1/4 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: Brodie Lee tribute montage including clips from backstage last week, John Silver retains BTE Championship, Matt Hardy wants to be paid for mentoring Private Party, more



JANUARY 4, 2021

Watch it HERE.

Top Points:

1. BTE presents another Brodie Lee tribute montage featuring backstage clips from Dynamite last week.

2. John Silver retains BTE Championship over Marko Stunt.

3. Matt Hardy tries to scam Private Party out of money for his mentorship.

– Matt Jackson was recording himself on his phone. He said he’s about to hit the road for what may be the most difficult wrestling show he’s ever had to be a part of, that being the Brodie Lee tribute show. Matt said having a live wrestling match on that show is the last thing on his mind, but he wants to honor him and his family and that’s the best way he knows how to do that. Matt said this isn’t just another wrestling loop, this is one he will probably remember forever.

– Clips played of the staff preparing for Dynamite with tributes to Brodie Lee throughout the back. Clips of wrestlers talking and hugging backstage were shown as audio from Jon Moxley played. Moxley said wrestling is a community and they all love and support each other. A clip of Brodie’s son, -1, was shown where he was hitting Miro with a kendo stick before the show. The camera then showed Matt and Nick Jackson walking through the tunnel to join the rest of the roster on stage for the opening tribute to Brodie Lee on Dynamite. Cutler panned the wrestlers and other AEW staff members on the stage for the ten bell salute and some of them were clearly already very emotional. Audio played from someone saying, if there was a Mount Rushmore of dads, Brodie Lee would be on it.

Clips from matches on Dynamite aired. Eddie Kingston spoke to the locker room and told them all that they made Brodie Lee proud with that show tonight. Kingston said it doesn’t end tonight and they are going to do it every time to make Brodie and anyone else they’ve lost proud. Eddie told them all to take this energy and use it to motivate them. Eddie asked everyone to tell each other they love them. Eddie said he loves everyone there and they will get through this together. The montage ended with Tony Khan saying -1 is the TNT Champion for life and a shot of Brodie’s boots left in the ring.

As the music faded, Dark Order were shown all sitting with each other in silence. Hangman Page walked up and asked if he could sit with them. He sat in a chair and they all sat in silence together.

– The Being the Elite open aired.

– Private Party were sitting together at a bar. Marq Quen was telling Kassidy it’s all about his breathing. Kassidy said this never happens to him, she was embarrassed and so was he. Quen said when you’re breathing too heavy that’s when it happens because you’re going to blow yourself up.

Allie walked in and asked if they’d seen Brandon Cutler anywhere. Quen looked at the camera and stared for a minute before turning back around and saying no he hasn’t seen Cutler. Quen asked Allie why she’s carrying a pair of scissors and she said it’s something completely unrelated and walked off.

Kassidy turned his attention back to their conversation and Quen told him it’s all about positioning.

Matt Hardy walked in, asked if they were buzzed and what they were drinking. Quen and Kassidy said they were a little buzzed from drinking, but also from their win. Hardy then said they embarrassed him by losing on Dynamite. Clips of the match against the Young Bucks and Colt Cabana aired. Hardy told them to not answer that, instead they should focus on their win two weeks ago.

(Graham’s Take: This was clearly filmed two weeks ago, so they had to use match footage to cover up Matt’s added voice over. It was a good attempt to use footage that was already filmed, but it was still obvious.)

Hardy asked Kassidy what his grandma thought of their win two weeks ago. They cut back to the bar where they were talking and Kassidy talked about his grandma. Hardy said Kassidy’s grandma loved him.

Hardy said he’s been thinking about their partnership lately. He told the story of when he and his brother got started and said the guy who first got him and his brother started took a booking fee from them of 66 percent. Hardy said he’d never do that to them, but they probably do owe him something for his “extreme wisdom and mentorship.” Hardy said he’d never want anything like that, but he is way better than his mentor in terms of career accolades. Hardy then proposed he continue to mentor them and in return, they give him 30 percent. They asked for a minute to discuss. They discussed it and asked if Hardy meant they each give him 15 percent? Hardy said no, he wants 30 percent from both of them. Hardy told them he sees great untapped potential in them and maybe he could do that. He asked if they want to be kings and they both said yes and got excited. Quen immediately cheered and said okay he can have 30 percent. Kassidy stopped him and pulled him aside again as Hardy looked on with a menacing glare. Quen changed his tone and said he thought they were boys. Hardy said they are family, but this is show business, not friend business. Hardy asked if they could really put a price on being a king and being “the second greatest tag team in history?” Hardy told them to think about it and walked off.

