11/24 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Cody & Pac vs. Black and El Idolo, Danilson vs. Cabana, Punk vs. Marshall, TBS Quarterfinal Match, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-MJF came out right after CM Punk’s entrance. He entered the ring and said that it doesn’t feel good to be interrupted, the crowed chanted for him to shut the F up. MJF said that Punk hurt his feelings, he said that Punk’s pipe bomb promo was so great, and his best moment. He said that every MJF moment is the best, he said he isn’t a one trick pony. He respects him in lots of way, even that he is straight edge. He then called him CM, and said that he and MJF have an issue because he has not called him out. MJF said he didn’t do this because he didn’t want any of MJF. He then called Punk a small fish and said he would end him faster than his UFC career was.

Punk grabbed a mic and said he was disappointed in MJF. He thanked MJF for introducing himself last week and said MJF stood for my jealous fan. He said not bringing up MJF was by design, he didn’t want to feed his ego. He said that his poster is on MJF’s wall. He said that he did what no one could and he shut up MJF without saying a word. He said that he had a week to come up with good lines, he said that it was all low hanging fruit. CM Punk said that MJF is a less famous Miz.

MJF told everyone to settle down. He said that Punk was really creative, it was almost what he wanted. He said that was a lot like his AEW run so far, Punk is only nostalgia. He said that he is a nostalgia act, and that punks breath smelled and that he has been kissing ass. He then did an impression of Punk doing the happy punk impression. He then called him PG Punk, he asked what happened to the old punk and that he should be preaching hustle, loyalty and respect. MJF asked what punk has been doing the last 7 years and guessed that CM Punk was scared to come back. He then said that he should have been the #1 guy in WWE, but should he now? Will the fans think that in a year. He said that Punk has always only ever been 2nd best. That was against Cena, and HHH. He said that he is second best to MJF as well.

CM Punk said that there was truth in what MJF said, He said that he was scared to come back. He said that he isn’t now and reference Rosie O’Donald. He said the MJF would make the New York Times in the obituaries. He then said he talks to much (Botchamania!). He said that MJF needs helpers to get over and that he chose Darby first for a reason. He said that Britt Baker has replaced him as a pillar. He said that Chicago is the second city, and punk loves that and said that he is rising up form the ashes like Chicago did. He said MJF wasn’t number 1 in the company, he could only do that if he married Tony Khan’s nonexistent daughter and then said he wanted to punch MJF in his needle dick.

MJF took his jacket off and rolled out of the ring. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: What can you say, in the moment that was exactly what I wanted to see. In 5 years will it be the best thing in AEW history? I’m not sure if it will be looked back on as a pipe bomb like promo, or a cheap use of WWE stuff, but it hit for me in the moment.)


A collar and elbow tie-up started the affair, the two broke the hold. A second lock up happened and punk was thrown into the ropes and tripped up by Solow. Punk then hit a number of slams on QT, Punk soaked up applause as hit hit a third and then fourth body slam. Punk then locked in a head lock, and QT then once again threw Punk into Factory members. The Ref threw out those members.

Punk hit a fifth body slam, QT then hit some offense. Punk quickly took control back and QT did an incredible sell on a whip into the corner. QT hit a move and then worked some rest holds. Punk hit a body dropped then went to the apron and hit a lariat off the apron out onto Marshall. [c]

QT dominated throughout the break and as well when the full screen returned. Punk countered with a kick and then pulled himself up with the rope. Punk hit a kick and a neck breaker, then a running knee in the corner. Punk went to the top rope and hit the macho man elbow. Punk then took a nap on his hands and picked up Marshall and hit the GTS for the pinfall win.


(Sage’s Analysis: I get that the MJF story angle is that it takes Punk a long time to beat lower opponents. But, I really feel like after that promo exchange Punk should have hit a GTS in 30 seconds and walked out looking dominate. But, I have faith that this will play out longer and make more sense going forward. It just feels like the the air from the promo was let out seeing so much QT.)

-Jurassic Express and Christian Cage were backstage. They said they were feeling good, Cage said that his friends were the #1 tag team. He said that he would make sure they would win Tag Team Gold. [c]

-Eddie Kingston was eating backstage he said he missed Moxley. 2.0 and Garcia interrupted Kingston, They said the was not hungry anymore. Garcia then threw coffee in the face of Kingston and they all brawled.


Billy and Colton were thrown into each other before the bell rang. Bear Boulder took on Billy in the ring, Bear Bronson then took on Colton on the outside. Bronson and Colton were in the ring, and Bronson hit a suplex. Colton responded with a Colt 45 and won.

WINNER: Gunn Club

(Sage’s Analysis: I have no defense for why this match was on this card, the post match stuff could have happened without a match. Stop trying to make the Gunn Club happen, it feels like QT and The Factory all over again.)

-Battle of the Belts was announced for January 8th in Charlotte, NC.

-Bobby Fish and Adam Cole were backstage. Best Friends walked in the back and confronted them. Cole talked down to them and said they were not real friends. Fish & Cole vs. Cassidy and Yuta was set up. [c]

-Team Taz gave Dante Martin a contact to look at. Dante grabbed the pen from Lio and walked off with Team Taz.


