VIP AUDIO – List of tested Podcast Apps for iPhone, Android and list of RSS feeds with instructions

WKPWP - Flagship w/Keller & Powell talking Super Showdown, AEW PPV Preview, WrestleMania line-up, 10 Years of NXT
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If you are considering signing up for a PWTorch VIP membership, but aren’t sure how convenient listening to our password-protected audio will be, the following is a handy thorough list of tested compatible apps for iPhone and Android with instructions on how to subscribe to our audio once you’re a VIP member (VIP SIGN UP PAGE). This also explains other options for listening to VIP audio, including using iTunes on your computer or streaming directly from our website (which is mobile-friendly and ad-free). For a list of VIP Audio Shows that come with a VIP membership, click here.


  • Logo_Safari_130MOBILE STREAMING: From our new (as of the fall of 2015) VIP Website ( on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Mercury iOS browsers on your iPhone, just click on the VIP Audio Show Listing link from the Menu link in the upper right corner and choose the show you want to listen to. Then click on the Mobile Streaming link provided within the article. The graphic “play arrow” button to stream likely will not work until you first click the underlined link option above it, enter your username & password, and choose to save the password. Once you do that once, it should stream in the future using the play button without having to enter your username and password twice again.
  • Logo_Mercury_130(iPhone Mobile Streaming Tip #1: You can create a home screen button for one-touch access to our VIP Audio Direct Links. When you visit the above VIP Audio Show page on Safari, click on the little square with an arrow pointing up out of it at the bottom of the screen. Then choose “Add to Home Screen” and name it “PWT VIP AUDIO.” You will then have one-click access to our audio shows. You can also choose Audio Show listings by type (e.g. Keller Hotline, Mitchell Audio, Fix with Todd Martin, etc.) from the drop menu on the right sidebar, so if you have a few shows you want Bookmark or Homes Screen Button access to, you can create those links or buttons for each show.)

  • Logo_Downcast_130aDOWNLOAD VIA THE DOWNCAST APP: Although the default Apple Podcast App at this time doesn’t accommodate our VIP Audio RSS feed, other podcast apps do, including the excellent and very popular Downcast App. It’s a highly rated, fully functional, superior app for downloading and organizing PWTorch VIP Audio and all other podcasts you listen to. This is the best option if you want to download the shows (especially when you have WiFi access so you save on your data usage) before listening to them.  Instructions: (1) Launch Downcast. (2) Click the “+” button near the top of the screen. (3) Choose to “Add Podcast Manually” option. (4) Enter our VIP Audio RSS feed (the main feed is, although there are a list of show-specific feeds you can subscribe to instead at the bottom of this article). (5) Enter your username and password where prompted. (6) Click “subscribe” in the upper right corner.

  • (Downcast Tip #1: Be sure to click on the “View Other Available Episodes” option to see all available shows each day. If your settings only download one show per day, and we post three or four shows that day, they won’t show up on the main listing. Just click on the “View Other Available Episodes” and see all available episodes on our feed, even those not automatically downloaded, and select the episode you want to download.)
  • (Downcast Tip #2: The Downcast App is also available for download on your iMac or Macbook laptop. By having Downcast on a Mac, the PWTorch VIP podcast content will be sync’d across all of your Apple devices so you can start listening on your iPhone or iPad and then pick it up at the point you left off from on your Mac.)
  • (Downcast Tip #3: You can subscribe to all of our VIP Audio Shows using the above RSS feed. New in 2015 we also created individual feeds for various specific audio shows and themes of shows. Those are all listed at the bottom of this article. You may prefer to subscribe to a few individual feeds so your favorite shows aren’t mixed in with other VIP Audio shows you might not keep up with or listen to as often.)

  • DOWNLOAD VIA THE OVERCAST APP (LINK): This is a free app that allows the creation of playlists and has a nice UI, says PWTorch VIP member Marc H. who sent us this recommendation.

  • Logo_RSSRadio_130DOWNLOAD VIA THE RSS RADIO APP: An app gaining popularity and acclaim among iOS users is the RSS Radio app. Use the same RSS feeds listed at the end of this article. Password authentication is built in. (1) Click the “+” button. (2) Choose “More” from the top menu to the right of “Recommended,” “What’s Hot,” and “Categories.” (3) Enter our RSS feed (the main feed is the main feed is, although there are a list of show-specific feeds you can subscribe to instead at the bottom of this article). (4) Click on “Settings” and then click on “Username / Password” (it’s the tenth option in the listing under the “Display” category).
  • (Tip for RSS Radio App: In “Settings,” you can toggle on the “Streaming” option so you can stream the shows without downloading them first. If you’re concerned about using up too much data, be sure you’re signed into a WiFi network when possible and download any shows you anticipate listening to. Streaming is nice if a show is added while you’re away from WiFi and you want to listen without using up storage space on your device.)

