11/23 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Matt Hardy takes credit for modern day tag team wrestling, Trent wins spicy chip challenge to become no. 1 contender for BTE Championship, Dark Order celebrate Thanksgiving, more

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 231 – “One Chip Challenge”
NOVEMBER 23, 2020

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  1. Matt Hardy takes credit for tag team wrestling of this era and AEW as a whole.
  2. Trent becomes number one contender for the BTE Championship in a spicy chip challenge.
  3. Dark Order celebrates Thanksgiving.


–  The camera was focused in on Orange Cassidy’s shirt and slowly moved up as music played. Cassidy lowered his sunglasses while looking into the camera. Cassidy turned to look over his shoulder. The camera refocused to someone behind Cassidy, it was Kris Statlander. Statlander held up her finger as Cassidy turned around. Cassidy put his finger out in front of him as well and they walked towards each other. They met in the middle of the hallway and just before their fingers touched the camera cut.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were shown standing in an airport wearing their masks. Matt said “happy publishing day” in regards to their book being released. They said today was a big day for them, but they have to spend the day travelling back to Jacksonville. Matt and Nick said they’re going to try going to a store to find their book on the shelf. Matt admitted he’s a little nervous because their story is finally out there for people to read and they just hope people enjoy it because it’s their first attempt at writing a book.

– Leva Bates was sitting alone holding a video game controller. Kip Sabian walked up and said she got lucky last time so he wants a rematch to prove he’s the superior gamer. Bates offered to go get Kip a controller and Kip unzipped his fanny pack to reveal he brought his own. He sat down next to her and sat up as if he were trying really hard. Bates sat back casually as they played. Sabian quickly became frustrated and got up. He yelled “this is bullshit” as he stormed off. Bates just laughed and continued playing.

– Anna Jay walked into the Dark Order locker room and shoved Stu Grayson over a table in the middle of the room. The other members of Dark Order didn’t react at all as they said hi. Jay grabbed a drink and walked out as they all said bye. Grayson stood up and looked around wondering why nobody helped him.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were standing outside a Barnes and Noble to look for their book. They were worried they wouldn’t be able to find a copy after the problems they’ve had finding their action figures at Walmart since their release. They went inside and looked around before they finally found a copy. The book was clearly out of place and Nick asked under his breath why it was in the Romance section.

– Kenny Omega was sitting in the training room. He had a series of suction cups across his back and was also hooked up to a TENS unit. Omega said he knows his face doesn’t show it, but he “loves with these things suck real hard on me.” Doc Sampson laughed at him as he grimaced.  Matt Jackson, recording, laughed and said he loves how it leaves these huge hickeys on his back. Matt said he told his wife Kenny’s next action figure should have a bunch of random purple circles on his back. Omega laughed and agreed. Matt said people have been asking so he wanted to show them where the marks come from. Omega said this is what it’s from and it’s not a fun process. Matt got in close with the camera to show just how hard the cups are suctioned to Kenny’s back as he talked about how gross it is.

– Michael Nakazawa was wiping down the turnbuckles in the ring, but had a bottle of baby oil sitting on the top turnbuckle. He turned around startled by the camera and said he’s just helping clean the ring, nothing more. Nakazawa said, if you’re smart, you may be wondering why so many people have been slipping. A clip of Trent slipping off the top rope during his Dynamite match with Miro played. Nakazawa said that’s his fault. Nakazawa said if anyone has an issue with it, come get him for some revenge so he can have a match. Trent was shown watching this video on his phone and he looked angry. Trent looked up and said “I’m going to kill this mother f—er.” A graphic then flashed showing it will be Michael Nakazawa vs. Trent coming up on AEW Dark.

– The Young Bucks were shown making their ring entrance from ringside followed by clips of their match with Top Flight.