The two locked up as soon as the match started. In a lock the two slammed each other and then stood, maintaining the collar and elbow tie up. Rosa then slapped Hayter very hard, Rosa was thrown out on the floor. Hayter was then thrown into the barricade. The two women battled on the outside for a while. Pack in the ring, Hayter entered first and landed stomps on Thunder Rosa. The two traded offense at this point, with no one getting an advantage. Thunder Rosa then hit a series of kicks and then brought Hayter outside and slammed her into the ring.

Rosa hit a baseball slide and then hit a suplex on the outside. She then went to the apron and tried a cross body out onto Hayter. She was caught and slammed, Hayter then worked Rosa over during the break. [c]

When the show returned to full screen, both women were on the top rope. Hayter fell down and got a missile drop kick from the top. Rosa then hit a knee drop and the gave the bulls horns to Hayter. This lead to a near fall. Hayter countered and hit a back breaker for a near fall of her own. Rosa then got out of a head lock and then the two traded strikes in the middle of the ring.

Rosa had a hold locked in as Rebel and Baker distracted the ref. Baker went for a thrust kick but hit Hayter not Rosa. Thunder Rosa then threw Baker into rebel and then rolled up Hayter for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Thunder Rosa

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match, one of Hayter’s best in AEW. The story at the end was predictable but a nice chapter in the Baker/Thunder Rosa long term story.)

-Chris Jericho was backstage and was asked what was next for him. 2.0 and Daniel Garcia interrupted the interview. He then talked about the square head of one of 2.0. He said that they interrupted him again he would knock their teeth down their throats. [c]

-Britt Baker was having Friendsgiving with Rebel and Tony Schiavone. She said that they was not great but she is still world champion. Tony had a video and said that on Rampage this Friday if Riho beats Baker she gets a title shot in the future.


The match started with a number of holds, until Danielson got wrist control and locked in a submission that Cabana had to break with the bottom rope. Danielson then had both hands of Cabana and that was countered by Cabana and lead to the two trading chops after then hold was broken. Danielson then hit a series of kicks on a kneeling Cabana. Cabana then dodged and then worked in a number of chops and then the Cabana elbow.

Danielson then hit a German Suplex and then hit the running drop kick. A number of strikes and chop then followed. Colt was put on the top turnbuckle, Cabana battled back and knocked Danilson on the mat, Cabana then hit a moonsault for a near fall. Danielson then hit the head stomp and then locked in the headlock for a submission win. [c]

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match, where Danielson was in control for a majority of the match, unlike the QT/Punk match early. Which I thought helped to continue the new Danielson character arc.)

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring with Danielson post match. He said that the last time he was in Chicago he got a different reaction than last time he was in town. He said that he was not fickle and he kicked out Cabana’s teeth out. He said that he will take out more Dark Order Members next week. Adam Page’s music hit and he emerged. Page said that there was no better place to defend the title other than here and now. Danielson said that it was coward shit to propose that after he just wrestled a match. Page said he wouldn’t leave without a fight and gave Danielson the first shot. Danielson then slapped Page and teh two battled.

-The announce team ran down this Friday’s Rampage and next week’s Dynamite. A video package hyping Kris Statlander and Ruby Soho’s match for next week was shown. [c]


Cody and Dax Harwood started the match, with a wrestling hold. Both men broke in the corner and then reengaged in the middle. Cody took down Dax to a mixed reaction, they then locked up once more. Cody hit a drop kick and then the drop down punch, then a powerslam. Cody then threw his belt in the crowd and then Pac tagged himself him. Cody threw his belt into the crowd and it was thrown back by the crowd to a stunned Cody.

Pac and Cash Wheeler then battled back and fourth as Pentagon was tagged in and he hit a dive out onto cash. Fenix and Andrade were tagged in and they battled until all of death triangle entered and attacked Andrade. Pentagon was now legal as he took on Andrade. Cody was tagged in and booed and then cheered as he was beat up by the other team.

Fenix then entered and took out the opposing team before he was distracted by Tully. Black then hit a back heel trip and worked over Fenix into the break. [c]

When the show returned Fenix was able to battle out and het the hot tag to Pentagon. He took out FTR and then hit a backstage on Andrade for a near fall. Pac tagged himself in and took out all around him, mainly against FTR. Pac then threw in Andrade after a dive, and then worked him over. Pentagon entered and hit a made in Japan on Cash. Dax hit a move on Pentagon, Fenix on Dax. Eventually Cody took out Pac on accident, Andrade took out Cody. All the men were down as Arn and Tully were in the ring.

Arn was cornered, but saved by Penta and Rey. Black hit mist on Pac and Andrade hit a spike driver and won via Pinfall.

WINNER: Andrade, Black and FTR

(Sage’s Analysis: No matter how good this match was, and it was really good. This will only be remembered for the Cody belt throw into the crowd and then the belt being thrown back at him. Cody was visible and genuinely shocked by this in my opinion. He was also extremely limited the remainder of the match, which felt like a pivot by Cody mid match. I just doubt that was the plan on paper. If you are Cody, how could you think this was gonna go any other way in Chicago? Just a huge lapse in judgment with the Cody Rhodes character.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: The open and close of this show will be very memorable moments in AEW History. One for sure will be remembered for the best, the other not so much unless they Pivot the Rhodes character now. It just makes so much sense to me to have Adam Page beat Danielson then have a blood feud with a heel Cody. It just sounds like money printing.






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