VIP AUDIO 12/1 – The Fix Mailbag w/Todd & Wade: Todd’s top ten tag teams, Rick Rude in 2022, odds of Punk returning, do wrestlers have respect for TK, is Sheamus a Legacy Star now, Bloodline-Sami bad payoff, more (123 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: In part two of this week’s two-part episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller cover these topics:

  • Do members of The Elite have no sense of responsibility for their role in the All Out fallout with C.M. Punk?
  • What’s the likely next step for C.M. Punk among three likely options?
  • Is Todd a fan of legal fiction such as John Grisham and Scott Turow?
  • Has Sheamus crowd reactions lately moved him into Legacy Star status? If not, will he eventually? And what is the tipping point for others becoming Legacy Stars?
  • What are the odds of Punk returning to AEW and are there hints of this on TV?
  • Thoughts on Rick Rude jumping from the WWF to WCW? Where does Rude rank among heels? And if the 1989-1991 Rude were available today, who would be ideal AEW and WWE opponents?
  • Is it annoying that AEW fans booed Jon Moxley?
  • What are the pros and cons of the top Roman Reigns opponents on the horizon from Rock to KO to Cody Rhodes?
  • How would Todd reduce WrestleManias 6 and 7 to just eight matches on each card?
  • Was the fall of 2021 the high water mark of AEW, and is it settling into being a profitable yet distant no. 2 promotion going forward?
  • Is it time to just accept AEW is what it is going to be, both good and bad? Has Tony Khan changed his approach in any significant way since he launched?
  • Has AEW jumped the shark? If so, what was their jump-the-shark moment?
  • What is the ideal pair of matches made up of Punk, Kingston, Danielson, and MJF?
  • Has TK’s media response to All Out controversy been cringy?
  • Why is the behavior of the Young Bucks tolerates and does it indicate wrestlers don’t actually have respect for TK?
  • Is it too late to declare Jungle Boy a forever-mid-carder because of his perplexing promos?
  • Does the uncut version of Jungle Boy’s promo about his PPV match with Luchasaurus absolve him of criticism for using bad judgment?
  • Any suggestions for someone going to WrestleKingdom this year in terms of things to do otherwise while in Japan?
  • Devise a scenario to totally botch the climax of the Bloodline-Sami saga.
  • Reviewing Todd and Wade’s predictions for 2022 with one month to go.
  • Does New Japan have too many champions like AEW does?
  • Does AEW clear wrestlers they shouldn’t be clearing?
  • What are Wade and Todd’s favorite matches going back to their teen years and through more modern era?
  • Who are Todd’s top ten tag teams and what is his criteria?



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