9/16 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Final hype for Victory Road, 10 man tag main event, TJP vs. Williams, more




Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

-Recap video of last week’s events.

-Intro video.

(1) RHINO & DEANER (w/Eric Young & Joe Doering) vs. CRAZZY STEVE & BLACK TAURUS

Rhino attacked Taurus at the bell. Deaner tagged in but received an offensive flurry from Taurus. Steve tagged in and continued the attack on Deaner. Rhino attacked Steve from behind and Deaner capitalized. Rhino got back in the ring and choked Steve over the middle rope. Rhino held Steve but Steve moved out of the way and Deaner hit Rhino with the flagpole. Steve DDT’d Deaner and got the pin.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus in 4:00.

After the match, Eric Young and Rhino faced off in the ring. Deaner attacked Rhino with punches and Joe Doering joined in the attack. Young hit Rhino with the flagpole and stood over him.

(D.L.’s Take: Short match, but the post-match angle was a big turn in the Violent By Design saga.)

-Swinger’s Palace: Alisha talked to Swinger about Impact returning to Las Vegas. Swinger asked who was running Impact (he asked if it was “Jarrett”, “Watts”, or “Dixie”). Alisha and Jon E. Bravo told him it was Scott D’Amore. TJP came in to collect his money from a bet. Petey interrupted and said that TJP and his conga line cost him the match against Steve Maclin. Petey vowed to kick TJP’s ass tonight. They cut to Swinger asking if the guy from Smashing Pumpkins was running this place. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Christian Cage and his team. Josh Alexander his team isn’t afraid of a fight. Sami said tonight was about the greater good of Impact. Cage said they were the five best wrestlers in Impact. Cage said that Ace Austin reminded him of a younger Cage. He told Ace to level up or get run over. Sami ended with this “thumbs up, thumbs down” phrase.

-D’Lo and Josh Matthews ran down the matches for Victory Road.


Both wrestlers traded the advantage with quick moves back and forth. The action spilled to the floor. Petey threw TJP back in the ring. Petey got the leg sweep on TJP for a two count. [c]

Petey had TJP in a headlock on the mat. Petey hung TJP up in the corner. TJP DDT’d Petey off the ropes. TJP caught Petey with a crossbody block then gave him the boot wash. TJP missed a dive off the ropes. Petey put TJP in the sharpshooter, but TJP reached the ropes. TJP went for a cradle but Petey reversed it for the pin.

WINNER: Petey Williams in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A super-fast paced match that was fun to watch, although the commercial break took a big chunk out of it.)

Steve Maclin ran to the ring and attacked both wrestlers after the match. Maclin hung Petey in the corner and charged him. Maclin attacked TJP with a broom.

-Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries from 7/4/2013.

-Gia Miller interviewed The Good Brothers backstage. Karl Anderson admitted that Doc Gallows helped him beat Rich Swann last week. Doc Gallows said that Swann could have had help too but Willie Mack is still in the hospital. They opened the door to leave and Willie Mack was there. The other door opened to reveal Rich Swann. Mack and Swann attacked the Good Brothers with crutches and ran them off. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann and Willie Mack backstage. Mack said they would take out the Good Brothers and win the belts. Swann said they had to get what was coming to them. Scott D’Amore walked up and shook hands with Mack. Scott granted them a tag team title match at Victory Road.


Skyler took the mic and said that Laredo Kid beat him previously due to luck. He vowed to beat Kid like he beat Matt Cardona, all by himself. Kid landed several punches and caught Skyler with a crossbody block. Kid dove on Skyler to the outside. The action went to the floor. Skyler suplexed Kid on the floor. Fans chanted “You still suck”. Back in the ring, Skyler took over on offense. They clotheslined each other. Fans chanted “Laredo”.

Kid punched Skyler. Skyler went for the mask. While Kid tried to adjust his mask, Skyler rolled him up for the pin.

WINNER: John Skyler in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Too short to really get going, but what they did was fun. I’m looking forward to seeing more of both wrestlers.)

-All About Me segment. Tenille Dashwood was joined by Madison Rayne and Kaleb on the sofa. Tenille said it was good to have them all together. Taylor Wilde joined them. Rayne and Wilde exchanged insults. Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering showed up too. Tenille said when there are way too many people, it’s not fun at all. Wilde said she had questions for Tenille. Wilde said that Tenille was too afraid to face Wilde by herself. Tenille reluctantly agreed to face Wilde at Victory Road. [c]

-Clip from earlier in the day of Matt Cardona brawling backstage with Rohit Raju and Shera.

