10/24 IMPACT BOUND FOR GLORY PPV REPORT: Javier’s coverage of Eric Young vs. Rich Swann for Impact Title, Edwards vs. Shamrock, Moose vs. EC3, X Division Title match, Tag Team Title match

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 24, 2020

Commentators: Josh Mathews, Don Callis


Rohit Raju started by trying to slink away but the rest of the wrestlers tossed him into the ring. After a brief clash between all the competitors, TJP and Chris Bey were left in the ring where they went at it and showed off their athleticism. Trey hit TJP with a missile dropkick sending him out of the ring. Trey and Bey went at it with Trey getting the advantage. Rohit tried to blindside Trey but Trey caught him and Rohit rolled to the outside. Willie Mack came in next taking Trey out. Grace was next to try to take the ring, but Wille overpowered her slamming her to the mat. TJP came back and 1) applied a leglock on Willie, 2) caught Trey who came in to break it up in a different leg lock, 3) caught Chris Bey in a headlock, 4) ducked a clothesline attempt by Grace and applied another headlock, all simultaneously. Grace was able to get away and apply a sleeper on TJP until Rohit took the opportunity to attack the mass of humanity, eventually settling in on isolating Grace. Willie pulled Grace out and took out Rohit, taking control of the ring, fighting off the other competitors one by one. When it was Rohit’s turn back in he wanted not part of Willie and tried to leave the ring only to run into each other competitor blocking his way. They all took shots on him one by one. Willie went for the pin but it was broken up. Then we got the “everyone dives” spot followed by the tower of doom suplex spot but with Grace in the tree of woe position. Rohit then hit Grace with the stop in the corner yelling “equality” beforehand and got a two count. Then everyone hit their finishers. Grace hit the Grace Driver on Trey, but Rohit tossed her out of the ring. TJP hit his mamba splash on Trey and Rohit tossed him out too and pinned Trey.

WINNER: Rohit Raju retains the X Division in 13:00 (**1/2)

(Javier’s Analysis: Good fast entertaining match, what they generally use X division matches for.)

-Josh Mathews and Don Callis introduced Bound for Glory. In the back there is a party for Rosemary and Bravo’s wedding. Fallah Bahh breaks the news to John E. Bravo that he didn’t book the venue for Bravo’s wedding, but Rosemary was fine just having it anywhere. Jimmy Jacobs said the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match was next, and the competitors went to the ring. Cut to Slater firing up Rhino. There were a lot of audio and directorial miscues throughout this segment.


The first two participants were Rhino and Daivari as a surprise entrant. The fight went to the outside, fighting in front of the commentary team. Larry D was up next, followed by Cazzie Steve, and Larry’s partner Acey Romero. Then Tennille came out but didn’t want in, so Kaleb with a K took her spot. Havok was next, and she eliminated Kaleb with a K. Then Tennille entered as Brian Myers came out and eliminate Crazzy Steve. Swoggle was the next surprise entrant. Myers eliminated Daivari by tossing Swoggle at him, then he eliminated Swoggle. Dreamer painted up like Animal in homage showed up. He and Swoggle did the Dooms Day Device. Alisha was next as Myers eliminated Dreamer. Alisha hit him with a kendo stick which he no sold, and he eliminated her. Next as Tasha Steelz came out Myers posed with Tenille for pictures but then eliminated her. Tasha was out next followed by Fallah Bahh clutching his wad of cash. Havok eliminated Tasha and was eliminate by Taya in turn. James Storm was the next surprise entrant. XXXL eliminated Taya. Storm eliminated Larry and Adam Thornstowe came out next followed by his partner Luster the Legend. Next up was Heath who eliminated Acey then Myers. Then Sami Callihan was next as a surprise entrant. Finally, Hernandez entered as the final competitor. Hernandez eliminated Fallah, exposing the wad of cash. Hernandez followed him out. Luster was eliminated. I missed Adam’s elimination. Callihan eliminated Storm and Heath, leaving Rhino and Callihan as the final two and starting the match.

Callihan hit Rhino with his piledriver but Rhino kicked out. He grabbed a chair but Rhino Gored Callihan and won saving his career and getting Heath a contract.

WINNER: Rhino wins in 26:00 (**)

(Javier’s Analysis: A chaotic battle royale with a few mild surprises and few possible endings due to the stipulations involved.)

-Gia Miller interviewed the North who gave a fiery promo.

-A recap of the Moose/EC3 feud aired.

(3) EC3 vs. MOOSE

Moose drove to an undisclosed location where EC3 had a ring set up and he beat up a hapless guy as masked individuals slapped the mat. Moose showed up and walked through a circle of them calling out EC3. EC3 showed up. They face off in the middle of the ring and started swinging. They exchanged power move until Moose low blowed EC3 and busted him open in the corner. Moose grabbed a chair and demanded to know why EC3 was tormenting him. EC3 went feral and attacked Moose but Moose recovered and took the fight to ringside. EC3 slammed Moose into some guardrails and the corner posts. He said, “you are becoming who you are supposed to be.” He berated Moose for holding a title he didn’t earn, a title that meant something, for not living up to his potential. EC3 went for his finisher but flashbacks to his TNA career gave him pause. Moose took advantage and hit him with the spear. He then pummeled EC3 yelling “Is this what you want,” over and over asking EC3 if he wanted to unleash a monster. “Yes!” exclaimed EC3. The individuals at ringside began chanting “Moose”. The fight paused and EC3 said “Control your narrative.” Moose sincerely thanked him and hit him with the belt. Moose walked off with a new intense look as the individuals carried EC3 out of the ring.

