Week of 11/16 Live TV & DVR Viewership

November 24, 2015

For the Week of November 16, WWE TV programming made up 93 percent of the overall wrestling pie. This was mainly due to sharp declines for TNA Impact and ROH TV on Destination America. However, TNA got […]

9/21 Lucha Underground Viewership with DVR update

September 29, 2016

Lucha Underground Viewership Tracking September 21: Lucha Underground drew 134,000 combined viewers on Wednesday night, down 13 percent from Week 2. Lucha drew 99,000 first-run viewers, the exact same as last week. However, replay viewership was […]

8/18 TNA Impact Viewership – DVR Update

August 26, 2016

TNA Impact Viewership Tracking August 18: TNA Impact drew 355,000 viewers, up 13 percent from 315,000 last week. Update: Impact added 47,000 DVR viewers, bringing the total audience to 402,000 total viewers. It was the second-largest audience […]

7/28 TNA Impact Viewership with DVR update

August 5, 2016

TNA Impact Viewership Tracking July 28: TNA Impact drew 350,000 first-run viewers, down from 362k first-run viewers last week. Last week’s Thursday night premiere also added 48,000 replay viewers, but no replay audience was reported this […]

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