– Trent and Joey Janela were playing chess. Janela told Trent to make a move. Trent moved a piece and said checkmate. Janela examined the board and yelled in anger. Trent told him nobody can beat him, but Janela said he hasn’t beaten the “Grand Master.” The door opened and in walked Luchasaurus wearing a red wig on top of his mask. Luchasaurus and Trent then played chess and clips were shown of their moves with Trent looking more and more nervous until Luchasaurus finally beat him. They shook hands as Luchasaurus reassured Trent he did really well.

– Ortiz, Dasha Gonzalez, and Diamante were talking and disappointed that they fell for Alex Abrahantes’ escape trick with giving them empanadas. They all admitted they’re all suckers for those things. Dasha then showed that she’s still tracking him. They tracked him to the room next to them. Abrahantes was singing a song about joining the Dark Order. They stopped him and he tried to explain he said something else. Unable to convince them, Abrahantes yelled and said Ricky Martin was behind them and as they all turned around he ran away.

– Kip Sabian approached Leva Bates and said everyone is saying she let him win so he wanted to know. Bates promised she didn’t let him win. Bates sarcastically said he’s the best gamer she’s ever seen as Sabian nervously asked her to tell every single person that he beat her. Bates sighed and repeated she didn’t let him win and she turned and left.

– Vickie Guerrero was sitting in a chair complaining about how long it was taking for her to get her hair and makeup done. She tried to take off the cloth protecting her clothes, but couldn’t unbutton it. She had it wrapped around her head when Brian Pillman Jr. walked in looking to get his hair done. He noticed her and apologized for interrupting and called Vickie “sister” because she kind of looked like a nun with the cloth around her head. Vickie finally managed to rip it off her head.

A graphic flashed saying “20 Minutes Later”

Vickie was walking through the locker room. She walked up to Nyla Rose and said she had a great idea for a costume. Nyla jumped up and grabbed the stuff from Vickie and said she’s absolutely in and walked off to change. Rock music began to play as Vickie walked down a hallway in a nun outfit. Nyla turned a corner and started walking with Vickie in her new “nun inspired” ring attire. They walked in slow motion together until a graphic flashed that said “to be continued…”

– John Silver awkwardly introduced himself next to Marko Stunt. Silver said it’s 4:40 AM and he’s not sure why they’re doing this now, but they are. Silver said they’re going to spin kick the lid off of a plastic water bottle and the first to succeed wins. Silver did it on the first try and gloated. Marko attempted it, but wasn’t able to get the lid off the bottle. Sammy Guevara, who held the bottle for Marko, accused them of cheating, but they walked off upset.

– Mikey Rukus introduced himself as AEW’s Music Director. He thanked Matt and Nick Jackson for the opportunity to premiere his new music video on this week’s episode. Rukus then introduce Matt Hardy who starred in the music video. Hardy said hi and introduced himself, but stopped and apologized before he finished. He apologized for wasting his time introducing himself because he’s a household name across the world. He introduced the music video and noted that his wife helped direct and edit the whole video. Mikey Rukus’ music video played to end the episode.

– Just before the episode ended a picture of the Young Bucks posing with Kenny Omega over a lifeless AJ Styles in Japan flashed (from the night Omega became the leader of Bullet Club) with one of the Jackson brothers saying “break it down” in a high pitched voice.


That opening tribute montage is the best thing I’ve seen yet that pays tribute to Brodie Lee. If you don’t want to cry any more, I suggest you skip to the 6:30 mark in the episode. The montage including Eddie Kingston’s backstage talk with the locker room was awesome to see. Any behind the scenes footage like that is always fascinating and it’s one of the reasons I love Being the Elite. We have access to this stuff, when most places would never show that. The video was long, but it was really well done. It featured some backstage footage along with the tributes we saw on Dynamite last week. AEW has done a tremendous job of remembering Brodie Lee and all I can hope is that they all continue to support his family now that he’s gone.

The Hardy stuff was definitely filmed two weeks ago, which was funny to see how they attempted to correct it. This Hardy character is definitely interesting. It seems that he’s trying to be a slimy promoter/trainer and scam Private Party out of their money because they’re young. I’m interested to see where this goes. I just hope Hardy sticks with this gimmick for a lengthy period of time.

I’m not sure what that final picture of Omega & The Bucks is about, but I am very intrigued. This is the first thing I’ve seen from the recent episodes of BTE. I don’t have any idea what it could mean, but surely it means something. The picture was up long enough to know what it was and the “break it down” voiceover was loud. They obviously wanted people to catch this, but I’m not sure what it could mean. Hopefully we get an answer, because we still haven’t gotten an answer to who took Hangman Page’s phone and replied to the Young Bucks weeks and weeks ago.

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