– Brandon Cutler was in a bathroom holding a couple of bananas. He called for the monkeys to come out. Frankie Kazarian walked in and asked what he’s doing and Cutler said he’s trying to find the monkeys because he’s heard they have some spotted monkeys running around there. Kazarian put his head in his hands in frustration before calmly asking if Cutler meant “spot monkeys.” Cutler confirmed that’s what he’s talking about and Kazarian called him a mark. Kazarian pointed to the mirror and said he can find a big spot monkey right there. He said there’s also a bunch in the ring right now. Kazarian then asked him why he’s looking in the bathroom. Michael Nakazawa then walked in with his pants already around his ankles and said he needs to go to the bathroom. Kazarian yelled “do ya?” at Nakazawa as he awkwardly shuffled over to the toilet. Kazarian then left as he told Cutler he doesn’t need anger management classes. Cutler then walked away as Nakazawa was sitting on the toilet.

– John Silver was with the rest of Dark Order in their lounge. There was a large bag from Chili’s and Silver excitedly said they have a delicious meal. Silver said he spent all day preparing this feast for them. Silver grabbed a chicken wing and offered it to Anna Jay. Jay waived her hands on, but Silver called her name about a dozen times while staring directly at her wanting another response. Evil Uno finally cut him off and asked if he’s okay. Uno said it’s Thanksgiving and, while he doesn’t celebrate American Thanksgiving, it’s customary to say what you’re thankful for. Uno asked Silver what he’s thankful for and Silver said he’s thankful for this delicious food because “Johnny hungy!” Silver then plugged his shirt for sale.

Ten said he’s thankful for this mysterious white powder he’s become hooked on the last couple of months. Grayson said they may need to talk about that soon.

They asked Five what he’s thankful for. Five said he would’ve said friends, but they cut his hair last week. They all reassured that they like him and that seemed to raise his spirits.

Stu Grayson said he’s grateful for the ribs he has to eat and, earlier today when Anna pushed him, it didn’t hurt that much. Jay leaned down and grabbed his shoulder, which caused him to grimace.

Anna said she’s thankful for Stu because he’s going to give her his French fries. Grayson reluctantly handed them over to her.

Alex Reynolds said he’s thankful for his luscious locks, his devilish good looks, and his jawline.

Uno then asked Colt Cabana who appeared out of nowhere. He was wearing a bandage on his face again and said he’s thankful for his reconstructive surgery to fix his face. Cabana thanked Dark Order for paying for the surgery. Reynolds said he’s glad they could help him because, in all honesty, that Nakazawa skit was never going to get over. Cabana wholeheartedly agreed. Reynolds said now he has the chance to become a huge BTE star.

Uno said he’s thankful for his friends. They all cheered as a graphic was shown on the screen that said “Happy Thanksgiving from The Dark Order”

– Matt and Nick were backstage with Top Flight. Matt introduced them and they both thought they did a great job. Matt reconfirmed their ages of 19 and 21. Matt Hardy walked up and congratulated them all. Hardy said they seem tense, but it’s okay, he’s just a regular person like them. Hardy said he’s happy that tag teams like them are around today, but he’s also happy that he and his brother was able to open the door for tag teams like them or they may not even be there. Hardy said he was actually the brains of he and his brother’s tag team so really this is all because of him. Hardy said Dynamite really reminds him of Omega, which he started. Hardy assured them he’d have booked all four of them. Hardy said he knos Tony Khan was a tape trader, so he probably got the idea for AEW from Omega too, so he might even be responsible for all of this. Hardy congratulated them again and left. Nick asked if Cutler recorded all that, which Cutler confirmed. Nick then went back to chatting as if it never happened.

– Matt Jackson went to grab a cup of decaf coffee when Matt Hardy popped up behind him and asked if he’s getting some decaf. Hardy looked at the camera and said he could drink caffeinated coffee at 4 am and it wouldn’t even affect him then walked off as he said “the truth is the truth.”

A copy of Matt and Nick Jackson’s book was held up in front of the camera. It lowered to reveal them standing in the same pose while shirtless. Matt Hardy walked up behind them and looked down. He said “Mine is definitely bigger. The truth is the truth!” and walked off again.