  • Logo_iCatcher130DOWNLOAD VIA THE ICATCHER APP: Another highly rated app with a great array of features may end up being your favorite podcast app if you’re willing to pay the $2.99 price. Great bold and simple layout with large fonts and intuitive interface. Simply click the “+” button, choose “Add Podcast Manually,” enter any of our RSS feeds (the main one is, although there is a list of show-specific feeds you can subscribe to at bottom of this article), and then click on the “Settings” (gear icon) and add username and password, then save. You’re set! One App Store reviewer points out: “I love that you can use gestures to move forward or back during playback of a podcast; this is vital when driving or when you just don’t want to be bothered to look for the tiny buttons to push forward or go back. And speaking of which, you can skip back and forth from just a few seconds to a much as 2 minutes, which gives you plenty of choices.” Another reviewer writes: “I have all of the major (and most minor) podcast applications including those that are free and those that charge. iCatcher! has far more options and controls than others. I am still finding new ways to configure the app (e.g., playlist creation options, playback controls, automated options for episodes to delete/keep, and the like). The app remains easy to use even if you do not take advantage of all the controls and configurations. Highly recommend.”
  • (Tips for iCatcher App: You can create Playlists of PWTorch VIP shows to play in a certain order without having to play one after the prior one finishes. Just click “Add to Playlist.” You can also either stream or download the shows. Downloading is nice to save data usage because you can download when in WiFi range and listen later. Streaming is nice if you want to listen without using up storage on your iPhone or iPad.)


  • Logo_Chrome_130bMOBILE STREAMING VIA CHROME OR OPERA: From our new (as of the fall of 2015) VIP Website ( on the Chrome or Opera browsers (available in the Google Play Store for free), just click on the VIP Audio Show Listing link from the Menu link in the upper right corner and choose the show you want to listen to. Then click on the Mobile Streaming link.
  • (Mobile Streaming Tip #1: If you use the default Android browser rather than Chrome or Opera, most testing has shown you are given the option to download and playback the file on your device, but it won’t “stream” like it will on Chrome or Opera. If you prefer to download the show, using the default Android browser is a good option.)

  • DOWNLOADING VIA ANDROID APPS: We recommend the Podcast Addict, Beyond Pod, or Dogg Catcher podcasting apps, all available in the Google Play store. CNET says about Beyond Pod: “One of the biggest advantages the iPhone has over Android is its seamless out-of-the-box podcast integration. However, with BeyondPod, Android users can have a podcast app that is even better.” It’s rated four stars by users in the Google Play Store. Regarding Dogg Catcher, Lifehacker finds DoggCatcher to be “The Best Podcast Manager for Android.” It is rated four-and-a-half-stars by Google Play users.

  • Logo_Safari_130Podcast Addict Instructions: (1) Open the app. (2) Click on the “+” button at the top right of the page. (3) Enter the RSS feed. The main feed is, although there is a list of show-specific feeds you can subscribe to instead at the bottom of this article. (4) When prompted, enter your username and password (remember both are “case sensitive.” (5) Click on “Podcasts” to see PWTorch VIP added to your list of podcasts. You can listen by downloading or streaming.
  • Logo_BeyondPod_130Beyond Pod Instructions: (1) Open the app. (2) Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner. (3) Click the “+ Add Feed” link in the menu. (4) Click on the symbol in the upper right (it looks like an arrow piercing a box) and choose “Enter Feed Address.” (5) Enter the RSS feed. The main feed is, although there is a list of show-specific feeds you can subscribe to instead at the bottom of this article. (6) Scroll down to “Advanced Settings” and click to expand, scroll down to “Feed Authentication,” and enter your VIP username and password.)
  • Logo_DoggCatcher_130Dog Catcher Instructions: (1) Launch the app. (2) Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner. (3) Choose “+subscribe.” (4) Swipe the options at the top of the screen (Top | Networks | Categories | Search | Recommendations | Advanced) until you can see “Advanced” and choose that. (5) Click on the top option that says “Feed RSS URL” and enter our RSS feed. The main feed is, although there is a list of show-specific feeds you can subscribe to instead at the bottom of this article. (6) Scroll down to “Advanced Settings” and click to expand, then scroll down to “Feed Authentication” and enter your VIP username and password. (7) We recommend you give the feed a nickname, such as PWT VIP AUDIO.
  • (Podcast Tip #1: Because we update with multiple shows most days, you should scroll to the bottom of our audio show listing and click on the link that says “View other available episodes.” Be sure you haven’t missed any shows you want to download that didn’t end up on the downloaded list automatically.)
  • (Podcast Tip #2: There are many other podcast apps available for Android devices. We have tested Beyond Pod and Dogg Catcher. If you use another podcast app and get it to work with our password protected feed, send us the name of the app and we can add it to this page:
  • (Tip for Streaming Older VIP Audio on Your Android Device: For any legacy audio shows in our deep archives you want to access on Android, there are two options. Use the Opera browser and download them to your phone. If you must stream rather than download on your Android device, there is a workaround. Using the Chrome browser on your Android device, you can click on the link provided, but then manually replace the file path up to where the folder and date numbers show up, i.e. delete everything but this part “/11/20151022WK.mp3” and replace that prefix file path with this file path: “” (after which should still remain the /11/20151022WK.mp3″ convention. Then click enter or refresh. It should play for you at that point. This now will allow streaming on Android for any of our deep archives uploaded and formatted years ago.)


