7/6 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on “Ultima Lucha Dos” Week 1 – Mini-Tournament for “Unique Opportunity,” Overall Reax

Ultimate Lucha Dos (c) Lucha Underground/El Rey Network


Lucha Underground Report
July 6, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 2 Episode #24 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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Ultima Lucha Dos Part 1/3

The show opened with a video package featuring Cage, Texano, Son of Havoc, and The Mack.

Title sequence rolled.

In-ring: Santos welcomed the crowd to “Ultima Lucha Dos.”

Announcers: Matt Striker hyped the match for a “unique opportunity.” He said it would be done in tournament-style in a series of one-on-one matches.

In-ring: Santos introduced The Mack and Cage, who were both already in the ring.

Dario interrupted and said that Cage and Mack had one of the best matches last year. To ensure they have a great match this year, it will be a Falls Count Anywhere match.

1  – THE MACK vs. CAGE – Falls Count Anywhere match

Cage landed a dropkick to start. Cage hit a standing moonsault, then Mack came back with a slam and a kick. Mack knocked Cage to the outside. Cage threw Mack onto the wooden bleachers, but Mack got up and slammed Cage onto a trash can.

Cage and Mack made their way backstage and into Dario’s office. Cage hit Mack over the head with a poster frame for a nearfall. Cage set up two chairs and powerbombed Mack onto them. Cage went to slam Mack on a stop sign, but Mack reversed it for a slam of his own. Mack then grabbed a guitar and slammed it over Cage’s head.

Mack grabbed some piñatas, then found a wrench and beat Cage with it. Mack drank some beers and went for a stunner, but Cage kicked him and hit Mack with the stop sign. Cage set up a table, then Mack hit Cage with a toolbox and a chain. Mack drank more beer and hit the stunner.

Mack set Cage on the table, then climbed to the top of the railing and frog splashed Cage through the table. Cage somehow kicked out at two. Cage tried to curb stomp Mack on a cinder block, but Mack moved and Cage slipped, so Mack got a roll up for the pin.

WINNER: The Mack at 10:12. A lot of spots and “this is awesome” chants. Not a whole lot of in-ring wrestling just a bunch of weapons. If that’s what you’re into, then this match is for you. (***)

Still to come: Son of Havoc vs. Texano.


In ring: Santos introduced Texano and Son of Havoc, both already in the ring.

Dario walked out again and pointed out the bar set up on the side of the ring. He said this would be a Boyle Heights Bar Fight.

2 – TEXANO vs. SON OF HAVOC – Boyle Heights Bar Fight

Texano knocked over Havoc, then Havoc hit a back elbow. Texano fell to the outside and Havoc hit a moonsault. Havoc threw Texano through a door, then onto some chairs. Havoc put on a fireman’s helmet and blistered Texano with a fire extinguisher. Texano busted a bottle over Havoc’s helmet.

Texano set up several stools and chairs in the ring. Texano put a keg in the corner, then clipped Havoc with the bull rope. Havoc dropkicked Texano into the keg, then flipped him into broken chair remains. Texano set up Havoc in the corner and slammed a chair into the groin area. Havoc got back up and flipped Texano onto the bar. Havoc grabbed some glass and and broke it in the ring. Havoc drove Texano onto the glass for the win.

WINNER: Son of Havoc at 7:21. Another hardcore match that left a lot to be desired because Havoc is working double duty tonight. This match felt a little more original than the first but, but still failed to kick it into the next gear. (**3/4)


Announcers: Striker and Vampiro ran down the rest of the Ultima Lucha card.

In-ring: Santos introduced Mack and Son of Havoc.

Yet again Dario interrupted before the match. Dario said his unique opportunity is so great that this match needs a better stipulation. So once again we will get a Falls Count Anywhere match.


3 – THE MACK vs. SON OF HAVOC – Falls Count Anywhere match for a “Unique Opportunity”

Havoc and Mack shook hands before the match. Mack knocked over Havoc, then hit a corkscrew for a 1 count. Mack threw Havoc into the barricade. Havoc fought back with some chops and tossed him into the bleachers. Mack hit a neckbreaker off the ropes.

Mack rolled to the outside and Havoc flipped onto him. Mack countered a Shooting Star Press, then attempted a roll-up. Havoc went back to the top and hit a Shooting Star Press for the win.

WINNER: Son of Havoc at 5:34. Not a lot happened except for a few flips, especially when the match was supposed to be falls count anywhere. (**)

Post-match: Havoc celebrated with the crowd.


In-ring: Black Lotus held a briefcase alongside Dario and Havoc. Dario congratulated Havoc. He told Havoc that in briefcase there is $250,000, but he could choose the other briefcase, which is a contract for a match in the main event of Ultima Lucha Tres. Son of Havoc chose to have the match. Dario said he will get his match at Ultima Lucha if he beats one more opponent. If Havoc wins, he gets his match. If his opponent wins, then he will receive the money.

Out walked Famous B. He said he found a new client and luckily there is a Doctor in the house. On the back of his jacket he revealed Dr. Wagner, Jr. Famous B introduced him to the ring for a good pop.

4 – SON OF HAVOC vs. DR. WAGNER, JR. w/Famous B. & Brenda

Wagner speared Havoc to start, then beat him in the corner. Wagner hit a neckbreaker off the corner. Havoc came back with a cross-body and a few clotheslines. Havoc hit a big boot then missed a Shooting Star Press. Wagner hit a piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Dr. Wagner, Jr. at 2:04 to win the $250,000.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This episode perfectly sums up what is wrong with hardcore matches and booking. There were two matches with all the weapons and dangerous spots but at the end of the show they literally meant nothing. The fans chanted ‘this is awesome’ they wanted more blows, blood, and weapons. They got all of that in what made up two entertaining matches, but by the end of the show, neither of the fights meant anything. Havoc played by the rules and won two matches. I understand they want to put heat on the heels especially Dario, but if he is just gonna pull the rug out from everyone, why as a viewer should I care since he doesn’t honor what he promised. Instead of hating Dario, I just feel like the tournament meant nothing. This was a cop-out way to take a babyface like Son of Havoc out of the main event. It doesn’t help that he won the original tournament because he lost and he’s not getting the match. Wagner felt like he was thrown out there for the sake of making a debut on Ultima Lucha. Striker built him up as a very accomplished Luchador, but after two minutes he didn’t feel special at all. I was hoping for a bigger bang in Part 1, maybe next week things will amp up. This week was a glaring example of Lucha Underground’s weaknesses.

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