Japan News Hits – Three teams heading to AAA’s Lucha World Cup, Suzuki-Gun vs. NOAH main event, Great Muta, All Japan at Korakuen Hall, plus last week’s notes – Big Three title matches for New Japan’s “Dominion” PPV, News & Notes from NJPW & NOAH & All Japan, GHC Tag Title match date, Chaos vs. L.I.J., Jun Akiyama

May 11, 2016

Japan Wrestling News Hits – Month of May 2016 Reporting contributions from PuroresuSpirit.net. Wednesday, May 11 – AAA held a news conference in Mexico to announce teams for the second-annual Lucha Libre World Cup. Included […]

10/24 NJPW Super Jrs. Tag Tourney Night 1

October 25, 2015

New Japan Pro Wrestling kicked off a single-elimination Super Jrs. Tag Tournament Saturday in Tokyo. Several U.S. wrestlers are included in the tournament that continues Monday in Tokyo. NJPW “Road to Power Struggle” Results October […]

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