker. Sinestro broke up a pin then fought against Ryan. Cortez and Cisco knocked Marty to the outside. Killshot leaped onto everyone on the outside.

Back in the ring, Marty tagged Killshot. Both took down Cisco but the pin was broke up by Cortez. Cortez, Castro and Ryan had a dispute in the ring which allowed for Killshot to hit a double stomp for the win.

WINNERS: Marty, Killshot & Sinestro at 8:04 to capture Aztec medallions. Typical six-man tag match with all the high spots, but it lacked any real fire or energy.


Announcers: Striker plugged that Puma will address his status for Ultima Lucha later tonight.

In-ring: Santos introduced the next tag match for two Aztec medallions. First out were Sexy Star and Mariposa followed by Taya and Ivelisse.

3 – SEXY STAR & MARIPOSA vs. TAYA & IVELISSE – match for two Aztec medallions

Taya and Star started the match. Star locked in a mid-ring submission hold. Star threw Taya around the ring, then Ivelisse tagged in. Mariposa tagged in on the other side. Mariposa and Ivelisse traded kicks, then Mariposa took control.

Mariposa locked in another submission then Ivelisse broke free. Taya tagged in the Star tagged in and Taya kicked her down. Sexy Star knocked Taya to the outside then leaped onto her. Mariposa leaped onto Taya, who laid on some chairs in the crowd. Ivelisse then leaped from the top of turnbuckle onto Mariposa.

Taya and Star brawled again in the ring. Taya crawled to Ivelisse for the tag. Star and Ivelisse both tried for pins. Taya then speared Ivelisse, while Mariposa slammed Ivelisse, then threw Star onto Ivelisse for the pin.

WINNERS: Sexy Star & Mariposa at 9:49. Again, another match lacking energy.

Still to come: Prince Puma update.


In-ring: Santos introduced Prince Puma to the ring. Puma came to ring in a hooded sweatshirt. He said he has been waiting to talk for a long time. He said the only match he wants at Ultima Lucha is the only match fans want to see him in. He said Konnan got him through some tough times and he told him he could be the next Rey Mysterio. He said he needs to know if he is as good as Rey Mysterio.

Rey came down to the ring and said he was one of the pioneers that paved the road for wrestlers like Puma. He said he has a ton of respect, but Puma is still a prince and he is el Rey. He said he wants to know if he’s still the best then accepted the challenge.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I was always curious as to whether Rey would wrestle another singles match. Puma should be a good opponent, but I don’t think this was the match people wanted to see Puma in. Puma said this was the match the fans wanted to see him in and he got the same reaction Vince McMahon got when he announced Shane McMahon against Undertaker – “huh?” The match feels rushed from a storyline standpoint, but they needed a spectacle match for Ultima Lucha so it works.

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