  • Choose “File” ==> “Subscribe to Podcast” from the iTunes menu. Then cut and paste (or type) this RSS feed into the box: Then when prompted enter your username and password. You can then choose to sync it with your device (iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, or other MP3 player, etc.)
  • (Tip: If your main goal is to playback our VIP Audio on an iPhone or iPad, the default Apple Podcast app that syncs with iTunes on your computer may not play back our password-protected feed. If that is the case, we highly recommend the Downcast App instead, available in the iTunes store, for both your Mac and your iPhone or iPad. Instructions are provided above for Downcast.)

HELP US IMPROVE OUR TUTORIAL: If you have any suggestions, alternative methods, or improvements for our mobile VIP audio tutorial, whether it’s for iPhone, Android, Kindle, or Windows phones, please sent to PWTorch editor Wade Keller at Thanks!

FINALLY… If you still have any trouble at all getting our VIP audio to work on your device, email PWTorch editor Wade Keller at for help with your specific situation.



(i.e. Keller Hotline, PPV Roundtables, Livecasts, Mitchell, The Fix, etc.)

(i.e. 10 Yrs Ago VIP, Pro Wrestling Spotlight early-’90s radio, Wayback Playback)

NOTE: If you subscribe to JUST CURRENT EVENTS SHOWS & JUST RETRO/NOSTALGIA SHOWS, you will receive all shows, but on separate feeds. Some subscribers requested this so they could have more time to get to nostalgia/retro shows without being mixed in and driven quickly down the chronological RSS feed listing by the sheer quantity of current events oriented shows.


(This section features years of our Summerslam Post-Event Roundtables (2005-to-current), special Wayback Playback episodes covering full Summerslams, and a complete list of Keller’s Summerslam written match reports and Staff Roundtable Reviews from 1988 through current.)

(This section features years of our Royal Rumble Post-Event Roundtables (2004-to-current), special Wayback Playback episodes covering full Royal Rumbles, and a Royal Rumble Special Podcast ranking the Rumbles from 2007 through 2016 in order from worst to best.)

(This section features years of our Retro WrestleMania Audio Roundtables, Wayback Playback WrestleMania Shows, and Night-of-Event WrestleMania Roundtables covering the vast majority of past WrestleManias. Audio is being added to this feed starting in March 2016 and will continue over time.)


WADE KELLER PODCASTS & POST-SHOWS (Commercials & Plugs Removed for VIP members!)
(This show is presented four times per week hosted by Wade Keller who is joined by a rotation of the top mix of cohosts from all over the pro wrestling media landscape including PWTorch VIP staff and other podcasts hosts such as Jason Solomon and Sam Roberts. The “Interview Friday” edition features topical conversations with people who have worked in front of the camera or behind the scenes in the industry.)


(This daily update – posted every day for over 8 years without exception – includes Keller’s rundown of the news of the day with analysis mixed in, in-depth Raw analysis on Monday nights and Smackdown on Tuesday nights with hard-hitting opinions of the good and bad, plus his Ask the Editor format answering VIP member email questions. This is usually in the 15-30 minute range.)

(PWTorch editor Wade Keller is joined by a mix of columnists usually including Bruce Mitchell and Todd Martin or a mix of other PWTorch contributors following major Sunday night PPVs. This is usually in the 60 minute range.)