-Gia Miller interviewed Scott D’Amore. Scott said the situation with Cardona and Rohit was getting out of control. Cardona walked up. Scott made a No-DQ match between Cardona and Rohit at Victory Road.


Trey took the early advantage, but Rehwoldt came back with a big boot. Rehwoldt threw Trey over the top rope to the floor. Rehwoldt dropped Trey on the ring apron. Rehwoldt dropped Trey’s arm over the top rope, then pushed him to the floor. Fans chanted for Trey. Rehwoldt rolled up Trey for a two count. Rehwoldt drove Trey’s shoulder into the mat. Rehwoldt kept the upper hand. Trey caught Rehwoldt with an elbow to turn the tide. Trey fought back with a series of moves.

Fans chanted for Trey again. Rehwoldt got the knees up when Trey went for a moonsault. Rehwoldt powerbombed Trey for a two count. Trey missed a dive off the top. Trey put Rehwoldt in his leglock submission and Rehwoldt tapped.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 8:00.

Deonna Purrazzo ran to the ring and gave Trey a low blow. Mickie James ran in for the save. Deonna stomped her, but Mickie made a comeback. Referees and security ran out to break up the brawl. As the referees took Deonna out of the ring, Mickie dove on the pile from the top rope. Rehwoldt held Deonna back on the ramp.

(D.L.’s Take: The story of the match was that Rehwoldt had scouted Trey well and countered his moves. The match was good and the post-match brawl was an exciting touch.)

-Clip from last week of Tasha Steelz stealing the Knockout Tag Team belts.

-Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans cut a promo backstage. Tasha said they took back what was rightfully theirs and accused Rosemary and Havok of stealing the belts in the first place. Tasha said Rosemary and Havok would have to take the belts back at Victory Road. [c]

-Clip from last week of Chris Bey and Hikuleo laying out Finjuice.

-Chris Bey and Hikuleo backstage promo. Bey vowed to put down Finjuice at Victory Road. He said he was feeling himself like he had lost his keys. The promo interview ended with them putting up the “too sweet” hand gesture.

-D’Lo and Matthews ran down the lineup for Victory Road on Saturday.

-Ace Austin and Madman Fulton made their ring entrance, followed by Moose. [c]

-After the break, Myers and his crew walked to the ring. They were followed by the ring entrances of the babyface team.


Sami and Ace started the match, with Sami stomping Ace in the corner. Alexander, Eddie, and Sami made quick tags and kept Ace in their corner. Ace dragged Sami to his corner. All ten wrestlers faced off in the ring. [c]

The action spilled to the outside and everyone brawled at ringside. In the ring, Sami decked Ace. Sami gave a piledriver to Sam Beale. Sami and Fulton went back and forth. Alexander suplexed Fulton. Sabin dropkicked Fulton off the top rope. Sabin and Ace mixed it up. Cage tagged in, but Ace scampered out and tagged to Fulton. Fulton stomped Cage. Cage chopped Fulton. Eddie tagged in and knocked Moose off the apron.

Moose tagged in. Eddie gave an atomic drop and suplex to Moose. Fans chanted support for Eddie. Eddie chopped Morrissey. Moose dropkicked Eddie off the top rope. [c]

The heel team had the advantage on Eddie when the action resumed. Eddie was trapped in the opponent’s corner. Eddie caught Morrissey with a boot and a dropkick. Cage and Myers faced off with Cage getting the best of the exchange. Cage gave a series of punches to Myers and got one in on Ace too. Cage splashed Myers for a two count. Morrissey and Alexander brawled. Moose and Sami squared off. Fulton slammed Sami. Sabin caught Fulton with a kick.

Cage and Ace faced off. Cage went for the Killswitch but Ace kicked Cage low without the referee seeing. Eddie suplexed Ace from the top rope onto the pile on the floor. Cage speared Myers. Alexander got the piledriver on Myers for the pin.

WINNERS: Christian Cage & Josh Alexander & Chris Sabin & Eddie Edwards & Sami Callihan in 23:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A really fun match with non-stop action. A good tease for Victory Road.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The go-home show for Victory Road was very effective in building the matches for the special. The in-ring action was good (Trey vs. Rehwoldt, TJP vs. Petey), but didn’t give away too much ahead of Saturday’s big show. This show set the table very well. The main event was all-action and brought the star power. It was a good preview for what we will see at Victory Road.

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