BREAKING: ROH color commentator Steve Corino headed to WWE to become full time trainer at Performance Center (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller and Sean Radican

ROH ring (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


In a story broken by Jason Powell at today, Steve Corino is headed to WWE to become a full time trainer at the Performance Center. Corino had a trial run a guest trainer recently, which raised some eye brows. Cornio had been a mainstay color commentator alongside Kevin Kelly for years on ROH TV.

Radican’s Analysis: Steve Corino will be a big loss for Ring of Honor. He has great chemistry on commentary with play-by-play announcer Kevin Kelly. They have developed into one of my favorite commentary teams to listen to over the last couple of years. It’s hard to imagine listening to a big match call in ROH next year without Corino’s enthusiasm and knowledge shining a spotlight on the match. Not only did Corino add to the product backstage, but he was also known to help out behind the scenes as well.

At times, Corino served as an agent for matches and had a knack for putting together good finishers. He also served as an idea man from time to time and was known as someone that wrestlers and those involved in the creative process could bounce ideas off of if needed. Corino had a long-running feud with B.J. Whitmer that never looked like it would make it to the ring. He had neck surgery late last year and thought his in-ring days were over, but Corino managed to return to the ring and steal the show with Whitmer in a fantastic old-school brawl at “Best in the World 2016.”

Corino will be missed in ROH, as he could be relied on to help in many different capacities. Corino has never gotten a shot in WWE, so him going to NXT as a full-time trainer is a nice landing spot for him to potentially end his career helping up and coming talents at the Performance Center. It is clear WWE thinks highly of Corino, as they featured him on their website and even gave him a spotlight after his recent guest trainer stint at the Performance Center. I have heard anything concrete, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Corino ends up doing commentary for NXT at some point or at the very least as a talking head on the pre-show panel.

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