7/20 Lucha Underground Results – “Ultima Lucha Dos” concludes with two-hour TV special

Ultimate Lucha Dos (c) Lucha Underground/El Rey Network

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Lucha Underground TV Results
“Ultima Lucha Dos” Week 3/3
July 20, 2016
Aired on El Rey Network

PWTorch contributor Joel Dehnel’s Report will follow later this week…

(1) Fenix & Drago & Aerostar beat Trios Tag champions P.J. Black & Johnny Mundo & Jack Evans to win the Trios Tag Titles.

(2) Dragon Azteca, Jr. beat Black Lotus via DQ.

(3) Matanza Cueto beat Pentagon Dark to retain the Lucha Underground Title.

(4) Taya beat Ivellise.

(5) Rey Mysterio beat Prince Puma.

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