(PWTorch senior columnist Bruce Mitchell, on staff since October 1990, is joined usually Wade Keller and occasional substitute cohosts – including Britt Whitmire, Grant Sawyer, Pat McNeill, Todd Martin, and Mark Madden – to break down in-depth the top stories of the week, plus single-theme episodes built around big topics, and in-depth obituary episodes. Bruce’s mix of current knowledge, hard-hitting points of view, and vast historical knowledge make this a staple of the VIP Audio line-up. This is usually posted on Tuesday nights with a Raw review and other news and then on weekends covering the biggest stories of the week.)

BRUCE MITCHELL MAILBAG hosted by WADE KELLER – Separate Feed for just Mailbags
(PWTorch senior columnist Bruce Mitchell, on staff since October 1990, is joined usually Wade Keller and occasional substitute cohosts – including Britt Whitmire, Grant Sawyer, Pat McNeill, Todd Martin, and Mark Madden – to answer VIP member email questions. Bruce’s mix of current knowledge, hard-hitting points of view, and vast historical knowledge make this a staple of the VIP Audio line-up. This is usually posted on Sundays.)

(PWTorch columnist since May 2015, Todd Martin is joined by editor Wade Keller every Wednesday for an hour or two to break down current event, review TV shows and WWE Network specials, review new releases of wrestling and MMA books, and talk MMA including UFC PPV previews and post-event analysis at the end of each week’s episode.)

(PWTorch columnist Sean Radican is joined by a rotation of guest cohost analysts to discuss New Japan and the International Indy scene – including ROH, EVOLVE, and PWG – along with DVD reviews. This is published on a loose schedule several times per month. It also includes occasional interviews.)

(PWTorch’s newest VIP podcast host, Alan Counihan, known better in pro wrestling circles as Alan4L, joined the team in February 2018. Based out of Ireland, he brings his energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to the VIP Audio line-up with immersive coverage of the Japan wrestling scene, European indy scene, U.S. indy scene, ROH, WWE, and more. His weekly show drops on Sundays.)

(PWTorch contributor Zack Heydorn, who covers Monday Night Raw and 205 Live for plus writes the weekly “Artistry of Wrestling” column for, present a weekly in-depth look at a specific match, wrestler, or storyline and pulls out the artistry on display.)

(Travis Bryant with guest cohosts, including show co-founder Bardre, talk about the previous week in wrestling in a casual, long-form, non-PG setting with a cast of regular callers.)

(PWPodcasts Jeff Rush, Joe Aguinaldo, and Caitlin Lavelle discuss the week in podcasts that they’ve listened to and break down what stood out, what they loved, what they didn’t, and what they learned.)

(PWTorch contributor Will Cooling covers the British pro wrestling scene immersively with a rundown of top stories from the week in RevPro, Progress, WXW, NXT UK, and many more. Will has vast experience as an analyst on many podcasts before joining PWTorch in 2019 including Alan4L’s ProWres Paradise and has written for Fighting Spirit Magazine since 2010.)

ALL PWTORCH DAILYCASTS (Commercials & Plugs Removed for VIP members!)
(Subscribe to this feed for all episodes of the PWTorch Livecast, edited to be ad-free and often with VIP-exclusive bonus content. Subscribe to feeds below to select just your favorites and exclude others.)

WRESTLING NIGHT IN AMERICA with Greg Parks (Sunday nights, including after PPVs)




PWT TALKS NXT (Thursdays)


DEEP DIVE with RICH FANN (Saturdays)

(After various PWTorch Dailycasts and Wade Keller Podcasts & Post-shows, a mix of PWTorch staff discuss current events in pro wrestling just for VIP members.)

(Subscribe to this feed to catch all retro radio shows as they’re added, or subscribe to individual shows below if you wish instead.)

RETRO – PRO WRESTLING FOCUS (updated weekly in 2019)
(Wade Keller hosted the Pro Wrestling Focus radio show in the early 1990s on KFAN radio. They will be re-added to the new VIP site soon.)

(This radio show out of New York was hosted by John Arezzi from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s. We have exclusive Internet permission to optimize and present these hundreds of episodes in MP3 format for the first time. New shows are added several times a month. This features live callers, news reports, journalist discussions, and big name interviews.)

(PWTorch contributor Jim Valley hosted this show out of Portland, Ore. in the early 2000s at the end of the Attitude Era including big name guests and news analysis.)