11/11 Global Wars UK 2016, Night Two: Shibata vs. Hero, Ospreay vs. Liger, Nagata vs. Seven, Iishi vs. Dunne, plus Galloway


NOV. 11, 2016

(1) RPW Tag Champions Joel Redman & Charlie Garrett defeated Los Ingobernables de Japón representatives EVIL & BUSHI via disqualification. This was an energetic and fun opener. Garrett and Redman looked great against their more established opposition and took control of the latter stages with some nice double team moves. The champs set up for their finish, but EVIL crotchet Garrett on the top rope and BUSHI spat the black mist, which tonight was right in front of referee Chris Roberts who called the DQ. EVIL was not happy and raked the eyes of Roberts, but LIJ were ran off by Garrett and Redman. A slightly out of nowhere ending but good stuff nonetheless.

While Roberts recovered, Drew Galloway came to the ring to address the crowd. He was originally scheduled to wrestle Honma tonight but he is still not cleared from his neck injury. Galloway stated he was devastated not to be wrestling tonight for a chance at being seen by New Japan, and warned that he will be back in RevPro soon to show what he can do. As he left, his replacement Josh Bodom made his entrance and got in Galloway’s face.

(2) Josh Bodom pinned Tomoaki Honma. This was a really fun match, with Bodom looking to make the most of his opportunity. Honma was great fun, again missing most of his headbutt attempts but still hitting some high impact moves, including a vicious lariat. Bodom used referee Roberts to get in the way and hit Honma low in the ropes and hit the Bliss Buster to get the win. These two had really good chemistry, though Bodom seemed a bit “ill” when the match finished.

(3) Yuji Nagata beat Trent Seven by submission. This was a great matchup, with both men with similar styles and had more chemistry than Nagata did with Dunne the previous night. Both men punished each other with huge strikes and suplexes, but the tide turned when Trent missed a chop and instead walloped the ring post. This played into the finish as Nagata got Trent in his armbar focusing on the injured hand to gain the tap out. After Nagata showed Trent great respect and left him to the applause of the audience, Dave Mastiff made a surprise return to Rev Pro to attack Trent and leave him laying after a corner cannonball senton.

(4) Will Ospreay pinned Jushin Liger. This was entertaining from the offset as Ospreay surprised everyone by entering to Liger’s music and coming out dressed as “Dark Liger.” Some funny sequences occurred, with both men mirroring each other with palm strike attempts turning into a pose down. Ospreay set Liger up for the Cheeky Nandos kick, but instead decided jam his thumb into Liger’s bum. However Liger reversed the momentum and kept Ospreay’s thumb jammed. Ospreay then room ref Roberts’ thumb and forced him to join the chain, which led to Liger marching around the ring and flipping both men over. Yep, that happened.
Ospreay eventually hit the OsCutter and then hit the Shooting Star Press on the innovator of the move to get the win. Really fun match.

(5) Tomohiro Ishii pinned Pete Dunne. Dunne wasn’t able to faze Ishii with his chop attempts, but he gained control for the most part through dirty tactics (mostly biting Ishii’s fingers). Ishii absorbed a superplex, standing right up and delivered a stunning delayed superplex to Dunne. Ishii returned the finger biting, but Dunne made the ref miss a low blow. After hitting Ishii with Drop Dead, Dunne had the win sealed but Will Ospreay ran to ringside to distract his rival. During the distraction, Ishii returned the low blow and hit Dunne with the Ishii Driver to get the win. Ospreay looked smugly content helping his Chaos stablemate and screwing Dunne out of a win, much like Dunne had done to Ospreay against Vader in August.

(6) Los Ingobernables de Japón (Tetsuya Naito and Sanada) defeated the LDRS of the New Schools (Zack Sabre Jr and Marty Scurll). This was the match of the night. The LDRS started off keeping Sanada in the ring with work over the left arm, with Naito skulking at ringside. Eventually Naito saw his opportunity and tripped Sabre, giving LIJ the advantage for a while. Hot tag to Scurll and the match amped up. A great combo from the LDRS leading to a PK from Sabre gained a very long two count. After a double submission attempt, the LDRS finisher was countered by LIJ, leaving Naito to hit move after move on Sabre, finally hitting Destino to get the clean win on the former Rev Pro champ.

After the match, Marty Scurll noted to the crowd that he had signed with Ring of Honor and that Zack was moving to the USA. Scurll paid tribute to the company for the opportunities they had received over the years and said it wasn’t goodbye, with Sabre adding it was see you later. As the LDRS received a standing ovation, Scurll span Zack around and punted him low, finally turning on his friend and partner after nearly a year of build up.

(7) Katsuyori Shibata pinned Chris Hero to retain the RPW Undisputed British Championship. As you can imagine, this match was stiff. Very very stiff. Hero tried to keep Shibata down with his strikes, getting frustrated when Shibata refused to be fazed. Hero hit a few piledrivers, including the Gotch-style, but Shibata kept kicking out. Shibata caught Hero in his sleeper, constantly reapplying the hood despite Hero’s attempts to escape. In a mirror of the previous night, Shibata hit the PK to keep Hero down for the title retaining pinfall. With Shibata retaining, it will be very interesting to see who his next challenger will be. Marty Scurll was number one contender but refused to wrestle Zack Sabre Jr. while he was champion, so I assume he will step up. The next big show will be High Stakes in January, which should see more from the Ospreay vs. Dunne feud, possibly Galloway vs. Bodom and Mastiff vs. Seven.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A good two nights of the graps from Revolution Pro and New Japan, with Night 2 being a more consistent show in my opinion. The LDRS v LIJ tag is really worth seeking out, but the whole card is worthy enough of your time. Both this and the previous night should be up on RPWondemand.com within the week.

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