Matt Jackson asked Nick if he’d like to take a walk with him and Nick agreed. They turned to walk and a man in a Pentagon mask was standing there. They said hello to him and they all did the “cero miedo” chat and hand gesture together. Nick asked Matt what cero miedo even meant and Matt told him it means no fear. Matt Hardy took off the Pentagon mask and said “did you know Matt Hardy created the concept of no fear?” Hardy said it was the brilliant way he marketed himself and his brother. Hardy also pointed out that he actually won Fear Factor. Matt said he’s done a lot with the concept of fear and he’s very happy to let Pentagon use that gimmick as well. Hardy said he just wanted to let them know that the no fear concept is a Matt Hardy creation. As he left he again said “the truth is the truth.” Nick turned to Matt Jackson and was trying to understand why Matt would put on makeup like Pentagon, just to get them for that bit. Matt didn’t respond, he just kept his eyes locked on the camera with an occasionally eye twitch.  Just before the camera cut, Matt lost focus and laughed.

– John Silver introduced himself and the BTE Championship. Silver said he’s there for someone to earn a title shot. The winner gets a shot at the BTE title. The challenge was the one chip challenge. The person able to eat the spicy chip and resist the urge to drink the milk the longest would get the shot.

The challengers were then shown: Aaron Solow (w/ Rick Knox), Ricky Starks (w/ Brian Cage), Trent (w/ Orange Cassidy), Luchasaurus (w/ Jungle Boy), and Super Panda (w/ Chuck Taylor). Trent admitted he wanted nothing to do with this during his introduction. Chuck Taylor said he’s only with Panda because Cassidy is with Trent. Matt and Nick Jackson admitted they were going to participate, but they’ve backed out because they don’t want to do this.

They were all shown eating the chip together as Silver urged them to drink the milk already. Trent was hurting to the point he got up to walk around. Super Panda yelled about having so many regrets. Starks and Solow sat next to each other looking calm. At this point the room was full of people trying to watch. Luchasaurus got too hot so he took off his shirt as Nick Jackson laughed at him. Solow said he’s fine as he shed a tear. After three minutes, nobody had dropped out yet. Silver began antagonizing people sipping on a glass of milk in front of them.

A conspiracy arose as to where Ricky Starks ate his whole chip, but they were unable to determine what happened.

Since nobody was tapping out, they asked Trent to decide who would eat an extra chip for a title shot. Trent decided he’d eat it himself.

The room asked John Silver what the title match would be and he said he was going to have them try and throw a mustard packet into a bottle. A graphic flashed a teaser of Trent vs. John Silver in a “mustard packet throwing challenge.”

– The outro graphic started to play, but was cut off.

– Jungle Boy was shown in the bathroom looking over into another stall as someone could be heard puking. Jungle Boy was laughing. Trent was then shown wiping his mouth as they asked if he was okay. Trent said he’s coming for that belt.


This new Matt Hardy character makes me laugh. His constant need to point out how nobody is greater than him and Jeff is artfully done. He takes a simple compliment and twists it a dozen times to make it about him. It’s really well done and something a narcissist would absolutely do. Matt Jackson adds to it by just staring blankly into the camera as the bit goes on while occasionally twitching his eye.

The BTE Championship is a completely meaningless title, but it’s provided some stellar content so far. The chip challenge was the final third of this episode and it was hilarious. Seeing these guys suffer at the hands of a spicy chip for a chance at an utterly meaningless title is just comedic gold. Trent said he wanted nothing to do with it and didn’t even want to win it the first time, but ate two of these chips for a shot at the belt. I’m not sure what changed, but good for him! I already find this more enjoyable than the WWE 24/7 Championship that they seem to kind of be mocking with this. Any segment with John Silver is a good one, so whatever this mustard packet throwing challenge is, I’m sure it will be enjoyable.

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