7/10 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Major triple threat tag team match, PJ Black vs. Flip Gordon, more



JULY 10, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

-The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes fans to the episode by plugging Ring of Honor’s Best in the World pay per view taking place on Sunday, July 11. The announced main event is a triple threat tag team match between Vlnce Unltd (Brody King and Tony Deppen); The Foundation (Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham); and LFI (Kenny King and Dragon Lee). Quinn also announces a single contest between PJ Black and Flip Gordon but that the opening match will be a return as a tag team of the Briscoes versus Dante Caballero and Joe Keys of the ROH Dojo.

(1) THE BRISCOES (Mark and Jay Briscoe) vs. DANTE CABALLERO and JOE KEYS

Ian and Caprice welcome everyone to the show on Best in the World weekend. Joe Keys and Dante Caballero make their entrance. An interview airs where Keys and Caballero look scared at the prospect of wrestling the Briscoes. McKay gets them to take a deep breath but Keys and Caballero are still concerned about the beating the Briscoes are about to give them.

The Briscoes make their entrance. This is their first tag team match after the Fight on the Farm. An interview airs where the Briscoes say they are going to work from the bottom and earn a tag team title match per the request of Papa Briscoe.

Code of honor adhered to. Mark Briscoe starts with Joe Keys. They do some mat wrestling until Keys hits shoulder barges into Mark. Keys runs after Mark but hits the corner. Mark staggers out, hits a drop kick and tags in Jay. Jay kicks Keys in the corner. (c)

The Briscoes work over Keys. Coleman notes that they are focused on him and are not letting him out of the ring. Riccaboni notes that Keys has been wrestling in the pure division and that might put him at a disadvantage. Jay talks trash to Caballero, asking him if he wants to come into the ring. Keys reverses an Irish whip into a back suplex and tags Caballero. He body slams Jay while Coleman mentions that wrestlers like Caballero have improved physically and mentally after training in the dojo. Jay fights of Caballero, hits a hurricanrana. Jay and Caballero tag out at the same time. Keys come in but Mark gets the best of Caballero and Keys sending both outside. Mark drop kicks Keys but misses Caballero who walks into a kick from Jay. Jay rolls Keys back in who gets hit with a chop from the top rope by Mark. The Briscoes hit Keys with the Redneck Boogie but he kicks out. Jay hits Keys with a neckbreaker and Mark follows with the Froggy Bow for the victory. (c)

WINNER: The Briscoes

(Chris’ Thoughts: Solid opening tag match to show the Briscoes are on the comeback trail as a tag team. It made no sense for Keys and Caballero to be so scared prematch. It was obvious they were going to lose, but they look bad for being so scared.)


Brian Johnson (The Mecca) is on commentary. Flip Gordon comes out first. McKay attempts to interview in a prematch interview. Gordon blows her off and refuses to talk to her. Black comes out next. McKay asks him if he thinks his style will be complementary or contradictory to Gordon’s. Black says Gordon is a younger example of him and he has more experience.

Code of honor adhered to. Gordon and Black trade holds while Johnson berates Riccaboni and Black. After a few minutes of clean wrestling, Gordon hits Black with a cheap shot. Black regains control and sends Gordon to the outside with a head scissors and jumps onto Gordon. Black sent Gordon inside but Gordon exited the ring before Black could hit a move from the top rope. Gordon takes advantage by sliding outside and throws Black into the barricades. He throws Black inside and the trade moves until Gordon dropkicks Black to the outside. Gordon threatens to hit a move to the outside, Black moves but Gordon hits him with a superkick. (c)