WINNER: Moose in 11:00 (***1/2)

(Javier’s Analysis: It’s not for everyone but I really liked this, especially if it leads to a transformation in Moose. The soundtrack was creepy and unnerving as hell in parts and I was left totally creeped out in a good way. Then the commentators ruined thing by trying to explain things instead of letting things sink in.)

-Recap of Ken Shamrock’s Hall of Fame induction, mainly The Rock’s part. Then a recap of Ken Shamrock and Eddie Edwards aired


Ken Shamrock caught Eddie Edwards with a knee when Eddie went for a takedown. He got on Eddie and attacked him on the mat. Eddie was able to get away, but Shamrock’s strikes overwhelmed Eddie. A blue thunder bomb finally slowed Shamrock. Eddie attacked Shamrocks leg forcing Shamrock to the outside. A dive to the outside was followed by a missile dropkick later for a nearfall. Shamrock no sold a backpack stunner and got Eddie into a sleeper. Eddie got out and hit the Boston Knee Party but went for for a single leg Boston Crab instead. Sami Callihan, seconding Shamrock shut off the lights and reappeared in the ring with the infamous baseball bat. Eddie had Kenny the kendo stick and took out Sami. Shamrock hit the belly to belly suplex and applied the ankle lock for the win.

WINNER: Ken Shamrock in 12:00 (*)

(Javier’s Analysis: Nope. A revisit of an old feud coupled with a plodding match. Nope.)

-Recap of the events leading to the Tag Team Championship match aired.


The North, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander blindsided the Motor City Machine Guns with Josh dropping Alex Shelly on his head. He was taken to the back by the medical team. Chris Sabin decided to go at it alone. Sabin tried fighting off the North but was overtaken. Ace and Fulton took over beating on Sabin. The North tagged themselves in angering Fulton. A very long beatdown of Sabin ensued, until he finally tagged in Karl Anderson who cleared the ring with Doc Gallows. Sabin tagged himself in and cleared the ring. Anderson and Sabin mixed it up. Sabin continued taking everyone out leaving him and Ace Austin as the legal men where he got a two count. Sabin tagged out to Karl Anderson would be his ultimate undoing since it lead to Josh Alexander countering the Gun Stun leading Ethan Page hitting Anderson with the belt, allowing Alexander to get the three.

WINNER: Ethan Page & Josh Alexander become new Impact World Tag Team Champions 15:00 (**1/2)

(Javier’s Analysis: Fine match but I expected better from these teams. Alex Shelly’s presence was sorely missed. The North as champs again I like though.) 

-Backstage skit where Taya is sincerely being helpful and understanding of Rosemary. Rosemary left with Havok to resurrect Father James Mitchell. Then John E. Bravo may have shown his true colors not being the nice guy he’s been.

(6) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. KYLIE RAE – Knockouts Championship 

Madison Rayne joined in on commentary.

Kylie Rae’s music played but Kylie did not come out. Deonna Purrazzo claimed she knew Kylie Rae wasn’t going to show and that she would defend her belt against any man or woman who walks out. Su Yung came out. Deonna looked on terrified.

Su Yung started hard, overpowering Deonna. Su Yung dropped Deonna on the apron and fished out a chair. She maintained offence for a while until Deonna started working Su Yung’s arm for a protracted period. Deonna Purrazzo applied the rope version of the Paradise Lock. Mathews didn’t know the name of the move and Callis and Raynes made fun of him for not knowing the names of moves. Mathews laughed it off. (It’s moment like these I hate this guy.) Su Yung curtailed Deonna’s momentum with a DDT and took control. A pedigree led to a two count. Su Yung pulled out the glove but as Deonna struggled to prevent the mandible claw, the referee went down. Su Yung hit the panic switch but the ref was out. Kimber Lee got involved with a chair. Deonna tried breaking Su Yung’s arm but Su Yung countered with the mandible claw. Kimber tried to interfere but got the red mist for her trouble. Deaonna took advantage of the distraction to get the Fujiwara armbar but after she transitioned into the Venus de Milo, Su Yung applied the mandible claw forcing both to break off. Su Yung popped her shoulders back into place and hit the Panic Switch for the win.

WINNER: New Knockout Champion, Su Yung in 15:00 (***)

(Javier’s Analysis: I liked the match. I figured that after Susie had her arm broken by Deonna, we’d be seeing Su Yung soon. Just not THIS soon and as a new champion as well. Then there is the Kylie Rae mystery.) 

-Josh Mathews announces what has been rumored for a while, the return of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship to return at Hard to Kill 2021. We got the promo for Hard to Kill followed by the recap of the Rich Swann and Eric Young feud.

(7) ERIC YOUNG © vs. RICH SWANN – Impact World Championship 

They started with some back and forth wrestling with Rich Swann getting advantage with a series of dropkicks. The fight went outside there Swann maintained control until Eric Young dropper Swann on his head, injuring his neck. (The was the commentators were speaking and some body language it might have been a botched spot). Eric pressed this advantage with a super neck breaker from the corner for a series of two counts. Eric continued working the neck. He beat on Swann for a looong time before Swan, berating him the whole time, until he fired up with a surge of adrenaline and tossed Eric around but he couldn’t follow up with a pin when the surge faded. Swann still tried pressing the advantage hitting a frog splash for a two. They went back and forth until Eric applied an anklelock. Swann got out and hit the Air Raid for a two count. As Eric went after Swann’s leg again, Swann countered with a surprise cutter, a second springboard counter, and the Phoenix Splash for the win. The locker room emptied in celebration for the end.

WINNER: New Impact World Champion, Rich Swann in 22:00 (***)

(Javier’s Analysis: I’m not a big fan of long protracted beatdowns as the babyface gets decimated, but Swann work better for me than most. Good match good win deserving for Swann.) 

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