NEWS ITEMS: Styles-Shane blow-up backstage, Daniel Bryan hints at a return to the ring, Andre the Giant Battle Royal news after Smackdown

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Shane McMahon Entrance (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


-Daniel Bryan on “Talking Smack” tonight said when Miz told him he can’t wrestle, “I can’t wrestle or they won’t let me? We’ll find out in a year and a half.” That compelling comment plays into the word among those who have insight into Bryan’s mindset that he is determined to wrestle again some day, and if he has to wait until his WWE contract expires and his concussions have had a long time to heal, he’ll get in the ring again.

-They did a significant angle after Smackdown tonight on Talking Smack, showing a dismayed and angry A.J. Styles lashing out at Shane McMahon backstage over having to wrestle Randy Orton to keep the title shot at WrestleMania he earned last week. Shane told Styles to cool down. It got heated. Brian James (Road Dogg) stepped between them.

-Apollo Crews announced on Talking Smack that he is also going to be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

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