Back in the ring, Gordon hits Black with a fisherman buster. Gordon and Black trade shots with Gordon getting the better of the action. Black reverses a crucifix into a suplex for a two count. Black attempts a superplex, gets shoved off by Gordon, but hits a hurricanrana and a top rope moonsault for a two count. Black is in control until he misses a move from the top rope. Gordon hits him with a back flip and a shooting star press for a two count. Black and Gordon trade chops until Black hits Gordon with a Spanish fly off the middle rope for a two count. PJ Black goes for a nonchalant cover and Gordon kicks out. Gordon hits a blue thunder bomb for a two. They trade slaps until Gordon grabs Black’s beard and pokes Black in the eye. Gordon hits the Flip Five and puts Black into a STF (Submit to Flip.) Black taps out

WINNER: Flip Gordon

After getting his hand raised, Gordon reapplies the STF and Johnson makes the safe. Johnson and Gordon yell at each other. Johnson yells that he and Black will beat the Briscoes at Best in the World.

(Chris’ Thoughts: Decent match. Not as high flying as you would expect from these two, though. I think Brian Johnson is one of the best promos in wrestling now but he was a little bit too much on commentary)


Brian Zane joins on commentary. LFI enter first. To match Dragon Lee, Kenny King is wearing a mask. In a prematch promo, King says this match means nothing because there are no championships on the line so they are just going to watch the other teams fight. The Foundation enter next giving a fist pump to Tracy Williams on the stage. In a prematch promo, Jay Lethal says he is looking past this match to his match at Best in the World with Brody King to show King he is the best at wrestling. Vlnce Unltd enter last. In a prematch interview, King says that Vlnce Unltd is here to display dominance.

Vlnce Unltd and the Foundation adhere to the Code of Honor while LFI applaud. Dragon Lee and Kenny King leave the ring and sit at the ringside table making Deppen and Gresham start. Gresham gives Deppen his wrist and laughs at Depen’s attempts to wrestle him. LFI pulls Gresham to the outside and Deppen takes advantage. Gresham slaps Deppen in the chest to break free (c)

Lethal and Deppen are in the ring but Lethal demands Brody enter the ring. Lethal tries to wrestle King but King uses his size to his advantage. LFI pulls Lethal to the outside and suplex him. King brings Lethal back into the ring and hits Lethal with chops and forearms. King tags Deppen in and they double team Lethal. LFI pulls Deppen out and suplex him. Kingruns them off and throws Deppen out of the ring but this allows Lethal to tag Gresham. Gresham gets the advantage on Deppen inside the ring and leaps onto LFI. Gresham hits a springboard splash onto Deppen but hurts his knee. Deppen tags King who takes advantage of Gresham until LFI pull him out. LFI goes for another suplex on the outside but Brody reverses it and suplexes them. Lethal dives on King as the match goes to a commercial break. (c)

The Foundation double teams Brody King until Kenny King breaks up the pin. Lee and Gresham are legal and trade forearms until Lee hits him with a knee and a pump handle blue thunder bomb for a two count. Lethal breaks up the pin. Kenny King gets tagged in, hits a spinebuster and a tiger driver for two count. Deppen breaks up the pin but gets tossed outside. LFI work over Gresham but Brody King breaks up their pinning attempt and throws both members outside. Brody King fights both members of the Foundation until Gresham powerbombs King and they hit a combination cutter on Lee. Deppen hits Lethal to the outside and hits Gresham with a shining wizard. Kenny King throws Deppen out of the ring and covers Gresham for the victory. Kenny King and Dragon Lee celebrate their victory.

A graphic shows the matches for next week as Quinn McKay vs Mandy Leon and the Foundation vs Shane Taylor Promotions. Jay Lethal and Brody King have a standoff in the ring before the show closes with the lineup for the Best in the World pay per view.

WINNER: LFI (Kenny King and Dragon Lee)

(Chris’ Thoughts: Entertaining match that amused me with LFI using tactics I used in college playing Fire Pro with my friends. Stay outside as much as possible until you can win at the end. As Pure Champion, Gresham rarely loses so losing here is fine in a non-pure match. It’s difficult to say how much ROH should hype this pay per view since many people probably watched it after this show, but they should have done more hype during the show than just the commentary.)

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